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Episode 35 · 6 months ago

2022 Bahrain GP


F1 is back for its 2022 season! With new regulations, the pecking order of the field has been turned around on its head. What an exciting race weekend we have witnessed at Bahrain.

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Forza Ferrari! 🐎
  2. Red Bull falls on their face 
  3. Hamilton’s Luck strikes back ✨
  4.  KMag on Fire 🔥
  5. Super Rookie Zhou
  6. Seb cheats on his COVID test 🧪
  7. McLaren back to their GP2 days 

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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... the ship and there's the sea guy in Philip. I thank you, Captain Philip. And the scene where I am the new captain, where where it's like that, that same shot and the meme goes where McLaren is like I am the new house, ha ha ha. I saw another one which was audience is the new house. Hello, folks, first race off this new season, well, the PODCAST, season two has already begun. If you've not listened to our first episode as the season opener, Co check it out. It's with the guy who was at his honestly like the five hundred and seventy one race, in the sport mark suit on the legendary f one photographer. He's just been brilliant throughout the episode. It's on any streaming platform that you can catch this, this podcast on. Go check them out. But today, today, today we are back with the season opener, race war, and we are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm silent and lights out and away we go, Sarah, before before we get into the race, man, tell us, tell me, tell me this season opener. There's been so many changes just from the visual point a few. Yeah, your thoughts on those? Men? Oh Man, I love it. I mean the graphics. I mean, since you're talking about the visual aspect things right, whole graphics overall, I like it. I think it was due. For a long time they have kept the same graphics. I was kind of board of it, honesty speaking. And Yeah, these graphics. Yeah, there are issues. I know a lot of people are complaining about a lot of things, but genuinely I liked it. Like, yes, the numbers are not readable, like the driver numbers, but apart from that, I think it's pretty awesome. Like overall they have done pretty good, I think, even in terms of the race coverage, as will right, they have included a lot, even the overtakes like they usually, which would they wouldn't show. They were showing them like after the fact. But yeah, still pretty awesome. Through I think that driver number thing and the the logo or something that POPs up to on the side is like something they're bringing in from Moto GP, if I'm not wrong. My issue those driver numbers are I don't remember all of them, so I when I see like I know a few, but when I see an. Yeah, I don't know who this person is. That's my issue. But I love the introment, the opening, the opening theme video, Ra Ja. Yeah, the way they are showing like what race it is, and those usuals. I've changed. So I, for one, love it and it's a good change to have. Yeah, for sure, I think going in with the new eggs and everything, I think this was the perfect time to make these changes. So, yeah, I got on them. Yep, I think we'll keep talking about staff with respect to visuals, what we like, what we don't, as we keep saying them. But going into the race yesterday, we saw come back off the prancing Horseman Race. Yea, yeah, I think. You know, I had earlier described the Ferrari car looking like a dragon, and I think they have like a hook in the Dragon. Yeah, because, man, they were back with a vengeance. They were. That's true. Are Like I think I didn't take so I'll be honest. I didn't expect this coming out of the precessest thinkers. MERCDIES has always been sandbagging. You know, red bulls been on the top and that's that's been the team for, I assure, in the two thousand S, and you know before. They cheated a bit and stuff that was there, but for once...

