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Episode 16 · 1 year ago

2021 Hungarian GP Race Discussion


What an anticlimax for the so called heated battle between Max and Lewis. Another race and another crash between Merc and Red bull. What a crazy race this has been with the grid completely mixed up. What a drive by Ocon and Vettel and who other than the G.O.A.T Lewis Hamilton! Just after 2 races suddenly Mercedes leads the WDC and Hamilton leads the WDC!

 In this episode we discuss:

  1. Rookie Driver Bottas
  2. Lonely Lewis at the starting grid
  3. Sainz calls the strategy shots at Ferrari 
  4. Mick with his elbows out
  5. Vettel checks out Ocon's rear end
  6. Old Man Alonso back in action!
  7. Russel's Radio Resume
  8. More proof that FIA listens to F1 Fanfiction
  9. F1 Triathlon
  10. Aston Martin runs out of fuel 

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Yeah, though it felt like very blatant add for mercedies like you was just saying that look how I am as a teammate, as a second driver, hire me. While both as can crash people, I can let Hamilton go. Hello, you know where you are. This is f one fan fiction. We are your host. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. And this week we have the Hungarian groppery. If you watch this race, you know, you know this is one of the best races of your life. But before we get started, we've seen a few stats where you guys, some of you guys, you know who you are, are not subscribed or following us. So you know who you are. Go out there, hit that follow button, hit that subscribe button so you know when the new episodes out, when our new content is out, and follow us anywhere. You can add at the rate if one fan fiction. And now into the episode, I think I've lost my tongue. I genuinely am lost on words on what that race start us are and take it away, man. Yeah, yeah, it was. It was insane, like I think this was definitely one of the best races I've seen in a while. I it's I mean there's so much that went on I really don't know where to start. But you know, let's start at the start, which was basically just chaos. You know, like obviously that it was wet and everybody had to start on enters and I think that that time itself, everyone knew that it's going to be a very interesting race and interesting start because like all the strategies that they had kind of tried to bake into you know yesterday, of marks going on mediums and red bill going on reds, I mean softs, was basically just thrown out of the window. And Yeah, you you saw what happened at latern one. Oh Man, I know, like you know, over the weekend it's been raining, so there was anticipation that it's going to be rained, there's going to be some chaos, but yesterday it felt like the rain God's just you know downboard, that that rain just for that first let chaos and then it was bright and sunny. But that first lap came got created. So so starting off on how it started to UN be right. Let's let's UN package this an amazing race. Start slightly slower reaction from boat, as Lando taking as lander, taking perfect opportunity from their weaving to the right, you know, gunning, gunning out there past those Alpha towery's, you know, going for it. He's ahead of boat as, and boat as, I mean, given it this is his first season, obviously new to fone. He doesn't know what the sport is, doesn't know how conditions work. So skids off, locks up and crashes into Lando and just causes this chaotic chain reaction. Yeah, there was this tweet by Charles. I don't know if you saw that. Basically he tweeted something like it was a good game of bowling. So first, I'm not mad actually, but like like those bouling pins, you know, just flying around here and boat as the bowling waters take. Yeah, pretty much. You know, I think, I think I know what this was all about. I think it was pretty much that boat as knew that he had to like earn some favors at mercedies...

