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Episode 59 路 6 days ago

2022 Abu Dhabi GP


This was a finale not about any championships but basically a celebration of Sebastian Vettel, a man who is loved across the paddoc and is probably the most wholesome person on the grid. With this race we conclude an era of F1!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Danke Seb!聽
  • Reminiscing Vettel
  • So many goodbyes 馃槶
  • Who will the internet bully now?
  • Whats going on in Alpha Tauri Locker rooms
  • The Baggett team 馃
  • All controversy fizzles out
  • Cant wait for 2023!聽

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

And to be honest, right, like, I think Charles deserved that P two for sure, because he's not asked for it. He's for it, even with all the shenanigans that's happened in the Prairie Motor Room, that spot for that P two with the RBR car that we've seen this year, My personal opinion says that la Clark is a better driver than Peres at this point to to deserve that definitely. Man, So we have a new record, isn't it. We have a new record of winning the Driver of the Day with the largest margin of fifty six point six percent when none other than the Bastion vetter is it? Did he did? He? Is that a record? Fifty six? Yeah? It is. That's that's the highest that anyone has anyone has gotten till day. So that's interesting. Want to go back and then see how much like Kimmy got it by. But like this is interesting because I know read it was all over the place saying like hey, you know we have to do what we did for Kimmy and and get get metal the D O D for sure. But yeah, setting a new record sounds like a champion. And there's a reason I started with this, because I think that's basically what the theme was for the AP for me, at least, I think for a lot of other people, I think it was all about Sebastian Mettle, isn't it. I think at least the race directors or whoever was switching Canada's definitely wanted all attention on him. I can remember, or like, the first thing that came to my mind yesterday was this meme of the kids swimming pool sort of thing, right like the three things where it was all about Mettle retiring, the almost thinking is Ricardo, poor guy also leaving the sport, and then the one that sung is is make And I say only these three names because good Fee is not even in the picture at this point. Of course. Not sorry Canadian fans, but yeah, actually so. But before we before we proceed, let's let's reduce. Hello, folks, welcome to f fon fan Fiction. This is the finale ras Abu Dhabi propri Um. I want to say this. We're not done for the season, because we will do U one or two winter episodes, but this is at least wrap up from the grid the paddock and as the drivers enter into hibernation of some sort at least we are your hosts and I'm sorry and let's get into it. Um. Yeah, man, as you were saying like it was all little theme end of an era, and because as far as I can remember, right, like I I think I started watching the sport um two thousand eight, two thousand seven inch time frame and a loonso and Hamilton's were fighting. Um. It hit my peak interest when the sport came to India, and then every time we've they've come here, Mettles wanted here. He's been sort of like the Indian favorite of sorts. Um. So it goes without saying right like it's it's definitely an emotional point for everyone. Um, if not just it, but everyone, um that it is the end of an era. Yeah, man, for sure. Like first of all, I think even okay, at least by when I started like watching F one, it was a bit after like Metals Dominance. I used to kind of follow back then, but I didn't like watch all races. I was easily follow the season, So I haven't, like, you know, seen him and his speak as such a lot. But and I know that a lot of people kind of hated him back then because you know, he was always winning, so you know, with that comes a lot of hate. But I think when I started seeing was this Ferrari era where I think he turned the tide and he he was starting to become this...