...the sandbagging was true. Yeah, rancing horse was on top, like it is such a brilliant weekend overall. From from Ferrari, you a crying wilf and everything. Yeah, story, yes, yes, exactly, right, exactly. And then let Claire was a fire on the other side, like luck Claire was in completely fired, dominating qualifying the race. Yeah, brilliant. Yeah, man, brilliant. I think it was his day today, for sure, I think. I I don't think he ever thought last year that he would like completely dominate weekend. And Yeah, absolutely did. I don't think you did any mistakes or he had a cool mind. Yeah, I mean I can't find any flaws in his driving, but much just day. Yeah, awesome. Though I have to call out lucklerk. I think he was a bit cheeky on the last lap. I don't know if every like, whether I di didn't show it on the TV, but he basically pulled a prank on his engineers. He decided to give them a heart attack by saying that, you know, I'm losing I'm losing power. Oh, is it Wass on the radio? Yeah, it was on the radio and then you know that his his engineer, I don't know what his name is, but in a stepical, you know, very heavyly accented voy. Yeah, he's like yeah, we are looking into it, and then he's like no, no, don't worry, I'm just I'm just junking. Pretty sure that engineer was on a table flip moment at that. Yeah, this is the best way I can do in my career by I quit. Yep, I mean that goes to show, right, like he was so calm and confident. Then at that point, yeah, we're it was, yeah, in the bag. Yep, Yep, we have pretty well. I think, at the point where Max's car, you know, retired, I think he knew that it was his powers of skide quite far behind right. And Yeah, I didn't think there was anything. I mean even if we would have just lowered down at the Finnish line and waited a few seconds, that would that still one of the race. True. True. But speaking of Carlos, they're right, like being at a gap. I think he was having some problems. I don't know he I for one like P two, one to amazing finish. But, like he's mentioned this a couple of times in his one for me interview and like postpace interviews that he was struggling throughout the weekend. He didn't have the pace that he could have seen for himself. But that was interesting because if he says he didn't have the pace, would we have seen a battle for P one without team orders if he did have the pace? Yeah, right, that's that's actually do. I think. And in I saw a couple of his interviews, he seems as if like he talks as if he came in last was and I don't know who's taking his interview and he was like, don't be too hard on yourself, and I'm like it's please. Yes, yeah, but I mean I kind of I'm appreciate his attitude that, you know, like not winning is losing kind of a thing. But regardless, he did an awesome job. Maybe he he kind of is probably jealous that, you know, he's not able to extract the most out of the car and because clearly they have a very powerful card and I think, I think fraddy has gotten the rocket ship engine back again. Rate it feels that way. Yeah, up this this season's gonna be so amazing. Yeah, and then, and then, but I guess. No, go ahead, sorry. Yeah, but I guess Carlos will catch up eventually because he is a brilliant driver. Yeah, and and I'm sure like the car, like the changes that we see today, like were planned years earlier. You know, that's basically when Charles was already there. Yes, so the car is probably still, you know, more in favor of Charles driving style, but I guess it's just a matter of adjustment...

...for Carlos. But I'm pretty sure he'll be there soon through. And to add to that, like this is this is the same science we saw last year where I think like the first few races he he was tuning into the car and then the way he's come back to like be ahead of Charles in that leader World last year. So, yeah, that's going to be just brilliant out of that Ferraurry camp. But what is he thinking with that three stopper yesterday? The idea? I think probably again it comes back to the fact that he was not comfortable with the car. I think he was not confident that, you know, pushing it at its limit right, since that probably he feared that, you know, he might not finish the race at all or maybe, like Max and Perez might catch him or something like that. So I think, I think that's probably what was going in his fine, fair point. Fair point also, like because you bring in Max, like Max versus Charles yesterday was so brilliant, man like at that one point when they were like next to each other going back and forth war or a yeah, it was a brilliant for like at that point I really thought that they're gonna collide because all their his feet, yes, but they kept it clean, surprisingly so. And Yeah, it was brilliant. I mean it was short lived, just two laps, but still, you know, the back and forth was very entertaining and I think pretty much everybody was losing their shit at that time. Yeah, Max was on the only I think it is his first plunge. Yeah, it was his. I think like his first plunge where he went on the outside, right off, right outside, that bit stop exit with that sparks fly, I know. Yeah, I hope mark. Hey, mark, if you're listening to this, wild I hope you got that that beautiful second Max Park Short to your your bocket list. Yeah, it was. It was awesome to look at. I mean I almost at a point it felt like a car was on fire. Yeah, because amount of sparks out of flying out from behind. But yeah, yeah, but I think Charles was very brilliant in the sense that, you know, he exactly knew he led, was stopping by in the turn one both the times, because he knew that he could, you know, just take it back at the next day as zone. He didn't try to defend him much and even at the restart in the safety car, if you had seen the way he blocked was stopping. So we have always talked about this. Univer was, yes, is so good at thing. Starts exactly and he does this a lot, like he's almost alongside just before. But then that worked against him. The sign completely. He shows exactly used it against him. Corner, didn't to the last corner and just went away. That was awesome. Yeah, yeah, and then, like there was just a brilliant strategy move to, I think, like Ferrari. Sorry, red bull, try to work and undercut against Ferrari, but hey, you can't work strategies against her team, who just does doesn't work with strategies right, like he's exactly. It's like a not to stick shit, trying to make sense of the world, and you can't reason with someone who's playing with those wills. Exactly. Yeah, I see. I see like Ferrari falling into the theotic good category of the DND. You know, math right, because I don't think they even have a Strategi like roller dies and decide watering with a distills them. Yeah, I regardless. I think it's weird that Ferrari, with their history and with all the fuck ups that they have had through the ages. I was waiting and waiting, like, you know, okay, and now they're gonna fuck up, now they're gonna fuck up, but that never happened. Really surprising. True, man, man man. But I think like there isn't much to report on on Red Bull, because it was just obvious there. So I guess like we can just get by past red bully. Yesterday, you you summed it up very well. I forget. What was it like? It was just a yeah, I think, I...

