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Episode 47 · 4 months ago

2022 French GP


The 2022 French GP was another great race at the Paul Ricard Circuit. Ferrari handed off the tradition of messing up to their drivers this race and Max is handed yet another victory. Mercedes got the best result so far with a 2-3!

Listen to the full episode to find out what happened to Sergio at VSC restart and why was Max so confident about everyone suffering from front left degradation.

In this episode:

  1. Ferrari: Next Year ™️
  2. Don’t beat a dead horse 😵
  3. Sainz stuck in a time loop
  4. Perez caught with his pants down 👖
  5. Where is the black and white flag for Russell?
  6. 100% Rainbow Helmet podium record 🏳️‍🌈
  7. Ricciardo the fortune teller 🔮
  8. Alonso’s 4d Chess ♟️  

Check out this meme that discuss about during the episode: Charle’s Troubles 

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Why are legends annoyed with the youngsters? Last race we saw the famous Lonso finger waving to son that. This race we see vetter face farming his own teammate stroke. Welcome to F one fan fiction, a show about fone, race weekend reviews and Fone community interviews. If you are new here, I promise you it's going to be a fun banter for the next x minutes that the show length is. Go ahead and follow us on our socials. You can find us at the rate of fun fan fiction and rate us on the streaming platform that you're listening to this episode on. And if you're an existing listener who's never rated US, why? Why? Why? Look yourself in the mirror and ask the question. Why? WHY HAVEN'T I? So go ahead and do that. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm silent. And let's get into the French Grand Prix in today's episode. You know, what we want to tell you is why you've been probably seeing these means of a Labor Room when it comes to F one. Why did Max say on the radio that he believes everyone's struggling with their front left tires? Why was he so confident and why was Peres Scott Off Guard during the VSC restart? I mean, these are some curiosity driven items that caught us our attention and some legends are getting now bored and annoyed with the youngsters on the grid, with some fascinating hand gestures again coming this weekend. So with that, let's get into the episode. Sarah, Sarah, what is happening at Ferrari? Man, you know, man, I feel like crying, and I'm not even kidding, like I'm not a die hard fan, but you know, I mean everybody likes Ferrari. who were like squeezing legs? Ferrari, the red car? Yeah, exactly, is the red car. Who Won't like it? Right, and it's so sad, man, but they just it just seems like they're just falling apart right, like it's it's always switching between the team and the driver, like one day the team Fox up, one day the driver Fox up. It's so weird, man. Yeah, it's it's not their rear when it is their ear. That's the best way to describe it. They have, they have an exceptional car, but is making sure that their team strategy meetings are actually deciphering how we can funk this one up because, and I'm saying this because we've started to learn their their race modes as well. We now know race mode E is explosion. We now know race more B is run into your barriers exactly slowly and slowly we'll learn what see as well. Sure, yeah, and it's, it's, it's, it's chaotic. I mean, first of all, the era the Charles made was like quite a looky mistake, honestly. I mean, he was not under any pressure. The only pressure that he had was probably like that Max was doing an undercut on him, but that was still neck and neck and he kind of overall throughout the race he had an advantage with Max. So, you know, I feel even if, even if you know he would have come behind Max, I probably think with pressure tires could or taken him. Nothing makes sense to me. What happened fair and I think, like the whole community is thought when he did run out and run into the barriers, was probably threefold. Was it the tires? Was it something wrong with his brake pedal or, you know, the accel issue that he's been having, or was it like his mistake and he did come into pressure thinking, like we've seen him have a fastest lap and still sort of coming into pressure like his fastest was probably going to go away. So maybe it was that. So, but but it's at least not reassuringly reassuring...

