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2021 Mexican GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Mexican GP delivered us a fiesta with the entirety of Mexico cheering on Perez as he became the first Mexican to get onto the podium at Mexican GP. With Max extending his lead in the driver鈥檚 championship and Red Bull catching up with Mercedes, this season keeps getting better.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Perez Day 馃巻
  2. Max regains lead
  3. The Lonely Gasly
  4. It wasn鈥檛 a racing incident, it was a Bottas incident
  5. Veterans drive together 馃懘
  6. A dry yet exciting race
  7. Mclaren slipping behind
  8. Sainz the #1 driver now?
  9. Stroll bashing 馃
  10. Gio gets shafted with team鈥檚 strategy聽聽

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What does this start turning in? And Yeah, at that point it was. I think that's an incident. Nothing either of them. No, no, it wasn't a racing incident. It was about as incident, but doesn't hello and welcome back to f one fan fiction. I keep saying back because you guys are just amazing. You've been following us this season, race after race, fireside after fireside. Thank you for your constant support, all of you guys that are new and this is the first time that that you're listening to this episode. We are fun fan fiction, a podcast about F one races, about f one driver's interviews, everything related to fun and in general, just motor sport, brought to you by just your every day fun fans. For you be fun fans. We are your hosts. I am a Kash I'm sorry, and before we get into the episode, just a few messages from our side. Thank you for following US race after race, as I've said, and anyone who's just been following us since the start, or even if this is the first time you're listening to us, trop us a review to go on to the streaming platform that that you're listening this on, if you like. The show. Leave us a five star. If you didn't like us, leave us one star. Be Honest, be honest. We want to improve this show for you. We want to keep bringing better episodes race after race for you. So we candid, be honest. Tell us what you got. Head over to a fun fan fiction bias a coffee there. These things take time, money and energy from our side and we want to keep bringing the splendid episodes race after race for you. We want to keep bringing new guests for you. So it will do a fun fan fiction, listen to other episodes, bias a coffee there and, if you want to keep getting notifications from us, follows everywhere on our socials. With that said, let's get into the episode. Sarah, yeah, and you records. Being said, first time a Mexican driver winning at mix up. It was a grand Mexican Fiesta, wasn't it? Like it was also what it what we saw today, I think, overall, everything, like the crowd, you know, the awesome graffiti that they had done on the track, the whole atmosphere Paris, a Mexican driver being on the podium, his dad having at fives life, everything was, yes, a pitch of effect. I think, I think, is that was probably this is the second time he's been as happy as he can. The first day was probably went pres was born, and that today when but press is on the podium in front of Mexic. Yeah, yeah, you're right, man, like that graffiti was so right out of like a pixar movie, just doo colorful. Everything was just too wholesome. Yeah, just just a splendid Sunday for Mexico as a whole. Yeah, yeah, and I think this was probably the second highest attendance as well, after USGP. And you know, pretty much the entirety of Mexico was watching Paz and boy did detailiver. Yeah, yeah, it's been it's been so long, let alone like a Mexican driver driving. Well, like just all circumstantial, right, like Mexico has been launched long standing a red bull track. Mexico has been a crowd favorite for some of these drivers and to see Peres having that wonderful car, him starting to...