...think they were. They were. They were a little cocky. They felt a little cocky even in fact, yesterday in the interviews, the comment at Max made about mercendiesase space. Yeah, and I don't know if you saw this, but the Mercendy, whoever runs the mercendies twitter. Man, they basically said the same thing as soon as his car retired. But yeah, it was. It was really awesome. Hey, is the way I wanted to summit. was basically the went in cocky. They fell on their faith and I think better make these mistakes now, at the start of the season, than later. So I guess they probably will learn their lesson from here. True. Yeah, the season is going to be such amazing seeing these and now, for a reason, the mix right. Like last year they knew they were then fighting for Pthree, but now I think like it's going to be head on head for all these these top three. Yeah, and another thing, they don't have massy anymore. So, Oh man, speaking of that, speaking with the safety car, there is like we will allow lapped cars to unlap themselves. Man, I saw that message. I saw the message and I had PTSD. Even though I was not really in world, I still had ptsd from and it's been fourteen weeks to that event. And Oh my God. Well, you know what, since you're talking about Ferrari, we have to talk about be team. There's customer team, right, Hass Oh man, I think I'm as surprised as everyone who's been chatting about has over the weekend. I think you are in that same bucket. I speak for both of us here. What the fuck was that? We are, what, third in the construction? Fourth in the construction? Yeah, yeah, all, who would have they were at the bottom. They were literally like scraping the bottom of the barrel last season. My God. But Man, what what happened? Like came at Holy Shit. I'm he earned a new fan. Man Like I have criticized him a lot earlier, but he shut up all his critics. That's all I can see. Like ten days ago he did not know he's going to be in enough fun card, and today he is and he's P five. Yeah, the last two years, I mean one year with a fun fan fiction and the year before that, we've never discussed grow Jean came ag Hass, because there's there isn't anything to discuss right. But exactly today the tables have turned just like so fast it wow. So this is goes to show, right, like they've kept saying that we've been working on that two thousand and twenty two car and Moy. Have they been working? Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, and in fact, if you, if you, if you have seen it right, the car has some really unique features. Of You seen the fin that they have on the the tail, which is do unique. I haven't seen that on any other car. I'm pretty sure they had. They really did put a lot of effort year and yeah, it's paid off blind if if they continue making such developments throughout the season. Oh Man, I'm rooting for has to fight with mercedies for top three, like because because it looks like mercities a is at B th reman. Obviously the first place never decides anything, but but maybe you see has versus mercedies for pth you. Wow, right, you know, I really want to point out something. You know, the whole thing. I don't know if you've heard about what they call it as the butterfly effect. Right, right. It's funny how a country trying to join need too like starting from there. It went to IMMA getting P five. Oh, that's that's so true, in many wrong ways, but that's so true. A corollary to that. Okay, it warms my heart...