...and the best doing that was like destroying both the red bull drivers is and then he just went into Tamakazi wood the contract when you're coming in soon, I guess exactly. Yeah, but yeah, that was a rookie mistake. Ten, ten cars right, like maybe maybe ten cars. I don't know how many. So let's count. So both Red Bulls, Lando, obviously stroll and Luclaire. Yeah, that is a whole other minionsident going. Yeah, but but part of the chaos, Ricardo Spinning off because of our time. So that's say. Ye, both as obviously himself. That's seven. Yeah, yeah, that's that's all. I can think of. Seven. Maybe I think someone. But yeah, seven cars. Yeah, it's pretty insane, right. I mean wow, like I couldn't believe what's going on. First of all, my first reaction was like, you know, what the Hell? Like, you know, I thought that MAX is out right. So obviously Hamilton was like, you know, just running away. I was like, you know, so frustrated by that, especially after the last reason, all the craziness that went by, all the you know, yeah, whatever, I don't want to get into it again, but yeah, but it was so frustrating at that point of time. But yeah, it things unfolded right, like for the first time, I think Max was on the receiving end of the advantage of a red flag as such. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was insane. What his engineers did. I want to I want to raise a few things there. So obviously Lando, you know, almost at the end of the red flag coming with the news that he's not going to continue, which was heartbreaking incident because it's been in points right from the start. It's be a, you know, fantastic season for him. So that was a gutting incident. But what started surprising me was whereas was hit, yes, as a cause of this, but he started driving off and I personally don't know why he had to stop at like what happened, because the way I saw it, he was probably in front of Max or right behind Max when they were clearing on that hole area. So and then I just saw him parked at a meter parking somewhere. So it's like why, why is he stopped somewhere? I think, I think, basically from what I've heard, that his engine was damaged and I guess like his engineers like told him to just stop the car because they must be thinking about the long game, about trying to preserve the engine. And Yeah, as you can see, like you know, red bull this time is running some issues with their engines because last is Max is pretty much lost as engine, though I think Honda did clear it, but I don't think. Yeah, well, they'll be using it for races. But actually they did. is going to be no or was this on? Yeah, I'm not sure because because I know the Honda Guy was like he hops this is good. Otherwise they're going to have to go to the third and the last reserve engine, which they don't want to. Whether it's something we should probably look into and we'll probably post on our instant twitter, ticktock, so folks check it out. Um. But yeah, that course for that second driver at Red Bull continues. Man, I feel like wheres is such a good driver. I mean when when he have when he has had that opportunity, he has proved himself right, like even with qualifying, the front two were locked in mercities and red bull. But that second driverkers for Red Bull continues. There's some interesting comments from Max as well post race. Right, you Wana, you're not get into the BEATI article. Fact Statement. Yeah,...

I mean the statement really sounds like a complete click beat. The article like he said something on the lines of again taken out by a mercedies, almost impossible to drive. At least I got one point. The actually got two points. I will get to it later, but yeah, at least got one point. He scored something. Of You know a lot of freak womans which are costing us a lot of points, which is which is entirely true. I mean, I don't think Max is like trying to imply anything over here, but yeah, it's quite weird that your rival team is the cause of all the accidents you're going through at the moment. So man man. Yeah, but that that first lap Kos was just insane. This other incident that was happening, let's let's get into that. Does this troll Ricardo La Claire Incident that happened, which was not directly connected with boat asses incident, but I think, like the whole thing was a correlating effect of the whole thing. So yeah, my take on the whole thing is la clerk was being a brilliant driver trying to avoid the whole chaos turned a bit more in. Yes, so let's get this out, at least from me, which is the conditions were very wet, tires were probably not warmed up, so the grip just was lacking from all drivers. Stroll had already committed into his inline and he locked up to one thing led to another and they were driving on top of each other. Yeah, I mean it's sad that, you know, so many people got eliminated from the race like in the first lap, and you could. I mean I wouldn't say that like botasted anything nefarious here, but it was a stupid mistake from his end. It was a really rooky mistake, like for a person of his scal bird, he should have known better. But I have seen him drive terribly a lot of times in wet. I think the last time was a molar right when it was a wet race and he was somewhere. Yeah, yeah, something or nine actually right, because Russell hit him. Yeah, that's what that was. A mole again, he and I agree to your when he is a good driver, but you're not good in wet. You're not good in weight. Yeah, yeah, so it was pretty much down to him that the whole kio started in the first place. I don't think the second incident with stroll would have ever happened if not for the first one. Yeah, because I think like primarily Le Claire wouldn't have turned that much in to save himself from the chaos. Say, you're right, but I feel like the final Joel to was when Le Claire tapped off Rickyardo and he spun off and I was like this guy man, because he was he was almost weaving himself through the whole chaos and he was almost out, except the last minute touch. But the best weaving that's happened is how O con's gotten himself out of this chaos and alongso just followed him wherever he was going. And actually wattless will already as well. Yes, so like yeah, they're like, you know, I I'm just gonna sneak past here. You know, I don't know get into this nonsense. Brilliant leaving there that that got some amazing turn of events right, like OK, on was just then right there a brilliant yeah, I think that that incident happened. And then, you know, like obviously everybody was, like they broadcast was also kind of concentrating on the all the cars that were damaged and everything, and I think, at least for some time, I wasn't looking at the leader board and like I just glanced there and I saw that wehtill is like second or third something, and like weat what's going on. Was Hameton was still leading with the Travelton was still leading the race. Yeah, and I was like wow, what's that? Though, it was. It was pretty weird that, you know, like Hamilton...