...get into his element, that's that's also crucial. Right, since the past few races he's been in his element, he's been up there. So all in all, there were huge expectations coming in from Perez and boy he did the world. Oh yeah, and it's just awesome to see that. We have seen press being, you know, a top class driver for a while now on the track, earlier his tent up for Cyndia and then, which was racing point. Every time. You know, he's been one of those drivers who that jumps out those opportunities and these days he gets a lot more of those. So, yeah, it's wonderful to see him perform well, especially in the last like, I think, four of five rayses that we've been seeing. I think he's finally like gotten the formula for his car in terms of set up and everything that. Yeah, he's really getting comfortable there this this was a Meta information that we were talking about yesterday, right. Oh, so, folks, if you weren't aware, if it was a bit lost minute thing for Y'all, just a sidetrack here. We were streaming this, this race live yesterday on our twitch channel. We wanted to do it on Youtube, but technical difficulties. Obviously this was the first time we were alive. Thank you for everyone that tuned in. Thank you for all your comments on on to Itch when when whoever tuned in, it was it was a great experience. There was obviously too much learning, because this was the first time we did it. We know what needs to be done now, at least from our end. And Yeah, we promised to keep bringing this more. We want more of you all to come, come up and join us. It's okay if you don't want to talk, just like be there, listen to us, sort of thing. But yeah, yesterday was a splendid experience streaming this life. It was fun. will do it more. Back onto, back onto Perez. Yeah, I agree what you said right, like what we were discussing the spray right in life. I guess that basically till now, like Max has had the car for him, like in the sense that the car is pretty much developed for Max at this point in the team, because, you know, try other drivers up, come and go on, but nobody's been able to like team the beast, I would say us, yes, and I think Perez has finally, you know, yes, finally got in the setup that and you were mentioning this to write. Like you were saying something about how even even the red bull get as has been saying that for all the other drivers that they've got post Ricardo, it would be difficult for them to tune their car or something. Right, Yep, Yep, Yep, that's right. I think, even from the engineer's perspectives, I think it's you know, a lot depends on the drivers as such because, like Ricardo, comparatively, was a much more experienced driver as such, and I'm pretty sure he must be giving just the right feedback to them who probably, you know, alborn or, let's see, even ghastly, was not able to provide because they just didn't have that much experience as such. But I think Perez here is, you know, a Weateron as such on the track, so I guess he he is able to provide the right feedback to them with which they can't do the correctly. Yeah, that, and I think he's also getting comfortable just thing to how to do his fire management, because yesterday was again again, sort of like a next level tire management, and the means have been showing that right, like yeah, Oh, you had to change tires because you had to. Well, I was forced. Yeah, and the other side where there's a Hamilton radio saying these fires are gone and there's a press radio saying my tires are just starting to get better. Yeah, definitely. I think I pres is known for his time management. We have talked about this a lot of times for as well, and yesterday as well. Do One thing I kind of wanted to point out was obviously he stayed out, I think when Hamilton pitted.

Max responded after I think a couple laps, but Paris stayed out. And Yeah, one another Rosson start. That happened that time was a Mexican leading a Mexican gp for a few laughs, but still, you know, that's that's something. Another bean there. Stop the count. Yeah, I wouldn't mind stopping that gun anyways. Yeah, so what I was saying was one thing to notice her is that I think he stayed out for ten laps, you know, after Hamilton, so his tires were about ten laps freshure. Yeah, and I think they basically were trying to set him up so that, you know, he can have that performance Delta advantage or Hamilton do with the end and and we saw the awesome fight that was going on, you know, the game of cat and mouse pretty much. But the credit to Hamilton, like even with the tired off set, he beautifully like, you know, defended his position throughout. Yeah, I mean that more cities is was obviously at underpar this weekend. But it goes to show that even though probably luck, say, a better car, say, or whatever, has made you a seven time champion, but nonetheless, the way he's being able to hold off on to that P too, goes to show that, you know, there is something about you that that's made you that seven time world champion. So, yeah, I mean I mean holding off onto an unfortunate situation, being being surrounded by Red Bull cars all along. Still a splendid drive from from Louis Yeah, odium will deserved. APP Yep, Yep, definitely, because we've everybody knows this. One has talked about it, about the scene repeatedly, that this is, you know, track, that advice. Advantage is red bull. Yet the thin air. And Yeah, we saw what happened to both ass but yeah, Hamilton, yeah, there's a reason he does. Seven time world champion and I think today we servey kind of. But coming back to red bull, I think, I think let's just surpass Max for a while here. Is there's nothing much to say there. He drove the best he could. He made the most opportune out of the whole situation. King of restarts and King of Ray Starts, wash back yeah, we saw that. Ye, have blended. You know, he won race undown to the turn one day. Yeah, it was. It was just brilliant. Yeah, right at the start itself, like he was right up there. And you know, he was alongside about as quite before turn one, I think, like about when they were near a hundred fifty meter board or something like that, and both as I didn't know what happened to him. Just break like but whatever. I let's not get that right now. Yeah, but Max. Yeah, right from turn one he took believed and never left it. So yeah, perfect well executed Sunday from Max. But that ray start was was very interesting for a few other folks to write, especially Red Bull gastly man. He was up it before. Yeah, that was surprising. You know when I mean? Yeah, after Buddha spun like every there was a lot of chaos and that point I was not looking at the leaderboard and then suddenly I just like turn my eyes and everything was like very different. The ghastly fourth, like what's going on here? Yeah, yeah, and he held onto that position and all the way to the end. So splendid drive from Gas Lye to which is also interesting because at some point when Hamilton printed. He was behind Gast Lee and and and, as someone pointed out on yesterday's life streams chat to like, could...

