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Episode 42 · 5 months ago

2022 Azerbaijan GP


The 2022 Azerbaijan GP which is held at the capital city of baku is another street track in the F1 Calendar. This track has mostly generated some great races, but we got one of the most boring snooze fests in 2022. Max and Perez got a 1-2 for Red Bull while Ferrari was probably bathing in their own tears after a double DNF.

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Well done Baku! (Not really this year)
  2. Ferrari dropped the ball yet again. 
  3. Ferrari runs on Tifosi tears. 😭
  4. Ben Sulayem’s Tyranny 🌈
  5. Old man Hamilton needs a walking stick
  6. Merc probably "help me daddy"
  7. FIA dusts off their black and orange flag ⚫🟠
  8. Trouble brewing at McLaren
  9. Vettel's S🅱️inalla training pays off
  10. All Canadian team for bumper cars
  11. Zak Brown, the Michael Scott of F1    

Memes in this episode:

  1. Hamilton’s Mercedes
  2. The Duct Tape Solution
  3. Where power?
  4. Sad Face Filter not needed at Ferrari  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

And and, while everyone else is sort of like holding their backs for the back pain metals holding his shoulder for carrying all the way. For Hello, folks, this is a fone fan fiction for all your returning listeners. Thank you for listening to us. Race or race. For anyone new here, we are an f one race review and a race community interview based podcasts. It's pure banter here. It's brought your broad dump of thoughts that you get here. are nothing serious. That is a promise. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm silent. And let's get into Baku. Zer by Ja, groppy. I want to say. Well, I done say. I know, I know that's what you are going. I know that's really going. Yeah, and I was. I was thinking of saying well done, Baku, but then I was like known, that doesn't apply this year. It does or dude, I was. I was bored. There were things happening here and there, to be honest, like there were overtakes, their work things. Don't get me wrong, but was bored. Yeah, man, honestly, like I think till now, ever since bacco came into the calendar, I think it was, went two thousand and seventeen, two thousand and sixteen, something like that. And like every year after your Baku has delivered a good race, something crazy happens. I mean something crazy did happen today, but that's kind of expected at this point. I yes, but this was, I guess, kind of a boring race in the sense that there wasn't much going on. Like the front runners were kind of, you know, cemented. We knew what your standings are going to be and yeah, there was some action going on in the midfield, but not enough to keep you awake. As you know, you're right because I think like three years back it was the the boat asstroll finish line overtake. We didn't have one here because of Covid last year. The tires were blowing up. I think the expectation that this point are so high that we want the car to just blow up like a Michael a situation. Obviously no one dying, no one getting into but like a Michael Bay situation. is where the expectations are, I guess, at this point. Yeah, man, but we're let's let's address the whole clowning issue right like at a point we knew probably luck clerk and Ferrari could have had this in their bag. But this whole Ferrari versus red bull situation and like like walk is through, walk is through. Your healths are and yeah, man, like I was thinking about this. Like Ferrari, I mean, of course, we have talked about this multiple times. I don't know, repeat it. That the factually. If you're if you've heard this way over, like over the Internet, you know, skip a few seconds because, yeah, we we're going to like assemble our thoughts on the whole Ferrari red bull situation. So, yeah, you're go on. Yeah, yeah, I mean Ferrari. It feels to me like they always halfass the job somehow, like it seems like they always dropped the ball when it is most important. Like, of course, like you are going to have bad days. I don't like, for example, today. I wouldn't say they did something wrong, it was just their luck, right, but it often feels like they they don't plan ahead or I don't know, it feels like or are they? Let me go. Are they? They don't have bad days, they have bad decades. Is that it means? Like makes sense? Sorry, yeah, yeah, I know, but that's it. Like it's like ever since I can remember, at least in the Modern Fon history, when mettle was there, when Alonso was there, when, yeah, now Charles. You know, every single...

