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Episode 22 · 1 month ago

2021 Turkish GP Race Discussion


The Istanbul Park has yet again delivered a rainy 2021 Turkish GP! And what a race we have had, with Bottas’s commanding win and one of the strongest results for Red Bull who were running their special livery to honor their partnership with Honda. With the championship battle flip flopping every race, no one can say who is going to be the champion of 2021.

In this race we discuss:

  1.  Red Bull breaks the curse of Special Liveries.
  2.  The camera man places a bet on Red Bull.
  3.  Bottas 2.0: Judgement Day 🤖
  4.  Hamilton listens to Mercedes, regrets it
  5.  Alonso playing bumper cars 💥
  6.  Vettel running FP4
  7.  Was gasly’s penalty justified?
  8.  Leclerc’s engineer trolls him. 😏  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

I he he did come on the radio and saylike this: Isn't working yeah, no shit, this isn't working, everyone knew even people overtaking him are probablylaughing at em yeah. What is what is he doing hello and welcome back to anotherepisode with F one Fan Fiction for those who are new here we are a podcastabout if one for Iffen fans brought to you by Effon fans, it's going to becasual here, don't expect anything serious, it's fun, it's casual, as youwould talk to your friends and time and again we bring you interviews withraces as well getting into it. We are your hosts. I am a cash and I'm sorryand let's start, but let's start this race- Turkish grapery. I think, likethe second or the third time we've come here, but some library changes yesterday red bull,those or as if you think, like red, Bull Honda and in Japanese Arigato. Ipersonally liked it yeah. It was a good good library. Yeah I loved it. I mean.Definitely it was you know. Red Bill does not generally ever change theirgrand colors, like I haven't seen Red Billie special liveries, a lot gentlyspeaking, and I think this was a very well executed one. It's sad that, like idle, this wasgoing to be the week of the Japanese GP, which would you know they would berunning the Celebri over there and that would it be the grand event for sure,but we didn't have that. So. At least this, which was a you know, awesometribute to hand. I think Honda has been through a lot right and every one eversince they got back and as as ritual they're leaving as soon as theirwinning. So Oh man yeah, but I hope, like they're,all their right t stuff, whatever gets transferred to Red Bull Yep, it helpsthem continuing on their winning streak. But they're. Having a mean, I see, thebest part was with library changes and everything pares was back on fireyesterday. So yeah that's got to be something Yep. I was a little worried actually becauseyou know, generally speaking so if you remember most cities back in Germanywhen they were running the special liberty, for you know that they hadsome like hundred e e seventy five years, something he in as if everyone's going to be abartender at an October first. Yes, I remember that a they're running some, that's true,that's right, yeah and like it was a disaster right like Hamilton was, Idon't know what he was doing. It crashed into the barriers and stuff andyeah, but so I was a little worried that rible might you know, suffer thesame fate like a lot of teams have gone through this before, but I think theyfinally broke that curse of special deliveries and you know actually gotone of the best results for them. I guess, and the season Petrea finishgreat points on the table. Yeah definitely I mean, and I'm coming backto Perez right, like I sort of felt like he's lost his Modo, Iwas expecting. He is starting to re six he's not going to do well, Haviltongoing to overtime. Take him at your point, but man that battle between himand Hamilton was just so brilliant to watch it as it was a lot of fun. I mean it was first of all, like you know,Hamin was on a charge like he was cutting to the Field Sonora had given him some trouble, Iguess before I. Otherwise it was pretty much easy passing for him for mostEntel and then Paris was obviously a road block for him as such and YeahParis did his job very well. Like he's good and rain. He's got a timemanagement. He is half and he defended.