...that they did come out with the result of what went wrong. and Le Clark says he doesn't deserve to win the championship title if he keeps making these mistakes. So I am stupid. I am stupid. I am stupid. Yeah, man, I mean I don't want to beat a dead horse, but Oh man, that dead horse Larry. anyways. Now, Damn, quite a low but man, but it was unfortunate. Man, it was heartbreaking. I feel it's just slipping out of their hands, and even signs it like, of course you had a billiant effort in terms of, you know, just overtaking half the field three times. It seemed like he was stuck in a time. Looked to me very honestly, Christopher Nolan really just keeps rotating in time. Yeah, and he funked up again because he just went off during the pitch toop when there was a red light and of course he like impeded. Who Was it? Alban, I think? Right. Yeah, the Williams. Yes, and that was super unsafe and he got a five second party. But honestly I feel it should have been much harsher than that. But you're understating it there, because I don't think many people know this. It was actually science was fault that he ran the red light as soon as he was off the Jacks. Yeah, because sometimes, more often than not, it's usually the team turns it into the game light and it's an unsafe but in this case it wasn't. It was. Yeah, it was entirely and uh, it's it's like if you don't like, you know, follow the Red Light, then it's gretting danger. said that, but like things could have gotten really bad. Yeah, yeah, and and the other think I noticed is like there is a side camp of from the garage where science is leaving and then all bond is coming and he has to break and I'm in my head like there is a visible smoke because he locks up and stuff obviously avoid that collision. And in my head I'm like there are twenty engineers standing like just fifty were saying we just put a new tire on the flat started that one. That no, though, I think not, because Alberans is William. So they are there the grudge, like probably the last one, and he was safe from it. See, sometimes sometimes being glass doesn't help. So so there you have it. But I don't know. Man again like talking about Ferrari, talking about clown's dead first and everything jokes apart, what's going on with signs and his engineer? Man Like? It feels weird and a lot of times like he's always in a panic mode whenever he's talking with them. He is right, and I can't tell myself if he's being confident enough to overrule his engineers at this point, because he has done it in the past, or is he actually panicking? And I mean his his engineers are no less Um. He was told to come into pits while he was in the corner fighting press for that poor position or p three, whichever was at that point. And I'm like, and there are there are comments saying, you know, a fun TV probably showed it at a later point. But no, there is actually a race footage. You can see that he was told that. I'm like, and even the competitors at that point were frustrated, like are they not seeing him exactly? It's ridiculous. Man Like I don't know, I don't know. It's just...

...very weird, like they're going at it Perur into a corner and they're like, you know, and they're having this conversation like just some time as well, like on the radio, that he said that we should pay it whatever, like the opposite or whatever. It's weird. And another thing that happened, I think, was the engineer basically told him that we've got a five second stopping go penalty and then signs is like wait, no, we have just gotten a normal five second penalty. It's not a stop in penalty. It's weird. That signs us to correct this engineer about it. Right, right, he's basically becoming the strategist and as well as he's I think he's everything, one man team. He is the Tom Cruise of Hollywood, he is the Kamala Hassan of the Hollywood fulfilment, is the far actor of Bollywood and from wherever you're listening, is that one show. But it's interesting, man having that situational awareness to correct your engineers, and that's why I sort of get this confidence in him and I get confused if he's actually overwriting his engineers or he's being panicky, Um, because I want to let's dive deeper into this, because this is one of the curiosity topics that we've had through the race on. Did he actually need to be pitted? When, if he did need to be, when did he need to be? And could have he gone through the race knowing what his positions were? So did the engineers actually funk up? My take is not really he had to be pitted. I have this one screenshot from when I was seeing the race where there is such a blatant degradation on his front tire Um that I feel, if he wasn't pitted, that I would have gone and probably both the Ferraris would have been out. What's what's your and then we would be screaming at the Ferrari guys that, yes, how did you mess this out? Yes, did you see the dire degradation? Exactly. Yeah, exactly, fair point, man. I mean, when you say it that way, I think I do understand their perspective, like it's it's like a bird in hand whether them do in the Bush kind of a thing. So makes sense that they gave up the places that you had gained. But I feel that in that perspective. Maybe they could have still done something better that, like, as you mentioned, like probably they should have the earlier also. I feel that, yes, right, and maybe they should have also told him, don't find all these people because you are going to lose out. So, you know, maybe do something else. I don't know, they could have thought about that's what I feel. That's a that's that's that's one that I've not heard. That's one that I've not heard. Like there could be a plan. See where she means. You know, we're locked in at P five. We don't fight for a position, UM, because because it's safe anyways. Right, like there was no point of skin things anyways. If you know that you're gonna pit and you are going to lose those positions, why make this overtake? And you know, first of all, being stuck in that time, you re overtaking fair enough um percentage wise, between the engineers and science in terms of like the Stop, stop strategy. Where's the more blame for you? WHAT'S THE SPLIT? I think I wouldn't say. I wouldn't say that there's a blame on anyone. I think both did a good job of whatever they had. I think I would say it's fifty in the sense that, yeah, I mean overall in the race. Of course, science holds the blame of making the mistake of you even going off into the Brit Lane without a green light. But I think in this perspective, I think it was a good decision. From Ferraria, I do agree, after the explanation that you gave me that I mean I think they're not also said the same thing right. So it makes sense to me that day, from a race engineering point of view, I think the noto was in vocally vocal saying that we did this weekend, from our point of view, was perfect. The driver's fucked up. Um, so I can't, I can't,...

