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2022 Japanese GP w/ Kieren Brodnik


We return to Suzuka International Circuit after 3 years and the rain gods had decided that we will have a very wet race. After a lot of waiting, we saw an exciting 45 min sprint which gave us the 2022 World Champion, Max Verstappen!

In this Epiosde we discuss:

  • Max sitting outside the principal鈥檚 office 馃彨
  • 5 min race next?聽
  • What the Tuck was that Fruck doing? 馃殥
  • Kieren to McLaren next?
  • Ocon yet again defends like a lion
  • F1 X MMA 馃
  • Everyone hates the wets
  • Two old people fight at the finish line 馃馃徑
  • Kieren to Williams next?
  • Front wing Cookies 馃崻聽

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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If they were to get onto the full wets in these situations, which spray three times as much as the enters. It discourses eighty five liters per second at top speed. That's a mental number if that's true. I always just think about myself, like when I hear measurements like that, I'm like, could I drink that? How much? I really think? Like, Okay, that's a long Hello and welcome back to F one fan fiction. This weekend was let's just say entertaining. Let's just say but but before you dive in for those and on an audio we have we have with us a third host for you today. We are your usual host. I am my gosh and I'm sorry and after your third host take it away. My name is Kieren Ronnick. I'm an Australian TikToker and my main sort of video content I do is F one stuff and as the guys talked about before, I have a massive backyard, so I have a lot of to play with one videos. Please no one ned please this week. Yeah, very exciting week and I'm very keen to chat to the lads about it. Looking forward to it. Yeah, welcome to the show very much, folks. Before we get in go check art and also on Instagram, he's he's so close to making that hundred k mark, you know, just just help him reach that. My stone God A bit sad. I actually did tip over andred kve but then got lazy and no, no, no, folks, you heard him. Let's let's make this happen for everyone listening to this show right now. Check Um a kid didn't why don't you kick yourself? Thoughts on what the weekend was, Well, the weekend honestly, yeah, probably, I'd say it was my second favorite race of the season. To be honest, Britain was like my favorite, but yeah, this one was. It was a long wait for something like very exciting. It was like a lot going on, and I swear every single every single lap had incredible battles and stuff. So there was a lot to unpack. And actually I had two nights in a row of not getting eight hours sleep. I thought of, um, two nights before I do like a maths program with my girlfriend and one other week like teach master kids doing their high school certificate, and I didn't get eight hours for that. And then I had my girlfriend sister's thirty a birth day, so that went really late and didn't get eight hours. So then for the f one, for the actual race, I was just I was dead and waiting for it to start. I was just like trying to stay away, trying so and I was actually like on the train um for the pretty much the whole red flag, so I was actually praying for them to kind of not start while I was on the train. It was really bad reception, and by the time it actually got started, I was at home on the couch. But then like, as as soon as your horizontal on the couch asleep, So yeah, I was fucky. We had a really good race. So a lot to unpack, yeah, of course. And the funny thing is this was probably the shortest race of the season, right, and there's so much to talk about it. That's what like surprises me, like the funny things. I think the majority of the time throughout the reef, we were just sitting around like waiting for the rain to go away, you know, like the pablos mean that. Yeah, and uh, but man, the weat was worth it. It was amazing. I mean, forty five minutes trend everybody was like completely backing it out and the real need awesome just awesome. Yeah, Like I think for someone's starting to watch everyone this year, not that like I've had a couple of years now, but I haven't made that's just started watching it this year and it's sort of just not been the year for someone trying to get into it. I think he's like, we sort of love getting together and we have some traditions like we'll we'll go out for dinner and then we'll have a spun we'll get through and like ice cream and stuff and really make a big deal out of it. But every time we get to the race, he's kind of like, uh, like everyone gets away safe from the start, and he's sort of like, damn. But yeah, this week was the first week we weren't actually together watching it, and it was actually like quite unbelievable. So yeah, yeah, I think the like, in terms of the battles between the races, um this weekend was probably the best. Yeah, I guess. So that's the mantra probably like if we want like an entertaining not dethics sperience,...