You Know Hamilton very well at thatwhole thing. If you remember right, when have the like pushed him, I thinkhe was going to give him a surprise pitch top yeah. I mean I thought Iheard like sure ye are fighting out and then all of a sudden you decided youwanted to put my not whatever you think it. That is really funny. That wouldactually you know like it felt a lot like you know. If you remember what wewere talking about a couple episodes back, that it felt like Spedai to me,where I can imagine like it being like peoplebeing okay with the fuses push an opening into the pitch stop and thatbeing like a fair, they gave an advantage, yeah yeah yeah I mean, but over all. Ithink it was a good weekend for Red Bull. I mean they've there, only thirtysix points behind mercies. Now, I think like, if restkeeps up with this performance yeah it should be. It should be a good seasonfor even the Constructor Championship, but let's see yeah, but I think, like Paris, needs todeliver this throughout the season and not just in select bases, that's whatis happening currently because, as you said, right thirty six points are stillwhite gap like even after today's race. It's still thirties expense, and thenthere aren't really a lot of faces to go by you know in the season- and Imean from the perspective of the teams. Constructors is everythingright, because the prize money less is decrated by this. So I think crediblekind of yeah. I don't think they would be able to win the championship, butyeah Max definitely probably might who knows ye ye. Oh I'm totally rooting forit. I mean, like your eighth world title championships, shouldn't come toyou easy, as some of the s have come so yeah Eitel should be like a fight tillthe last place. I feel, and I think I think we're going to getthat like looking at how things are going right last, the furthest race. Wehad Hammerton ahead by many three points. One point something the like: oMe Yeah and now it's just six punch is again not a lot like it's still veryclose to call, and I kind yeah, I'm loving it, I'm loving every single raceof it and it's nice and I think suddenly it seems like they have gottencleaner as well the both of them. Actually, he didn't have to fight eachother to day so yeah ones, and I mean to see that Oh yeah, that'strue too. I mean it's bound to come right like he. If he hadn't taken thatengine change, my a power unit, a great heat of thingright, like you, he would have started to you and this would have been atotally different. It is a for sure, day for sure, yeah, so yeah. I think that that that neckand neck fighting is going to continue all the way into the season and- and Ihope it's going to be like I forget what year it was but like it, there wasthis this two thousand and seven six. Seventy eight sort of her were Massawas leading the world championship and Hamilton won the world driverschampionship on the last place in Brazil, oriels such so Massa Crosses, finished,lying and everyone's sharing love a land than Hamilton Crosses, and overtakes right before the last partner folks go check it out. It's. I hope Ihope that's some sort of like a thrilling experience till the lastplace. I really hope so so yeah, but I feel like Max, is again on somenext level right, so yeah, it's born to happen. Yeah. I think this season hehas been been very mature. It's quiteinteresting to see that, like he seems almost ten, I would say likeevery time. I've never seen him flustered through the race even on theradios and everything he's quite calm, most of the Times he's having a funtime. That's what it seems like yeah,...

...always and yeah I mean he's he's in theO. Cheeky radio messages are like post interview messages as well a Li on. Oh,yes, I think today right when he was asked the question that you, youknow what is the most difficult thing today for you and he basically saidstaying awake because yeah from this perspective, I get it. He was prettymuch just managing his tire tod that he is yeah and he I don't think he likefought anybody at all. YEA Yesterday was him driving around in the rivingaround Turkish grumpy. I Tak the red justly at the Sunday felt like that speaking of Er, it will land as ahead of Berezin in standings.So it's going to be something yeah again. That goes to show a right where,but as needs to pick up his game, because if Lando an a far inferior cardcan beat him, you know through the season. That's that's something tothink about, because Perez is, I mean, does the thing right like even after was stopping performing so well now theseason they are still twenty six points behind and yeah for some reason, red bull just aren'table to get the second driver that they really need. They don't have a you knowred bull version of POTASS per se, yes and yeah. That's that's kind of sad forthem. Yeah Yeah, although, although the funpart moving away from like drivers on Deboy is at least some other people onthe track are happy seeing Red Balwin. If not for as right, I mean, but as definitely needsto step up his game, and I guess like that, camera man is going to be superexhilerated if he sees both Max and Peres killing it on the rig. That was quite funny to see right likehe was celebrating the quick pitch stop by Radville. It was it felt like he'd.Like case a bet on in a sub to second yea, something like that day- and I think he he reckoned- that he'sprobably witting that bet so yeah- why not yeah, I guess, like he's, beenbetting on Bareson this, while and hed not been doing that good and thenfinally, some some money, one from maxapontic, something like that. Well, I mean, let's hope, the the Perezworship, the Botas version of Red Bill, bunches back in terms of like Bot as himself, Ithink like as soon as he has learned he's going to replace Fin Kimi in Alphaan he's. Somehow founders module, Oh yeah yeah. I guess like he's, making Jamesand toto and folks, like regret, not having to continue him a our happening. Yeah, I think Breg. Today's performanceof Putas was amazing. I mean he did nothing wrong, absolutely commanded. The rise rightfrom the start managers tires like there was no intres.I don't think like he even had, like you know a moment in the whole race,where he I think this one Yehu one moment I had seen and other than thathe was just flawless and I think, like he does small twitch,that's about it, but still like you know, just otherwise a lot of times like ifyou saw how the base meant, by, like the conditions, were terrible rightlike a lot of people who re making...