...this be a repeat of Monaco, where gastly holes of Hamilton and that was just hilarious. Oh yeah, yeah, I mean ghastly was having a brilliant race yesterday, for sure. Lonely, though, like, yeah, I think he was. I didn't think he interacted with anybody to out, that is, except a blue flags and the like that. Yeah, so, yeah, he was driving his own days, held on to his position and yeah, like finished at where he started on, although his second partner in crying, not having such a fortunate day. It's unfortunate in the sense because he's finally getting comfortable with the car. We talked about this yesterday, to where it's like the first fifteen races are like, let's it, this is the first x races. He was equally surprised to be there around in two thousand and twenty two F one. But since the last two or three races we've seen a difference. Now they're very comfortable with the car. I was hoping to see something. Was Hoping to see something yesterday as well, but the just an unfortunate situation. He knows he was, is he was just collateral damage with gout or whatever was happening. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nothing must to say. I it's like, you know, could have been. I guess he would had end up ended up somewhere in Peten, like somewhere in the the points, but I think that would had definitely helped him to you know, increases confidence, I would say, especially given that how ghastly was performing. So the car did have the performance there. So, you know, if if he would had so I lap one baby. You know, he could that got on a good result out of it. We've talked about this part to where you know how Mexico is. Is Red Bull favored right, and I mean the America's usually our red bull favored in general, but Saturday was a very different result versus what Sunday showed us right, like mercedies were up there challenging all Quali. Yeah, but something was just off. Either either Saturday was a misjudge on how Red Bulls performance would have been, or Sunday something else went wrong in mercedies garage and yeah, the cars just wing end up there. Yeah, it was very weird. Right Saturday, though, I think it was mood like Red Bull fucking up on Saturday, because all slave prayer wing, yeah, exact. They just, you know this put on some duct tape when the red wing because it was broken. It is so bizarre and I think so there was some other shnanigans going on with I heard that they attached Max's broken rear wing to yeah, but as this card, and that's why. So, you know, there was a point in fact where I think not crafty Martin Rundal, Martin undle, was talking about this, that they basically like detached the rear wing and took it behind and he was guessing that that was because like people like start taking photographs and, you know, like start examining it, and that's the reason why. But now we know what the he's really was. Yeah, I think the news is also being suppressed. Otherwise Mexican folks would have just charged into the garage rather than charging towards the podium. And and it is weird, like I don't know. I think even Max kind of messed up. The reason is being was broken because he broke it right like he went onto those really harsh, you know rumblers, and so yeah, I think it not not a great qualification day for them. But yeah, like he redeemed himself, like they redeemed themselves entirely in reas day. Yeah, yeah, but, yeah, mark just showing like a different side of side of their performance. Between Saturday and Sunday Hamilton was ganged up by just a school...