I can't get it, and I sort of lay the blame a bit more on science this weekend than the engineers. And the clown cap moves from the engineers to the drivers. If you all do not agree to this and if you have a different opinion, if you think we're blabborting about something completely, yeah, find us and find us, but now right down in the comment and tell us what you think actually happened. Tell us what, what? What's your opinion? And you know we speak our minds out. So can you. So let's let's let's talk about this. The other ask beating a dead horse. I challenged someone in the in the audience, to create a meme of Ferrari engineers beating a dead horse. Let's create this meme. All right. What else is happening? Man? There's speaking of memes, you showed me a meme about someone screaming. Oh Yeah, Oh my God, dude, that Charles Scream was like, you know, it was Sur primal. It was like it came from like such a place of hurt deep inside of you. That meme was amazing. I think it was a tailor sweft song. I head on to our twitter and posted up it up there at the rate of fun fan fiction on twitter. Stu Cold, it's STU perfect that and, I feel like the other one where, you know, there's this uh Ferrari fan is now frustrated and mercies it's grinning and and what's interesting is they have like a cut clip image from like brain where a Ferrari fan is grinning and like a mercies frustrated. So yeah, nice one. Yeah, like today's that shot that Jeff that is of course created now and I'm sure it's going to be plastered everywhere on the Internet for the next following races. It was so perfect and I think, you know, this is one of those times when I really appreciate these race directors for catching these moments, like oftentimes we bashed them for, you know, cutting off from action and showing audience, but I think moments like these is what, you know, kind of make it, makes it worth and really appreciate them for catching these moments in the first place. So to them that, while we bashed the drivers, science is actually very conscious about what's going on during the race, because he did come out and tell Sky Sports F one he decided not to put the water reserve in the car because his f one five is overweight. So ridiculous, man. Some redemption for his consciousness there. I can't set through a forty minute podcast without having a drink. Man, how what the Hell is it driving and in that heat wave sort of situation that going around in Europe right now? Past climate? No, it's it's a fact. It's a fact. That sarcasm. That is sarcasm me. But speaking of drama and everything that's been going on, Dude, red bull, they weren't short of any drama yesterday too. Yeah, first of all, like what was I mean we kind of know, but while watching the race itself, like I was like, you know what his parents doing? He was literally caught with his pans down, like John just went past by him. Man, it was start cusy and of course, like there was there were reasons why that happened. Like I F I kind of sucked up. I think Paris as a sucked up in a sense, because nobody else got fooled by it, only him. But at the same time it's so let's first actually give some context. So what happened to us? Basically that at the end...

