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2021 Dutch GP Race Discussion


We return after a nice long summer break, which was extended due to the Belgian rain which gave us an extra non-race weekend. The 2021 Dutch GP was highly anticipated due to it's newly introduced banking on turns 3 and 14. The Dutch GP delivered and exceeded expectations. The fans were out there to cheer for Max and he did put up a stellar show! FIghting against a charging Hamilton, Max had to fight for the win till the later part of the race.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. valtteri its James
  2. Hamilton complains about tires (why am I not surprised)
  3. Max wins his 1st Home GP! 馃弾
  4. "If you cant overtake max, over take the rest of the field" - Sergio Perez
  5. Toto cock blocks Alex Albon/Horner Holier Than Thou
  6. Alpine on the up and running!
  7. S馃叡inalla again!
  8. The orange army
  9. This Episode is bought to you by Zandvoort Banking Corners 馃槏

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I personally want to mature and moveaway from using that term, but Vettel is like a dog who needs to pee you tomark his spot. He needs to spin on every track to mark his spot. Like okay,I was here least once yes, Atleast once hello and welcome back to F1 FanFiction. This is, after a long break if you're wondering why we weren't herelast week after the Belgian GP, then you are not an F1 fan, so it rained come on. I mean there wasthen nothing happened. Two laps driving behind a safety car is not a race andit doesn't warrant an episode yeah. We do even the FIA says it is a race. It is not.it's not, its not, We are your hosts. I am a Akash and I'm Sarang and let's get a fewmessages out for so for folks new. Listening to this, I don't know why, ifyou've not subscribe yet what are you doing come on, go hit thatsubscribe button. Go like as go share it with your friends, get everyone onboard this train and and follow us week after week. If you're new, you don't know this, butwe have a side series that also runs once a month called fireside chats where weinterview anyone actually. I mean to tomorrow. We might just even interviewyou for all. We know. So it's all fun. It's all unplugged here, join the train.Follow us everywhere on our Insta, an twitter. We are F1 FanFiction,let's get into the show, Sarang your thoughts on Mercedes Shenanigans, let'sjust start there, oh well, I mean we all saw whathappened yesterday, especially with podcast. You know there were some teamoders going on some insulting some, not so much especially the one with "At this pace.we are not going to interact with the race leaders", I mean wow. That was a burn.Was it I like a bully system at this point right, it's like and it was. Itwas very early into the race as well as like a lap eighteen or something, andbeing told at this pace yeah we are not interacting with the leaders and theburn on that on lap twenty nine. So when he's leading the race and both theread leaders have had a pit stop its its like so for this it looks like a race win, but we leaveit up to you. So it's like you do you yeah, but they didn't say whose race win it was. So yeah it was still up in the air man this is pure bully systemhappening yesterday. Yeah I mean I felt bad for Bottas yesterday, veryhonestly, yeah I mean everything right like likethe one you mentioned it lap, twenty nine, where he was ahead, I mean theywere clearly, You know, making him use as an old block for for was Verstappen, but that wasn't reallyhelpful. I didn't get why they did it because he was on super old ties.There's nothing you could have done. to stop Verstappen. I think Verstappenused the right strategy at that time he kind of held back to not. Youknow, run in the dirty air that Bottas was throwing out from back of his car andthey kept them out, but that didn't like gain them anything at all like heended up third, no matter what. So, I don't really get the whole whole thingthat did back then. Yeah. I guess there was just some some play of hopefulnessthat maybe he hold up Max man yeah well, but at least the good partis a thing gets replaced by a fin, so I mean he's off to Alfa Romeo. I hopeit's not a place where people retire from that one car where I apewell yeah, that's where olddrivers go and take their own grave is...