...that Massiban must be fuming right now. But yeah, man, Hash, yeah, I would have. I would have loved to see make two up there, but I think like he's still getting used to that car. That's where that's like. I think the experience of K MAG is coming back in. You can see how rookie versus an experienced driver before when they're handed the same car and and this is this is that perfect show of how you get you get into up there, into the point with with a car like yes, and I think this is going to be very beneficial for Schumacher as well, because he'll now you didn't really have competition. Yeah, and I don't think that was good for his career as such, and I'm pretty sure he's going to learn a lot from Kimak the experience that he brings to the team. I think it's going to be very essential for him. You're on. So I think it kind of works in his favor, even though, yeah, it might be a little embarrassing at the start where he like doesn't finish anywhere near him, but I think in the long run it's going to be a beneficial yeah, that's true. We're team and has has has been such a surprise, and not just like him being there at pure pace and stuff, but like even trying to defend and battle things out. So overall, just just to just a brilliant weekend from has and talking about like B teams right Alpha toury on the other end to it's just it was completely what red bull wasn't able to deliver yesterday. Great weekend overall. preseason was good. From Gas Lee. Alpha towery looks strong yesterday. Yeah. Yeah, though, it's really funny how, for a Japanese engine, the only driver finished the race was a Japanese driver. That is true, whether that is true. So, yeah, I don't know to make out of it by the recy theories I think about. Yeah, the scars have been catching firemen like it's it's the third or the fourth time I've seen like someone marshalling that car. YEA, though, I think ghastly did well. I mean, of course he ran out of luck, but he was, he was doing good, but I don't know, man, I really feel and I feel sad for ghastly that he's kind of stuck in that team. I really wish he had gotten into another team because I think like somewhere, since Alpha towery is kind of an experimental you know, like it's like the Canary in the coal my for Red Bull. They try out different things with them and I think because of that Gasti is after disadvantage in general and yeah, I hope he gets a better seat. He's a great driver because so, let's see. I while I would want that, I feel like that might not happen soon because Perez has actually gotten very comfortable and he is proving to be a good fight since the last few races that he's gotten comfortable. Yea Car now, so as long as he's fighting up there with Max, it's yeah, that's second seed is pretty much locked in with Perez. Yeah, yeah, that's true. And even in the like the last, sorry, not last, of course, Perez, his car gave up, but it just note the fuck Nowadl is, but he was fighting. He was actually fighting come it in pretty well, like at the end, because I think Hamilton somehow found some pace at the end, yes, as usual, and he was trying to get that pthree. Yeah, but he was defending pretty well at that time. Turki is GP returns whatever Abuda BGP returns. It was like where as versus Hamilton again. I think, like the car, thought that the race was only fifty six laps. That's what I think it was. Probably. Yeah, you know, we might just find out that some intern at read will mistakenly put the total labs of the peas and all their calculations got...

...messed up because of that. Yeah, by the way, like onto something factual at this point. Why don't you, why don't you educate us a bit about this? This thing that we were talking about earlier where these cars catching fire is actually some cause of concern that might be because of this new regulations and stuff. Yeah, I was reading some some redded discussion about this. I think there was this article by Amus. I think it's a you know, some news right, some German news set or something that. But basically what they were talking about is that like there's some issues with like the fuel pumps on the current cars and like it's causing some fuel leaks and stuff, which is causing like damaged electronics and things like that. And like if he see, especially the fire that gastly's car had, which did seem a liddle weird the flames were, you know, it seemed like fuel war was involved in that, at least when the fire started. It felt left that way to me. Maybe I'm wrong, but but it seems like Grad Wull problems are obviously, you know, associated to the same issue. I guess, and also, if you think about it, like their top three drivers faced the issue who were clearly obviously pushing their car, and so noada probably not as much, you know, so he somehow survived. So I guess it's probably got to do with the same issue and I hope they fix it because it fuel related issues can be really dangerous, and especially like I think we've seen so many cars being Marshall whettile. I said this before, red like what'll did it during pre testing. Oh Yeah, you other folks did it to gas la today. Fingers crossed. I hope this doesn't turn into a bigger disaster. And Hey, it's part of the change is coming in. So, yeah, we think we just gonna end up learning new things and adapting to the to the seven years that I've changed for the first time. Right. Yeah, hopefully they're. But the changes are working, because I think a lot of people, I mean almost all the drivers, said so that, you know, following has become a lot easier, yes and before, and we could clearly see that on the field as well. How you know, however, you wody was battling it out. So I'm glad these changes happen. Of course there are going to be issues. You know, whenever change happens, there are going to be is shoes, but I think we are in a net positive so I think that's fair true. Before we move on, let's just talk about some some random stacks, and I think like you set up a good stage for that, because if we see, if we see who had the Jelly Bean award of most overtakes, right, that was the ricky, that was the debut aunt. Yeah, Jao one, you Levin overtakes and not at all bad for his first season. Maximum positions gained, stroll, Ashton, Martin was nowhere in the whole race yesterday, but spoons up there. And then most positions lost, Norris, Oh man, McLaren, I think we'll get to it later. Right. Yeah, you just I just feel for them. I forget what that movie is where, you know, these Somalian pirates hijack the ship and there's the Sea Guy Philip. Thank you, Captain Philip, and the scene where I am the new captain, where where it's like that, that same shot and the meme goes where McLaren is like I am the new horse. I saw another one, because orange is the new house. Yeah, I think we should do this. We should get in like like this. This has a recurring segment. I just discuss a few memes of here, of course,...