...of a virtual safety card, F I has this hardware device. Like once they pressed the button on, you know, the center signal of safety card is ending. After ten to fifteen seconds, is a randomized time after which they track goes green after this signal ascent, but the center signal it didn't end, like the track didn't go green automatically. What had happened is one of their hardware failed and the signal of track getting clear did not get sent. So I F I resent the signal of virtual safety car ending, and that basically confused Paris and I think what happened. It was also kind of bad luck for him that he was speeding thinking that the track is gonna go green after fifteen seconds. So he was kind of, you know ramping up his Delta and suddenly then he got another message of, you know, virtual card is ending, so he had to again, you know, get his Delta Back Down and while that was happening, he fell into the back of the ten to fifteen seconds with the track one green. Yeah, so, yeah, I mean that's that. It was just like a mix of bad luck, mix of, you know, being caught sleeping a bit. Yeah, Um, I don't know who's to blame and like where a solution for this lies too, but I feel like it's it's not a racing track incident, but it's one of those moments where you know, you can't really it's it's incident noted, no further action required, and I think it's part of racing, like these things are a part of it, like luck does play a picture in racing. So you know, uh, yeah, that's that. You've been some, you lose some fair enough. And and you know what's interesting here, because you say luck is moments ago, this happens like five laps before race finish. Um and moments ago Russell and Perez sort of touch into each other and, you know, prayers sort of thrown off. He joins the track in front of Russell and then there is this continuous bickering and complaining that's coming in from Russell. Give the position back, give the position back, will come. But that happens, this happens, and then this then transforms into the fact that peress keeps continuously complaining about Russell is going off the track and give me the position back. So I don't know, it's it's luck in play where you know for the first incident, who actually needed to be in the front. There is a shot where Russell slightly touched peress, so maybe peress deserves that position sort of thing. But it's one of those moments right, like Karma sort of way, where Russell was meant to be in the front and you know just the events happened where maybe who knows? Yeah, makes makes you think, makes you think yeah, but now you know what those safety car rules were and hopefully your curiosity, tea is now satiated. Yeah, man, I mean I personally didn't know about this rule about the teen seconds randomized thing. It was quite interesting and it makes sense like so that you can't really predict exactly when the safety car is going to go off. So, yeah, that's a good idea. anyways. Yeah, talking about winding man Russell, like what was going on with him right, like even total had to come on the radio and tell him to put his head down and drive, pretty much slapping him down, like shut up and eat your food. You know how you do it to the kids. But on the other hand, I think, like whereas wasn't completely wrong, because there is visual evidence, of images of Russell actually running off the track in the last few three laps Um. So I don't know what you make of it, but to be honest, I'm not too bugged by it because sure it's just part of heavy racing that's happening at that point. Yeah, I mean, like, who knows? Like a lot of people...