...that is that in a Alpha's going to be a new retirementtame now yeah, I think we'll have weekly bingessoon. Retirement drivers is paired withItalians. Playing bingo on Sunday afternoon. Share sure is that where I can indins for the raceyou a yeah, I feel, like he was actually at Zandvoortbut just a just a few yards to the west of the beach, possibly just chilling with the beer and be like yeah,I'm done I've retired now I feel like that, like it turned in hispapers that this is my last season and then just yeah. I have corvid sure. Twoweeks notice right? Lke that's me. After giving my two weeks notice, anyways, let's get back to Mercedes, Imean yeah, but I mean another awesome thingthat happened yesterday with Bottas was the whole last fastest lap thing,I guess he they had to pit him because, obviously like they were trying to makethe one stop work which obviously wasn't going to. I don't even know whythey attempted it in the first place, but either ways they first of all pithim for fresh tires and then tell him that don't get the fastest lap. I mean.How are you supposed to say someone that drive slow just because you wantto receive that one precious point for Hamilton and yeah obviously, Valtteri went for it, but I think once he got the radio message Valtteri it's James..I think that's what that that was the end of it he had to slow down after thatyeah man, I don't. I don't understand that team. I mean sure they say thatthere was. There were some vibrations I am personally not buying into it. Yeah, I'm definitely not buying into it,but sure there were vibrations and you get someone on new tires. How can younot hope that he's going to go for the fast(est lap) come on come on? At that point, Iwhoever call I mean even if Bernie Ecclestone called from wherever he isretiring. You shouldn't, because you already have a multi year contract, Alfa Romeocome on exactly yeah. I don't know what what James has on Bottas, because it seems likehe has some dirt on him because everytime james comes on the radio, but as justsurrender. Yes, yeah, that's a very fair point, as there could be somethinglying around there, because his race Engineer earlier mentioned him that youknow doing go for the fastest lap. He didn't listen, he kept going, but assoon as it was James, it was like done He had he started slowing down, and that toowas a very, very direct message right It is like do not attempt like abandon your purple lap, I was like ok that's a regardless. He got the fastest lap andthen obviously Hamilton had to pit and get the fastest lap yeah but yeah, butthat played into Verstappen's hands. I think because any threat I mean not thatHamilton had a thread by the end of the race, because he didn't have much tirelife left in those, but any threat that he kind of posed toVerstappen was completely eliminated and it was just a breeze after that, soyeah yeah, I mean tire threat to Hamilton. Yesterday was let me actuallycount. So there was lap five. There was lap, thirty two lap forty four fortyfive, forty eight and sixty six times he's complained about tiresyesterday, once he said on the radio thatoh Max is very lucky with traffic and then coming from Lewis Okay and then,when tires couldn't do any much good...

...for him to play him as an underdog, forwhatever reason he started. Blaming the power unit to which his that washilarious his raced engineers very prompt, saying, there's no,there's no problem with the power unit, and at that point my head was like it'syou. It's the driver, yeah I mean as soon as he came on tothe radio in lap five, I think right I was sure like. Yes, this isgoing to be a very long race with a lot of complaining going on. I mean it's awesome that even in a mercedes which was not as fast as the red bull. That was very clear onyesterday's track. He was able to really put up a good challenge on maxand he did put a lot of pressure on him, so you know complete Kudos to him forthat, but but the complaining man stop it just stop it. Please stop it or least don't show us that radio,please I'm tired of it by now. True Man, I don't want to hear him complain likeit. I don't care about his tires at this point, my brains like lap when hehas tired his issues until he finishes. If he's winning, there are not tireissues. Okay, I understand this. Let's, let's move on, I, if I I mean not fi but like a the Fone in general fm who basically handles the screams, is to blame a littleeviter. Definitely I guess him, like Hamilton being the top driver right now.They kind of put him under the microscope and probably like pick andchoose each and every of his radio common and like show it on the lifebroadcast with Wich. They don't do for other drivers yeah. We don't really geta very good pat on what how other drivers are like interacting with theirteams, but they kind of single him out. So I think it also kind of puts thisperception in the viewers e that you know he's just constantly completing,but she does I'm not thing. It doesn't, but probably other drivers do that aswell. That's true, I meann at least at least it's gotten better this year,because the mid packs getting stronger and there are multiple other over takesthat happen. So there's still still some. You know footage that otherdrivers are getting but yeah. It feels like it is way more Hamilton dominatedfor from media. For Yeah Yeah and obviously the whole nonsense wouldBritish media so let's not go there abut it wasn't mark's Day yesterday andlike they were, they were messing up their strategies quite a bit Yeh. I think the undercut that they tried. Thesecond pitch, stop didn't work out in the favor at all.They put him right in the middle of the traffic. I think it was the train behind the record o right. Iguess where Ye that P at through later train yeah, I mean he was actuallyHamilton- was driving pretty well in the second stand as compared to was topand I think was tappen had switched to hard right and after the second PittStop we have the hardest coma, yeah right right and the Hamilton had withto soft sorry mediately, which didn't make much sense to me, because I thinkthere was around like thirty seven thirty, eight something like that asremaining, and I don't think under even the best circumstances. He could havestretched those mediums till the end. So yeah not a good movie. It smelt ofdesperation- and I think at that point he had already given up on the race andthey probably thought that we had to you know, try something really of beat to try and get the windhere yeah. There was this constant, two second plus Delta, between both of themthere's just just this one moment to where he was with a sub one second,which was when like Max over to votes and then Botas atHamites. It was just that one lap where there was some drs opportunity andsomething tamen, but otherwise it was...

