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Episode 58 路 2 weeks ago

2022 Brazilian GP w/ Katherine


And we are back at Interlagos for the 2022 Brazilian GP. I like to call this the most interesting boring race of the season. With so much drama that just put the entire K-Drama industry out of buisness.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ricciardo鈥檚 Penalty Pursuit 馃ぅ
  • A few too many races?
  • The indestructible Ferrari 馃
  • Max on his worst behavior
  • Papa Perez Angry walking towards Max 馃が
  • Mercedes鈥檚 Resurrection from dead 馃樀
  • FIA forgets Tsunoda
  • A little piece of plastic Vs Ferrari, who wins?聽聽聽聽

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

I can. I can see the rage of our listeners, like, I'm never going to listen to this podcast. This is This is how sarcasm with a fun fan fiction sounds like, you know, you've got to have some dark sense of humor if you are part of this community. Hello, and welcome back to F one fan Fiction. This is a show about F one race weekend reviews and racing community interviews. And this one has been a very controversial one to be very honest, let's let's start the episode. At least we are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and and today we have a guest with us. Actually take it away. Hi, my name is Kathie. I'm from Chile. To start, I think just to their race was one of the race, best price of the season. We have so much ination. I think it was amazing. Welcome to the show. Welcome, Yeah, welcome to the show. So we've heard like, at least for Katherine, this was this was the best race of the season. How how is it for you, Sara? Oh well, I don't know. I have mixed feelings. Like the race itself, if you look at it, h in itself, it was there were things going on so it was interesting, but at the same time, the stakes were at literally zero since World Championship is over, so nothing that happens in these races has any consequences pretty much, so I don't know, I had like mixed feelings about it before we go any forward, right, like, I wanna tell this to our audience. So Katherine, you are a fan of landowners right like I think like and and please tell our audience like what your official Instagram handle is, um and why why landowners? Yes, I don't know. I think Lando when I when I meet if one Londo was the don't know the West right the West driver that I met. I mainly land of Fun, but I also support most of the gree I think everyone here or something so fair enough, fair enough and and folks, if if you also want to check out her page on Instagram that is Lando dot Norris Underscore f one go check it out. You'll you'll see or Lando appraisal stories and posts and everything. So money so many rations yes, yes, yes, um so yeah, give it give it a check. But coming back to the weekend, this was this was a sprint weekend, um, Sarah. At least we haven't been much of a fan of two Weekends, right was did this one change your opinion? It's somewhat dead, Actually, I don't know. Like it was. It was fun to watch the sprint trace, especially of course the main highlight that he had Kimag on pole position, which itself was incredible. That was the first time that I think he's been on pole. He was able to maintain it like not like of course, not the fourth pole position, but he was still able to get a point out of it. I don't know. Sprint traces are starting to grow on me a bit. I think, like the short twenty four ish lap race, it's pretty fun to watch without you know, strategy coming into the picture, and it's basically just raw performances of drivers in this case because of that that we judge and not the team or anything the factor. So yeah, I know, it's it's starting to grow on me. It was interesting to see Kmag on pole because here is what I noticed. I noticed that they have never had this situation because their communic satitions director was trying to understand what to tell...

...on mike because they have never spoken on the mike before. And f P two I saw Kmag practicing how to launch start from the first position. Yes, I want to know this. So, Kathy, I don't know how long have you been following the sport, but it hasn't been long enough for you to see kmag and be happy that he was probably P one. Yes, I mean I see if one three years. Also I see the race since twenty okay, okay, yes, so k mag has always been there when when you see yes, yes, yes, yes, Um. I think Magnussen is a good driver. So many times I think too aggressive, but driver good actuations on the track. So the pole I think has married, but I don't think. I don't think it's for the performance of the car. It was just because the rain helpy think yeah, but I think it was a good failing. Yes, yes, that is actually a very good point because it was a while. It is good that he was the one. Um. It was a combination of two very important factors. One that George Russell beached his car into the sands, bringing the red slugs out, and then obviously the rains making it difficult to beat CA Max time that he did on the dry tire. So yeah, that's true. It was a bit surrender pictures, but nonetheless P one for us of course, I think first and only. I don't think hus will ever get I'm just missing them. But now I hope that. But still, you know, credit where it's due. Like, while I agree it was some form some part of luck, it's also the fact that he was first on track. Yes, so they did predict that rain would come and some something like George beaching his car might happen, and which is why he was first on track. So you know, that's fair game. It's part of the whole qualification process one at least trying to get their strate correct. Exactly what else was very standing out for sprint? And I'm trying to think here, I don't know about standing out. I know about pushing out though, what do you mean stroll pushing out? Oh that was sprint? Oh yeah, oh yeah yeah? What was he doing? And I mean, like Vetels reaction was also very iconic. Okay, just like he just said, Okay, that's it. Do you know there is this name I don't know if both of you Catherine knew and Sara of this name where there is something very ridicul was happening in the video and then this this black guy comes on screen, very smilingly says Okay, that's there's a meme like that. I don't know if you've seen this, so that that is what it felt like for a wettle like Metal saying like that dude in that blue costume, you know, the black complexion guy. Okay, and then above images Stroll pushing him out, so funny. Yeah, it was super dangerous though I don't know what Stroll was trying to do, like pulling that move off on his teammate, especially like, yeah it was and you know, like after watching this, I went back to the last race where like he did something similar to Alonso as well, and I started to think the flying car thing, So you know, that makes me think that I probably put more blame on Stroll because he did basically the same thing this time, as we consistent. Yeah, I think...