...of red bull driver is all around, Max in front to behind him. Yeah, there's there's a meme that's coming into my mind right now which I don't want to get into but because age appropriateness. But yeah, is a weird situation from Hamilton himself to it felt like a proper shape bumped, like it felt like they're like cornering him for his lunch money. Yeah, yeah, really. It's interesting because you know, Alonso, I think he said it or eatweeted, I can remember, but he mentioned that Hamilton's cracking under pressure that's coming in from Max and Red Bull. Well, he's commented that the car has not been in the element. Yeah, he had. You've seen him crib about cars. He tires yesterday to so you know what I didn't like, though, though his pe to was probably well deserved the way he drove. What I didn't like, Whiz, two things, like he kept complaining about the tires and the fact that he said in his post race that I did everything that I could with the car that I had. The car just was in there. I didn't like that fact. And the second that goes to show how red bull has space that checker was able to keep up with me. To would come on your standing relant of his. Yeah, I must not, probably. I mean I saw it on read it or somewhere, so I didn't hassibly see him say it, but someone's posted this that he he said something among these lines and I'm like, come on, do your send standing in front of his home crowd and saying like the cars got in him were yeah, sure, yeah, that's a little the little Lord. I mean not the best thing to say, I would say, being in Mexico and dissing the Mexican it's not probably the best idea. I think. I think Lewis should check his tires. They probably has slashed by. But yeah, regardless, I guess. Yeah, I mean he drove brilliantly. I don't. I really don't think you could have done anything better in the terms of winning. There is for sure. I don't think that was possible at any point after it was pretty evident because, like Max just went ahead right after like getting after the restart, right like right after then he built a good five second gap and after then was just, yeah, I'm dominating throughout. But even if, like Hamilton would have gone ahead, I think, like toto mentioned this, that it wouldn't have a matter much too because red bull was in a different element yesterday. Yeah, and they would have just gotten around Hamilton at some point. So I think, I think to to a new what was happening on track. They're just probably started raising and fighting for as much high as they can finish yesterday. Yeah, you know what I think? I think what's happening now is boot has probably, I like most of reason Buddhas are like having a fight now because because see what happened is the mercedies said that you know, we're gonna mess up your all your races, give you new insin every time, and Botas is like, okay, fine, I'll qualify first and then, you know what, I'll just spen at lad but turn one and start the race with the back again. I yeah, I now only know how to drive post P fifteen. So that's what I'll be see you yep, and right of the back me cities is like, okay, is that what you're going to...

...do? Give him a twelve second bit stuff. Oh Man, what was that again? Like smokes coming out. There was a stint of more. It's like come on you. And again this would have been on him, saying like he doesn't know where to stop because we weren't able to get like they're not out or yeah, mercedies garage having nothing, problems on a know, not November. Sure are something's yeah, it's pretty hard. What's going on? I think. I don't know, see that this seems something seems wrong for sure, like the way everything's going on in the garage like today. They think about it just I think two episodes ago we were talking about Canada will really catch up with Mercedies, and here we are right they caught up this one point behind. Now, I like today was the dam and Boud ask was supposed to be their ahead, but definitely there's some discard going on, you know, among the team and Buddhas. So yeah, he saw what happened. It was very weird the way he break like so early on. He had the lead. Like what what happened? I just don't understand. Probably it's just like the moment and like not being able to handle it sort of thing. He probably assumed the tires were warm and of the breaks were warm and of and he could and he should have breaked at the point where, you know, if this is like lap ten and you're coming down that main straight and you want return. So that's my breaking point. So he's probably he probably went into that mindset and then break at that point. But obviously you're a ray start lap one. It's that's not the place to break. You probably break a few few meters a head into that turn. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean it did create a chaos. That that usually both, as is known for. Right, like, either either he breaks too late, agent of chaos, either he breaks two light very would I think was spar or somewhere really he we break too late and then, yeah, took took Max out with him or wherever, somewhere I don't recod with but earlier wire. Why? As the non race rights and not spa, but some who else powers? But yeah, you know what I'm talking about, right like, yeah, he took great bill out with him and again. So, so this time he's done something similar where he was taken out, unfortunately, then by Ricardo, because that's again that's the interesting combination, though, because record is known for late breaking Acess early breaking. You've got a very mixed in match combination right there. Yeah, exactly, and it does weirds. If you see the footage again, right, Ricardo was okay. So it was like boat ask right ahead, you know, right before Bota started drinking. BOTAS was ahead, or right behind him were Max and Lewis on either side of him. Both were almost equally ahead, and right behind them was ghastly, and beside gastly was recardo. So recard was way behind, okay, and both as suddenly break. Yeah, Max and Lewis both go ahead. Ghastly also somehow, just you know, Mrs Wot as. Paris also like goes off. Yeah, Mrs Botas, and both as just turns in entirely. And regard a poor Ricardo. He's lead drinking, he's just breaking into the corner. I'm not used. What does this starts turning in. And Yeah, at that point it was, I think, raising incident. Nothing either of them. No, no, it wasn't a racing incident. It was about as incident, but doesn't but but poor soon know than poor make man make. anyways, he's going to...

