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Episode 19 · 1 month ago

2021 Italian GP Race Discussions


After Super Max thumping loudly in the Zandvoort stands we arrive at Monza for the 2021 Italian GP! Monza featured the 2nd Sprint Race of the Season. While Mercedes were considered the favorites on this track, the race results proved otherwise. We got the surprise McLaren 1-2 with Ricciardo winning and Lando claiming P2. With both max and lewis out of the race there was no one to keep the Papaya boys in check. Bottas in the meanwhile was cutting through the field and went on to claim P3.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The (not so) main event (Max vs Lewis) 

2. Papaya Boys in the house! 🟠

3. The Aston Martin – Alpine sandwich 🥪

4. Bottas on the run to P3 

5. Disrespectful DC

6. Williams get the ball rolling

7. Gio shoots his own foot!

8. Special shout out to Toto! 😷

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix 

Clams were together, the Alpines were also somewhat together.There was a Albon and Aston Martin Sandwich going on yeah, and then therewas some Williams got introduced as well in there they were poking each otheraround hello and welcome back to anotherepisode with F one Fan Fiction. We are your hosts, I am a cash and I'm surrenand let's get into it, Monza man I feel like since the past three or four yearshas been amazingly surprising. You know these so called in quotes,other drivers have been on the podium, it doesn't disappoint in terms ofentertainment it gives, and yesterday was none less, before wemove on to other stuff yeah, let's, let's just get done with the main eventof yesterday Max vs Ham as usual I mean yeah. It was a weird accident actually likeas soon as I saw it. I was really confused. What's going on, like I seeone car on top of another that I that's not exactly how cars go. Drivers have tried to bout each other out, but this was an unique way yes yeah, so I think it was like it felt like youknow, you tried to kill me, I'm going to try to kill you now. It wasalmost literally Holo for the win, but the it is all onhis head. Yeah, I mean well, that's you know. Time and again halo has proved thatthat has been, you know such an awesome innovation in general yeah. I'm glad like nothing, badhappened, but I'm kind of glad that they were bothout. Isn't it yeah? I? Yes, yes, otherwise, yesterdaywouldn't have been as exciting on the podium as it was. I Yeah I'm with youon there yeah. I mean okay, let's, let's take alook at this main event first and and then we could address the rest ofthe race. So what are your thoughts Akash please Before I get into it? Iwant to put it out there I mean for folks who've been listening tous, since they were no. At least I am not a big Hamiton Fan, I mean sure he'sa good driver, he's a great driver and everything, but yeah any time he'sgotten into that fighting spirit of championship titles. He's crashed intohis opponents, so yeah. Having said that, having said that, I thinkyesterday he was definitely not at fault Stewards have been saying somethingFans have been saying something, but any pit exit you see any, and I mean,like all 20 driver, even Nikita for that matter any pit exits you take a lookat. Drivers don't want to go behind anyone, because that is going to affecttheir timing in terms of overtaking so first of all, Hamilton was totally in the rightin terms of trying to get ahead of whoever the next next driver was inthis case, sure max. Then he was. He was constantly ahead,as I, I think I've seen this multiple times, he was constantly ahead. Max was obviously trying to beaggressive because he doesn't want to concede the position they were going into it and I feel likeby that time Max maybe realized he needs to push back on this. He wasalready quite in to turn 2...