Skien and his friends don't need to get together to watch a race. I actually genuinely even if a race is like you'd say more boring. I I love watching it more has like a not a very good attention spare. I would say maybe it's the most stimulation. Um. Yeah, hasn't been overly the best, but yeah, um, I think this we can definitely have it. You know what, let's let's dive right into it. I think f I has the record of, you know, stirring up controversy every single time Maxostappen wins the championship. You know, let's let's address the elephant in the room first. And especially like that happened twice, I think right like yesterday, I mean at Japanese. I didn't mean like the last year, but like Japanese happened twice once when he was called back saying that, hey, now that Jazz has gotten five seconds penalty, you are the champion. And you still confused then and then when they go to the fool down, they're like, he's a champion, no, but I am no. Such an amazing confusing moment of seeing Max I haven't going to happen. Yeah. I think part of it was the delivery, um, like, yeah, it was just given to him like world champion, Like just like maybe they should have just left it. And then like really made a big deal about it. I don't think they really executed that very well, but I mean it had a been a charm, I guess, and it was pretty funny saying Max sit down in that world champion chair. It's likely I think that was the loneliest minute of his life problems because he was so awkward that he's just sitting there thinking like really, maybe they end up doing anything because I ended up fast forward because nothing was happening. It was like him waiting, yeah, okay, because he was like waiting outside Principle's office waiting to be called in or something like that. Yeah, it was. It was weird. There was a massive culture and like interview Gensen partner and stuff. But yeah, they didn't really do too much. And it's funny see the way the team celebrates, Like how when they get them to like all cheered together, they're just spoken standing there in silence and they're like pretty one and then yeah. I think the root of this though, was that, like it was very unclear to the very end as to what is going to happen, like what what point stuff that are going to be a boarded because all along what the commentators were talking about is that like there were these different buckets that they had to prevent the race finishes fifty blah blah blah and everything. But it turns out those rules were only applicable for the cases where the race does not finish under a checket. Uh, And here it did end under checket fact because of the three r limit that is imposed. So it's weird though, because the way they have structured the rules right now, it sounds as if if the race starts like ten minutes before the three our limit and the leader of the race does two laps without a safety car, that counts as a full race and all the points about it, which doesn't make sense even if it's like three laps without the safety car, because it's technically over to it's still a full race. YEA, Yeah, that's weird. It's such a Yeah, it's a very big area. Yeah, I wouldn't want that job. But hang on, hang on, so help me here. I've been reading these articles which you've been saying like there's this cota of zero and then something something something that's only when it finishes behind a safety car, right that, or if it's like completely red flag and it just cannot restart, then why were brundling like like going on and on about the ninth position is going to getting one point and it's going to be the dude are so confined? Yeah, that night the god I swear tape Cravitz as well, different subd but take Cravits is getting more and more cooked every week. I swear, like I'm seeing the like pre race stuff. It's just it's getting more and more crazy. Like another week, you like broke into the press conference room and they kicked him out, and it's just like it's just like every week he's got something pretty funny. It should be funny. I think I don't think it should have been given four points, to be honest, because it's, yeah, like you were saying, it's stupid if if they just finished the race, but they've done three laps, like there's no way you can get four points for that, and it's it's just the same situation. But like what seventy five percent they shouldn't have done that? Yeah no...