...likable guy on the grid and so like the majority of my time when I have seen him, it's always been a pretty good light. And so you know, I pretty much used to watch a one for Kimmy and said, you know, so just right right, right of course, And I learned my lesson that I shouldn't support for that for reasons. But getting my point that I think even more so as just a driver, even as a person, I really advot him with everything that he's done. And you know, you know it's not you know, just talk the talk, walk the walk. He has done so I really admired him for it. And yeah, I feel really sad that you wouldn't be seeing him on the grid anymore. Yeah, yeah, And I think like that was a theme also from all the send off that he's been getting, like beyond just just a brilliant tracer, he's he's an amazing person who has done too much for the sport in terms of like safety, speaking up doing whatever it is even for his last place, like I was, it was it was brilliant to see this thing called run with say that they did on Friday. And I like how some of our podcasting friends or other phone influencers on social media also urged, um, they are followers to do this. And I saw quite a lot of posts and stuff of of just fans running at that tower and posting blindly on social media, which is a good thing. And that was pretty interesting. And of course like fur the run, if you notice, like there were two two of his biggest fans on the grid, which was make and Charles who had also participated, and it was pretty funny that they did as well. Uh, it's pretty awesome. But I think I heard Charles saying that like they they are pretty close, like even after he went to Aston Martin, they often like talk, they often meet as well. Uh, and he kind of mentored him as well at Ferrai right before not even that he is not even that. I heard this beautiful message from Charles where he said that um, when he won or when he was doing good at F two, um Wattle sent a letter commending on Charles driving at F two and Charles was at a point mentally at that point where he was like why am I doing whatever? Am I doing stuff? And to get a letter from an F one legend at that point sort of really turned his side around mentally, like you know, hey, I'm being noticed and I am doing good and I am doing what I should be doing in life. Um So, so that was a beautiful nostalgia for for Charles to share with us. Um I don't remember where I saw this, but he shared that, and it just goes to show what kind of a person here is interesting. And then Max's message to right like waiting back at more Hope after the Silverstone crash just to ask how he's he doing? Yeah, yeah, that's true. Now he's a gem of a person and I'm glad we saw him on the grid and even like the message that he gave right before going if you ah, he was like, you know, he's hoping that the newer generational drivers like uh you know carry his you know message, and you know they practice what he has preaching and keep using the platform the fur the right thing for the right things. So yeah, I think but he was having a blast of a day as well, right like in Qualification Man, he was on fire. Like that tractor, that Crean tractor, was someone reaching like P four, P five positions like went into Q three was going on. I think like everyone also gave him the gift of annoyance that he's been getting over the past two years, right like right before the race started, the traffic that holds up and for whatever reason, like it's always Sebasti and who's caught up in...

...it? This time probably they went to it often gets peralized for it as well, and this time around it felt like they even went a notch ahead with r BR Like I think Pereas was always in front of him at that race start and it's like, yes, third time, how is this possible? Like three times they do so it's all fun, yeah, all fun. Right. Also some good battles on track with Ochon. I think there was this good like five six lap battle that they were, you know, like battling it out for a long time. Uh till of course, like Aston Martin decided to like just sunk up strategy and just that I could give him a parting version of the parting gift. Yeah, but he tells me this isn't there like a course of last race too, because Kimmy retired on his last race. I was just hoping I just don't just don't retire, just finished the race, Like, yeah, man, I agree, but I was glad. I was glad that he finished it. In fact, of course, like Hamilton's also like made sure that he got at least one point. He realized. I think, you know, we we probably will come back to this. But I have a theory that Hamilton's ran wide in turn one to set up some you know, a story for him to retire so that he can give quite at Anyways, speaking of giving gifts, I think the other gift came from Alon right after the qualification. They were a positioned for the other and Alonso goes up to it will say I'm not going to battle you into turn one as as a gift to you. Yeah, that was pretty interesting. In fact, you know what, I honestly thought that Alonso was holding back when like the Okon Vettel and Alonso were like driving along, because oftentimes he was getting super close and then just backing off, which really felt to me that he was like he had decided to not you know, fight that them was something cotton Yeah, oh yeah. Towards the end of the race. Now I don't know what was happening, but like towards the end of the race, he let Stroll by on that second straight. I don't know if he if he was also being cautious like hey, I just want to finish the race and I want to do donuts at the product or or was it like yeah, I don't care at this point, that's my last race. Whoever wants to go, just go. Yeah, it was stroll so he knows what can happen. So he was like, I just you're clear, let him go, do whatever you want, don't hit me. Fair enough? Fair enough? Well, I think he had no tire life left as well, so I think he probably like thought that he'd rather like let luance by too, you know, so that maybe he can get some more points. So fair enough. I guess you attended his install life once once he was done, right, What was that about? Like? What was it? So it was a short tenet thing, but it was pretty cool, like he basically it was like a goodbye to his fans. And you know, he was also talking a bit about his reasons for like leaving at one uh, and he was basically saying to two things were really pivotal in his decision. One was like his father in law dying because of the answer and also his like youngest daughter being born. So basically he said, like those two things kind of uh put you know, things in perspective for him, and he probably you know, is at a stage in his life where you know, he's pretty much achieved a lot in the sport already and uh, he kind of felt that this platform that he has, he can use it for better things. And he was that's what he was also saying that you know, he doesn't trap by private jets anymore like for a while now actually, so he actually flies by you know, economy a lot of times. That's whatever. Uh, but that's true. There is ready to cut you off there, but like there is um. I...