...all all Max throughout and that I actually was pretty cool onething that I don't know if you noticed, but when we stopping overtook Botas. Ithink that was on the main street right yeah, but he had to go off ye in totake him. So he had to pick up a lot of marbles on the way and obviouslyHamilton didn't have to do that. He got to over the racing line and I thinkthat was also kind of a strategy play in that sense that the are like you know, Hamilton gotthat advantage of having a little better tires for wild, but yeah Max wasable to manage that brilliantly. That also sort of like from a visualperspective for me, was more like a cartoon, where it's more, like you know,you're trying to overtake, but then are you trying to run away and then you'rethrowing rocks at someone behind you, which is, which is what I feel like,because there's this one short, a Hamiton scar was picking up all thegravel or all the stones that are coming from Max's car. That reminds meof speed, racer yeah yeah, exactly remember that exact. Yes, yes, that iswork though yes yeah, but but like red bull man, red bull washaving a brilliant day. Yeah amazing I mean I did take all the boxes I mean Max was just brilliant. The teamwas brilliant in terms of e in terms of stratagetic, brilliant in terms of thepitstops, except over the one pit. Stop. I think the ices a bit slower, I thinktwo point seven seconds. I think that for for red bull, it's really s yeah, Imean to be honest, yeah a oponent, so I think that was the only thing theymessed up in the whole weekend. I would say also, obviously, the whole mess upwith qualification with Perris tartest yeah. Otherwise they managed it.Briliante par is another brilliant thing that he did was. I think Perezhad to take an extra engine and we is right like some time down the line, soI think they use this opportunity to take that penalty because it madeperfect sense now they have got two engines to work with her for the restof the season and I think that will work out for them. But yeah I feel like Max, was having asplendid day. The consistency of him in that cockpit is is, is what is nowmaking me a fan of him. Who is his aggressions going down? I mean, if youcompare it like a- and we were talking about this before the recording started,which is like he's twenty three. He is first win. It probably like I guess,like you, only touch driver to win on a Dutch track sort of scenario, but Iagree not I but okay, something like that at least at least win the thirtypast thirty years, okay, winning in front of like an orangepainted track, gaining a championship, leadershipright and he felt I mean internally- he might be bubbling with all sorts ofanxiety and stuff, but on camera that he felt so calm and composed man likehe was breezing through it. He's got what like thousand plus laps, led a andall of that right. So yeah, I'm sort of now becoming a fan of him, and this wasalso his hundred point finish as well. Oh, which is pretty awesome, yeah andthen now that compared to the type of celebration he's had versus someone isnot an be yeah almost killed, someone else winning on his home granpre forthe enth time. I don't know because I've lost track now and yeahcelebration. He did so. Let's start, let's put on those judging caps tojudge people now yeah I mean no like, as you said, you know, I'mimpressed by Max by the amount of...