...again kind of lucked out or whatever, that he he just ran away from the whole thing just before like the whole thing happened. But if you saw it, if you saw that thing very constant, like very intently, Hamilton did skid slightly, like he did have a slight again there and he just like I was able to catch the car and that's it right. Yeah, dude, I think like Lathifi at that point was probably like Tord or for or fifth or some Oh. Yeah, up there it's like wait, Williams in top five, what is happening? Yeah, it felt like a fever dream, you know, was just jumbled up. Yeah, Gardner's what was going on. And then I think the red flag basically came up and yeah, I was kind of happy that, you know, at least were stopping. Is Getting some chance. But then when when I recall when he was going back to the pits, he was talking to his engineer and his is engineer as like, you know, the Barge Board has gone and he's like the whole thing. It's like yes, the whole thing. Yeah, and then the cameras band there and I was like Oh yeah, the whole thing is missing something, for Dolord's wrong. I want to bring this up here like a red bull. Engineers are a beast. Those guys are a crazy bunch of people. Man. They fixed, duct taped it, for sure, but like they fixed that car to make it a drivable car in those thirtyand twenty five orever minutes. Yeah, wow, yeah, none of us something really like. I saw that they were, you know, like applying some resin on the floor as well, because I think trying to fill in the cracks and stuff, and they were obviously like just going wild with duct tape. You know, that does really funny to see. It felt a lot like jguard, to be you know exactly. And I didn't know like they were doing this until I saw too many strips lines, like we d are this cello taping, duct taping this whole thing. Yeah, man, but speaking of Red Flag, you know, let's let's go to the the start of this, this red flag situation. The Sun's coming out but everyone's on ters. I I have to accept I've never seen a race not like this, where it's just one car on the grid. Oh yeah, that is just too funny. Like, like I think you in the commentators were talking about, you know, like it's getting dried and every day. Like they were also discussing that. Would Hamilton go into the pits? I mean that did make sense. But like, in from his defense, I do agree that it made sense for him to go to the grit start, because if he would had gone into the pits, who were was second, would basically go and start from the grid. So I think being the first gives you that disadvantage and after like basically the second third like went in, it was clear that everybody else would go in as well. Yeah, it was a lose, lose lose situation for him either ways. So I guess like that was the best thing you could do given that situation. But yeah, it was really funny, you know. You know what it felt something like? You know, like during these like hunting games of stuff like that, like they release the animal, get to give it a head, tied it something fast, like you know, happen you should everybody's gonna try to catch you as a wow, what an analogy. Yeah, I guess they'll start, you know, if if Hamilton wins this championship as well, like given that red pillar such a strong package. I think what they should try doing from next time, as you know, do the opposite, like let the...