I don't want to say Hamilton pushedhim in or whatever happened it was. It was a racing situation, so max wasquite into it and by the time he realized he needs to get out of it orgo for it. I think the sausage curb took the better of it, which probablylaunched this car to be end up in the poison that it was, butyeah Max could have sort of not being max from 2019, 2020 and try to take it a bit lightly, but Iguess yeah I mean the emotions are running so high. At that point you arefighting for championship. You don't want to concede a position you dont want to be left behind so over all, but I still have max is at fault. The penalty is somewhat justified,maybe harsh some could say, but sure a penalty nonetheless is justified. That's my take. I kind of disagree a little with you ona couple points here. I I mostly do agree that you know if we are to place a personageof blame on both Max would have more of it yeah than Hamilton, but I I am moreof an opinion that this was a blur racing and see doing this in the sense that you know both driverswere justified in like really defending or trying to youknow, keep that position like from Max's defense. It's like from hisperspective. His tires were at the right time treasure his breaks were adirect temperature. He was you know full racing speed, whereasHamilton who had just joined a crack, he kind of definitely would haveexpected that Hamilton would be breaking early heard. You know, becausehis tie is a hold his brakes, a cold and everything also like if you, if youtake the weed through the stewards document, what they kind of see, or atleast that's my interpretation offert from what I read is that they are basically saying that Macshould hand had tried the overtake at all a turn, one that sat it pretty muchsounds like I should have like. I do, the of yeah. It kind of disagree withthat because, if that's the case, if they're kind of penalize people liketrying these gleams, I think yeah that can be an issue. ButI'm I mean it's okay, it's not that big of it. You like three place gripes, notthat bad. In fact, I think it might come off as an advantage for Max,because I think he anyways needs to change his engine, so it was not a dealbreaker like something similar to like giving a ten second penalty to Hamiltonduring the silver stern crash. So it's not too bad, but I feel that this tobydidn't want a penalty, or at least like maybe penalty points, definitely likefor causing a Pelagon, but I'm not sure of like a proper, great pentile. Theright thing over here I feel, like we've, said this: a couple of episodes:Now it penalties should definitely besubjective, is going into an incident. Is it's not one person's falled right? I mean, I guess like what weboth of us agree on is the fact that both are trying to hold off onto the air positions andthat's what led to wartime now, if that's what they are saying that bothof them tried to like Hamilton, they wanted to be ahead and axant to be aand that both parties at fault who's more at for gets more penalty. I at theend of the day, or go to get something yeah. I guess I guess the word is goingto be divided on the fact that what sort of penalty shooter should not havebeen given and folks. To be honest, like we want to hear from you likewhich side Lyre on, if you do have a preference but yeah I mean, let's speak some closingmark on this on this main event and...

...then then move on, because I think thisdiscussion is going to be all across the Internet and I want to give it thee.I think most people are kind of bold by a total man. Like B, I mean especially like for me myself aswell, I'm kind of exhausted by all this chaos. That happens every time thesetwo guys come together. I mean I want to enjoy the rays. I don't want to getyeah. You know politics of everything that goes around. It's just not worthspending my energy on it. You know this. This yesterday, I feel, like yesterdaywas more about definitely McLaren. Yesterday was more about yeahindividuals in the sense like Buras, trying to put elbows out but being sort of an as Ye. Both I man, what a res both Azadhas had. I mean I don't know how he's not the driver of the day yeah, butyeah like too many individualistic wins yesterday. Now I move away from fromthis whole Max we is handing so talking about Maclaren M P, O engine for or I'm sure Alonso is regretting. Hiscomments are eving the team right now, I'm sitting in the Alpen. What aboutscience et science yeah? I mean Yeah McLaren, like simplyawesome like where they were just back a couple years ago and where they arenow is brilliant and I think Zack ground has been instrumental in thiswhole venture of Inola getting that they have because, as far as Iunderstand, he doesn't partake in you know and he technical aspects of thingshe leads that end entirely to Andreas, but he has been inspite in getting allthe sponsorships like the. If you see the card like it's filled with sponsors,rightlike MC Laren, I think, probably has the most amount of poses, and it isclear that the money that he's bringing in is going at the right places,because I've heard this a lot. I've read this a lot that a lot of driversare said that m the mclarens are really difficult to overtake because theysomehow have this really good speed right off the corners are getting outof the corners, which makes what takes a very difficult with them. Sodefinitely it's you know even Hamiton wasn't able to over to land o rightduring this print qualification base, I mean yeah. They have made some reallygood gains. I think they tooty deserve today's result. Yeah and it is exhilarating. Seeing the excitement like the whole pope am Popannessit WieShee, the shoe was back. Yes, the shore was back yeah, it seemed like Botas was, you know,just standing behind hiding he was like okay happy to to be a part e I'll, joinyou guys up there. I Zack on very enable I mean you jokeabout a long, Denin stuff crediting along those along those experience hasa very vital world to play in in mclarens. Come back sort of thing, the positive wife that Zach has beenable to put together in the whole. You know the anti has white is what I like:The that's getting them to places the otherthing I sort of had a...