...maturity that he has these days, he'ssuper calm most of the Times. That's what I've seen I mean gone other dayswhen he would be pushing you know other drivers around yeah I and everyoneeteron the track sort of scenario right exactly yeah. I think that's no more. He has become alot cleaner in his overtakes as well these days, and I think these days hedoesn't have to do much of it because he's usually just leading that he isanyways and the but flag helps him out with. Then he hoit takes that he has todo so. Yeah Awesome. I have no complaints about his chal performancethrough this weekend, Yer just flawless and sanely quid, and it felt like himfor some reason. Maybe his home drag or whatever like he has nailed. He hasnailed that ton three Flor pint for N and it was as just like a dance seeinghim get into into that that yeah we e e saw the on board of him takingturn three. It was so scary because when you see the on board, so if youplay the game like the F one game anywhere, the resing line that theyshow on ten three is the inside line which no driver took. Yes, that doesn'tmake sense yeah. The recent lend that everybody was taking was the outsideone, but they almost hid the outside apex and then come back ere and it's soscary to watch like you know: you're, just racing towards the barrier on abank ponder and then you're slowing down at the same time and at the endmoment yore taking a turn wow. That was just you need some balls to do that forsure and the cart dips to a bit because of the bank nest like you're goingstraight and it dips a bit and then goes yeah. Let's, let's talk about the tracktowards the end of the episode, because I think it's grown on usquite a lot. So folks. Yeah, hang around to the end of the episode we're goingto we're going to discuss the track as well for the first time, but comingback to red bull. What is I think, someone needs to tellhim that the only way to win is not to start laugh. I think he still hung upon a Saigon pre, where he now thinks that you have to start to enter to winthere win. There is yeah, I mean it was just crazy. At one point I rememberParis came on the radio, he was like super pumped up and he's like yeah.Let's go come on whose neck it so on tell him. We are still P ten,so there's too many ahead of it. It was funny I think he was having alast. Obviously so many or I takes. I think he overtook like at least halfthe grade or more than half and yeah awesome. Pretty Awesome, though, like there was this really coolstatistic that they showed on the TV in between while he was making so manyovertakes. The surprising thing to me that wasthat the most mor of overtakes are by wet till the season and then by all onso and then by Peters, which is quite surprising. Considering the number oftimes pariser started, the back through Iti think Alonso has that torment manbecause of his first lab because first lap, he is usually like over taking alit around ten P pil and one shot. He's a bullet he's a bullet on red life. One Yeah, I think so that's why, like mostof his overtakes, come from there but pretty cool statistic and I'm sureParis will probably be reading this by the end of the season if he keepsstarting at the back yeah. Unless someone tells him not to do that, surethat that's gonna Happen, but, but I think, like he's followed inlove with that shaken at Le Turn, eleven and twelve, because if and I'msure, if I is going to make if on Youtube, is going to make a video outof this whole lapse, t or positions gained by pryersand I feel like all of them are just...

...going to be at the turn eleven tell shecan. Okay now neat nos now that it's going to be the same thing, but one of them was very hilarious, big.He overtook Nikita on that and then comes on to the radio and says thisguy's a joke. I feel like it was a decent fight withan over take. Why was he here a joke to you, I think by now? It's just you know.People do have a lot of piers against Masabi for fair reasons, but it's stillsomewhat of a bias. I would say- and I think I mean we saw- that throughoutthis weekend- right- I think during qualification as well knows what thenwith yeah but make kind the we as have been having yeah havingtheir shenanigans on the track with you know who wos first and Beta becoming avictim there. Oh, let me interject her a little about metal FIA. I mean theyreally need to bring in some consistency here back in France when Weta blocked, alongso with the exact same circumstances, actually a little better circumstancesthan now, because back then Wentel wasn't trying something reallydangerous. He was just stuck behind a line of cars that were lining up and alot of Cammon at full recent speed and obviously because it's wet till theydecided to just throw him at the back of the grate for for blocking along. So and thesetwo idiots were, you know, fighting on the track for some stupid thing likewho goes first, because it doesn't make a lot of sense over here, because o Janwould like it doesn't matter much because, first of all, I don't get. Whygoing first is so important. I mean just yellow flags, and things like thatmight tell, but one car ahead doesn't really help anything, because if