...time they bring a good car and then they just stop. I think they also lose out in the development race as well a lot of times, and that's what it seems about. This happening this year, the year kind of, because it's clear now that the red bull is probably at least at par with Ferrari, because I don't think Ferrari has that engine advantage anymore, which he saw in the first two races, right, and somehow, like red bull always ends up at the top like one way or another, doom day. There is an interesting start, at least for this season, which is Max has won more from Charles's whole position then Charles has one himself. I mean we're seven races. Are Somewhat whatever in but that's just hilarious. But no, man, I was going through some of these straight line speeds right, like I don't have Ferraris, but I'm assuming it's going to be the same ballpark. But during the free practice three or slash a q on is is when, when these guys were talking about it, crofty on the commentated box, which is Mercedes, they showed was going around like twenty ish, Alpha Tauri, three hundred and thirty the red pools, who were an insane three hundred and thirty eight is what they clocked on those trade so I'd love to see what Ferrari did. I'm probably sure the the data's out there. Folks comment in the comment on alerted, like let us know what it was. But it's insane that that even between Alpha towery and red bull like that. That eight Camph Delta is, I guess, like just too much. Yeah, I mean, I don't know, man, it gets very weird to me, like it feels through free practice and Quali and everything. It looks like they have a very fast guy, like the qualification clearly shows that. Lap after lap, like sorry, rees after race, like Le Clerk has been getting the pool position. But what's the use if you can't finish the race right, like yeah, you gotta finish the freeest ate, like I don't understand. When I like I'm irritated at Ferrari at this point because they're robbing as of a good championship, like it seems like it just slipping away from their hands. Ferrari is. So Red Bulls has been a swoop in and take it away. That's what it feels to me like. And Yeah, true, true, and even even the commentators yesterday were like, you know, hey, this is it's luck, clerks race to lose, and this is like even when, when the mechanics are on, the dragon's like, it's luck, let's race to lose. A pole position does not guarantee away. And I'm like, sure, that's true, but you're already adding the commentator scollers at this point and obviously for that he's gonna double down on it, because it's Ar team and they want to do it. But it's crazy. It's crazy. Red Bull definitely hands down taking super advantage of the whole situation. So U DOS to them. I wanna want to ask this, and this is something very interesting that I noticed, was they left their pit wall and were gone. This is short where they were gone. It's it's like it's like something happened. Shutter down. Let's I mean half of them maybe flew to Canada already. I like, it is ridiculous. I saw some photos on formula dying on it when at that first I thought that is just a joke, you know, because of course it's pomular Dang right. But then I like started looking on twitter and stuff and it actually happened. Well, lap forty six, they left crazy, oh man. Yeah, but I think, I guess they're deciding how to fuck up the next race. Probably agree, a lost race. Sorry, pre race discussion and post race be agree. How do we? How do we innovate these folks the next one? You know, I have this conspiracy theory that Ferrari...

...runs on tifusy tears, because it's like, see, they collected so many tears through the last few years that they were able to perform so well in the first furiouses and they are probably run out of it now. So now that we repeating this makes full on sense. I agree with this. You know, how so right with like now that tears are being collected, so f one, hundred, two, three and qualifying they do brilliant, but then they are so happy that there are there are no tears left to pump that mark during race. That makes sense. I think they should turn it around a bit like fuck up and everyone everyway. Free, free is solider issue for years. Come on, that's that's so easy. One hire US contact us as fun fan fiction dotcom. But but okay, you know, talking what a bit more seriously. The definitely something going on with the Ferrari engines. I don't know what, but clearly there is some theme here. is He'd got anything to do with it? Like it seems like in Spain they had the same issue where and Spain was incredibly hot. Same thing with Bakou, like the commentators are also saying that the tact and pictures are rising a lot and it's quite hot outside and and it what happens is like the same thing happened in Spain as well, like Charles had the engine failure, Joe had the engine failure. Similar pattern this time as well. Like, yeah, and it's like flies dropping from the sky. And Yeah, like it's almost at the same time as well. Some yeah, that's super suspicious and it seems a bit weird. That's an interesting theory. I think, like going ahead for the next few races, we could short of start monitoring for our East behavior with you know, how all of this is going. And also I think their body is a bit different than other causes. Well, so I'm pretty sure that, like the cooling of the engine is going to be a little different on their car and probably it's affecting them in some form. Yeah, yeah, almost a complete knock out yesterday, at least the Alpha Roomeos. Yeah, the Alpha Roomeos, hunger. But it's sad to see like Ferrari sort of engine cars being messed top and affecting races for like Shaw and Camag, I mean Joo is. Yeah, man, he's having a brilliant season. He's for a rookie water season. KAMAG has shown, at least in the earlier part of the season, that you know, he could take that has up somewhere into that contention zones. But I think the engines are just messing up with their their entire recent this. Mean, yeah, man, I feel I feel fun job because honestly, I really like him. The way he's performing and then and even today, like you was so heartbroken on the radio, like I kind of felt really bad for him. Use, like, you know, we can't do this, like what the hell, like this is so bad. What's the use of, you know, giving and everything when he is a a similar mindset? Yeah, fair, yeah, and I mean it plays with my my too, to be honest. There the moment science retired right as like Oh man, this guy again. The show, the replay where you can actually see the gargling noise coming out of his car, and I'm like, okay, this is not what it seems and it was an engine issue. So even if you would not have done what he did and like maybe skid or whatever, his nace was done. A few laps later it was done. Yeah, he was never going to answer that race. Yeah, I know. Yeah, at first I blamed science, like directly jump to that conclusion, but then when I saw the reaples live, kid know it wasn't. It's just it was his fanade being fanaday. So, yeah, Anywho, any who, something hot. Our bring up. Staring is something has been coming on...