...s I feel like red. God has some very goodrace start raining. Is Daniel had wow what million SI? Yes, yes and thenagain, as you mentioned right like overtaking them. I remember Max comingon to radio at some point and is like it's so difficult getting up time. YeahI took it to lose. So many laps to get past land o before next to him out but yea, all in all, McLaren was justjust at its best as day yeah yeah. I definitely I mean I'mreally happy to see Ricardo back on the you know top step of the podium yeah. Ithink the last race he won was Monaco right. I think back in twenty yeah, Idefinitely two thousand and eighteen at least Ye win when I go but like youwere on the pod, but yeah yeah that his last podium was was a red bull whenever he was yeah, soI mean awesome like that's nothing. He did he wasn't the POTIMUS. Well, if Iremember like he did get one podium, I his third at no ower to win his o shoeis yeah. That's true! The should be as I guess, my yeah- that guy didn't have a great season till now, but I think thesecond half of the season he's kind of getting his grip. I think. Finally he is home in that car.I wonder I had to him. I sorry, but I want to know like what happened to himin this obvious great, as his post race with David Cultore was like the August.Brakes definitely helped me and he left it at that. So I wonder like did he dosome power yoga meditatio just like it is de to bite at an extreme level sortof thing which is which is put him up yeah. I don't know what put ever sincehe is back he's really at rat, like it feels like the old amiles back like theone back. We saw an redgill, you know fighting rats and giving him a hardtime. It was a repeat of that for me today. You know with just to start itself right like. I hadthought honestly that this was basically a res gifted to worst happendiversities because they entirely fucked up. BOTAS is race. With you knowthe engine substitution bull shape. He could at easily wonder as if not forchanging his in one man yeah. I think they was just basicallydefending against peters, because Paris changes and in and he's on, a fresherone, so anyways whatever but yeah. I thought that Max would just take itaway and you know just win because there's nobody to stopp him, but it was amazingly. The Cardo just wentoff like wow that lad turn one ye was just awesome, lap, one and lap twenty seven iswarlike and guessing the peak excitement came about because you knowI gladio as free in and left one. You knew whole he's reading into the Rason. I yeah elaborate, like he's been evenwith pitstop in cured sort of let in cots land lab one through win. No, he was behind for a couple laps. So Ithink when basically before these guys crashed andeverything for a couple laps, he was behind okay, okay, but hear still nonethe less like yeah just awesome Lando as well. He played his roleperfectly today, like he kind of supported Daniel. I mean there wereinstances when he came on to the radio,...

...and you know cheek said that you know.Is this the peace that we're going to follow? You know that is againCotediano, but yeah I mean he didn't attempt anything that you know mightjeopardize both the races and you have still maintained the second position.So one to is just awesome form a car, and I guess I think it's by knowledge,pretty evident. McLaren is going to be the d three yeah, a team inconstructors, so yeah feel like his maturity, is alsostarting to show up well now with land of he sort of now understands realizes.You know the team mate contribution, because Daniels played his team matepar to whenever land o needed that in his given him that a wit all of it today he knew his a the GK message. Hewanted to give it a shot bit. He knew he had to say behind. I think it isworth a try for yeah do totally to me and then his post place to like he whenwhen coat asked him like, would you have wanted to be p one if you'd have said? No, I would havejudged him, but I like that he was very honest because yeah, who wouldn't wantto be right so he's like yeah totally, but I know I'm here for the long haul,so yeah, I'm totally happy with the one to and yeah he was. He at least wasgenuinely happy, visibly so yeah the maturities. Definitely yeah. Do you notice one thing and yesterday'sdes Pretty much fetch like each team. The pairs were driving together in someform like both, except for you know, of course,most of Tis and red will bite other than that, a team that electuaries weretogether. Clams were together. The alpines were also somewhat together.There was a Albon and Aston Martin Sandwich going on yeah, and then therewas some Williams got introduced as well. In there they were poking each otheraround yeah. It was, it was quite quite funny. I mean I think we till basically, I think better was a hand. I think it was p eleven right when hestarted. He well something like that, and I think he there was a momentbetween Lance and wet and because of which the wenteline concede and thethree other people like straiter yeah lost as it was like. I knew my race oso were on lap one and I'm like Dudlie what a fifty l to go so yeah, but you all beingwouldee yesterday. I feel like Lance being elbows out oak on at one point. Iremember was like a bit pushy: Oh Yeah. I think open or Pality, for that, as Iwas, it was just a big aggressive and for no reason, but I want to come backto I want to come back to race starts. I don't know we were talking about thisbefore recording, which is Hamilton's for a change O great race part on thehard way. Amazing amazing I mean when he started yesterday. I was soimpressed like first of all, if you remember before the restarted, therewas this radio message where Max's engineer tells in that you know.Hamilt is, and on Pard and Maxis, like that's an interesting choice, and youknow laugh it off and at that point as well, I was a little skeptical like.Why is he you know on hard? It's very weird, like nobody generally chooseshards for starts myi. I don't know what...