...really, but well at least you know, we we got that really awkward Jeff of Max out of it. So I'm happy about That's the name exactly. It's all about the memes. You know, it's all about devisions. Yeah, I felt like with parents and Leclair at the end, that was such a like multiplayer F one moment where you've just like couple as you can and you come on and you just you. That was pretty poor. And I can't believe he like that very last corner like that that happened to him, because like to hold back Paris for that long and be so calm to just get super flustered at the last corning lock up. The good thing was like bute As was super chill during the whole moment, Like he came onto the radio one one time and he was like, wait, I did gets sleeping. I did not see what's happening right, And he was he was super chill during the whole catch up and like trying to put pressure onto the c Yeah. I do think that some sounds like I'm under a blanket on my lungs just laying down like nearly sleeping, and and Paris is like in a seventy degree compit like shaking in the car and like aggressively chasing Claire and he's just like, are you guys sleeping? Yeah? But I saw this thing where I think I read it outwit one of those today morning that today is the day when Turkey last year boat has one and RBR two and three with Max and Perez, and that that race took me back to like this, this amazing fighting moment that Perez had on Hamilton. He was putting that pressure on. That was a Checko ham fight, and like this weekend was a repeat of that. Like it was again Max winning because Perez was battling off, which made LaClair to the mistake And yeah, that's true. I actually a lot of confidence in Paris. I reckon he's got some big is coming up. He's definitely, honestly one of the most impressive drivers. And I think he had moments early on in the year where it was like this guy can definitely do it, but yeah, backs just ran away. But but I really think you can do it in the next few years if he stays or that is that's true, definitely like one but us too. He would took Max by one point. Uh sorry, he oulder took by one point. I think now he's he's second in a blue DC at this point, right, yeah, And that's what I think, Like that's the I think interesting parts still in the season that who gets the P two in the championship, because it would be a shame of like, don't even get that said. There's no reason why they can't win the remaining races, so we don't know what's going to happen. That's true. It's it's a bit of a shame because I remember, I think it was under it was after the Australian Growing Prix or something where they said no one has ever stuffed up a World championship being this far ahead at this point, and it was at that exact moment where he started up. It's so bad. I think good years for him coming ahead as well. It's I'm really looking forward to next year in the year after. But let me ask you this kid in Look, because you see that, do you do you think and we've discussed this on on one of the episodes, like do you think Look has what it takes to be a World driving Champion? Oh, that is actually a really good question. Um, I think he has, like I think he does. I think this year is is good in a sense that I think it's gonna it's going to show him what he needs, like the gap of where he needs to be and where he's at because the main the mistakes he made this year cost in the World Championship. And I think, like you can tell how much he learned from him, like every little state like the one where he was just be crashing. He was like screaming into people. Tell that he is so close. But it's just like these middle errors or even just like team errors, which is a whole different thing. But I think, I really think he can. He just could have sort out those those problems. Yeah, I hope, I really hope that like Ferrari improves next year. Man Lake food like not his sake, our sake. You know, I'm being a bit selfis shared, but I hope I'm going to start applying to lead strategies due like the fan. Did you see the Japanese fan? Okay, so does this with the guy? Yeah, he was so still in the front. I thought it was real and he had like proper swagon with it leg After showing it up, you know, he kept it down like sitting like this. Oh well, well, since we're talking about cheeky,...

...let's talk about a f A with their truck fiasco. The truck Yeah, what the hell was going on? Honestly? Yeah, that bit did wipe me up a bit. I was like dozing and then um I saw a tractor on the track and I just insto. Yeah, I wasn't honestly too sure what happened there. It just happened out of nowhere, and everyone was angry. But I'm actually just not quite sure why, like, why was that even there? It's it's all weird. So let's let's go back a little. This is in two thousand and fourteen where you know, Jules Bianchi like had a big accident in Suzuka. That was a very similar situation where it was raining and I don't recall whose card it was, but somebody had crashed out and basically this tractor was out there on the runoff area trying to recover the other person's card and Jules lost his you know, balance, and he spun out and he crashed into the tractor, and uh yeah, basically he had sustained life injuries and basically he just fought for it for a couple of months, but then he expired after that. So you know that that thing was a very big controversy back then, of course, because it didn't make sense why was the tractor out recovering vehicles when you know, all the cars were not bunced up by the safety card. And the same thing happened this time again basically with Ghastly where he had to pit because of the you know, awesome gift that Signs gave him for the role expander, and uh so he had to pit because of that, and he his car got separated from the rest of the track and then he was on new tires as well, which were cold, and it was of course raining like crazy, so he had to kind of get some peat into his tires to be able to catch up for the safety card, and that's again part of the regulation, so he has to do it. It's not like like he was just speeding for no reason. So that's what he was trying to do, and he wasn't informed that, you know, there's this tractor on the track exactly, and yeah, he basically was too close to it. And you also want the visibility was which was almost you know nothing, so that that's what it was all about. And he was super pist off because of that, and that, like, after we have already seen somebody lose their life, you know, why are we repeating the same mistakes again and again. Yeah. Yeah, So basically what you're saying is that the group, the safety car group, got around to the other side of the tracks of the tractor, came out quickly, and then he was coming. Yeah exactly, yeah, yeah you honestly, yeah, I don't really know what to say about it. It's just stupid. I don't know. I feel like, I don't know, can you blame the Japanese um like the workers for doing that, because like, should they be more more contact between them and the drive, like you know, the teens and trying to clear the track and it's just like, yeah, I don't know, it's it's not my profession, so I no, God, yeah, that's what do you guys think? So there's there's two things, two videos at least that I saw last night. One is um I think from from the nozzle camp of Science's car, where there is this this marshal who's trying to sort of even drag the front end of the car while the tractors trying to push it away and he's on the track and that's the moment when like um, the Alpha told is passing him. That itself is dual life threatening because if they would have run into the whole situation, Ghastly and Marshall would have flung. Okay, that's that's one, and then the other is yesterday, um from from a spectator who's captured from that that angle where we can see like, okay, everyone's going slow behind the safety car and then we can see and I'm probably missing or saying the names wrong, but I think like Wettle and a bunch of other folks who were towards the rear of the pack but distant from the safety car, but also trying to puns in that delta to sort of get with the pack, right, so they were also going about the speed limit for sure. It's just that Ghastly got singled out and then he came back and he was trying to put blame or trying to obviously call out and rightfully. So right now that I think about it, I think nothing should be on the track until all the cars are bunch like that's the obvious thing, Like why why would you like anything out like it takes like what not even a minute passed a bunch off? Even if one pits, like you need to be aware that that one's pitting and let it whet it happens and just add another or two to the safety car like that's pretty obvious, or like it immediately or releg immediately. And the funniest thing is the red flag the race,...