...mistakes like Hamilton was wakingmistakes as well. I think even worst happened later on was having someissues with the steering. If you, if you had heard on the radio where Ithink he was managing an issue where his staring was like moving left yeah, so he too was having quite a fewmoments get in there. You know just going over the curves and things likethat, but yeah potest, really just you know, delivered through and through andyeah got that P on which he too deserves a thing. Yeah yesterday was a day where I think,like everyone was just anxious that Merci ties doesn't fuck him up on a as it is like again like that Sunday briefing.How do we? How do we bully podcast today sort of situation he's gonna le,let's just mess up with his right front, higher this time? Yeah? Thankfully, that thing of the waythat sort happened. He had you know a calm, proper pitt top as well like theyhad decided to pull a Monacan, em yeah and then blame him, for it is dotal whatever like there's somethingfunky going on, at least in Hamilton's garage right like to be honest, I mean again, we saidthis again. At least you know we don't like Hamilton as much on the racetrack,but I feel like he's just changing our opinion. Race and race again likeyesterday, was yet another brilliant drive from him showing that experienceof these all these years, and you know him knowing his cockpit way more whenanyone else right, it could have been on the podium, but I think like that, the team decisionsgot the better of limital of the situation. Yeah, I think this is thisexactly exemplifies. You know what happened last. Ta is in the sense thatif you remember what we were talking about, that Langua should have listento his team. Yes, I, this is exactly what happened right like a me toactually most of this was a lot of times. They told him to come in intothe pets. He was like. No I'm not going to do that. He kept doing that and thenfinally, he decided to listen to his team, and you know whatever you knowwhat that got a b five. Instead of a p three that e put, I got T and yeah idea, I mean given Hamilton struck record. Most cities stood at known that ifanyone can do it, it's Hamiton yes and they should have distrusted hisexperience and I mean he's a seven temple tamperit so for all for all, the Shenanigan is pullhis limed his way across the finish line. On thirty tires exact. Idefinitely if there is anyone who knows his car more than any one yeah a sad, I'm actually kind of I mean nottoo bad. At least you could p five, so I'm glad that it didn't happen that youknow Matt got a huge advantage because you know, as we just talked about, Iwant this to be at. You know, right till the last lap and yeah. I don'twant to know before that WHO's gonna be in the championship.Yeah really even in the post race interviews,Hamilton was was still on his State Yeah. I should have stayed out and yeah some some good, some good pointslost. Probably it could have been closer to that drie championship aswell, so, overall in as slight of the Mark Management on team engineer eration in your side,otherwise I think, like Hamilton was, was definitely up there. On the Pole,Yeah Elon. On the note of like radio messages it was, it was good to seeboth asses post race, winning radio messages, like I think, like everyonejumped on...