youconsider when you have like eight cars ahead of you going, one car head is notgoing to help anything here. You anything, you got a fight for that. Thenineteen position exactly and where does lap wascompletely ruined by these two idiots, and there was nothing not even awarning. They weren't even summoned to the steward's officers. I don't letthis at all. There should be some consistency either. It is illegal to dothat, and you need to punish rive us to do that or you don't like one of theeither. It can't be both now and I agree with you and I want to go a one.I want to go a step ahead because sometimes these these drivers come onand say like Hey, it was their team's fault or whatever right, at which pointI'm like. Okay, get some constructor points off of the team. We I'd fatenough at that point, you got to do what you want to do right, like you,can't have the driver, just blame the team and and it of the hook so sure itwas the constructors for it get them get them some point openit there orwhatever you want to do a fine or a tie, but more than more than the whole the whole blocking sort of ruining q toYou, three thing, which is also fair, but I feel like there is- and I hope itdoesn't happen, but I feel like there is a huge accident em pending based onthe way these things are happening and it's happened way more of the seasonthan any other season, so yeah yeah, Yep y P. No, I mean, if I need, Imean I totally agree not giving the penalties to make an Musen. Don't getme wrong. I'm happy about that and that's exactly what they should havedone back in France as well, but consistency has to be the some formulaanother and an again theresa, well coming back to red bull can an againsare actually not red, be doing the fun, but now, let's o red, Bulchand, anIGANS. What's the whole rumor story of everyone trying to Colo Al Bolon rightfor kid? My like is, I feel so bad for...

...it. He he seems like a really good guylike he is. You know very easy to talk to. He is. He is quite fast as welllike M. Unfortunately, he was pressurized into a very difficultsituation and yeah. I think he didn't. He obviously wasn't able to keep upwith that. First of all, having Max as your team mate, I think I think isbecoming career, ending. Isn't it like senses that day or or you just show that you canovertake go back to the grade and at least you know, try coming forth at six.That just shows you an exact you big positions that a a I can't overtake Max. That's fine! Ijust overtake the rest of the field yeah, but anyways like albonedefinitely deserves another chance in some time and I really hope with allthe rumors that are going on, that you might end up at Williams, but yeah, there's so much an Aigangoing on right. I think toto is trying to block Alban from getting intoWilliams, stating that Williams is a customer team. For me, cities andalbonis still on a contract read bull, so you know he might like spy for them,which doesn't really make sense. To me like how much information the driverreally has on the technical aspect of the engine itself. It, like I mean yeah.Definitely he might. He can probably describe the you know. What do you saythe talk, what whatever it is napping or whateverto Red Bull? As do you know how talk is distributed by the engine or somethinglike that, but other than that, like there's, not a lot that he can actuallyfeed back, even if he wants to more than anything a eat. These guys havedefinitely have way. Good lawyers get him off the Edwalton. If every partyinvolved is fine with it and then get a one, O contract men come on yeah theteens yeah yeah. I just I mean this is just complaining right,like contracts, as we have seen contract me nothing enough. One reallylike we saw that with peters it like he at a drop of the heart. They kicked himoff to get Betalen, which makes sense. I'm not I'm not. You know, chastisingAston Martin there, but but contracts don't mean anything. Ifyou want to get a drive in some team, you can do that as simple as I, andalso hard no like. Why is he acting so holier than thou, like you have fuckingfour seats with you just give one you to Algon what is Sonoo doing anywaysright like just kicking off by being on e hand, O money other than the horde money he's gettingin what is he doing right, yeah, butwhatever I hope you get to see, I do Eiran yeah. I feel like he's Goin, tohave a similar situation like per ghastly if he gets the second chance so hoping for that also considering Williams is doing sowell right. I really hope that he gets a proper chance. Oh speaking, aboutWilliams, I want to talk about this, so I think we way past my crazy assumptionprediction that William is going to be in points right to we we free part,then you were this close alows of getting hi as the as the Megasus. Yes,yes, yeah, I was hoping for it, but I think the news came out really quickly.That cubits is going to replace Kimi because Kimmer, which I still doubtvery honestly. He was only great man he was on, but yeah. I feel like the only reasonKebia was there was because probably he was already somewhere near Anderwelt.Otherwise I feel, like Hulkin Berg, had alreadystarted driving from Germany. It just...