...and I have to. I have to call out another meme that we shared on instagram. Right is the was stop in throwing this guy having then Charles keeping from the idea. True, exactly that today. Yes, yes, I wore a heard, I've I don't know who was speaking at the moment, dure from the commentary box, but there's apparently some new eat and fuel F on trying to take some sustainability fuel steps towards towards the racing, which is which is at least a good initiative. There therefore, with the whole Arrow and the engineering regulations coming in two thousand and twenty two, there is a fuel regulation coming in where the teams have to use like a ten percent sustainable fuel composite in whatever fuel they use. So that's that's a good move. And the other thing I want to point out, at least this is something I observed, was Ra start. Replace was on lap five. Someone as listening to us. I am more there is a Luminati, for sure. Yeah, definitely. I was happy about that because finally we got to see what all was going on and laught where. Yes, so, yeah, I mean Kudos to them. I think they are really committed overall to improving their programming and they're they can taking steps for it. So, Yep, that's I mean credit due, creditive. Yes, yes, yes, yes, coming back to these these constructors, men, mercedies. I'm glad they're there this bottom in our discussion too, and like after years yours over there is something not eventful happening. I mean I hope they find their more Jo back and there is competition, Chris, competition is entertaining. But for one I didn't care if Hamilton was whatever for or six or wherever he was. Yeah, for a change I did not were Hamilton on the radio much at all and I was so happy for about because there's nothing to grieve about when you're not making exactly yeah, the mercedise man, for a change, they are not really sandbagging, so that's surprising. I think the spot poisoning is especially haspured them a lot. I think they are the only team, I think most teams have found somewhat of a middle ground of a you know, fix for it, even if it's not perfect, but I think these guys are still struggling. We could clearly see with practice how terrible it was. It was basically just sitting in a boat or something like that for them. I'm going at three hundred MIT. Yeah, but, but, yeah, I think I'm not sure, but I guess during the race they were not bouncing around that much. So I guess they kind of did some quick fix. But I guess because of that they were seeing some tired, great dishan issues, because it almost felt to me like Hamilton was in the pitstop every ten lacks or something. Yeah, he did, like I think it was the first one to start that bit. Stopped great too and stuff. Yes, yeah, but Russell also complained. They are not complained, but stated this in his post race interview that they're still trying to work on the pourpoise saying. So there's there's there's quite a lot of change that I think, like all of these cars, are going to bring. Oh by the way, for listeners who are not aware what purpoising is, you know, basically just a quick reminder. Basically, pourpoise is an animal like a fish, like a dolphin, which like swims in water and like jumps while swimming. So for most of these cars, with the with the changed error regulation, since most of the Arrow comes from, you know, beneath the car,...