...and it was, it was a different sort ofYeah Portas, its chames congratulations. I think I was like both as is James.You need to switch position, sort of a just, I you know crosses the finish Ilike in a will treat James. You need to conceive volition and then they just like you know, pulla kill, switch and just in a turn of his car away. Oh don't give them ideas, you we knowsomeone's listening to us. I think we are a Sunday boat as ragging is gonna.Have this on their list now yeah. I think it's going to Esclat very soon. Ithink it's going to the next level now yeah, but yeah. I am really glad that youknow this. Being probably, I think this might just be. Butus is last victory,because I mean that not a lot of races remaining andit's not like he's going to be winning races. One season Alfama, so yeah, it's American line, the nextfew races are Americas. Americas are stronger suit, for a bull at will yethe FRAIS and red we so yeah. So I'm glad that you know he grabbedhis opposite and take most is obviously the night him Russia, a with Im, stillbitter about all the slipcase yeah. I'm glad what US won this one, and I thinkso. From his vantage point I mean he gets a better lead on to Norris forthat third position in a river championship right so yeah, some some be really good defensive defenses that I saw today was by Yuki.If you saw in the start of the Ras were finally held of Hamilton for so Lord Yeah. Youknow I was for a change impressed by UK, because you has been very disappointing for alot of faces recently yeah and I had new hopes that he could defend Hamiltonat all, but yeah. I even you didn't, have any hopes of from himself last weekend or two weekends back. Hewas commenting on the fact, like he's surprised why he still continuing nextyear, so I don't think anyone had any hopes they they yeah but yeah. I think he wasjust trying to impress Dr Marco that you know you know I have the seat for a reason.You know it's not just the Hondo money that you're getting yeah yeah, I wouldhave, would have been fun if that that battle would have lost it. A bit longerbut yeah overall, it was, it was still anice battle. I think, like probably I don't remember earlier,seasons will, like the seasons, the seasons overtakes have been paid a lotfrom the the outside line, like quite a at. I mean from the outside line yeah this this, so this particular overtake was just simply beautiful, like a ten yeah wow around the outside. Inthose conditions, you know, first of all, that to keep that in mind, it isawesome yeah, whatever I think, like both UK and then ghastly Aslee, also havingsome what of an okay day yeah, he was having a weird day right,like first of all, he punted along, so you know La one wit. He got a palityfor it and, like I had questions about the penalty right after the race. Butyes, when I went over the footage, it's quite clear that you know if we ask thequestion that you, whether ghastly good had avoided collision. The answer isyes definitelyyes, and you know why I...

...was reasoning. What what's thisrecording that that I mean I haven't seen the SOD. So is the RY? Oh No, Imean I was just looking at the on boards of okay of ghastly. So,basically, if you see preses, you know perspective is his camera. It's very clear that ghastlyhad a lot of space on his left where Paris was, but there was a lot of spacein between them where, even though gas didn't have to like conceive thecoronal to Alonso, definitely not, but he definitely had to try and avoidthe collision which he failed to do it. So, in you know that perspective, itmakes sense that he got that. Finally yeah interesting. Okay, I guess likemaybe that's what then stewards saw and then that's that's why he got thePineta he got because they are from from that moment of collision and a fewreplays at they played. My thought was same like a why. Why did he need thatpenalty or like what I was infinity given by Toga? A more analytic view,probably says a bit bigger story, then right and I think, right after that,Alonzo was probably like the stuff and just took the revenge and make yeah. I guess, like a Lance was in abumper car mood yesterday I like Er, getting bombed to like him bumping yeah. I think I was super excited afterqualification because you know Alonso was bf and I was hoping that you knowhe would have one of his fantastic starts a let be there p three orsomething, but unfortunately, after the incidentwith gas to he was mower through the race pretty much. We saw some battles towards the endwith George but yeah. That's for, like you, know, scraps at the end. So does it really matter? Also, youmentioned, make a mean my just two cents. There is I again I missedqualification but, like I saw it after a fact as an after fact- and I thoughtsomething again would have happened which made him go into Qt, but thenthat was again pour pasta like yeah with, I was quite surprised, has on aPORPA situation, brilliant he had. Who would have done you to for her housesyeah? I think I will very honestly, but I'm glad I'm glad that you know he is kind of having these outsang performances, which kind of suethat he does have some potential given a better right. I think he can provehis worth yeah. I don't know if there is someother optics that they aren't showing for Nikita, like he's just probablystill any hole, but I feel like there's there's these othermedia optics that that we can doter make where he goes into the garage andlike fist. Bombs are high fies like every single person and yeah I mean it's just like for me. It shows sportsmanship spiritand you know how how you as a person or that you sort of value every personthere for it and then you know make them feel for it as well. So I think,like he's a good human to yeah, definitely I think overall,through the Panat people I mean have a connection with him. For you knowmultiple, yes, I'm sure being the son of Michael macker itself is somethingyou've been attending party. Since you were a kid, so yeah yeah, and I thinknot just that- I think a lot of people also, you know- had a lot of amy region for Michael and, I think notobviously Ross. Obviously in trop what happens is like it. People associate those sentiments, you know by proxy andI think definitely because, if that a...