...he was just able to make it work likeit's. This is the match it right like this. It's just fed like he. This tieis just turned on and you just went ahead like it was creepy where youhonestly, I mean that that's how, at times, you see him as a seven finderchampion. Otherwise I just ate, but like those are the times when thatexperience, and that you know those skills just pose out, yeah yeah yeah, I think like possibly, he could have also won therace, if not for the crash, as speaking like the way he was driving, I wouldn'tbe surprised if you were at one. There is yeah because I mean like over time.Mercies have always had an upper handed on a they've dominated there and the way he was actually going. Hewas at already p three up on land or at one fine we put charted picked up. Man a mean totally that that was at theback of a to Levi Point Er. I think they basically spent all thetime they save through ages till now interpet to one yeah I mean, and if there was a millysecond faster pit, stop on Mercedes Hamiton would have cody been ahead.Yeah yeah, he totally could have on this race and and toto. I think evenmade that comment, smartly, that Max wanted to butcher the race, because heknew if Hamilton would have been aide, would have one that is yeah yeah I mean anyways. Let's nottalk about the the by there again, let's get let's get back to, I thinkAston Martin. I think you were talking about better, so yeah we till you know.I think it's geared a little, I think with all the rumors that are going on.I hope they are as well. People are talking about. I might be tired over towet, but it seems like there's some contract negotiations going on, and Ifeel I have this feeling that any time Weta is involved with that he somehowstarts performing badly or the track, because if you remember Ferrari lastyear before his announcement as well- and it just seems like he has suddenlylost his bearing burly like he was doing excellent right up till you knowjust a couple days back and then his you know he got that this qualificationfrom p t and ever since then he seems like really off talents to me. I don'tknow. What's going on with them fell is just missing me den. If you look at it, he's beenperforming so bad in the last O, races and tens not around so next season. Idon't know, what's going to happen with red, none guess they'll probably spendMonday through Thursday together and then yawed. We come to the race, but Lance was amazing yeah. I think he was able to defend hisposition really well. I think Alonso tried a lot, but I thinkhe wasn't able to get hid of him at all. That was yeah. I mean he put his. He put his ast, anwit in right after the the top three fighters at a eese. Seven, all the wayup there got the upper a on. We have as Teneiya yeah pretty yes, and I think it seems to me, like you know he likehibernate for the while that's what I've seen with lands in up like he, heperforms terribly for like a couple of vases and then suddenly he beaks up hehums well for like one or two paces and and then again back to his IANITO, heso yeah. He because I think throughout theseason, wital has kind of had the upper...

...hand over him right up till Kim you andmissing yeah. Let's see, I think, Aston Martinare probably it's weird. I think they went. They fell back and performancethe most as compared to all other teams. From last year day yeah. I think the floor changes Julymessed up there yeah it's gonna, see like it's been. It'sbeen interesting with individualistic performances, rely Straw when you en lots, for that mightmean Williams all in all, since the days important those double points, a yeah hungry he've been killing it. Man Likesomething is going to lay in to them a Sol, finishing P, nine again into thepoint: let the sea almost missing it at at eleven, so like both of them areabove Astandin Alfa. No one cares would has, but no seriously like letitia'swell like earlier. I never paid attention to him because he was alwayslike right, just ahead of muspell and so, but suddenly, I think, ever sincehungry. He is really like extracting as much as you can from the car. Just likeRussell is, and Williams suddenly has become really good and I'm kind of gladthat Albin is getting the chance next year to drive the willises. It seems, like Williams, might be agood, you know permit field team for next year. What do you think totallytotally any, and I think with the with the new management change and you know the whole switch on the board,their new adviser and you know the whole. She an they've turned things around forthemselves. I mean point in case how they've been performing sure russelsbeing lifting stuff, but no I mean he is he's a great driver and he is butLutie's also pulling the weight as much since Tis a few races. Now and beyond those two, it's much goodes tothe car as well so Albon. I feel it's there perfectly he's not a bad driver.I think he's had too many unfortunate events with himselves in red bull thatmay be shattered his confidence, but we've seen Pierre Bonds back so well.Yeah, I'm hoping I'm just hoping my album gets that comes back at thatWilliams yeah. I think I think he might like youknow. As we said, you know he never really got a proper chance at drivingin a fun car because going directly into redpoll. You know in your rookie yearis not a joke kind, especially mid season. You know it's. I can't evenimagine you know what it must have been for them, and then we not one around byHamen, twice mercilessly killed man like that for kid he was just trying toimpress hone yeah. I haven't industries like puntedhim of any ways, but yeah, I'm happy that all Bein kindof is getting Finnian believe than yeah. I hope it as well. You know talkingabout individual performances right. I think you're right in the sense thatthe face was kind of good, that, with these championship, leaders of the e alot of other people got the limelight that they can deserve. You know, you know, as you talked aboutlate, seem for G as well. I mean he...