...what happens is the car gets pushed down to the floor and then with that day lose some vacuum and then the car rises up again and that that keeps happening in a cycle. So, you know, basically like setting on a horse or something like that. So, yeah, just a quick explanation anyways. But but talking about Russell, stating this, I didn't even notice him on the track yesterday. Yeah, actually, I'm not even getting I somewhat forgot because, see, usually we know that botas is not going to be there and he's going to be somewhere. And it the only did not feel to me like the second driver had changed at moshodies, because it was exactly the same. There was no competition from the second driver, Hamilton. And Yeah, I think he's wasn't unknown today. Pretty much true. Right. And and to add to like the whole merseeries backing yesterday, something interesting is excluding the DNFS, like the bottom six drivers or the bottom sees. Six cars were all driven by Mercedes engine. So, yeah, something is going on. Something is going on. Yeah, probably totors just pished that it right. You know when man he turned down the engines for all his has to my teams or something. I go down, I take the whole ship with it's exactly talking about their issues. I think Hamilton had some a lot of fun right after this pitcht up, right when it came out. Yeah, and that's the interesting part. Like, I feel it felt like he was just with skates on a nice rink. He's just, he's just. He just couldn't get his car to be on that track and that turned one like something was wrong. Yeah, yeah, I think it's a characteristic especially if the hot tire and the thicker tires as well, because there's more rubber to get heat into, and I think they've also reduced the temperature of the tire blankets as well. Right. So I think overall, well, we're going to see this a lot more, specially, I'm I really wonder what will happen in wet races, because, yeah, let's see, right, and then we aren't you also saying like the you you read an article where these guys were saying the pitstops have also gotten a bit more longer because of the tire size and the weight and everything. Oh, yeah, I think I don't recall where I did it, but yeah, basically, since the tires have become larger, they're heavier and I'm pretty sure those pit stop crew was not as used to yeah, they probably need to bulk up with it. Sorry, those tires right. Yeah, yeah, I think Ricardo was a victim of that. I think like a five point five second or Notis was it? But like one of the mclarens. Oh, yeah, five point five again, and just you know, okay, since we are alluding to it now, let's just finish them off, because they are doing the back to themselves anyways. So my clap, and I think they're back to their GPTWADAYS. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Alonso is laughing. Is We to whom right now? Yeah, very true, very true, and man, okay, one more thing I need to point out. The moment they put the chrome decals and their wheels, their can't just became slower. So it's then. But yeah, they're gonna face some pain, I guess, through this season. I yeah, I hope even they are able to find their more JOK is. Until last season, it felt like they're going to be these good competitors for Pthree, but suddenly they are the Horse Replacement for two thousand and twenty two. Yeah, you new. It always feels like the switch place is right. Yeah, straight of switch place places, halfment where McLaren was in. McLaren went to pass. That's a good one. Yes, that is true. That's a good one. Hey. But speaking...

...of we did say stroll gain Max positions yesterday, plus seven. But overall I didn't even think I saw much of that green car on the track yesterday. Yeah, I didn't see it much either, I guess. I think because primarily earlier in the race he wasn't giving positions right and I think they were like right behind somewhere, and I think later on the safety car helped him somewhat. I guess with with seven positions he gained, but I guess, I don't know. Let's see, Aston Martin, they don't seem to have the performance or I don't know what's going on exactly. It always feels like said just, you know, nope to the fuck oult. He just bets like you didn't want to a boss that he knew what was coping. But you know, Hull. Kyd said, yeah, yeah, but overall it is. Hey, first of all, Mega Hull was back. Yeah, I was various. I was hoping to see some good action come come out of it, but yeah, we didn't see anything. It's not in the Austin Martin. Yeah, I maybe they thought of using the Bewt Pink Tag. They yeah, they'd had they did at the thing. I'm just this so much happening yesterday. Yeah, I think they were hoping that them being like the MERCENDIES B team flashback two thousand and twenty HAH, they would get some pace. But yeah, I think that's happening. Hymn talking about that beat of beauty. Okay, I I was so fucking confused yesterday because of that Alpine, because it just in my mind keeps messing me up. What car is this exactly? Is this Alpine? Is this force and day? Is this raising point? What's going on? Yeah, I think like like Papa strolls thinking, if they just rebrand the livery, things change, but you got to work inside the car. Were exactly inside, not the outside, which when some time on this, on this last I think. I think this is the last thing that you want to talk about all for Romeo. Yeah, yeah, this fun seeing them, man, they suddenly are like superstars, right. Yeah, of a sudden the BOTT him two teams from last season. Right, has an Alpha Romeo? Mean, who would have think we would be talking about them so much? Right, is right in that season, and you know, that reaffirms my believe that Ferrari have basically start the rocket engine. Yes, because that sorts happened. All ferry powered cars are right there at the top. So, yeah, you know, yeah, man, this new era will be good to see some new, consistent champions, some new battles out there. I think this is very famous code by ends of for I rail aerodynamicss for those guys who can't create good engine. Wow, that guy was ariginary ahead of his time. And exactly. But are both both drivers? Vote has. Sure he is just botasting around, but Joe, Jay, Joe, Joe yesterday. Okay, let's let's call it out. Okay, first of all, I was very confused a lot of times during the raise when people were straight up calling him Joe. Okay, like I was like, is that a new driver? What's going on? Who is Joe? And if you can't pronounce a name, don't repeat it million times. Show. Yeah, yeah, jog on you is. I am impressed. I'm impressed. I want to I want to see more what comes from that walkpaid home. Hope his his stunt...