...lot more people have like a soft spot for him. You know as far andand I think we definitely do see that in fact, right after the resales cameby and hugged him and said sorry, you know about hitting him, which is quite a nice moment betweenboth of those guys so yeah Todos again, these seniors should never leave yeah.I don't know if it's just Ostara, because I we've been seeing them since,like since we see the sport, he there'sthere's this more there's. This comment from a lane after like if we on Fedo,it is like I'm hoping to still drive a race, a car when I'm fifty two I'm likeokay, and so what that would be as Avraid. Ohtalking about veterans, vental was doing something real experimentationduring rains. This Asi know that makes sense. He wasn't free practice foryesterday. So exactly think it so were I even heard theradios like the the engineer, as some like you know, we're thinking aboutsoft. What do you think is like no? No less to mediums you know like the otherteams are like idiots, are going on a int, yeah yeah. I think he's he's just ontrack to Philly come shoes and we engish an aigan puller on that track.Yeah. I think they were trying to do some.You know they re hoping that the track would dry up or something would happenthat you know that man gave them an advantage. I think it still doesn'tmake sense to me. They were at a comfortable, p. ten. You know theycould had cotton. That one point I don't understand what they were tryingbecause it was not like they were in a position that it just doesn't make sense to me veryhonestly, like yeah, I don't yeah o k o I hear what was going a your own pointis like it was probably something on their radar monitor where they wereexpecting their tracks to dry up. Maybe they were just not on the Turkish arethey're, probably looking at Austin grubber and there inteh knows who knows:Hey, I'm still giving them the benefit of doubt right. So what was on board? They had fun, yeah,Lid, snakes and ladders on the track, so sure it is so funny he couldn't evenget to his garage, because you know towards the end when he was gettingback into the pits he was spending. Even there it was. It was so funny man it he. He did come on the radio and saylike this, isn't working yeah, no shit, this isn't working. Everyone knew even people overtaking him are probablylaughing at him yeah. What is what is he doing, and then some people were even decidingto punt West metal out like share you, don't I who will do it to it, hang ontheir multiple thoughts brewing now I think wete was going for the best eversebbene yesterday by getting those tires on probly, probably in that makes sense,Yep, Yep Yep. I think it was I the best best physically, because I think thereare a couple trees. ICES recently right, like I think, during qualification orfeed practice, if I remember correctly, was top and had a real nine t, a dsixty where he did a perfect three six year. You know went straight aheadafter that. Ah, I think he probably like thought that it's a challenge thathe needs to beat yeah so yea, and we probably had a major for Mor as welllike right. So let's just get the best tires for the it just killed a Ras right like the thetwo fit stuffs right out, his other...