...whole grid start early, hold Hamilton the pits and like leave him one lap after tell him to win the race. I think that's a new format. That because we're not out. But mark was on point yesterday. Their strategy was on point, except the start. I sure I was lose, lose situation probably, but after that the hunt to the first or wherever he ended up really like the second place, which was on point. More Strategy and speaking or strategy undercut was everything. Oh, that worked. On point. It was just brilliant from their team. But speaking or strategies, it felt like for Ari was going to be for Ori and mess up science race or it was just part of the whole strategy. But this is brilliant. Movement are sooner. There was want to say third, but don't quote me on this, but so, no, there was third. Science was fourth and race engineers asked science to come into the page and science was this form. No, no, folks, no, be patient, because this where his his his folks were still his folks were still standing with the tires and everything ready maybe to take off. So No, these engineers, because we saw so know that come in in that lab, and then science probably came in a lap or two after and all of that just work perfectly for him. And this happened throughout the race, like it felt like science was dictating his terms on the track and it worked out perfectly for him. Pthree, wo what a finish. Yep. Yeah, and I think this is a second time for him that he got pthree without the celebrations, which is like really sad for that is inherited his pthree position without actually enjoying the podium. Yeah, the fodiars. This was a complete these are for me of metals last year at Ferrari because, like, if you remember, metal was pretty much always calling the shots for strategy during the last year. That sort of kind of like totally reminded looking at science. Yeah, I'm guessing, like Ferrari's got a good car, maybe, but yeah, they're not good strategists. Nope, never have been. But Man, like yesterday was this this, this is so much built up excitement about this race. Man, what create battles. She just amazing band to sale. Come will come to Alonso versus Hamilton, and everything is that requires its own sweet discussion, but starting off, my first one was was mix shoemaker versus everything. Yes, this is the first time I've seen him and action, him racing anyone, but naked. I'm age pain, who, by the way, was was knocked off by Kimmy, not Kim me technically, but Kimmy's engineers. Yeah, yeah, the EXMAN was involved in the excitement, but anyways, makes you make a racing Max. Wow, what a defence. Max had no chance right like. It was quite weird to see. I mean, obviously Max was managing severely damaged car. He off a car, you letally didn't. It was driving off a card. And okay, so think about this. How off a head will is still faster than the house. Getting on to the point, like it is insane that Max wasn't able to even get a peep, you know, on either side of make and yeah, without the others. He wasn't abilted to anything at all. And I wouldn't give the whole thing to it being half a car. Sure, he had half a car, but the way Mick was driving, that just showed that he's defending his position and seeing him fight was was just too brilliant, because not just Max...

...there's there's somewhat of a train behind. Max was trying to get past me as well and he was defending them as well. So, and it happened twice because like mid race there was there's this train getting created behind make with Ricardo and Max and others behind. Hamilton was there as well. Yeah, in that makes sense, and Mike was just holding them off, which is just brilliant to watch. Yeah, an amazing other battle. Really hope that make gets a better car, at least an Alpha. Yeah, there or something. I don't know. I feel his talent is getting wasted here at House. Yeah, at this point, you know, I agree with I mean, at this point I wouldn't be too sad if kimmy retired, as long as I see him in in the paddock somewhere, because I want to continue seeing him. But but give Jimmy C to make man. Yeah, he deserves better. Another battle. That was just too fantastic. Wiz Oh con battle right, yeah, after that fourth lap, fifth lab whenever. You know that that happened all the way through the end. Just two brilliant yeah, I think Oh con has, you know, proven himself today entirely. Like what a race he has driven almost flawless. I mean yeah, obviously he made a few mistakes here and there, but yeah, like you go on the chart really because, yeah, exactly got the job done, so that doesn't matter. And brilliant drive by this young Frenchman. I mean it's awesome that, you know, French driver in a French team. I think the stats were like this is the first time after Alan Frost back in one thousand nine hundred. I don't know what you are thought was, I think, or eighty seven or something like that. Yeah, which is it was just quite cool. So what the start is like a French in a French winning? Yep, French. Yeah, a French driver winning in a French team. Yeah, but yeah, and I think the the the way he's had his past few races with whatever incidents and, you know, him being knocked off right after his contract renewal. Yeah, now seeing him yesterday will and yeah, beauty of it was, you know, wetter was obviously gunning for a trying to have of Oken make a mistake and everything, which is just that brilliance of those two. But yeah, every other incident yesterday was masked by OCN at be one, because the poor happiness in the entire pit section is so, so happy to watch my that feeling was just amazing. Yeah, definitely. I mean I think pretty much whenever underdog wins, like people love that story, and that's exactly what happened yesterday. I mean it was literally two underdogs, Oh Collin battle. Like I feel ok on I think earlier, like before his stent started at all peen, he was pretty much heated by a lot of people because reasons I don't know. But yeah, but I think it was mainly because of the Max incident that had happened back then, two thousand and eighteen. But yeah, I think most people didn't like him a lot, but I think he has become a lot more likable recently and yeah, I'm quite happy to see him do well. I did not expect him. I was. I mean I would I would say that I was one of the people who didn't really believe in a lot before this year, but I think ever since, like since the season started, we both have been talking about, you know, how good of a jam has been doing, and that should I guess, like his contract renewal are also part of this, because it's every day and that is he's is doing good. So, yeah, sure, let's keep him for a few more years. But now let's talk about his other driver, all the pent...