...continues and it just gets better from here. I was very skeptical because, yeah, he's just what yet another you know, money drying? Yeah, paid right, good, good race. One into the points for his debut. Again. Yep, yester, yea. And you know, honestly, even if he wouldn't had gotten the point, he still drove brilliantly because he was overtaking well. Yes, as he had the most overtake. Yes, he was overtaking well, he was defending well, he was keeping pace for both as for most of the time actually. And Yeah, brilliant, like for a rookie in his first race. Brilliant, I think. Yeah, I was super impressed by him. True. True, there's some some fun stuff happening at Williams. I think Alex was just having some PTSD there. But because we are an Alfa Rome or, there was a good to be won battle with both as and Jao both trying to fight with Alex. there some some fund raising there. Yeah, and I'm most keen to see what Alex can do in this. Williams, I think he's going to be the Mr Saturday here on because, yeah, that's what he basically did in, you know, yesterday's Quali as well. So, yeah, I think Latifee is going to be the new males opin for the season. That's a good point. I can see that happening right, because, if you think about it, we didn't even think of mentioning him during this whole episode. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, because see, the only reason he would be like the third last of food last usually was because massipin and Schumacher would be behind. Yeah, fair point. So I think he doesn't have that buffer anymore. So, yeah, well, I think that's a good race. They're, all in all, just a brilliant season opener. I, for one, was shocked and surprised and happy to see, you know, not just see like the three teams on the first six and then everyone battling out like the Formula One point five. It seems like Formula One and one point five are bleeding into each other. Yeah, and these these new cars, first of all, they look brilliant on the track. It feels like a racing sport. Now, Oh, you know, since you say that, I have to really call this out. Hamilton's card man. I'm in love with that car, that that first of all, his helmet, the Green Peacam and the green decals that he has adopted. They just look so good. I love that fire and especially yesterday on the night track, right like it is shined the Lord. Yep, Yep, Yep, definitely, it was looking brilliant, like yeah, love it. I never thought would say that I love the Mercudis, sliver allows, livery fight. Yeah, here I am, and this is the fun part, folks. This is the fun part. Go back to the the the season one point five that we've had. We've discussed livery and you can hear Sarah Crib about the silver arrows, that he doesn't like them. This is the turnaround that this man's having. So yes, yes, yeah, not. All in all, it was a fun Sunday and and this this season, man, it's gotten me so excited. The Red Dragons back, if one point five is going to be amazing, and I hope McLaren come back is I want to see them fight their way up through the season. Will make a good episode for DTS but yeah, man, I think like this has been a good episode one for Ams are two, but episode one for the race folks. Yeah, just too excited. Comment. Comment to us, like tell us what you...

...thought about the race. Tell us what you think is going to happen through the season, how you are or aren't excited about the season. You can DM was you know. Our names are cash and S. are on your host at fun fan fiction, at the rate anywhere. You can reach out to us. If you want an email, contact us at the rate of fun fan fiction. Yeah, let's chat. Let's chat until the next episode, the next race. These are your host's signing off. Bye, bye.

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