...are kind of angry about it that. So we don't exactly know how many times he went off the track. Like I feel that they should have at least given him a black and white flag, if not for a penalty. It's weird that they didn't call it off at all. That was also a bit weird, like how about this? How about this? Let's call this the redemption back from Massy's mistake last season and his teammate. Yeah, and it's all squared off and settled off at this point. So no more. You know, it's got you. You got a p three. have one done exactly. Yeah, but the good part with that is at least they are now mentioning, inclosure to that p three, a position for W CC. Right. So, uh about Red Bull? One thing about red will. Actually, Max man, he's just taking it. I read a start somewhere that basically, ever since Semola he has earned more pins than all constructors and teams together, except for Ferrari. He's just three points behind Ferrari. Wow, wow, what was counting dead will? Yeah, yeah, what the WOW, the most criticulous thing it was. Yeah, it was such a comfortable win for him. I think I must be bored, very honestly, during the east. Yeah, which brings me to this interesting radio message where Max said he strongly believes all drivers are struggling with their front left and I heard that radio message and it got me thinking, like why did he say that? What's actually happening? And to my research, which is still minimal because there isn't any information out there. I'm attributing this to like two factors. One, that track temperatures were superbly high, um going to you know, the heat way, if no rain, no humidity, blah, blah, blah. And Turn Ten and eleven attribute to this tracks high speed corner factors which sort of, when combined, both factors combined, Um, end up degrading your fronts very heavily right and there are blistering images of tires, even like when you see the race finish right, like I think Max's car parks right in front and when he gets out there is this finish photo or a slow move video that spans from his tires. It's watched, it's completely so we're attributing our curiosity to turn Lef ten and eleven off the of the track design and the track temperatures and the heat waves which which made max say that state. You know what I just while you, while you were talking about this, I was thinking about one thing came to my mind was one more thing I think that could be attributing is the blue and red strips on the run of faidures, because basically what those steps are are basically a mix of tungsten and ask Fort and I think we also created a short on that. Sole check it out if you want to. But basically, I think, and if you go on the stripes, I think that I'm just your ties a lot most, I guess, whenever these drivers kind of go onto the run off area, I think that must be also. But that's a very good point that I have not heard people talk about online and communities, folks, if you find out actually what went wrong beyond the three factors that we are talking about, which we are attributing to that radio message, do right in so that the whole community can benefit from that research. Speaking of that, some some stats that I want to dive into at this point is Um this might technically be the last time we see French Grand Prix for a long time at least. That's what the commentary is saying. Before the...

...race went on, Alonso makes the history of most laps in f one overtaking kidney uh, and it's again going to happen with most races. Ever, I think it's going to be Singapore. Well, that happends up happening. O'con had never scored points at his home and he was able to yesterday. So that Scudos to Okonocon has been having a brilliant season. We spoke about Okon in our episode with Greig Scarborough last weekend as well, so we'll check that out. To Um, Ferrari has now lost seventy five points owing to their own drama and nonsense from a winning position. So that uh, that's something. The last three words matter a lot from a third that hurts anyway. That's that's almost as much as like some of the teams trying to find points. So that's that. Um, something that happened in this Grand Prix was the exit point for the pit lane is extended roughly by nine and obviously the speed limits being dropped to the sixty kilometer mark are also which means that drivers end up in the pit lane limitter for a longer time, and that could also be one of the attributes of strategies, not taking a two stop strategy in this race and more tire damage, so on. And so once start, which Sarah wants to read out, is something that he's found out, which is an interesting one. Right actually, I while I just remembered another, give the start along. So first is, of course, like you know Hamilton's. This is a which is awesome, and one awesome thing is that he has had a hundred percent podium rate whenever he owns an LGBT themed helmet. And interesting I mean this season. Uh, and it's awesome, right, like it's too cool, like every time he has worn that helmet he has been on the point him and basically his message spreads even wider with that. Yeah, that's pretty cool. It's a fascinating one. Actually. Yeah, right, we race as one, actually giving him wins. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and there's one bullus start that. No driver has won a race after the three cheaply after. Okay, yeah, so Hamilton's hasn't yet. So you know, of course, I'm pretty sure he will win some race. I'm pretty sure that will happen, but he's going to break so further start stands. So yeah, Um, yeah, but for mercedies. On that note, I think this was the best result they could have Um, this season. I think their first, if, if not the first, their second, louble podium for this season. I can't remember and I could be wrong. Please correct me, audience if I am wrong, but double podium and lovely, lovely part of that. Yeah, I think they're finally getting back into the game and like especially with the flexile rules is also coming in, it's definitely going to nerve other teams a bit as well. So maybe, you know, mercendies might be in a better position. Maybe not getting to that second position ever, of course not, but at least might pick up a win or two throughout the season, something in that. I don't know. Let's see. Ye, fair enough, fair enough. Ah, what else was happening? What else was happening on the grid? I think a few interesting things happened at the very start of the race that I think a few people had some great starts. I think Kimack was one of them, right. I think he gained like what, seven positions or something. Yeah, seven positions in lap one. Yeah, blistering pace, right, but then it's certainly dissipated all of that. I don't know what happened. It's interesting, though. Right like that, Hass has started proving itself so well and camack proving that with like that lap one...