...up frustration from two thousand and seven, that rivalry. Oh my yeah, viewers, viewers are listeners. I know you're listening to this sort of tone way too much, but a if you've not seen tomorrow's race, I don't care if you stop listening to us right now. Go Watch yesterday's race, but don't so listen to us right now and continue through this emotion and feel this with us. But Oh my God, Alonso Versus Hamilton, I'm Lo what a battle. Wow, YEP, YEP, yeah, I mean I was blown away by the quality of racing that I saw in those few laps. There was so many moments when they came so close together and you know, I was at not the edge of my seet, I was actually standing up, like I tried something through that point but I couldn't. I was just standing up. I just could not say it. Yeah, and wow, that was insane, like what racing you know. And hungry is like one of the most difficult tracks to over take out because it's a narrow track right. It's like a googart track. Almost at all on that point of yours. I mean I think even Hamilton was struggling to get past Geo for that matter, when he was from forty in climbing his way up, he wasn't able to catch up all for us, right. So, yeah, that track is a very challenging track. Sorry, continue. Yeah. So, like my point being that, even if it was a very difficult to overtrake at this track, we saw a lot of good action, as we mentioned, like Mixshu maker Ok on and wetel Alonso on Hamilton. Yeah, truly brilliant racing. It shows that how much all of these teams have gained in performance now that like the midfield teams are no more, you know, like a whole class different than these faster teams. Like they can challenge them given the right circumstances. Not on all tracks, of course, but yeah, given the right circumstances, they can challenge these bigger teams for the wins. And that's what happened today, like, although, like we yeah, we'll get to it later, but yeah, wet all lost his second position and yeah, but still, like, yeah, it was surprising to see Alpen Alpine and Ashton Martin wanting to the defense from Alonzo is a true mark of a world champion, experience, amazing driver and it and it genuinely took me back to, you know what, I started following this spot since two thousand and five, six seven ish time frame and I was in Alonzo fans since then. And yesterday's race took me back to my childhood and as like wow, what a brilliant fight. And it wasn't just like because of the whole a Lonzo Hamilton rivalry, obviously that that emotion also played in all ons of fighting, but just that brilliant defense right, like knowing where and overtakes potential, knowing your car so well that you can push it to that age that, even if Hamilton's on the inside, you can you can defend yourself from the outside and still giving each other in a you know room where there was this moment where Hamilton complained that you can't do this at high schools, which probably is true, but is just Hamilton cribbing and on replay, you know, even crafty and and Oh we have Nicko Rossberg yesterday, so let's come to that too. But they said that there was a car's lend. So as as a professional world champion, you showing your room mark where you're fighting with grace. Man. That does those few laps were amazing. I'm guessing if a LONSO wouldn't have locked up on that first turn, he would have still continued fighting maybe for a lap or the more. That sort of...