...think before Brazilian GP, he had a layover at Pau and he was, Yeah, there's a video of him sitting um in in the you know how you wait before the boarding begins on your flight. He's sitting there and just waiting for like them to call out either the row or you know, the boarding to begin. I'm pretty sure if you were there, you wouldn't like thing to yourself. Is this really Sebastian Vital waiting here sort of thing or just a look alike. Yeah, yes, sorry continue, Yeah, so yeah, that's what that's what it was all about. Basically, he just wanted to thank all his fans, and he wanted to basically spread the message that, you know, like everybody should do the right thing with everything that's happening around us. Go get all your material materialized possessions and all the things that you want in life, only to realize that's not that your answer, and then saving the planet is so yeah. Speaking of send offs, um, there there's this other meme that I came across. You know how how Wettell got this guard of honor sort of send off? Oh yeah, you and you have when you have this guy who's trying to who sees something, and then it's trying to go behind it, and then there's another dude who stops, No, this is not there's this there's this meme of like Wettle getting guard of honor latife saying am I next? And then this other guy stops and saying it's not the same. But yeah that guard of one that was really cool one. I really loved it. It's funny. Yeah, one but like coming to send offs, so many sent offs said this this race. Yeah, yeah, quite a lot of Yeah, of course we've talked about, but there were a lot more that, you know, people completely forgot about as the meme that you said, so of course Ricardo completely everybody forgotten about after the place. Yeah, he's switching careers, right, He's going from being an f fund driver to being, um, the entertainer that he is, which is what he's now going to be paid for at red Bull because he apparently is a reserve driver for Red Bull in the words that was in the words that was that that were put out, but if you read it carefully, he's a reserve driver for the reserve driver for the drivers are going to be out there. So I don't know what sort of contract he's going to get, but he's only there for like his entertainment and media purposes and whatever it is, because he's yeah, yeah, man, you know what, Like I have I have a conspiracy here again, all the controversy that happened last race between Czecho and Max Uh and the timing of announcing Ricardo as the reserve driver, it's a bit suspicious to me and makes me think that it was basically it was basically you know, wanting to check over that. You know, hey man, you're replaceable, so you know, be glad where you are. I can somehow still see um a Mexican dawn flying to now Australia and you guys had a ticket to Netherlands. He probably also now is addicted to Australia. Of course, yeah, man, but that's also an end of an error. To be very honest, like, for for a long time, um, I felt Ricardo had it in him to sort of win that championship is as far as I can remember, right, Like, I sort of hailed Ricardo as the king of late breaking because everyone else is very conscious in terms of like the breaking zone, but...