Strong didn't respect his team make space, so I think them penalty seconds was good because don't know, it's so dangerous, so that was just ten seconds or did he also get like any extra penalty points points on the license points? I think it's two penalty points. Okay, Okay, that that makes sense because that's a very because if you remember this has happened in the past with I think I want to call like Rossberg and Hamilton's where Hamilton's had to go on the outside on the grass and luckily the cars were safe, but like it knocked both the cars off. So I think it was spaying sixteen. Yeah, yes, it was definitely twenty sixteen when Rothberg one. Definitely yes, And I think like Metel has bad luck with Brazil that it was it was with Leclerc where he where he went into him out of anger or something to write like it was, Yeah, I think it's two years back or something. So that's wet and Brazil don't go together. Um. The other person I feel like isn't good with Brazil is check O because Alonso so was it? I keep in fishing between Sprint and me and this Alonso and and Checko was sorry Alonso and o'con sorry my bad opon. That was also that was also the sprint race, right, like not the main race, I think sprint. Yeah. O'con has also been doing quite dirty tactics there. It's it's not a track that he is he's comfortable with, I feel um, I for once was very surprised when Alonso got that penalty because it was two things right, One o'conn was trying to push or probably was not trying, but it was such a wide turn or a faster turn or maybe he understood or whatever, right like, it pushed Alons out such that it imbalanced him. That sort of knocked o CON's side belly. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I remember that incident now very well. Wow, that was super scary actually because at one point his car was like, you know, just about point degrees and then then he snapped it back some more. But yeah, it was super dangerous. And then comes on radio that alonsover the penalty for it. So I'm like, yeah, man, I mean, we'll get to it soon. But if I I don't know what they were doing with judgments this race, because there are a lot of those which I kind of disagree with, but we'll get to it. I think this was one of them, yea, which I had actually forgotten about that he had gotten the penalty. I don't know if both of you, Catherine, you and I've seen this, But which was also a meme which is like I think Alonso said that one more race and we are done, and I'm happy. We move one sort of thing, right, and then there is a cut to meme where Vettel says you will now be joining Strolls all the best sort of thing. Um, yes, I think I don't know what it's better, saying yeah, like o'con or Stroll, I don't know. I don't know. I think like as as a driver, maybe O'Connor is better, but as a team maybe Aston Martinez. So that's that's just my opinion. Maybe one of the most unexpected moment movements in the season is alongso to Ust Martin. But I think I think All also needs a break. Alpin is not what it was in him. He's already forty is something, right, So him taking a break is another retirement will come back again. I...