...was about to see. You know, just there was just one mistake that was required from his end and that said, that's what lost him that position. You know that one lock up was the end of it. Like otherwise he was doing a great job, but I didn't believe that he would hold him back through. It was a matter of thing. But yeah, it doesn't matter of time, for sure, but it was just like how long, because I think in a way, if you think about it, Oh con one the race, because Alonso was able to keep Hamilton as way, because anybody else, like signs, was in a terrible condition because his stiles were really old. This guy, Hamilton, was on fresh mediums, like not fresh but relatively fresher mediums, and I don't think either wet all or signs would had been able to keep a Hamilton at be and it would add just been a matter of time that he won. The reasons true, true. So, yeah, I think credit to you know, lots of a playing the team game as well, because he did kind of put himself in risk as well, because, to think of it, from his perspective, he should have just let him go because he he wouldn't have been able to reach him through the end. I feel like he was having poor joy. This was this was, you know, all the paint up fresh bit to paint up frustrations. First of all, two thousand and seven, the the the epic rivalry back then between these and to his frustration or driving a GP to engine for these years, finally having a car that can fight, you know, world championship exactly. So that. But I feel like yesterday was too wholesome, and I want to bring this up because wet, sorry Alonso, waited all that while for a Kand to come in. The whole pit tour is happy for AK on coming in and him just lift thing. I've never seen a team mail lifting the other teammate up. Man, while that is just a happy moment, did you notice one thing? Right after the race there was this weird triathlons. Everyone was running better right back. What's going on? Why is everybody running around on the track. I think after after Hamilton's celebration last race, everybody is kind of gotten the Hend that that's what you're supposed to do, is supposed to get out of the car and run around here and there after you even the race. Yeah, it's like race, run and drink. One thing I saw was that I think what happened was like Ok on was like running to the like pard of rate and all of teammates for some reason went to the podium adrea the thought that he's going to come there. I don't know why, but they went there and when he ran into the paddock, nobody was there to beat. He was just wandering around. What should I do here? Easy. The beauty about this so so fur folks who don't have context. But ended up happening was after the race, you take a victory lap on usually on these except the one or two tracks the where you don't usually do a victory lap. Come back and stop at one, two three. You know winners position. Now in the past few races what's happened is you they've stopped on the track so they don't go into the page and they stopped on the track. Oh cons poor guy never won a race at Hungary, let alone anywhere else. So he's and no one's told him what to do. So He's assumed you've got to go on to the track, whereas everyone else is gone into the pads, and he's gone to do that. Rag sees seem like no one's here. So just stopped at the end of the pit lane and was running his fame bad, yeah, but but everybody. I just wholesome moment of a Lonzo lifting him. Another wholesome event that happened yesterday, which is Russell playing. Just a brilliant team mate. Right. But what was it? I...

...forget what the radio was, but I I know that. I think something like he basically said that, you know, if you want to compromise my race for you know, La Latie Feez race, tell me what to do because we need to prioritize them for the team, which totally made sense because at that point of time, I think Lativ she was third of fourth at that point and of course, like you know, he would have gained them alone. He had a better race space yesterday. So yeah, solutely understood and realize that. Yeah, though, it felt like very blatant ad for Mercedies, like he was just showing that. Look how I am as a teammate, as a second drive, while boats can I people? I can let Hamilton go. Exactly. It completely felt to me like it was a ID virtual resume. Is Different sort of CBS. Exactly. Man, Hey, but my prophecy is finally true. Yeah, progress, I my drop. I leave. YEA, so as there's a million dollars, dude. Yeah, man, I should have every lady. So what? Finally, letty fee now has five, four points. I guess the five or four points? When already end up seventh rde? Oh, yeah, seven and eight. Seven and eight is what's going to be now letty fee and Russell. Yeah, so that's almost seven ish points for them. So they were. So they were obviously about, I think, six points. Haus. They were obviously about Haus. Are they already about the Alpha? I will have to check that. I don't know. I love to check. I'm not sure either. I guess they are. Yeah, they're about Alpha. Roumio's will. That's said. Wow, eight right now. Who would have thunk? Williams at eight? Right, also, right, Yep, because at Alpha nothing's happening. No one cares about poor geo. He was there because he survived. He was there because he survived the whole day. Back Hill. Yeah, BA, somewhere. He was Massipin for yesterday, I guess. Yeah, yeah, I really didn't get the purpose of why he was driving. And Yeah, Hey, let's let's want to bring this up. Nico A, sorry and Continia. Yeah, that's what I want to talk about. that. Niko's commentary was the highlight for the day for me in the sense that if whoever heard the last episode, like there was some really good words that I was talking about crafty, and I think if somebody had a file listens to our show, because this is second time that sure that happened, that we have criticized something and then they've changed it right away in the next race. I love the fact that Niko Rosberg was there this time. I think he was there for the qualifications as well. Right, yeah, and it's good to see that there was some neutrality that he brought in terms of his rival, or, you know, post three, the previous rival. Sure, but he was being a bit diplomatic. There were a few instances when propt he asked him like what would you have done, and he's like yeah, we'd have to see what's happening, and krofty was like, well, it's happening right in front of us, we see what's happening. So what would you have done? And he just be he was just being a big diplomatic there. But nonetheless, that just one instance, which was a car I wouldn't call it a con but there were ninety nine other which is pleasure full having him up there. Yeah, no, definitely, like I feel that what they should do is they should have a probably like a rotating panel of yeah, guests to involve with the commenting, because...