Ricardo has got this next level of confidence to break lates, will make it through a fixes and gain positions where other people haven't been able to and and to compare him versus Max, right like, it's it's the famous Azaria incident where Ricardo ran into the behind of Max. No Ineanders intended there so so don't think dirty. But by the way, just just an intersection. Did you read the message that Max note on metals elmet No it was it was something like I know you love me from behind and in brackets it was some race well like in the season where that's that's it and he's good. But I mean as just saying right like that shows that Ricardo had more guts to sort of break late into that first left hander turn at Baku, which is a ninety degree turn. Um, So he's he's always had it in him. It's just um, unfortunate mindspace and a year that he's had where he's not being able to deliver and not be the driver that he's been in his past, which this is what we're seeing turn into getting him kicked off the paddock. Um, but that doesn't take away him being a great driver. Yeah, and also charging a tremendously huge salary as well while doing that. So you know, I think that all the kind of factors I have never seen such a big severance package for asking to be leave, like being told to leave. I want a job like that. For all the tech playoffs that have been happening right now, I imagine like a severance package like this. It's crazy. Yeah, I would gladly taken, but I'm glad he's he's going to be around our paddu we're still going to see all the shenanigans come from him. It would be fun to have one of the commentary is being replaced by Ricardo. Actually, that'd be fun to hear um finally get some some actual fun driver perspective rather than the ones that I've driven one or two races. I'm sorry you didn't hear that from us, but yeah, who's next? Make make sure? Okay, I don't know monelike, it's it's unfortunate, like he got two seasons enough one but like you can't really count the first one very honestly, uh, and the second one. Yeah, I mean he did make some mistakes. I do blame him for that, but at the same time, Hars messed him up a lot more times, so you know, I would say that it's more than Hars than on him. Uh. It's sad that. Yeah, he's not getting a seat again. I guess it's the reasons are more financial from my understanding, like they want sponsors, which Alkenberg is binging, I think. Ah, but yeah, man, let's see, I think you were of the opinion that it would be good for him. Yeah, I am, And I was talking to this again or with one of our followers is um on Instagram. UM, and we both sort of started resonating with this idea that it's it's fine for him to sort of sit back, UM, probably go back home, have a chat with we will get some perspective into his driving, uh, learn from his mistakes, and then come back in a year or two again, which I don't doubt is going to happen, because while there are there is a good laundry list of drivers waiting to get a seat at F one. UM. I think Mick has it in him. Like we've seen some amazing battles from Mike. We've seen, um, you know, some good challenges that he's put up, like He's he's fought with like Hamilton's a couple of times during the season, and to fight with a seven time world champion. UM. Sure his reasons might be different because he wants he wants to stop Hamilton's winning that eighth won. But if Papa's legacy, but you spoke about you know, you spoke about him costing money to us, and...

I'm pretty sure, like I do remember him running into quite a lot of incidents at the start of the season. But folks checkout show notes for this one. For sure. But we found this interesting Ffre Deconstructor's Championship, which is a list of um damage done by drivers on their cars and you know, getting points, so on and so forth. So at the end of the day, Mick is not on the top end. Make us, make us somewhere down now. I don't know the authenticity and how these points are calculated by the fan who's done this, but the sources read it and someone's posted this, and I'm just taking it by the book where where Mike is even beyond Charles Leclair sitting at p eleven or twelve at some point, and horses in the middle of the pack. The thing I think is um last year, what Mick was to maz Spin is what Magnus in this year did to make in terms of like an internal image, like Vick wasn't bad, but it's just that others got better than him, so he's got to get the boot. And then obviously Cash is king, right, Yeah, makes sense? Yeah, no, and I I kind of yeah, it makes sense. And it's not the end of the world. I mean, we have seen drivers exit and come back. I mean, very honestly, the person who's replacing him, you know, the person who has not won a single race or has been on the podium in his entire career. What does what does that article? You said? Son of a one royalty Michael Chipmaker dumped by Hars replaced by a thirty five year old driver who hasn't raced in years exactly. So yeah, and even like other examples as well, write like Alban he he like was off the grid for a while two years I think, and he was back again. So you know, I think he will have a second driver at HARS. Oh yeah, of course came as well. Yea, so there you have it. So I think he'll be back for sure. And then twenty twenty six vettle for for Audi, right, So yeah, that's what I've been hearing, Like that's basically all fans, you know, fantasy to have Mike and Metal pairing and Audi al That would be fun. Yeah, that would be fun. Oh yeah. I think Mick and Latinfi did some synchronized swimming right on the track. I think like they decided to go out and style God for for all of us that I've forgotten God. If he's also retiring, I think he got a place at Dindy Car. I'm not too sure if that's a chill and I think so. I think so. He got a place at Windy car on the F one retirement home as I as I like to call it because but um it was a bit sad cheeky where Mick decided to do donuts at a random places to be just called talk by his team like drive out of there, at which point I feel like might have told God, feel that, Hey, we're just we're just going to spin that random place on the track while the races is going on. And that's what they did. There are some beautiful synchronized swimming like exactly well exactly, it wasn't slight tap you know, like gave him and then they both spun together. It was really fun towards yeah, um, but man um um. Last year I was sad, who am I going to make fun of? With Spain going out? This year, I'm sad who am I going to make fun headed out? I hope somebody replaces all of these guys. I really don't know anymore. It's going to be really sad too. Who who will we believe? Who will...