...think let's go to the main event, the main race, main race. Dashing cars, right, I think that that that was my team, Like it was just everybody crashing into each other. It seemed like everybody was desperate for like the last two races, everybody wanted to capitalize on it. And of course why I don't know that, But basically we saw dashing cars, Daniel taking off KMA very beautiful in the first lap. Poor guy Cama got a dude. I think you know, I put up a story on Instagram a few a few hours back that I want to be full sarcastic and I want to take hate for this this episode because I want to defend these guys. I feel it was Kmax fault. I don't think it was, yeah, because how's that alright? So let's do this, I feel see, first of all, we all know that Daniel is a king of late breaking, right maga is he's probably taking a bit more and can. Daniel knows what his car is, right, so he's trying to He's not anticipating a breaking that much. That's one too. He knows if he gets a penalty, he'll perform bender, so of course, so he's trying to get that second penalty so that he can perform better. But who knew that he came is going to put his car in reverse here and not at Yeah, but I think it's it's requires his fault in reality, but he too much. Yeah, yeah, No, it's definitely his fault, and I think like he it's it's I mean, I think he's just trying to prove himself at this point. But I don't think this is the impression that he wants to create when it's too late exactly. It's too late. Ah yeah, it was a bit too late and a bit too aggressive, and I don't know what's going on with him anyway. I mean, at this point, I'm like, it's only one race left. I actually am going to take this poll tomorrow. Folks listening to us check out this story on maybe Twitter also, but Instagram for sure. But I want to take this poll. Twenty three races. I as a fan, I'm a bit tired. I would have been happy with like one or two less racist than this to call it a season. But this and next year there's one more extra. So I mean, I like a one, I love a one. I'm doing this for a phone, but yes, I think the same. It's a lot of race in a year, very too much much, and I think it's it's detrimental to f one as well. I feel because I think that this might have a negative effect on the fans as well, because of course there is burnout, like not just within the teams. Of course, they are actually traveling everywhere, so I'm pretty sure that team team members must be really frustrated by the increasing number of races. But I think even from the fan perspective, you're dialuting the importance of the races by introducing so many and I don't know, like towards these last few races, I think this is probably like the first season when I thought, like, you know, hey, man, like this is a way long season. You know, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was like probably two or three races shorter. Yeah, yeah, I don't know. Anyways, coming back to it takes fool to tango. Who's the next one? Charles and Lando? This one was, this one was an okay one. What do you think about this? This is like, man, sure they crash, mm hmm. I think it's both fault, but I think it's a little more fault of London least than the care which makes him less control of the car.

So fair enough. Yeah, And I think that that penalty was perfect, Like, I think the punishment matched the crime. It wasn't a very big they gave him a five second penalty and penalty points, I think. But it was good to see like Ferrari not retiring. But I think le Claire continued as racists. I was very surprised. So so yeah, that's what like generally generally his when his car I saw his car like in the barriers, no nose front. I was like, okay, that's yeah, there's another safety car coming in for sure. But then his car started moving again like on the mini map. I'm like, wait, what what's going on here? Before we go to the next one, right, which then is going to kick us into like the bigger drama that's happened. Let's get into the the subtle level of the fight, going into the bigger drama of the level level one, which is Max versus Hamilton's. I think it's totally were stubborn fault. He could easily have lifted and waited for the next lap or take over the line at the finish of the scenest. I don't know. I think we're Steppen was a little bit in material yesterday apparently so custom But yeah, that's a fair point. And if we say this was what Steppen's fault, then what st happened versus o Con which is not apples to apples but was again o CON's fault. Yes. What was more annoying for me was the arrogance in his statement that he made after the fact that it costs Hamilton's a race. Wain versus I just got a five seconds that was That was very cocky, that was anyways, Yeah, it seemed like Steppen was on his worst behavior yesterday, like honestly, like I okay, so to start with, like the first crash itself, at least, I'm of the opinion that it was a racing incident and not like I don't agree with the penalty. I for me, at least, it would have been just you know, it's a racing incident and leave it as it is. Because Max anyways got punished on his own, Like it's not like he was leading the race or something after that, so he got an actual punishment out of it, and I think that was fair enough. He was pretty much at the back of the grid anyways, and considering the fact that like, of course, like the rules have changed a bit this year, and that's basically what has caused this controversy because basically the rules up till last year were that if your car is at the halfway length of the car ahead of you, you're considered to be alongside the car next to you. But this year they changed the wordings to say that it doesn't say half way length anymore, it only says significantly alongside, which is a very vague term and it's not you know, you can't define it, so it's up to the discussion off the race directors to define what that is. And in this particular situation, they said that we consider significantly alongside is when both the front wheels are like matching each other. But I don't exactly agree with that because then at that point, I don't know, then you're basically saying that do not ever try to attempt inside pretty much, and I feel that would be detrimental to racing in general. So I'm not sure. While I totally agree that Max was pretty arrogant this race, I don't agree with the penalty that was given in general. I mean, there are two things here, right, Like one is that the car if we see a snapshot of the first pap, the second PAP was probably either him losing balance and and running into Hamilton's or he actually went...