...be either P nineteen or at best p eighteen. Yeah, he had to sit in in the garage. Yep, you got a day off. He got it. Not Too bad, I think. I think pot as shouldn't have gotten that Frangio Helmet, although it was just splendid, an amazing gesture, Jackie Stewart himself presenting a F angio helmet, I mean just to just do no doubt. But I mean the guy who got distracted after that. Since the moment he got that helmet, he's just been dreaming about it. He was seeing himself probably driving in one whatever. Whatever. Yes, yeah, I think I know what happened. He probably wanted to wear it and then, like my Michael Massi was like no, sorry, I can't allow that. And then he was just, you know, throwing a time, but I from something, I'll swipe half the field out. Oh well, just you know that. Since now, why? He Spun Right, like right, a turn one like you just wanted to do a bowling ball. Yeah, yeah, I'm doing a strike out, sitting in that cloud of smoke so that no one can see him, and people keep running into him. And Yeah, the guys go out, but we're on a strategy. Note mercies hitting him at be at lap seventy, just to snatch that one point away from Max. Cheeky. But yeah, I mean every point matters. At yeah, age, we're like just four races to go and this is going to come down to the last race. So, yeah, you got to do I mean I think, I think fair enough, like he was already out of points anyways. Like, what difference does it make if he ends up twelve or nineteen? You know. So, yeah, I guess it made sense a stealing that one point. As you said, each point matters. This is going to happen, you know, this is going to go till the last, or at least the second last day, for sure. And Yeah, what what could have been a twenty point lead does no, our nineteen point lead. So yeah, I think Louis will take take that, for sure. What has doesn't care. But, but, but, but, talking about points, man, the point tables being shuffling quite a lot and it's so beautiful this season to see that Mercedes keeping ahead of red will just by that one point boat as versus Perez. Bringing bringing this up a notch to hopefully get red bull that Constructor Championship, that driver Championship. So it's going to be fun. But beyond all this top table point shuffling, what I want to what do I want to talk to you about, sorry, right now, is McLaren. What's happening with McLaren? Man, they they were up there pthree, landover was fighting for Pthree, with both as slipping behind. Man, they slipping behind. It seems like after at Lee they just decided, okay, we got a one, two. I think that's that's Simon and the highlight. Let's see, yeah, I achieved I came for. Let's go back home. It's weird right, like, because you're right, like start of the season mcclaren was doing great, especially Ando. Okay, like honestly, when we say McLaren was doing great, at least for half of the season. Yeah, Lando was the only person scoring points. So Lando was doing great. And then suddenly, right after Silverston, something has happened. Like again, ignore the Italy race. That was outlier, but after that I think he's team pretty behind, like Peight, P ten, further behind, p fifteen and stuff. Something, something's going on. They are definitely using ground like considering that even Ricardo...