...the internet billy? Now? Right? Like? Who who's going to be that super talented driver who's gonna turn right on a random road and then blame the car that the car did something wrong and it turned right. Yeah, I think there are a few. There are a few new ones, so I'm pretty sure somebody might mess up. At least someone's going to step into let go T three shoes. Um. But I'm pretty sure the other drivers are also going to be very conscious when they start driving, because now they'll have to rely on their talent and not just random events occurring on that back to cause a safety car so that they can close up the back. By the way, I just realized the only paid driver remaining on track is true? I think now right like as well, but I don't really consider him as a paid driver, very honest. Okay, I was just gonna say that, I think we're not considering because he's proved his metal on the track exactly. Yeah. Yeah, I think Stole is the only guy left now. Yeah, I agree, I agree, that's interesting. Well, who else? Pierre Ghastly? Piere Ghastly, wasn't there a funny thing happening with his his going away too? I remember something between him and so that that I think there was this T shirt that's not as signed for p with a dick on it and oh yeah, hundred never forget. I don't get why you don't never forget it. Yeah, I don't know what's happening in Alpha to is Lockdown exactly, but I feel like those two have a romance that wasn't that that wasn't captured much by Melia. But but there's definitely some romance that's that's brewed up in there for sure. Yeah. Never seemed like they whatever, like you know, rivals or anything at all. Seemed like they were pretty chilled with each other and trying to help each other as well. So yeah, that's that's pretty cool. Would be interesting to see Pierre and o'kondo, like, I don't know, it seems like a very odd combot. So both seemed to be like a bit shy personalities. So I'm not sure how would preparing U at least in media right right, Um, Yeah, it's gonna be an interesting with an all French team. Um, but the team, the Baghett team, Yeah, it's I find it very ironical, man, Like we talk about a legend retiring and and his winning has been part of Red Bull, which has been with the Renault engine. When when he won all those championships, UM two from there to sort of now see what Renault's become, UM at a level where talking about the second switcher Alonso, as soon as the race was over, he was like, I'm out of here and jumped in the motor room. Yeah right, just I'm gonna go to these green tractors. Right, I'm done. I haven't done, and they retired him. I I don't think he even waited for the checker like I'm retired, I'm out of here now exactly. So I think I think Piaire after his RBR Debacco has gotten into good fighting mental space, which we definitely saw one. But that Reno engine gives me the creeps. So I hope, I hope there's some redemption coming in next year for for these guys. Yeah, let's see. I'm not too confident the very honestly, like Pierre, this year was not too good for him, very honestly, we didn't see the same pair that we have seen in the last two year last year, so I don't know. I hope like the engine problems that I I has been having, don't you know, happen to Pierre as well. Let's see what happens. Oh, by the way, there was this really funny I think I saw Nick Devis right, so they there was...