...crazy the lad The latter is is a bigger safety issue if he goes crazy on that track at that speed. But let's for the sake of scianity assume he lost control, right But the first first snapshot of them colliding is Max's car is almost more than half or almost at least half over the curbs, right, and at that point, if he were to go over the curbs, that penalty should have then been on Lewis because the new rules also say that if you push the car outside to gain an advantage, you get a penalty. So it's just at that point maybe they gave the penalty to make sure. But him being cocky just just took all my questioning. Even if you were wrong, that behavior was like, Okay, I don't like it anyways, that's just a fact. But that that started up a whole new drama, right, and and let's let's talk about this the red bull drama before before we come to the f I blunders red bull drama. Then let me start with you. What do you think should Max have given the position back to check On? I think yes, because he was in his right, but it's something he host to his teammates. Basically, in my opinion, the most sensily think for first up and was to give the position to Paris. He had nothing to lose, It caused him nothing to be a good teammate, after all, press always happened him. Yeah, and I want to start up some controversy again because I'm in that. I think it's fine. He didn't give the position back, to be honest, and I'll tell you why. My day is. He worked so hard, he very last over to everybody, came all the way to Pereis while Perez was being overtaken by everyone else. Again he went all cocky about it, which is want this play off. But it's fine he didn't give it back. I can I can see the rage of our listeners, like I'm never going to listen to this podcast again. This is sarcasm. This is how sarcasm with a fun fan fiction sounds. Like, you know, you've got to have some dark sense of humor if if you are part of this community. I'm sorry, Yeah, I know, I mean I kind of agree, so you know, I see both sides of this, Like you know, I I'm kind of ambivalent on this entire controversy. Like on one hand, it was like Parres was four seconds behind Max, and you know four seconds is a significant time in racing, and especially when your teammate who was knocked off, who has who had a damage fronting to enter into the pits, served a five second penalty, came out overtook everybody overtook you as well, and then you saying that give me the position back. I don't exactly agree with that. I do understand the other side of it, however, that he has immensely helped Max. In fact, Max has to give like at least like thirty or forty percent credit for last year's finale, you know, the one race where Paris I think he held up Hamilton's for like eight seconds or something. That lead not only held up Hamilton but also gave Max a tour to sort of like getting that second to then exactly. Yeah. So you know, considering those factors and considering the fact that if he wants to be a long term you know, uh winner for Max, he has to have a botas on his side, which is you know, Paris basically uh.

And if he's the singer of Paris, he's not going to help him from next year. So I don't understand what was his logic behind doing it, while it completely understand the competitor side of him, where he would be like, you know, he's four seconds behind me, I'm not going to just stop my car in the middle of the road and let him pass by. But I think from the perspective of, you know, more of a long term thinking he should hide given it away or rather I also placed some fault on the team as well. This is definitely toxicity with the team and this community, of course, and because if you go back and listen to the entire radios. Actually, there's this clip that I found and read it where somebody has like combined both the radios of Paris and Max with their respective engineers, and the way it unfolded was Paris's engineer was was continuously telling him that, you know, Max is going to give you the position, right, but if you go back to Max's radio, he doesn't get that communication until three turns from the finish line on the last lap, which is, according to me, a bit too late for you to tell somebody that, you know, just give up your position, stop your car for four seconds, let the car behind you go ahead. Yes, I feel I don't know. I'm not very sure. It almost felt felt to me like the team just wanted to show that they're telling Max that let prest by, but they didn't really want it, is what. I don't know. I'm of mixed opinions through the whole controversy. Overall. Yes. Besides Max has won the championship, so it's a little intense. Yeah, And apparently there is news there is a stat that Red Bull has never had one too as driver championship and if that is true, this is their opportunity to like exa, this is Christian owners golden crown at this point, right. And I blame this a bit more on the team too, because of two things. One, you've you've spoiled a kid so much that the kid is throwing tantrums and putting you at this point. That's one and two. There was a situation in the sprint race as well where Checko asked for that position h and he was denied. And I would have assumed that they would talk about this at least between the main race and the sprint race. But to see a repeat of it and then, like you know, Max being all all arrogant and cocky about it is probably shedding good light on the character he should have given, could have given. We've seen some defensive side of why that could not have been possible. Sure, Keeping that aside, it's the attitude which I think all of us have a problem with at this point. I don't know yesterday drama was so intense. Yeah, and also all the comments in the like media pen later on, right, Like, I think Max was probably like saying that this was related to Monacco and I don't get it, like it's races ago, You've already won the championship, man like, like who gives the ship? Just let it go? Apparently, yes, imagine this we know for sure. However, cute Papa Perez looks like he's a don. Oh, yeah, of course he's a don. Like, don't get me, he's a right. Imagine imagine people showing up with guns in the Netherlands or or wherever Max stayed at this point. M if they do. We didn't say this, we didn't broke it. I think it's somewhat of an...