...is not doing good, they're still slipping behind Ferrari. And Yeah, something seems off all our order. Bad weekend to to Lando, coming coming up from paighteen to getting that one point in the tabill. Yeah, it's not being a good second half of the season for McLaren. For Ad's up on them by I think, I want to say like thirteen points or something. So they're slipping down the point stable as well. I think they are at p four at this point. FOR OUR RES UP AT PTHREE in constructors. So for I is having a good season nonetheless, so that the the the preseason testing is just being tossed out of the window with now for I reet at pthree. But yeah, something's either either they've just moved on to two thousand and twenty two and now they don't care because they've gotten their highlight, as you correctly mentioned, p one two. Yeah, but, yeah, it's Ricardo. Let's let's spend a human he had an awesome start to day, right, I love it. Yeah, but yeah, sadly you didn't got a but amount to anything. He got good as he got wot as start. Yeah, all throughout the race, as well. There was this good battle going on between then then between boat as and Ricardo, as well board as trying to chase down Ricardo, coming in close at some moments to get that overtake done. Word record as also a season driver, knows knows how to keep someone behind him. Although, you know what, that that reminds me. Yesterday was quite a dry of a race, to be honest. But yeah, the whole anticipation that something's going to happen, someone's going to charge in, and people coming in close to that that fighting, fighting distance and strange sense that made the race interesting and I can't remember how a dry race can be this exciting and I can't remember the last time I've seen a race like this. Yeah, it was weird. Like to think about it, the result was very similar to people's expectation. It was exactly if, if people were betting, like probably you know, the odds would be very low and you know these these results. But but yeah, basically it felt like a dry race, but still was pretty interesting because, as you said, it was it was a story of what could have beens kind of everybody was right up close to each other, like there were like these clusters formed right where we had. Max was on his own bill, but Hamilton and dress were in one, like Ricardo and boat as were there and one for a long while, I guess. Even of these three ride, all the three veterans were till Alonso and Kimmy were driving together. They were again having some jolly good time. They are on a vacation, almost into their retirement age. Now let's let's stick together, have fun together. You, you stay ahead this race, I'll go to the next one and then we'll send kimmy ahead. Sure, let's just have fun. Yeah, and same with the Ferraris as well. They were kind of together. So, yeah, there were moments like but like, there were fights, there were chases, but we never saw a lot of overtakes are such, because, yes, yeah, there was some really good defending going on over yours. Yes, and I think the only, probably some overtakes that that I can remember are probably like switching orders from teams with Ferrari and models and the blue flags. Yeah, well, talking about Ferrari something right. I think the the scale of powered is kind of switching right in the team like it seems like...

...signs as kind of filling in the shoes of the driver number one these days, isn't it? Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah, I could stand behind that. Yes, and I like how he's taking some some calls for himself, not all pro garage commentary, and in making those decisions we're going against the garage as well for and and rightfully so, because he's also standing up for himself but at the same time proving his decisions correctly too. So yeah, yeah, science, I'm pretty sure we're all sitting there in that taskin and thinking, oh, that's that's an option. I could have done that. Yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, we have seen that. Right, even bettle kind of used to do it a lot of times. They would just say no or something inpelling no to do what you're saying. But yeah, I think science those kind of taking it a step ahead in the sense that I think he's jelling up with the team very well as well. I think that definitely was some friction between metal and the team and you could evidently see that. But I guess signs is somehow just jelling up with Charles. They're not having any issues as well. Like to think about it, science is the new guy, but still kind of is humbling Charles a little, I would say. Yeah, but seems like they there's no friction. That same thing. The team also is kind of supporting both. They're not kind of taking aside, at least doesn't seem like at the moment. So yeah, I guess Ferrari are on the path of recovering themselves in two thousand and twenty two and ahead, I guess. True. Yeah, definitely signs Gordon very comfortable. Their team looking forward to sort of seeing him probably drive up the ladder as well. So points as to him and Charles are separated by by sort of like seven point five points, with Charles in the lead at p six in the driver standing. The way things have been going with Lando, Charles and science, that that that p five, were Lando sitting at one hundred and fifty, Charles is sitting at one thirty eight and then Carlos is sitting at one thirty point five. That that P five, six seven is going to be also like an interesting spot to look out for in the driver standing. Yeah, it's going to be fun. It's definitely going to be fun. Yeah, gag buoys, gag buoys. Talking of points, Saram Mass Apin, where is he out of that twenty drivers. Twenty one out of twenty, isn't it? My God, means just make themselves, you know. I mean you don't have to think about it and day. Well, Robert Kubitza, as I would taken it for yses left. I really wonder if he is going to end up ahead of Robert T pizza. Sure, I think. I think he probably thinks twenty one over twenty is is a better number. Two have. He just thinks that overflows and goes back to the if you're out of twenty, you become first. My God, that's that's really an interesting start to have, right for your first wh's a bashing people. Let's bash tool a little. What's going on with them? On? He's laying low in the covers at this point. I feel like he's not driving well. He's not drying way too bad. I mean he could have done better, but I think like that...