...this photo of Nick Devis where the most of his team was like delivering him to McLaren on on those Jack's. Yeah, that was really funny. That was a nice touch for sure. For sure. Um, But speaking of the Lonzo right, like, I think coming back to a consol right, I think he said I was happy when when assigned Aston Martin, and as soon as he went to their motor home he was dred percent happy. And then I think like as soon as he sat in the car, he's more than happy. I have a theory that he said I'm more than a percent happy because he saw both Astaid Martin's finish and at least his Alpine knot. So he's like, at least I get to finish races in this one or or or he basically is saying a bit company science niche joke. Are he's saying that it basically overflowed back to Zito. No, I don't know how many people are going to get this, man, I people are going to get I put that in there. But so it's a coming back to the race, right, Um, now that all the controversy sort of fizzling out between Max and check Home, I still stand with our stance on you know how we said this last race where it's it's okay with Max not having given the position to check out for all the reasons that we stated. Folks, go listen to the episode from last week to see why we say that it's okay where he didn't give the position back. Um, but not just that, right, Like I feel like at this point, and we were talking of off record when when when he started this like it's it's it's it's the fact of it being either a race win versus a manufactured way. Yeah. Man, Like I completely agree, even like the commentators were also kind of agreeing with us because basically on I was like this time, I was listening to the fron t VS commentary where it was like Sam Collins and you know, Johnson Palmer who were commentary at that point, and they were also saying that, you know, with all the controversy that happened, makes no sense because given like Abu Dhabi's result, it didn't matter. Even if they had switched, nothing would have mattered. Let look, would had still been P two uh so, you know, very honestly, and also one more thing that they said, and I totally agree to it. No do the you know, talking on the track like you know, I don't get this of begging for you know, uh to change the results in your favor, you know, so I kind of do agree to that. I also understand the team game and everything, but with all the hate and everything that went around, I I totally agree that the v Max handled it was completely stupid and I'm mature, But at the same time, all the comments on social media about his family, his parents, him and everything, it's all just uh stupidity these days, very honestly, just watch the race and shut your mouth. You know. Yeah, I don't I don't get the point of like dragging family into this and all that. I mean, I understand, I mean, sure you want to talk about it as a different thing, but like messaging them and like spreading here to them is a whole new level of being an asshole. Um. I mean, we've talked, we've we've spoken about different personalities also and why we sort of say how Max's behavior drives that behavior. But but there's a line, right which at least we don't want to cross. But but it's fine. At this point. I feel like it's all manufactured to some of it for for publicity and stuff. Um and I think like all of it just sort of amplified with probably Max's words in...

...terms of like how he handled but otherwise it's it's a race track, man, Everyone's doing their their own parts. Of course, man, I'm pretty sure like ten years around the line, if tables turn and like you know, Max has a change of HeartWare, he's now all environmentally and stuff. We're not going to remember this year exactly. Like all, Max is such a brilliant guy who likes to save them and very honestly say, you know, if the places were the worst time Checho was winning the championship, is everybody really saying that Checo would just give up his position? I don't believe so, no one, No one's um and and to be honest, right like, I think Charles deserved that P two for sure, because he's not asked for it, He's fought for it, even with all the shenanigans that's happened in the Ferrari Motor room spot for that P too, um and and with the rb our car that we've seen this year. Um, I just want to put it out there that my personal opinion says that la Clark is a better driver than Peres at this point. Um to deserve that definitely, Man, I mean, I can't argue to that because very honestly, while I I really like Checko, he is a great driver, but I don't really see him as a championship material Like, he's great, but he's he doesn't have that spark in that that special spark that these champions have in them. So you know, it's fine. I think he totally deserves P three like I would. I wouldn't been happy with Peter as well, but lack Clark definitely deserves it a lot more. Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. But it felt like at least they were very well media trained after last week's episode. It's I feel a bit sad for Christian Honor, but not too much too, because he's also a cocky you know at some point, which is fine. This world needs people like that to be at the dominant level that you need to be. But this was the first time RBR could have had like two P one two for drivers and P one for constructors, which they couldn't get so maybe some internal retrospect, but I'm happy about that very honestly, I'm happy that that didn't happen because I don't want to see one team just winning every single to everything, So definitely I'm happy that that end happened. Yeah, And I think I want to do an early prediction here for three um that I think it's going to be a bit tougher for RBR to continue on this this level of dominance going into twenty three, where I'm very confident Mark is definitely going to fight back, and with rumors that for Our is going to shuffle a few things internally, um, for Ours also going to be up in the mix to sort of fight back after the three way three way P one position chef. Yeah, and that happens by the way, one one one one more controversy that I've heard about. I don't know how to do this is, but I added a lot of places. Uh. It seems like after the uh seluvestion GP, the photo between Max and the Nooto that's you know, popularized a lot. Oh yeah, sorry my bad, Charles and where you know Bono is like scolding him. Apparently they had they are not in talking terms anymore after that, and it seems like Charles is really pissed off about being admonished publicly, and especially when you know Ferrari has sucked up so many times in the past, it seems, and that's what I've heard, and it kind of actually does make sense if you really think about it, how bad Ferrari are performing after the British It does seem like something is off. I think the last three is was probably when they kind of got back, probably where he got me too, but otherwise they were like early in the slumps um So I don't...