...he as plum last at. I think ninetyseven, when that Gento wer a probably I think, like he probably signaledscience on his way, while he verto him like just just punt into me. You know,hey yeah, that that was a little cheeky. Isign that. I don't know why he punted him like he could a takin him the nextcorner, very honestly yeah, but I then, like I feel like overall, I meanspeaking of science and some Torten forrid here I feel like overall the Ferrari moralis probably like playing under confident because even last ways, herfiens was was probably almost going to win the race and they told him we'reaiming for P five yesterday to sure it wasn't that are of an condition for forLeek but yeah. We could have gotten at least him on the podium somewhere.Somehow, so I'm guessing, like probably there's some some sort of like an underconfident play happening in the garage at forer yeah. I think yeah. They still aren't there. In terms of youknow, performance upgrades and things like that that they still are not ableto you know make those crazy plays which will give them those crazyresults. I think yet they are, I think, still trying to bevery conservative in terms of not trying to do some wild moves, but I think in thatperspective, but like in that effort, what happens? Is they probably lose outon some cutters? Yea? I don't know the curd done better. I do agree, I don't know what I mean it's adifficult decision. It's always you know it's like rain exactly, but it's easier for us to say than thanyou but Hay. That's our job we made to it about is so yeah. If we don't bitch about it, whowill right exactly exactly, but I think, like science and Hamilton are the onlypeople yesterday playing over takes everyone else is just going around others. It felt pretty much. It was adry ratite. Like I mean okay, it was a wet race, but it was a iris come on inthe sense that nothing was going on like there weresome good fights. Yes, at places there was some excitement looming around inthe race, but overall it was kind of a boring race like everybody from grain. So you knowsafe, like I think everybody was hoping for the safety card and because of that,obviously they were driving slowly and to no, I more on it, you're hoping to get a safety as adrive and then Leabe ause of that I think it kind ofbecame a little boring and any hope that Hamilton could have done.Something was completely eliminated by MOS cities. They made sure that his challenge is like completely tholedand put in Pie. Is this interesting messagefrom for Ariari Es? Went it like to Laley e yeah so but folks, a big? Thisis this is interesting message where locklear casks his engineers at his atthis pace. What position should we expect- and his engineer goes yeah ifwe keep both as behind p one nor do Otheah for guy look like he's likefighting the rain and those terrible conditions, and you know asking agenuine question as engineer and is in...

...sils rolling in it. BIEIT was. It was fun, though I o,I think it made me happy on my Sunday morning. SoI'm glad that is that we hard over all. I think it was yeah the rain made it. You know I think man has become likenow, a signature for third kase and like last year face and this years isagain yeah a nithing, I'm conditions or something yes, Yep. We had the wholeInter, like thing rate last year, I think a Hamilton one from piece six orsomething like that. Last year, with the same thing, he drove like somecrazy number of laps on his intimates and basically won them down so that they became like slikes and on the race. So I was hoping forthat to repeat, but again most cities. Why? Why a yeah yeah? But you know what like the seasonbecause of like multiple tracks having such conditions what's good. The interesting is we areseeing quite a lot of open strategies with tiger management which earlierprobably to like a o to like a viewer war, an that obvious. But now youactually see that hey. We need to fit because we need to change tires becauseyou know the track conditions going. This way, all right way, which sort ofmakes it more engaging with races like this or you know last race or two. So so it's good to see that theseweather conditions are are playing for the better for for these for thespectators. At this point you know what I have. I have a real theory right herewith me. Ye Me I was okay, okay, so I think Bernea Kristen has colluded withthese oil companies to cause global warming so that I haesitclimate change and with the climate chains. You have these exciting races,and thus you know for our so that I'm I'm pro spreadingthis as a conspiracy theory. Do I feel like this. This is this. This can getsome good traction as he bring a d n yeah it, but I think isn't that truelike if like not not. If we know that climate is happening and for sure weare going to see more and more rain and everything at different locations whenespecially like, when, if you see at the calendar, it's like you know theyall over the world, obviously and they're alsotraveling across continentsand during different seasons as well, so you're Goin to gonna see even moveraces which are like affected by Dan and, like these extreme weatherconditions, for sure I guess, Hey listeners, if you don't want to hear US talk aboutglobal warming, go check. Why watel had the helmet that he had go ye. That is a good video. You Sing to meyeah, it's pretty cool right. I think, and especially I think again like goingon to the theme of him. You know fighting for the causes thathe believes in is create again to see because again, Turkey. I think, there'sthis whole controversy going on there about. Iforget what the name of the sea is, but I think they're building a pipe linethere, which is going to cause a lot of environmental damage, and I think thatthat helmet was basically to fight against that. Well, coming back to the e...