I think it's getting kind of old and you know, I think a lot of people have talked about this last time, that the British bias is there, at least in the commenting. It's definitely there, like you can feel it for sure. So I feel that by bringing in more people you'll get a, you know, mixed bag of opinions, and that's a good thing. Yeah, when you get different perspectives, totally so. So I'm kind of glad that they did try this this time. Yeah, I'd love to see, you know, how we get Jensen Button to do postpace. We see Mark Webber come into postpace, like sure, bring them on like you know, during a race, first fifteen laps x, next fifteen last and why? Yeah, spin it around. I think there was this fund felt like like like something like that happening in this reset, because I was this revolving door of commentators that was coming by, like there was currents on the for some time. There will property as a consistent Yep, Yep, exactly. So I know it was the John. Look, yeah, there's current and dog, there was Niko Rosberg and I brundle came in and left. I probably didn't pay attention, but definitely a few game I could hear it. Yeah, a couple different voices, that was for sure. And obviously like Ted sometimes joins right from somewhere down in the paddocks and he was there as well in between. So so I think, yeah, some good improvements there. Yeah, marketing the sport right. Talking about marketing, let's also talk a little bit about Austin Martin, because I think they are they're doing something like really supporting bettle with his mission. That's what we see with his mission of protesting for lgbt rights in hungry, because I think recently there was this bunch of anti lgbt laws that are past and hungry and battled decided to kind of protest that, and so he had this whole theme going on. Well, he had these like rain bulls shoes and reboot t shirt and everything, the whole hole. Get up and yeah, I think, and that's it's great that Austin Martin is really backing him with all that. Yeah, what we also see, you know, mercedies doing with Hamilton and that sense. So, yeah, I just want to give a shout out to battle for that, like just overall, what a genuine guy and you know, yeah, but then eventually we'll got into some limelight firing for this from the FIA and, to be honest, I feel like there's some just huge hypocrisy going around within FIA. I mean it's that drivers obviously standing up for these causes because now they realize they have this platform. But as FIA, if you were to penalize this again, folks, this probably some half baked information here. There's probably some regulations, everything stars set in stone, Yada, Yada. But just from a layman's perspective at this point and the banter that goes on on this channel, I feel like Fia should probably amend those things to back such things, because they have this platform to, you know, voice such opinions, and even thinking of penalizing mettle for doing something like this is sends a wrong message. So if again, whoever, we know, whoever, someone's listening at FIA. So whoever was listening, guy or gall wherever, it is exactly exactly. But the fun part was, you know, post prays, there was this metal interview where this this topic was brought up about his t shirt, right sor, and why don't you throw some light? Yep, yeah, I think. Yeah, basically like this,...