...know how to test, but yeah, on that, I feel like if I would have performed otherwise, then Charles was at the wrong of having that emotion towards right. But tips are all in favor of Charles at this point, I agree. Oh oh yeah, of course. How can we forget Hamilton's is still living in twenty one trying to pull the same moves? Oh yeah. We spoke about this at the start, like he's trying to pull that that turn three, turn four yeah whatever, that was done, but it wasn't turned one, and now that I turned toward turn four whatever it is, but trying to sort of pull that shortcut to take an overtake on the driver behind you. I love I love Carlos's comment, man, yes, yeah, right, like he went, uh, he's trying to pull the same thing he pulled on Max last year. I need to get the position back. He gained advantage. I think Hamilton has learned from that, like what ends up happening if you don't So he ended up giving the position back. But but in all fairness, I think, folks, I think Starry and I are going to stand by ear theory that Hamilton's did all of this on purpose so as to slowly damage his car and have an alibi which is convincing for him to retire the car so that Vettel gets a one point exactly. I stand by it. Yeah yeah, but I think I like, at least how the merceity scamps run in retrospect of how everything else is happening. Because the Russell was behind Hamilton's, came on radio asked what's happening, just so that you know they don't mess up things, he was given flying orders like hey, you're free to race and stuff, which also worked out in their favor because Hamilton's was losing power, so it was didn't make much sense to hold Rustle back just to get Hamilton's those points um and then speaking of points right, there wasn't there were a few battles happening Hamilton's winning, this wouldn't have gotten him and notch ups or didn't work out much. But while all the deal was done, I was looking forward for this race for some Constructor Championship shuffling that was possible but didn't really work out. And at all, yeah, not at all. I think there were a couple of things that were and there are three three fives that were going on right between Ferrari Universities, between Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin, which was drawed by the way, but asked like I forgot the lead because they got first. And I think the third one was between has and uh Alpha Aston No, no, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo for six. Oh sorry you you just said that, which was I said that right. The third one was I think between Hassan and Alpha, which was thirty seven and thirty five, so they were pretty close as well. But that didn't change again the thing between Alpine and McLaren because even they were closed. Ah, not quite No, nothing that actually, yeah, I mean they could have if most reason, I mean McLaren had gotten a lot better results. But yeah, otherwise not much. But it was still an anti climatic thing where no no shuffling ended up happening. We just saw le do that's that's certa and then Paul focus on Mettle. Yep, yep, pretty much, Yeah, pretty much. I I call it as the Metal GP and not GP because that's what it was. Yeah, let's there you have it. That's the title of exactly.

Um. Yeah. Overall, again this was this was yet another anticlimatic GP that we've had. But I think like the season at the beginning, for three fourth of the season was was very dramatic, built up, super intense racing and either we've sort of like grown out of it or yeah, just weren't as invested because there's just been too many races out there and we have we have one more right by the way next year, one more, yes, two more sorry this year much and and the directors and and then Silman has been flying to newer countries to get more tracks, so any who, any this two was fun, quite a lot of drama, controversy, The biggest money making business that's going to come out of all of this is what you'll see in March twenty three, Netflix's new season coming out, because they're the ones who profited most from this drama. I don't know if the script writer has sort of gone to race directors FI directors inside, like, hey, you know what you should do? These things too makes makes good t RP. But all in all, all in our jokes aside, like brilliant season um, some good good racing um, some sheer dominance, some hard breaks, some drama, some retrospecting to be done for quite a lot of teams, lots of memes. Yes, thank you Formula Dank, Formula one, Reddit and Twitter for driving um driving our season head. Yeah, I think overall it was great. I think I enjoyed it, of course, like the end was at anti climatic, of course, but I think we got some really good clean racing right this time. Like last season was super intense and dirty, I say, but this season felt a lot more you know, friendlier and cleaner as well as such race track. Yeah, in in terms of racetrack exactly. So I'm not I'm not sorry. I'm happy that these new cars can at least follow each other. So I'm hoping like the upcoming next few seasons we will continue to see like close racing and uh yeah, let's see, let's see what happens in yep, yep, and folks, uh until the winter special episodes that we end up doing. This is F one season from F one fan Fiction officially signing off.

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