...unmasking of Red Bull as well. I would think that the fact that the tension that's been boiling beneath the team, which still now probably was hidden, I think, has been exposed a bit. I think there's certainly some discontention there. There is some uh, you know, rivalry kind of going on inside, and I think that's evident. I think a lot of people have already said this that the team entirely favors Max and and you know, like I don't completely blame them like he has given them results, so I can kind of understand why the team is putting all their eggs in his basket but pempered child at this Yeah exactly, Yep, that's true. So I was telling this to one of our other followers on Instagram that and I A good come back to this would be next year Lewis Hamilton wins the championship, depriving Max of his third title, takeing the eighth title. He retires and Perez moves to Perez, Perez moves to Mercedes, and then Russell and Perez make sure Max never wins the champion That's karma. Yes, that would be fun. One point I have to pull out since we're talking about red Bull. Why is Checko so battering safety car restarts? Why is he always smiles behind the car in front of him. I don't know what's going on. Has does he not know what safety car restarters know? If he knows how to read the dashboard, because in fact, yesterday when I was watching the race, even the commentators were like, you know, when the sign came up that safety car is ending, and like Checo's car was like about three to four Carlins behind Hamilton's and even the commentator is like, what is he doing? Does he not know that the safety car is restarting wise so behind? How is he going to catch up them? All of this, you know what, all of this has taken the light away from what was a brilliant race by Mercedes. So so so let's let's move away from the I want to call it manufactured drama at this point because if I just trying to see the biggest winners out of this, I mean, we can comment whatever we want to stir up these controversies to bring in more audience, and you know, we know where we stand, but we can say something to you know, do the juicy part. But the true winners out of this are Liberty Media and Netflix. Yeah it's there's that's where the money is. Anyway, this is all taking away the light from some brilliant performances yesterday, none other than Russell winning his his you know, pole first to win. Thoughts on Mercenies resurrection you folks, both of you an open question or do you think well, I think it was their best performance and I think they're pretty much dark. I would say, I'm really hyped for because Ferrari has clearly shown that they are not up for a fight for the championship. So I'm glad that Mercedes has been able to dig their way up again and I'm hoping that they really, you know, challenge the Red Bull team again and this time with two drivers not just one. Yes, yes, mercies from Austin. We're getting dangerously close. Yes he maybe, Um, I don't know. It's it's great to see them again on the fight and maybe for the next year. Yeah. Yeah, And I feel like there will be good contention too, because like with the reduced testing times, are going to get invent tunnel. But as maybe won't start acting as a team player again. Um, for he knows what they need to do to fight r BR and Mark...

...is always on that look how to come back to the top. Um, yeah it is. It is definitely going to be interesting. Three. Did he did he get by the way, did he get Driver of the day? Who was Driver of the Day? Yeah, I don't know. I saw that the worst think Yeah, that would make sense. Oh I I think I sort of agree with our our other follower Ravisha as well, who probably said it should have been Russell because it was a brilliant weekend from him, right like sprint race performance, setting pole and then again coming back as as this made in P. One race victory. But it's fine. It's fine. I think like there's some some great driving from Hamilton's as well, so but sure it could go either ways. Yeah, that's true. And anyways, like I doubt, I doubt these drivers care as much about the driver of the deity when make except for everything, I don't think he gives the case as long as you get to win. It's fine. And I know you were saying this, or at least I see this in our not here like first one two sins more. Oh yeah, wow, that's a long time waiting. It's been a long time exactly. Glad that that they're back, man, Very honestly, I was kind of getting I started to get bored of seeing uh this Max on the top step of the podium, and especially after his behavior in the last race. Uh yeah, let's see. But but speaking of some performances, some some other few that are being completely undershadowed, I feel as Alonso going from p. Seventeen to P five, superb over taking Leclairic. I think also going from p. Eighteen after his knockoff to all of it be four that's crazy, that's crazy and I don't remember check sorry, okons now barber o'con was also like the second highest overtaking yesterday. The other one, which is a very subtle mention, is Mike Schoemaker in the Spring race because he went all the way from twenty I think like eight places gained people for team. So some some brilliant driving, some brilliant racing on that track that just completely got overshadowed with like stupid drama based off of farrogance and common Let's get back to the five blunders, you know. Mainly, I think that, you know, the kind of penalties that have been handed out throughout the season have been super inconsistent in the sense that if you see Russell versus Carlos right at Austin that and Stroll versus Alonso, or Stroll versus Battle, or you know, even this Hamilton's versus Blacks, I don't exactly feel that all of these and sidents were the same and worthy of the same amount of punishment. Like the drivers, I think there should be more distinction in terms of how dangerous the contact really was. And I don't know it. I don't agree that Max hitting Hamilton's yesterday was equivalent to Russell taking out Carlos Where it was? You know, yeah, I don't know. It's it's something that if I needs to really improve upon there. Let me ask you this, Catherine, do you think if I is doing this on purpose to start up controversy. I think the fear remains inconsistence, their inconsistence. I think I think the problem was not messy. Oh, by the way, did you see that during the last safety car restart, Sona us just hanging around between the front No, I did not what is this? What is everyone? They forgot him? What was this? Someone filled me and so they didn't let him unlap. So generally like before...