...before the start of the weekend. Then Suley Um, if I'm pronouncing that right, was was was bringing him his expertise from his racing career to talk about the fact that, you know, the sport driver should not, quote, unquote, voice their opinion. Yeah, your thoughts of the whole weekend and how it untraveled on his comment there. I don't know, man, that guy has gone to Ku Bananas, like very honestly, like, okay, I'm going to read a part of his squot and it like blows my mind that people think this way. So he says that, but do I go and pose my beliefs? Know, the rules are there. Even now there are issues when it comes to, for example, jewelry. I didn't write that. I mean first of all, so he's alluding to like him being a Muslim and like he doesn't impose his religious beliefs on others. And he's comparing that to collegeando talking about mental health, ential talking about gay rights and the Hamilton talking about black lives matter, like I I don't understand. How are those two think, comparable at all? I mean is not wrong, because I believe there is global warming. I believe there is, you know, climate change, but I should not impose that on anyone. Folk then, Gatchett. That a sarcasm. Please don't lash out, but it's ridiculous, man, it's I don't know. When he joined, I kind of thought that it's great, like FIA is bringing in some diversity and I thought that he might be, you know, like a fresh breath of change within FIA, but seems like shame, same shutting, different package. Very honestly, by the way, just for context for folks who don't know who we're talking about. Mama, then Sulei I am. I'm sorry if I'm not pronouncing it correctly, but he is the president of FIA, a current president of FIA and a former rally driver himself. So just some context there on who he is and why his statement matters. Yeah, and and it definitely matters because especially, I mean I admire all of these drivers who have come out and stood for what to believe in, because it helps, man, I genuinely it does help, like representation matters, and only when you see the top people talking about the issues. I think it like helps you, I guess, and it's important. I love the fact that as soon as he said that, I mean the next day where will came back on a Rambo bike and happen? You should talk more about out it like this. I have no opinions about them as drivers, let's say for a fact. But yeah, they are doing their best as they can for, you know, definitely king up to this day. Yeah, but I was though, I mean I love metals bike, but I was really hoping that he would just wear rainbow flag all over that we had been even more fuck you to him, like, yeah, it's weird, man, it's it's weird where f one is going, I think overall, with all the money that's coming into the stort. True, it's a bit concerning at points, but still I'm glad that, regardless of what, like, the organization stands for, the drivers are still standing for themselves and continue to that, and I hope that, you know, these changes in fun don't change that, especially the veterans, whose voice matters more than you know. There's so like the same thing coming from you keep sure, but like Hamilton, so Hamilton,...