...seventh positions. I don't know why they decided to play bumper cars him and make later on where they ran into each other and I didn't die. Much into it, like whose fault it was, to be honest. So audience, agond, if you know who was actually at fault, tell us and tell the community who was at fault. But I mean that resulted in Camag's brilliant performance taken home into the garage and he had to tire his car. The last time the two horses had crashed was when Kimack and this Trojan were together. And Hang on, I see how you said this guy. We're fading him out of his our memories at this point. Okay, exactly. And I think something had happened, that they had crashed into each other and in the presponserence grug and said something to him, to Camack, and came back was like, you know, stuck my balls. So it reminds me of that. I'm surprised that nothing of that happened. I think has become a much calmer now he was before, after his year of Sabbatical. Yeah, I guess, and having a kid as well, I think right. I think while he was away he also had a kid. So probably, you know, just settled down a bit more. True. So let's satiate one of the curiosities that we spoke about in the start. Why are legends annoyed with youngsters? Last race we saw the famous Alonso Finger waving to son that. This race we see vettel face farming his own teammate. Stroll Yeah Right, I mean it was strolls for completely last leaf, last turn, completely slowing down, not going for that place on the race line. If what wouldn't have breaked that hard and solder, he would have run into his Ricardo, running into Max Barkoo sort of situation. And yet again, okay, yet again, Lance did not check his mirrors. He did not. Yet again he did not. That guy doesn't have mirrors and he forgets that he has. What happens? Yeah, so this race we have metals face pumbing. Moment. Next race, hopefully, Lewiso. That okay. Talking about voters. So you have to mention gentle man like. What the Fund is happening with him? That poor guy, like this car gets just destroyed all of a sudden. It seems he's not even able to finish these these days. I think. I think in your rookie season you actually cannot make points. So it's the team making sure that you are making points. No, no, no, no, no, no, you can't to break rookie rules. That's what's happening. Speaking of drivers races being debauched, I want to give us shout out to to Daniel Ricardo. So here's the context on what what really happened. And he was made fun of for this post qualifying. He finishes. He finishes Q Leven, p eleven, and he knows he's not going to get into q three. Um and then he goes to this post qualifying interview where the interview we asked, the interviewer asks him, how do you rate your chances of getting in the race start tomorrow? And then he goes like, okay, listen to me. So I am P leven. We have we have K MAG at Pten, who we know doesn't have good race starts, so I I take I overtake him right there. Then we have Carlos Science and ukips to know that, which we know make mistakes during the race starts. So I am immediately into p eight, and then Alonso is a hit or a miss. So if he misses, we move into P seven and if not, sure he can stay at p seven and we'll be at Ph so we're definitely getting into P eight and he did call that out. He was P eight right at ray start, man.