Astons work to racing points, lush whatever that that that puzzled car at this point is. Yeah, he's he's just doing slump right. I guess last season he did decent, like he had some really good results. He got a second position as well. I think great Italy. Yeah, Monzar, right, I guess. Yeah, the last season the car was an exact replica of mercy. This year, I think to outs not sharing secrets as much as yeah, I see like the highest position he has had the season. So first be seven, which is not too good. Like I didn't know what's going on. I guess it's he's just probably biding his time. Probably this car is not that good enough and he he pretty much has the seat for him right, like he owns the team for God's sake. Although although tell me this, we I mean I've said this, you said this, that the probably the car is not there yet. But the surprising part is wettle's being able to push that car right like this. This season itself is he's got into PTO twice. Yeah, so went was pushing the car. He's staying in points. P seven yesterday as well. So yeah, something's definitely going on. which troll. Yeah, but let me look at the driver standings. That it whttal is at twelve, forty two points, and whereas where a stroll is groll down just behind him but half the points. That almost have the points that he has. So yeah, six points ahead of Sonoda. So sonordasn't track to over take stroll that? Yeah, that wo be something to look out for as well. Like that be thirteen driver championship. Were table, six points, diffilgiating them. Yea. Ut. Besides unfortunate situations, if the next four races hold out, at least for him and his car, I think he's gotten into an element where he can Sur coast roll. Just might be thirteen. Yeah, yesterday, speaking of you know, good driving, Geo finally called our attention. Right, Geo got our attention. He's he's trying something. Yesterday, I think of the resort he was were something. He six. Yeah, right, yeah, I had just ahead of Ricardo and no, so you're not a wetter easy. Yeah, just had a wetter and I think he was trying and undercut as well, which unforcedly backfire terribly time. You just step behind after that. But brilliant performance, I mean, unfortunately didn't end up in points. P Eleven, I want to say, yes, so just after yea. Yeah, so just missed out, but pretty good performance. He does have potential, right, but he just he just misses out. That's what I that's what I think of him. I'll basic just misses out. It's going to be a bit unfortunate to see him go because that second yeah, it's not being you know, disclose the I don't know who's taking it, and and the the every day that gets a delayed. I get nervous for this guy because, yeah, he's been under the Coverli stroll has been pacing league, but he doesn't own their team and obviously he's got to have financial backing. Yeah, his sponsor. Uh Huh. I've heard that they are asking for the talent government for yes, yeah, right. So, yeah, it's not looking good for Geo. It's going to be an unfortunate thing to see him probably go. So seems like it, I think. I think the team does have some financial troubles. I think they are gonna get...

...go for some Peter driver to get some money for development, which kind of does make sense for the team. But yeah, sat to see him go. I guess. All in all, I think it was it was good to see what was happening on track. Other other drivers were undercovers. Lett, if he I don't know what he where, he was on the track. Russell did pop up here and there, but again he was a Sunday by himself. Jimmy, I don't know took on was doing either. I don't know what he was doing. He started off. It's so soft. It was. It was the only person, yeah, who started off on soft and then I think he immediately went on too hard. So, yeah, it was. It was an interesting race from Mok on p thirteen. Again, I think. I think some of these drivers, I have gotten into the mindset that they they let's let's start looking into to any we need do and be done with. This year just just gets lack times in and in practice. Overall, a fun Sunday, a dry yet exciting. It's somewhat of an oxymoronic statement, but yeah, I don't know how to explain that feeling. Our first live stream just too much fun. Some some drinking challenges that were given up by fans was fun. How part of the next one, folks, we also make it a point to sort of send out those links early on, in advance, so that you can you can plan out your race timings accordingly and set things up correctly so that it doesn't stop in between and we have to restart so that people to restart again. Through that, through that too. But yeah, everyone's learning here. So, as we said, leave us a review, leave us one points, five points, whatever you think it was. We'd love five prints with the way, and let us know what you want to see what you don't want to see on these episodes. Follow us on our socials until the next episode. This is f one fan fiction signing of the bye.

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