...messed up. Definitely, but I think hewas doing so well at this whole weekend and then that move that he did with.Since I mean he could have still EST saved it.If you'd have joined a bit more cautiously, I think like he, he triedto join and just try to get into the racing line very fast. I think youprobably could have been of the racing line to save that cap from a was itLoki Cost Carlos. I tinareh I but, like I think again or Fridays were just yeah,so with the tap on for ary, he could havesaved himself yeah but you're absolutely on dying.There were the sprint quality is seven e e, a yeah, but yeah be so he was. Hewas up there and I think I think, he's being challenged by the question on hisseat going into next season. So he's gotten the boost of Adrenalin rush tohimself- and I think point in case right, like thefirst few months into the PODCAST we've ignored the go completely, but sincethe last two races we have been talking about him. So He's definitely somebecause we are quite unforgiving that, as as the Internethas dubbed him, the Italian Jesus. You Know Oh yeah, but yeah I mean he's a good driver, butI think I think what works against him has that he hasn't had a singleperformance that, like you, know, outshines him like in the sense that Ithink about. George Russel. Think about per ghastly, you know think about anyother driver that you think is the next best thing in at the field. Jivanti hassome reason, or another has always had some bad luck either from the team oryou know, created by himself like today, so yeah, I believe I like given Alfa,is not as well positioned as you hope to get something from him like his PA.This week on Saturday was was actually a surprising thing, so I feel, like even Alpha needs toprobably up their game so right. Their drivers are better position like allthroughout the season. So far, kiles also not being able to extract as muchas you hope or make a driver like and he's obviously in teems to races givebecause yeah he's there is living cretion yeah. I don't blame him, it'snot easy to just you know, get into the car and start driving, and but I'msaying, as I get him yeah got me, he he sitting, I'm pretty sure if you, if youtake a snatch out of of his home, visiting right next to the phonewaiting for a phone pal come in. That's a you know it's for the money right again,because the sponsor the polished, Petrolium Company, what'sArines Yeah Yeah, so they want obviously could besend that S, so they can market that. So you know what about us, what aboutus on a holy day, but I don't want to. I also also tocome back to what at least I feel was driver of the day yesterday, but hascoming from all the way back he's had some amazing over takes. Yes, today isfirst of all, there are in many o were...

...taking spots on this tiger tracks a bitnarrow either you either you use that slip stream and get get a on theoutside, or just try to be super aggressive on on on the chicanes andthe dears is basically useless site because all the cars pretty much don'thave a ramming. Your like you know, have seen this way exactly just soskinny. So then it's like yeah, it's the dears, is almost uses. That givesjust five miles pears of an advantage to you as compenetrate that man fun. Is it to say like Ogan. Somuch action happened there yesterday, but coming back to bok as yeah. For mehe said I e of the day. It was like. I think real did ye already record this,but you were like most o. This gave him a Makart by putting in to the back, yes,the whole back, and then he came back with a bierce again t yeah, exactly Imean or it like. Most people were strugglinglike overtaking others on the track and both, as was I don't know, he was just overtaking people like it as nothing.It was weird to see that, like he was just on fire, I think he but like nowhe is just driving and having a time of his life, because he knows that in thelast year at must be anothe been having fun exactly yeah. I think he's two weeksnotice, man that's eaten a and on the counter said I mean Pariswas trying to over please his is set on La and thered will yeah. Yeah is like it's over when someone has to tell you, as anexperienced driver, give the position back yeah. It was yeah, it felt like hewas a little desperate and he was driving dirty somewhat yesterday, cutting corners yeah. You know it's pretty much, a known rule that youhave to give that give back a position when you gain it outside the track.Like you engineer, student have to tell you that child chooses a cast that eYeah Charles gave the back, and I mean if you have a face or wanted you, youwill be able to take the other person anyways. You know you can use the slipteam, that's just duty driving yeah. I mean he deserved the five secondperalte. In fact, I will go ahead and see deserve probably more than that,but yeah I see where the preferences are leaving in his in his post pace. He came overand said the drags quite narrow, so there isn't much room for overtake, sothere was either either I stayed behind or put farmers and I choose to do th being a ICONIA. I guess this one'sgoing to be mart explicit, because I've been quite explicit, O t, but but talking about, let's Com, it stupid people, this timebe playing, Save David Coltrane come on British media and, and thething is right like because of him now I hate British bias and British mediummore. They come on man. He yes, for it is disrespectful datentirely yeah go ahead. No, I was in no go ahead and give people context on whywe are angry. I do it will I right. I mean it was so disrespectful when, whenyou're interviewing the person for p three position and the second or thirdquestion that you asked them is about the God de ma, yeah. Second QuestionRight: Yeah, when you ask about your teammates crash,I mean what the hell you know like have...