...the safety cart restarts, they allowed the lapt cast to unlove themselves and go back to the back of the grid. Right, So Sonorda somehow they forgot about him. He was like in between seventh and eight positions somewhere like he was lapped actually, so he was like towards the end. But basically they never allowed him to unlove himself. But something yeah he did, But then they should still allow him too, because that's what the rules are. So what happened is he basically was stuck between seventh and eight. The race restarted, he had to basically just give up the position and like go to the side of the track because he was blue flagged. One lap was added to him for no reason. He wasn't allowed to you know, catch back or do it, and he was just shafted like that's it, you know, fucking we don't care about this is such no this is and this is so no behavior, totally new, key man. This is a world glass board with like multi billion dollars. I think he finished like one second behind Ti m m behind Latif, one lad behind that highlight of Latif's career. He's had to go TV at this point. Oh man, I think like f I A is combined net worth is more than so many countries GDP at this point that they don't like they shouldn't be making these sort of blunders, but well, it is what it is. What else I think, like, there's a few more topics you on the cover, right, Oh yeah, the safety issue thing, dude, Yeah, you're talking about this helmet tear of stuck in sciences breakdown This is a second time this has happened this. You've seen this earlier when it completely botched lea Cleric's race. Somehow both somehow, somehow Ferrari seemed to either the team stuff or something happens on the track, which like is just completely against them. But yeah, there should be some sort of safety rules coming into this where you just stuck the thing rather than flipping it off sort of thing. Um, yeah, for sure, Yeah, man, I mean there's safety concerns around that. And I'm actually surprised till now nothing of this happened, which is really surprising to me because even like years prior, I used to always watch them, like through the plastic thing away and I used to always think that you wouldn't this go in the car behind and like you know, cut some issues. But I don't know, it's weird that like it happened twice this year, So I guess some rules might come by. I don't know. On a stat note, I think there are two stats. One is there's a first race since bar In two without the red bull on the podium, which was I'm not going to lie a good thing to see. Yeah, definitely, yes, I think the same Um, the second status. I think like this was the hundred race for k MAGS and it's not officially yet, but it will be by the time this episode comes out, that the second driver at hass is locked in as the Hulk is back. Really, yes, Saron called this out way back in one and it's finally happening, folks, two years late, but there eventually right, But yeah, it's it's happening. It's it's not announced it, but the Hulk is going to be back. And the last thing I want to close this off with is Catherine, let's try and summarize this in in your way to our audience who understand Spanish or your audience...

...that have come and watched us. Thank you for everyone who's following Catherine and is listening to us. We want to close this episode with Katherine. Can you summarize this race in Spanish for us as as much as you can? Okaya Carrera um Clara in and before we let you go, your thoughts on how did you like being on our show? How was how was this experience? It was It's the first experience, so I think weels amazing. I'm glad you had one, and thank you for joining us. Folks, that was Katherine for you. Go check her out on her Insta page which is Lando dot Norris Underscore f one. Go give it a follow, um and see how she is a big fan of Lando Norris. Um and a fun and fun obviously, sorry and have fun until the next last season finale which hopefully doesn't start up another drama and chaos. This is sarcasm. Signing off by.

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