...this topic came up about you know, he basically got a replement from a fi seeing that, you know, you can't wear any political like any clothes with the political message on it's something like that. I think that's basically what the rule is like that during the national anthems thing, you can't wear a politically influenced staff or whatever. It right. But yeah, basically what he said was on the lines of, you know, like you know what they want to disqualify me, they can do that. I don't care. I would do it again, and I think he has completely learned this from Kimmy. I've never seen wetting talk like this. Zero fogs gave it. The funnier part was he did get disqualify, but for a completely different reason. Yeah, so that's that's some gossip to go around, you know, wink, wink. Yeah, but yeah, I think the whole whole disqualification was basically because, for people who don't know, it's basically that there's a rule by FIA that you have to submit at least one liter of fuel after the race. You have to ensure that you have at least one liter of fuel in the car after the race so that if I can, you know, conduct tests and make sure that the fuel is within regulations. And they're not, you know, adding some performance enhancing agents to the fuel is something like that, which might, you know, give them an edge. And basically metal scar they were only able to extract like point three leads and I think that was one of the reasons why wet will stopped somewhere in between and like had to run to the product because they kind of new inters that tire. They are were little fuel. Yeah, it's exactly. But but what Astin Martin claims is that they had actually one point seven liters of fuel in there and they had some lift pump issues, which basically, I think, is a fuel pump which like it's like gets the fuel from the tank to the engine or something like that, and because of that, the remaining one point four liters of fuel was not extractable. So I think fi basically impounded his car and they had kept it in custody, Yep, and they were like conducting for some more test. I think it's still unclear. Is it here? I don't know. It's still up here. mean either I lost. Yeah, I'm not too sure. Yeah, it's all all confusing. It's not that. I'm pretty sure. Aston Martin's probably like we have three weeks. Sure, do whatever you want. Yeah, let's see the heck out is there. But what's going to be interesting now is summer breaks coming in. I'm hoping to see some good the table still. Yeah, I'm opening the season good upgrades in all garages except has, but I'm hoping to see some great upgrades, hoping to see the curse for that second driver at red will vanish and and Max's luck change as well. So three weeks, let's see what's coming out of these, these cars, these garages. There's still more than half the season to go. So you had ten races. We still have like twelve or thirteen races to go. So this is anybody's game at this point and that's the beauty what this season has brought. Twenty and twenty one is just pure joy to watch. Yeah, I think red bull half kind of lost their lead that they had just before entering the last two days. I think the last two races were terrible for Red Bull. Like you know, whatever the reasons were, they lost out on some huge points, and not just that, like they're competitor still gain point. So that was the worst part of it and especially if you remember, there was this another whole controversy that happened in quality where they were not able to put in...

...a good lap. And you know, obviously there was this whole thing about Hamilton not letting them buy and everything. But honestly, looking at everything from every every source, it's not exactly the case. Red Bull drop the ball. Yeah, he did a lap. No, Ye, lower than any of his other labs. In fact it was the fastest. So you know, it's completely on Red Bull. They they fucked up. They should have gone earlier. And Yeah, so these are the small, tiny things that you know, they have to ensure that they don't drop the ball there. Yeah, what happened in the first lap was out of their hands. But yeah, if they want to win this championship, they really need to get rid of these small mistakes and and those out also on there. Like a shoutout two a few folks on twitter who showed US evidential data which prompted us to go back and check these facts out. But this is what we've been saying, like as a community, off Fone, Fan fiction. You know, prove US wrong when we are wrong. So so we can present those, those facts correctly and don't have our hate for Hamilton bubble up, or at least my hate for Hamilton bubblea. But but on that note, keep keep engaging with us, because these, these minute facts is what shows the true light of what commentary and live qualifying radio messages don't because Hamilton was fast there and there's no fault of his there. On that note, next week, folks, is going to be a special episode sometime during next week where we've got a guest with us from I don't want to name this' that's the mystery. A fireside chat with I don't want to name yet so. So stay tuned for next week's episode. It's going to be a fun one. I guarantee that it's not going to be as fun as hungry or how the season's turning up, but it's going to be fun until next episode. Have Fun folks follow US everywhere. This is a signing of but bye.

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