...didn't reach there in time, but let's move on, I mean I'll pan I'llbe no. I want to ask you a few things about Alpin. What do you think aboutthe ones I mean we've made? This statement that he is a bullet on lapone, but yesterday was yet another splendid performance by a long o man,Yeah Yeah Super Super. I mean amazing drive by alone, so Alpine suddenlyseems to have gained some performance. I don't know what what's going on, but right after, like I think, Okon one right, which was how manyYogis is back, I think three or four rises back there ever since then theyare just doing too good. I mean, obviously they didn't drive it par, butyeah yesterday's performance was on pure peace. There was nothing wrongwith any other team. Nobody had retired, which was again surprising, consideringZANDWEHR IRMEN anyways. They were there on pure peace andAlonso was making some awesome moves through Tories just too good and what your thoughts yeah, I mean itfelt it felt even more so obvious when I think during the race start, a convaywas faster, at least on the clock behind Lonzo and there's this good goodovertake. I want to say longs over to Cocon, but someone will have to factcheck me here on turn three where or con took the inner line and a long setof the outer line, and he overtook him there. No, so I know what you'retalking about so Okana trying and overtake on a long so but that fieldbecause yeah inside as on the outer yeah, but it was good to see like bothAlpines on turn three days Ye for a second. I thought that they mightjust crash because it bit like in that turn is very decpive to be were but okon comes on to the radio and sayshe I'm faster than Alonzo. Someone tells that to Alan, so hey, who comesfaster than you and the long ago is. Oh, you want me to drive faster. Just tellme that, and then he guns said that point. The funny fathers like at thatpoint the Delta between both of them was like. I want to say, like a secondor tenth of a second or something like that and then, as soon as Alonso getsthis message. I you let down. He has a six second lead on Okon, so, but it's so much fun seeing Alonzothere. I hope it's more like a mentor Mente relation between the two, but atpine it feels like a father sent relationship, so I'm just gonna throwit out it yeah. I think that Alonzo probablyforgot that he was racing and then the engineer I to remind him that he heryour easing drive first, a yeah yeas. I think how many he gainedlike four or five or some some positions there. I I it was just bothof both oak on and alone, have have have gotten so much good in that I'llbe, and I think Alpin, as you said, I totally true, is maturing as well the something that I forget like therewas an interesting radio message from Alonso towards the end of the race aswell, something Oh yeah. I remember that so I think the was theend of the rars along. So wasn't the last lap, I think,and obviously the stadium had compotes Odin smoke everywhere and he comes onthe radiance is that I think that maks one because there's more care or did you want to say this, you youwere telling me about this- to eat or the instar post from someone rightabout how there's this party going on on Zantewood. Oh Yeah Yeah. I forget who it was, butbasically the the essence of it was that you know it felt like it was a...