...that like so exactly. Yeah, but speaking of Hamilton, so Hamilton, I think the age is catching up on him, or is it the car actually having issues? Okay, walking back for for folks who are Indian and who know this ad, the first thing that came in my mind was the the move lotion ad, which sort of leaves you from back pain, and I think of how do we make this in to a meme, say that sort of thing, but I can see that. But man, is crazy, the purpoising on on some of these cars. It's crazy, man, and it's it's I mean there's a lot of contrast about this as well. Yeah, I guess. Like, of course, when the season started, we could see that most of the cars were bouncing around and like most of the people were suffering from this. But it seems like particularly, mostly these in general, is still suffering from it a lot. Yeah, and they probably seem to be the only team who are affected so much. I mean, of course McLaren as well. It's a bit, and so it's Ferrari as well, because, if you like, see the video footages, like Charles is generally just bouncing around here and there. But but it the controversy lies that toto has been, you know, bad mouthing fi the press, saying that Fi is causing this issue because of the rule changes that fi introduce. Yeah, like the drivers are, you know, facing this poising issue which is also affecting their health and everything. But the real question remains, why are you not sacrificing performance in favor of driver comfort? Yeah, yeah, I know this is good, and even Lando on that, on that fat mis post race addict interview that he does every racy, said they could just, you know, raise their car height if they want to, write to solve this issue. So I guess, I guess they want the cake and want to eat it too, but the face right. So exactly. It's that. I mean they are for the third and for position that they got yesterday. Sure, because certain situations too, but that's the price you have to pay. And the fact that they are going, I don't want to sort of, you know, box side mercities at this point, but the fact that the whole discussion is going to regulations, I don't agree to it. Like it's a rule. You are super engineers at this point for you know, all the part that you bring solve it right exactly. And to add to that, I feel like some teams have probably spent a good amount of their budget already to fix it, and now going back and changing the regulations is sort of unfair to them because it's eaten up from the air, sort of fixed a located budget. Right, sure, twenty, twenty three. If, if you are super engineers, still think this is an issue, next year we bring in the changes, but this year is done for I feel like that. Or give more money to the themes that who fixed it, because they've already spent exactly. Yeah. No, I think this is just, you know, cu like gaining an advantage somehow or another. Goes back to you know what we talked about, red bull, and most of these also kind of does the same thing, that they want to your win anyhow. It doesn't matter, and this is just part of it, basically just to gain an advantage of were other teams so that they don't have to invest money in fixing their issues and just ask ask daddy for help. Even I think Christian honors are like. If I were Mercedes, I would have told my drivers to cry out as loud as possible. So I'm okay, okay, and let me point this out of it and maybe I'm completely wrong and it's not true, but today it felt to me like what Hamilton was doing after getting out of the car was kind of flavor of that. Yeah, maybe he was really in pain. I'm not saying that he...

...wasn't, but I don't know. It felt a bit too intentional to me, the way he got out of the car and everything. And you've seen him do things like this for like mine, game is a big part of his. You know, whole who thinks I the only place a where I want to give him that advantage and benefit of doubt is we've seen record also come out of the car in a similar fashion and during one of the Straits, during the end of the race, somewhere to ear the end of there is, the commentators were like this is an effective of six Gez. That their face on the on the car, and I'm like that's bad for a one point four miles straight, if that is accurate, and that's bad right. And what was worse was I've never heard the car sound like a diesel engine sort of thing, like when it's goes right, right rate, it's bad. So it's actually bouncing on the ground, like quite literally bouncing up a ground, and that's what the noises from right. It's very interesting. Like you've done before, green for multi colored basketball balls bouncing around the tracks other thing. Yeah, that's funny. All Right, man, let's let's pivot from here. Have I set it up this story for Youtube? He called to the serious one. Yeah, exactly. Let's go from one serious topic to another. That's means very serious. Please don't joke around. It's very serious. Okay, let's me bring it up. All right, let's look at some beans. If this books, there it goes. All right, let's take it up. Let's look at the first one. There it is in his mercedies. It's a gyp James. This is so accurate. This is so accurate. Watching the second I can watch instead of watching the Bacurius, I could have just watched out this jeff throughout it. anyways. Right, let's go to the next one. This this is basically just water saking from a tank and the Alpha Tower is engineer. Yeah, just slapping a tape on it, like famous, the same guy. My God, is a hilarious situation. I mean I for a second, I actually because I was watching on hot star and I could pause it. I'm actually paused and rope, like literally row filled. Like. What was this? What did I just watch? anyways, anyways, and yeah, it was Super Hilarious and okay for folks who are an audio we also post links of these memes in the show notes. To check it out on the show notes. Let's take a look at the next one. It's a photo of three monks, citty like, with all three Ferrarians and cars like Ferrari, Alphata, Alpha Romeo and has and has and Alpha Roumio, asking Parai were power. This is love this one, Dude. I love the Internet. Man. Okay, what's the next? US Today's race was one of those races with the means are better than the race. You know, I agree. I gotta give it to you. I agree. Let's take a look at the next one, the famous idea line fill the other trying. Dude, I love that filter. Yeah, it's been plastered all around the Internet, but I love the heck out of it. It's photos of basically Charles Signs, a Keymagan job with the crying face is and that dumpster with two finery cars...