...there's, some other weird things thatare happening: okay on deciding to pull up hares, I think he was just trying tosee how long he can go and then before he realized the race was over. Like Oh,Oh man I should have I was I was thinking that he might just keep doinglaps and not realize that the races over till his like you know this areactually gone and he's like just creeping his rims on the tar Mi to a so worried for the styles.Probably they just burst at some point, but I guess, like the rein and wetconditions, help to stay them intact, but, like I see the photo completelyyeah stars are completely sandpapered. It's just so flat. There's nothing left there pretty much.I was like really surprised how how would they elect you know intact atthat point, made no sense to me right right and then, on the other hand, like Idon't know where some other drivers were like, I do retire, O do take whatthe hell was bearin doing, giving him those enters so fast into the vast,like, I think, what is it lap, twenty or something very dewaha, the first oneto get in? He was the first one to get it that effective, killed his race.After that pretty much I don't know I yeah cast, because everyone else is good ontheir entire management, because everyone's got those licks on and theycan go for the long run right and now you've lost position we Raly into therace. It's not going to be that easy for you to keep bunching back and I don't think like he can pull hissignature record or late breaking more on a rack like this right now ye verymuch spent at the pay poor. Fellow again, I think he's backto his Tagle again. I guess like once he's done with his high. Probably me lad thought that, like this is toomuch, I do have some hopes from him at leastfor for Mexico, if not, if not Austin soyeah, let's see, let's see how the McLaren don't suspect, but, but I was saying like I, I just in notice some of the otherdrivers yesterday, like Latifolia, ah because of that one one move there, but ah the other day as are also sortof missing yesterday go. Was He resing? I thought that he was not there veryexactly. I didn't even hear about him. I didn't see him right like if Alfawasn't ther yesterday, I wouldn't have not yeah there's some rumors going on aboutalphere. I think something about Andrei sords, Yeah Yeah. I think they'reprobably going to make an investment into a souber and I think it's going tobecome and at Le Soud sober and not Nomoi, to the Alphon from twenty twentytwo. I guess I think so, but I think we know for shore in Texas, but yeah,let's see would be interesting. I think so Monday car, you know money come on,probably like to see that sober name again so yep. I do agree because, essentiallythe T is sober. It's not really Alfama, also a mes just paying the money, foryou know the rights for naming the team. That's about it. That's the onlyinvolvement that they have in the full program, so yeah and plus, like I feel like this-is a better way to invest yourself into the sport and they get probably one ofyour drivers, rather than just being like Guan Yu shower is like areas thatI million get or diverce to yourself a bit more like I, they be like Papato bythe team out O get handis a wholeengine,...

...something like that where it's yeah, ohyou've, actually commented enough to be on the port. Yeah makes sense. I think overall, I thinkstanwell park was the right mix. I am really sad that we didn't go to Suzuka.You know. Oh Yes, S. no Japanese fans are the best fans very honestly, likethe all the kind of costumes and everything that they wear, and you knowthe whole environment that is a Quesillo also, and I think the wholeyou know it being the last race for fonder with red bill and especially theresult that they go at. You know I was at Hap in Nex Isaka, but if not there,I think I startle part is something that I take. You know check it: Yeah,yeah, yeah, so yeah. I no complains about that yeah and also, like, I think, like allrivers, all fans, everyone loves. This is a God track. To so sure I guess on that. Not rolley will windit up here. This would be in a bit more relaxed episode. Quite wariner has made me meloidae. You cancatch us on any streaming platform that you cut your podcast from if you've made it thisfire. Thank you thank you for listening to the whole episode and being herewith US episode after episode, if you have already subscribed to us at allour socials again, thank you. If you haven't, keep checking us out and ifyou do like where this is going, yeah, let's, let's subscribe until until thenext race, keep checking out our shortes on on our socials and make sureto catch on previous episodes as well until the next race. These are yourhorses shining off nobody. I.

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