...you know how much of a long the trackis that Animile Long Party- and you know the releasing cars- are just aminor inconvenience for there, which I really felt that way veryhonestly yeah. It was insane, I think, the wholeatmosphere, a Jan Goop, was just crazy right, yeah, just to see of Orange Evel.First, you got these cars roaring. On top of that, you've got these peopleroaring and not talk out that you can't see anything because there's all orangeon that trick, but Bertie it was just exhilarating to see.You know this this. This O I've never seen this amount of support anywhere.Man Like even you, regarder doesn't get it in Australia Hamilton. I don't care nobody. Even he doesn't get this o thisHAH, that's t yeah German drivers. Also. I don't think I remember like thiscrazy support and it's wanted sand. A woe like these guys come at Belgium.They come at Austria, they come every where they teed so many. So the funnything is like this: everybody has got their own singular home race right,like Hamilton has. UK Ricardo Has Australia, but Max has multiple like hehas, but Austria has got Belgium, yeah yeah he's got signed, wood like wowlike it's insane. His fans are just crazy. I think it's not just this. Ingeneral, Dutch people are really crazy about this ports. Think about anythingright like FIFA as well like yeah, you know what happens whenNetherlands is there up in a line so yeah it was just awesome. The crowdwent crazy. They were loving it every moment of it. Obviously, I think theroyal family was also present there, for, though I don't really care aboutthe royal families of any country at all, but yeah whatever they were there,and not just that. I think the crowd did behave in general because if youconsider the previous race such pot when the tree airquake ned right after that,when he had the podium celebration right right and the interviews, I thinka lot of the crowd was doing Hamilton, which I don't really get, which is justshameful and stupid and immature I mean we and both of us also are notavid Hamilton liking people as well, but at the end of the day you shouldn'tboo, a driver. Man Come Yeah, I mean yeah, that's just stupid and especiallyI could drive a like Hamilton like no matter what like yeah. He does complaina lot a lot of times he you know he has his flaws. I mean I'm not in list allof them, but he is still an amazing driver. He has won seven worldchampionships like it's Nota joke, like you know it's. I don't get thementality of doing at all. It makes no sense. The only thing that you're proving bydoing that is that you are a mature. That's that, like I don't understand,but yeah. The crowd here was very supportive of Hamilton as well, andthey cheered him as well. Just as much as almost as much as the curd forHamilton I mean for Max, which I was happy to see petty, honestly and yeah,that that was pretty cool, yeah man and- and I mean at least I feel like booingstill a Midel version. I mean I as much as I dislike Hamilton.Sometimes he gets this racist hate as well. Come on grow up people anywaysanyways an years I mean, I guess, like the crowd, is also exciting yesterday,because of all the overtakes, because I think like see just before the long street you have,you know the Shikan not too far right.

So that's one huge overtaking point and,to my surprise yesterday that turn one right hand. Everyone was taking thatoutside line to do these over taxt manner is just brilliant to watch yeah.It is surprising, clearly surprising, yeah. It is too good to watch that and overall, I think the crowd hidincredible views of these cars because exact you remember the last banking toan TI. I forget what the TIR number is thing yeah just before the startfinished line yeah that one specially, because there's agrand stand right in the middle of that toe and it faces the turn and thecamera angles that they were showing wow like the cars are going like at aangle because it is banned and these people can exactly see the wholecar, but they generally can't when the cars or going flat. So I'm pretty surethat I really do want to look at some footage that people might have capturedfrom that stadia like that grand time, I'm sure it would be pretty awesome,yeah and I mean the way this tracks designed to. I guess, like we're, adefinitely some strands which have a good vantage point. I'm pretty sure,like probably that bank turn has has a view to the right going. A few turns tothe right, and then they can also probly see the main strate on to their left. So yeah. Let's, let's talk about the track. Inthat case I mean this this track. We were talking about this before westarted, recording as well like we've started liking. This strike, the banksand the clether dynamics of their track are really nice. It's just flowing likethis tracket. It feels like it ever like it's. You know each like this whole tract has some cohesionto it as such, like each corner flows into the other, and- and I think prettymuch that I mean I was- I was talking about this by watching the rays- that Idon't really understand. How are these drivers making any adjustments to thecar out to what their engineers are thing, because there's absolutely noplace on the track, except for the main street, where you have some time torelax like it's just one to enough to e o boom yeah right yeah, it was pretty awesome and the wholeelevation changes. The banking yeah adds to everything, even though Takis quite narrow, likepeople, I think, were expecting a very boring race like something like Monaco,but but no that didn't happen. We did see a lot of overtakes, which was quitegood, yeah yeah I mean it you're right. It did feel like everyone's just goingto keep going in circles one after the other, but he an there's some fun happening there and I think it drivers themselvespersonal love, the track, that's what it seemed like, definitely like. Infact, Hamilton also said this in his posteris interview that you know it was one of the best rakes driven andhe had a lot of fun and he definitely wants to get back here, because justbecause how fun the track is to drive on, I guess another thing that he hadmentioned was like when at the point where he knew he had lot lost the res,and then he went for the fastest lap by pitting. He said that the that last lapof his was the most fun he has hired in the whole race because, like there wasone lap and then that track is so awesome that I just had to give it alland like thing a lie that a yeah yeah yeah, I think everyone, and also, likeeveryone, nailed that turn three except Sevena. I personally want to mature and move awayfrom using that term, but wittles like a dog who needs to peel you to Marcusport, he needs to spin on every track to mark his part like okay, I was hereat least once yes, he's Gone Soan as...