...on it. So there you have it. Geez one, all right, I think. I think this is the last one. Let's seep have another one. Oh No, that's it. That's a good summary. At the weekend and that was exactly what happened yesterday. But when I come to the the famous engineering section that we saw, the super genius engineering of that taping is the forever solution for the first time. But I mean, I think this could have happened at least. And doesn't, I mean it doesn't come to my mind because I mean what in the past fifteen years, I don't remember when this has happened that I've been seeing the sport a black and orange flag that US. Yes, that is an interesting one. Right, it was. It was interesting, like, of course, like first when we saw so Nadas drs, like half opening. At first, I think even the commentators thought that it broke off. Yeah, and that's what it felt like. But like when the DAS closed, it became evident that only half of the DRS is opening, which is again kind of weird. So it seems like probably that one of their actuators broke or something like that. I don't know what exactly happen, but if I bought out the black and white of sorry, black and orange flag, you know again. See, I misspoke, because I don't even remember when the last time I saw this flag. Yeah, honestly, but this black and orange flag seemed like a very harsh penalty on snod are, like right, it was very weird and even the commentators were confused, because it essentially was like a stop and go penalty, right, like where he had to go and he had to wait, wait there for like ten seconds and then go out again. And that too, by the way, the solution was duct tape. Yeah, like, what the fuck? What did it achieve? I don't understand. Yeah, how was it? To me better, it just then the same thing right, like don't use drs. Yeah, yeah, so that we achieved the same thing by just saying that don't use the others and that's it. I only feel that this is probably them being overly cautious because if the halfs broken, maybe the other half could also break and if someone's in the wake of the car, it could sort of create an issue for them. Or Yeah, so, yeah, I don't know, but that. Oh, yeah, the solutions Super Engineering at best. But folks check out for a youtube shot slash tick talks in star real that we're going to be doing on this topic. We will explain what the black and orange flag is and what actually happened in a minute at least. We try to be summarize. Yeah, Dude, I it was more of a penalty for actually, while I'm saying this right, this thought is again coming to me, which is this is a problem with the car which the driver ended up facing a penalty, quote and coote penalty for. It was in action, HMM, and his position in the race drop which affected him. I mean, obviously it all comulatively affects their team as well, but I'm still thinking, right, at some level team should also be penalized for something like this and not just the driver. And the salt goes back to the whole discussion of Cocon and Alonzo Alonso blocking everyone that you know concert that it ends up affecting other drivers and not the driver who makes the mistakes. Anyway, I just went on rambling here, but it's a need for an overhaul in the whole situation. Anyway. Yeah, moving on, going. Yeah, but anyways, like, since you're talking about black and orange, just stuccoed mcclaren is, I see how you make the connect lag to an orange car. Sure, talk about it. What was going on the radio with Lando and his engineer and Ricardo and his engineer. It was so cringe like first of all like was it was...