So for all of those who made fun of him, yeah, he would be very happy about it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, awesome, man. Kudos for him. Like I'm I'm happy, I I do root for him, but it's very it's very uncomfortable to watch him, very honestly so, because, like, I think, we've been seeing him since so long as red bull days, where we want him to win a championship at some point, but it's not happening. You know. That another drama and other news. What was the Labor Room? What is the Labor Room? Why are we seeing these names? And, like, first of all, like Hamilton's has given his gold right in terms of meame currency, because the lying down on the floor in the cool down room, right, yeah, and that photo is plastered everywhere, everywhere. This is very one awesome meme that I saw. Like Hamilton's is lying on his back, uh, and like the text too of him is, uh, you know, wife giving birth to child and George sitting next to him looking at the camera thing, father who's still watching the fun days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, so now you know what the Labor Room is. Hamilton's ensuring that once Alonso leaves, he steps into the legend fundmaking category. He's kind of stepping into it, it feels, to be very honestly. Yes, it comes with like a three market h Max is lifting his old team man, I feel at this point has just trying to sort of trying to but Max is trying to h lastly, to Alonso and his awareness. I I guess. Oh yes, I feel so complete from within on why I started watching this race to begin with. The whole spot in two thousand six seven five, whenever Alonso was racing right, that radio message was brilliant. Actually, why don't you take it? Go ahead. So Alonso is leading this whole train back where Lando is right behind him, and a bit comes onto the radio telling him Lando is getting quite close to you, Alonso, which just letting you know, but he's getting quite close and allons of goals. I know I'm doing that on purpose to kill their tires and I'm like, what the hell, what is it so for? For for people who just started watching the sport? There are other variants of the sport where you don't want to be the one punching through the air, like an MP race or or NASCAR old race or you know, there are these other segments and other formats where you wouldn't want to do what Alonso is trying to do here. F One, there's a sport where you actually don't see this offense from other drivers, and you see Alonso trying to punch through the air, where other drivers trying to close in on him so that they have to power through, swerving around Alonso. Today make that over, they can do that fight, which ends up degrade anything the tires. But you've never seen any drivers say this consciously in like a Sunday driving mode, like hey, yeah, I'm doing this on purpose, just their races. Yeah, right, and now that whole Monaco train formation where this all began, makes sense. Makes Sense Right. Yeah, he's just rolling everybody at this point. He's like, if I don't win the race, at least win the award of the meme Lord in the in the track. He is having fun there, man, like he's like I can win the race, but you know what, I'm gonna stay a p five, p six and just have fun. Yeah, why not? Yeah, I am happy that we have Frando on...

...the track. It's it's awesome to have him, uh, when we started to on the day when he goes. Yeah, so, so that's what was happening with the French Grand Prix. We're closing in on a season break here and we do see, you know, too many shenanigans with the drivers, with the teams, with the engineers, happening in the second half. But one drama that's been catching our attention off late is the whole flexi floor. We've created a whole Um short, slash reel, slash, whatever you wanna call it, with Craig scarboros scarf steck. It's on our socials. Go check it out. But, Sarah, you pointed out something interesting that the front runners are trying to do. Right. What's that? Enlightened US right. So I think the two upgrades that came in. One was from Red Pool, where they have basically changed their err and take out wasatch. That's basically like those pointy things that you know come come up ahead in the rount of the car and which are basically sucking the air in into the engine as well as the bottom of the car to create suction. So I think, like, of course, this is speculation. The teams never revealed what the purposes for the upgrades. But like the speculation out there is that this is interparation for the regulation changes in terms of flexi floor, uh that I fire is bringing in and maybe read bullets, like trying to uh, you know, mitigate changes. And I think mercities also has an upgrade. That's not it's not really evident whether it's a performance upgrade or are they like, you know, just trying to gather more data or something? They have basically attached like air outlet on the front wheels, on the brakes. So that is basically the two kinds of speculations that I've heard about them is that one is that it is too cool the side, all of the tires as well as the second speculation I've heard is that's basically just to push the like through the body in a certain way for in some erudymic sense. But interesting upgrades that the teams are bringing in. It's, Uh yeah, quite intriguing enough enough. And on that note, folks, this was the French Grand Prix. It's interesting. This whole battle for the title is getting closer and closer and I'm pretty sure for our he's going to get up there as well with the remainder of the R mark is obviously fighting up into that battle as well, Perez, as Max called out during one of the interviews. Why did Max not get a toll the way science got a tour during sorry, Laclaire got a tour during qualifying, and Max called out, like Perez, is in the battle for the W D C, and that's why, like he, he needs his own point. So that's that's brilliant awareness between the team members and yet amazing camaraderie. So we'll see how this season evolves. Until then, next race, the Hungarian Grand Prix. These are your hosts, signing off a Bait.

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