...soon as I saw that I could imagine allthe names ploding there and then the new one that started islike the list keeps going on. He is like vet as a driver as a protectoras a drifter and like in now I exactinspector, it's just adding to the list at every race. I think it was crafty as well. I think we mentionedthis that yes, then we have a metal spinner,a UN. Oh man go yeah, I mean the terrible. Is likestarting on qualification itself, like, I think he had given up by the end ofit, but still he managed to reach right uptill stroll, which is really awesome. I mean considering where he started. Hespun once as well and still caught up with stroll, which is pretty awesome,he's been doing brilliantly at Astin Martin, this time, yeah first doublepodium. I mean I still consider Hungary as his podium sure they did love taming team, the team messed up, butcomplete credit to wital for getting that podium. I mean in my eyes, heatedwin it even if you didn't get the point for it. So back to Zander and Dutch in general. Ithink like not that not just Dutch have respect for the team players and evenif it's a rival but like yeah, they just keep proving again and again howenvironmental, friendly and conscious they are as well right like the bikecapital of the world. But there was an there's, an interesting ticketingsystem that they were doing with the recycling of cops right. One pointwhich I noticed was like when they in the opening shots of the race, whenthey like, show the entire track. They had a dedicated parking lot ofbikes, which I have never seen on any other club before a huge yeah. So it was very awesome to see that,like so many people had a live one bites over there. It's the biking capital of the world,and I still love that you know they take it that seriously man. I love thatcountry for for what they do with the environment, consciousness, yeah rightand as yeah. That O mentioned right. The token system that I explaining inthe coping he the cup system, rodewills red to this, explain the Recycling CupZero Wase system there right. So I think they had some tokensystem this time at the stadium where at the start of the reas, everybodywould receive a token and any time you want to buy a drink and you got aplastic cup. You have to give the token in exchange of the cup you have to holdon to the Cup till the end of the race or like. If you want to have anotherdrink like give the top back to the vendors- and you know, they'll give youa new cup so that way they avoided people from throwing the cups of wayinto the garbage they were able to recycle them and as an incentive forthe people to actually hold on. To the token there were two incentives, onewas negative and men was positive. One was that we had to pay more money toget new cups, and the second was, if you have the token at the end of therace, you were entered into a lucky draw for for some prize, which, whichis a pretty awesome thing yeah, and by the end of it we could see that thewhole stadium was very clean and there was almost no trash anywhere ascompared to Belgium. If you had seen it was, it was like a hand, fill it wasjust insane that was painful. That was painful, a we didn't have a race andthen to the cleaners, had to do twice the more of work, exactly yeah, so I mean even a yould go home early,so yeah, but yeah this track. I love it. Ireally want is to be on the calendar of...

...the year just awesome to watch these cars go onthe track. It's just insane well loved it. I guess now, there's there's a twopoint lead on the championship. It would have been interesting if both aswould have won or anyone else would have run and then Max P to Hamilton, p three and they would havetied for the championship have been more dramatic, but I guess there'sstill room for a testo room for it right ear. Two points separate thesetwo. It's it's getting tighter by the race Monzo have had. They are a fairbit of advantage through the years so yeah, I'm probably hoping Portas WinsHamilton, can be p when last for a right like for him. I really hope hewins at least one day s t you know before fnishing his career with nocities, I mean he is a good driver. He gets a lot of unwarranted hate like Iam part of it, but yeah. I do feel bad for him as well at the same time, and Ireally hope that he wins at least one more as before the end of the seasonyeah man ye and he takes Ay as many points from Hamilton as we can so thatback as a free rein. But on that note this so was an amazingrace, amazing track. We hope these guys keep coming here way more in the future,and these older, narrower fighting tight tracks keep coming back, becauseit's so much fun your watching these races and until Monza. This is a one fanfiction, signing off the bit.

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