I don't I could feel the third hand cringe, like, you know, while they were talking, like hey, by the way, should I should I be allowed to overtake him, and you like no, we'd like. First Recardo was saying that and then again the same thing opposite, when lander was behind Tardo. It seemed a lot weird, like everything. I don't know, sad. The some trouble brewing there. There is I say it's sad because yesterday for a change, Jimbark, who I felt that the old Daniel was back. I was generally having fun watching him, though he had had a bid stop. He was up all the way to be for overtaking off on and he was away. He was having a good race. He had a better place than than Lando, but he wasn't allowed to overtake. And then that goes back on his historical you know, staying that, Michael Aren, that you don't trust him. Really he's what it felt like. Maybe something else is going under the wood, but you don't trust him. And then you're right to point out, like towards the later end of the race, lander wasn't allowed to do this and Lando was pointing out, I think, if I heard it right on the radio, he was saying that I should be allowed to overtake. Is Now it's about a finishing position. Where he is or are? It was just about like a racing position exactly. Yeah, it's Greene. Yeah, I think some of the decisions I was confused about, especially the first one. Leg definitely they should utch straight up allowed Ricardo to go. said he wasn't a different strategy entirely. He wasn't different tires. Yeah, and if he has better pace, just let him go and insist. Is the start of the reason. Doesn't matter. Yes, lander is faster, he will be able to get the position back. True. So I don't understand why they stopped him at that point. And because of that, they created some discontent for Ricardo, yeah, for which they had to, you know, compensate by giving team murders at the end and asking lander to not overtake like. True, it seems like they're in decision similar to Ferrari is causing issues between drivers unnecessarily, like it doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, and it's the counter that's happening at A. Sorry, is happening at r be a right, like because, oh yeah, Max was clearly on pace. Don't check over. was told no fighting. To me, it did even feel like he was trying to, because Mac yeah, just sort of like slink shot at on him, into that first partner. And I feel like if they are sort of going back and forth and you see both of your car sort of running into how recorder ran into Max when he was at r be a, you sort of stop him giving these team orders. But if Lando had pace, he could have overtaken him. requy not writ him anyway. Yep, it's just messed up situation at mclen. Yeah, they want to sort of start replacing Ricardo and it's it's grange. Yeah, man, I didn't know. That's weird. At least they got a double points finished, so that's good. Is Good that it is at least some silver lining there. Yeah, and how even nine? Yeah, hi U bread. Yeah, not bad exactly. Yeah, so eight and nine. Yeah, eight and nine. Oh, ghastly, man, I think we didn't talked about him. I what was he was on fire today, right, like, and he was before at one point when Hamilton was chasing down him. Yeah, I'm okay with the fact that he was being told like not to fight Hamilton and we settle like they'd be very happy with a p five as well at that point and not affect like the race point that they were probably going to get for a position. Overall, brilliant drive. There's this there's a photo of floating about Helmet Marco taking some sign papers and putting here, putting those into his bag and ghastly standing in front of him. So maybe something's going on there. I don't know if that is maybe that's the motivational boost that he was waiting for. But overall, yeah, he's plowed through the weekend. He's plot yeah,...

I think, and I think it's like return of gastly. That it felt like to me because in I think recent furious Isnada was ahead of gastly and it seemed like ghastly hasn't found his moods. You like what we have seen him through the last couple of years, where he has had some really great results in the past. I think he's back. I think he is there now and I hope that he continues with that. But honestly, I mean I'm kind of going on a tangent here, but do you think ghastly has future in the redwill family like? What are your guns? Not for the for the few recent seasons at least, I feel, because as long as Perez and Max are key like continue keep giving our we are one too. And have they have a camaradery? It's not a fight at this point. So on the outside at least right, and as long as they have that, I don't see why experiment for something that's not broken. Yeah, no, definitely not. Yeah, I know. anyways, vastly should probably the look for an outside team, because I rout out his position exactly. I think you would be a great fit at McLaren. But does he want to go like he's doing better in an Alpha Tower he compared to that's true. That's true. Yeah, what do you want to go? Yeah, let's let's change topics a bit. Let's talk about Aston Martin. I don't think you have talked about on the while, I think there was some weird freakushions going on for wettl during field as set. Can you elaborate from yeah, so I think it was either I fpthree or maybe q one. Wet will ran into the wall. I want to say turned fifteen, but don't quote me on that. Five, sixteen somewhere there. And in his showed bbw failed again. We're going to do a short slash, a reel slash, tick tock on this, so folks stay tuned for that. But but it essentially meant his break by wire failed. Break by wire is is a technology that sort of helps you sort of engine break quote and quote alongside with your actual breaks and works in tandem with M Guk. Overall, what ended up happening was his break failed on the rears. The front, took the bunch of the Lord, he understeered and ran into the world. That's the cuds of it. But I feel like overall, beyond just the q one, maybe his overtake on ghastly during the race and him sort of doing a mini set Ben Allah, although that wait. Was It gastly at? I think it was oak on one of those two and doing that, Mani said Vanilla. By the way, that that that you turn was brilliant. Dude, that was the highlight for me for the race. Like watching that made it worth watching. That use for people. It is so freaking cool, right, like, I mean think about it. Okay, you're going down to take a turn at whatever, like two hundred miles per or something, that you try to break. You're unable to make that Turner, you're going into the run off area and why are you going? And you just take one eating to get turn, and that it was so close to the easy in a very playful manner. That to write like just having fun. Yeah, not like it's a race sort of thing. Yeah, it was so cool. It's so funny and I want it's very dangerous as well, but still, yeah, I learned. I don't know if that was sort of like a bbw issue. But yeah, something something's wrong with the I want to say something's wrong with Aston Martin. Is the other drivers also just trying to he's got I'm and you not. At this point I've actually forgotten that he is in the Tix. tolism doesn't raise much senge to me. Like loves to He's more of a padded pass holder at this point. where he comes to the race, he probably just sort of games around and then sit's in...