...some respect, give him the right line,light that he deserves he's, like literally cut through the field from Ptwenty to p three, and you know instead of asking about how did you balancethis? You feed he's asking him. Have you seen the crash on the screens? Imean the answered. BOTAS game was just nobody. If it were me, I would havesaid you know just fuck, you man like how o we supposed to watch the clashwhen I was just driving in it tires, and you know, kicking ass out on thefight. I would watch the crash. This is Hamilton if one serina and salt to the wound sort of thing was,after that question they kept playing that crash on the big screen behind him.Instead of playing his footage of ether were taking, or you know, winning andlike man and he's a D D, I'm pretty sure this isnot the first time he's done it. I don't remember his other specificinstances, but yeah, I think, like redit, was trollingDC quite a lot for what he did. Some critise es, then quite a lot in his inhis past yeah well, anyways, like Yon, knowthese days, I've kind of started. You know turningoff my t after the recens, because the programming overall feel USsomewhat on a decline in terms of the questions they ask after interviews andstuff, and I think they can do a better job and hers Y. Yes, it was it wasn'teither one who also interpreted Serina Williams on Max's Win, Oh my God. Oh yes, that was Fringemen,Oh man, that was cringe right. That thing! Yes, yes, yeah, that that thing was just jared. Ididn't understand what that was in fact saying no Williams was she felt soawkward. It was so obviously you're asking a tennis champion to givedriving instructions, man what a vision to give up the an expend,I'm speaking speaking of his bags, I want to- I don't want to steam linelight from you go ahead and speak about toto o man that guy every time his face cometo the screen, like my mood, is wit for the next five minutes. This assholestill doesn't know how to wear a fucking. Must I mean dude? Please couldmask a supposed to go on your face and cover your face and your nose. Not YourChin, you don't read from Actas. Do It for the cameras? You know at least youexactly can do whatever you want, but at least for the cameras, because atthe end of the day I, like these people, do influence so many folks, yeah yeah, a stupid Y. I mean it's so yeard thatpeople kind of admire him in so many senses it. It's so weird. Like you know,if you remember recently, there was investigation with Lance. Whatever happened to LadenStroll Sorry Yeah Lawrence to land to to for one of interest, for you knowhaving shares and Lastin Matamata, I mean, obviously not the e exactly I mean nothing's going tohappen. After all, you know Laden is a villain air, so it is just like the August, greatentertainment for it on time. Yeah we're not going to is why not just have some yeah well any was I'm tired of the drama ofall the drama, and I enjoyed today's res because yeah it was just a awesomefun...

...with Max and Hamilton Gone. You knowall these other rivers really got the good lime light that they deserved.Mcclaren did so well, and so did both as I loved I loved the Daniel'scelebration yeah in the car. He knew where the camera was so, as youknow, celebrating into the car Canadas that a yeah over all this, this season's beenamazing, I'm hoping, I think we are now just past the half way mark converterof races, more than half Houris. More enough, we still have quite a lot ofraces to triple. Eaters are somewhat created with some of the tracks backingout what the championship is still tight.The the rest of the teams are buckling up verywell niketas being a dose at the back. Thisthere's quite a lot of things happening. Every race is its own excitement, sofolks stay tuned. If you haven't liked, I don't know how many times we have totell you but yeah, no rush like it at your own pace. We know you like whatyou're listening to, if your all the way to this this minute in a thepodcast, no rush as long as you're listening you're having fun is what wecare about more share with your friends. If you are having fun, let them havethe fun to, and until until next week, where we'll be with a special episodeor fireside chat stay tuned. This is f. One Fan fiction, signing up no by a.

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