...the paddock and watches the race. I think the these Canadian drivers should start their own be anyways, they are together, crashing together, fun for bumper cars. Yes, I'd watch that. Oh Man, Oh, this guy, by the way, stroll, he crashed again in yeah, you know somewhere. He crashed twice. Yeah, Oh, yeah, it qually twice. First he yeah, twice, and that was so weird. First of all he crashed like it wasn't a big crash, but he like hit his fronting on the barrier and the team decided like, nothing is wrong, go ahead push, we don't have time to check, and then right after that he's in the barrier again. I love the means on those as well, how did you crash? And let me, let me show you how I did it. And then he goes in again. Just there's some brilliant memes coming out of yeah, it's at this point I don't know, man, what a stroll doing like? It seems to me like these Canadian billionaires are just showing of how much money they have by crashing cars or whatever. He was nowhere and like metill, clearly, who, first of all, mettle, missed the first three days. Yeah, right. So in all, this is his for Thrace, and he came in wells p six, pseven, somewhere like that. Right, P six exactly. It's amazing in that Shit works. It was quite amazing, and that too after losing a lot of time, I'm by taking that one hundred and eighty degree turn, that by cooking his tires doing that as well. Yeah, he would have probably been like p five when taken gastle's position. I think at some point the commentary was also said like if red load have not done that, he would have probably been be four as well. Why? That would have been brilliant seen little before. Yeah, I think battle has earned more points in full races than's trull has done well. Yeah, in the last seven days. You know what this sort of starts. It makes me ask this question because letty fee's run his car quite a lot. Make sort of done it and he's got an a warming for it from their team. Strolls been doing this. We have a capped budget this year and this these fixes sort of eat into that right and we've sort of started seeing teams complaining about the fixed budgeting issues already. Yeah, that's true, and I think we're going to see this more and under. This is the seventh race he's these people have hit the car into the barrier so many times already. The the money is I mean, where is the money going to come from? Like, of course it's coming from parts, and you know, their future development are Indian everything. So every crash that they do, it's not just costing them but also their teammate, because of course when the team doesn't have enough money to bring in parts, it's going to affect everybody in terms of performance. And Yeah, it's I don't know how out these teams are going to deal with this because, you know, it's like a double ats world, like having rookies. With having rookies, you have the risk that they might crash. Being a smaller team, it's difficult to get more experienced drivers because you have to pay them more and of course you have to rely on then driver salaries are not part of the cap budgetary no, they are not. But then smaller teams don't have money anyways, so they are still capped by money. So for those reasons they cannot bring in drivers that that they have to pay more. And with rookies, of course you're going to crash more. So they are going to need more money. So it's, you know, it's weird, like it's attached twenty two for them. I don't know how they're going to deal with this. It's going to be interesting and how they keep crying after maybe five more races and like the the last five six races. I think mcclaren's already declared that there's no way they can stay under the budget cap. Bankruptcy, I think that's what by. Oh Man, I can see...

Zach browns just running on black and shout. I declare he does give up some. Michael Scott Wives doesn't really is man, such a pouring fucking race. You don't have anything to talk about, to do. Yeah, we, we are. We are the vittles for Aston Martin Point for part and while everyone else is sort of like holding their backs for the back pain, whetals holding his shoulder for carrying all the way for us. Yeah, so true. Let's see, I guess that summarizes what we think of the barking weekend for ours already partying in Toronto, because it's yesterday and these, these teams are slowly reaching there. So next weekend we'll see y'all with the Canadian Groan Prix. Share this with your friends, share these with their enemies, and I'm sure you're having fun. If you're all the way listening to US till this minute, check out for a few shots coming out on the socials. We're going to have like a radio fiction, which is the honest radios that we think the drivers are talking and they get talked to back on the radio. A break by wire explanation and a black and orange flag explanation coming your way until the next episode next week. These are your host signing off a Bye.

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