...like just your seconds after this happened. It's not even you know, so it's very weird, like the whole thing that went down. There's this whole other situation too from that video that that we can see is nobody came to help Science get out of the car for at least a good minute or so, and like he was the only one getting out and then walking back to a safety area and stuff. I feel like it's a whole lingering ghost of Soshima thing, where like there's some lingering ghost trying to take life of something else too, still on the track after you. It's just too sad. I tried to make a joke out of this, but it's it's it's sad. It's it's sad. That's true. I'm gonna have to make a joke about it, but but you haven't. Yeah, yeah, I hope like they fixed this because things like this shouldn't happen, like especially in today's d n age with communication is like the easiest thing like look over here, the three people sitting from three different pieces on the earth talking to each other, like communications should be an issue. Well, you know, I don't get it. It's though that even like at the highest level, like people are still stupid, Like even we think that, like, yeah, it's the higher level where everyone is like on on it and like technology is crazy good, but people are dumb man like people. They think things are sorted out, and it's like working in the cafe, you know, when you think talking to your work man, you're trying to you know, you've got heaps of orders and you think someone's doing this, but they're not, and you just assume that it's getting done. People assume rains too much and things like this happened. So I think, yeah, it's a definitely something that should be investigated, and some people should definitely lose their jobs over To be honest, I agree. I agreement, especially it's like a life threatening thing. And I don't want to move to the next topic without bringing in again the commentators, because what the hell were they doing? They were on and on. To me, it sounded like, how the hell do you blame us for being wrong? Right? It was it was that sort of a commentary and and every every blame was then trying to get pushed off onto Ghastly um and he got he got a penalty for it too. Yeah, I must have. I think I was like partially nothing at some point in here, but and being on the trayin like I was losing intense stuff. So I must have missed a thing to this. But like, are you saying that he was like that we entirely blaming Ghastly for m and he got got a comfort. Yeah, so they were like, you know, yeah, whatever happened was wrong. But and then like, dude, there is no bucket. There's no bucket, there's a right track. Yeah. The only good thing out there was JB was was sensible about it, and he was making the right comments, like you know, hey, and he called out a few things even during the rest of the race, which as a racer being a commentator, even Brundle was as a racer being a commentator, you should be able to call such things out. But yeah, yeah, this is a bit of a different part of the rice. But I loved his commentary on like Alonso, Alonso's pit strategy going onto intimate and he just like he was like he should have done a lap earlier, and then you saw like by the time he got to the hand it was like he needed a lot one all that. It was so good. Yeah, No, Jensen Button did a very good time. I think like everybody loved this commenty, and I think he was praised a lot, even for like what you said about that about you know, defending gas. I think he was one of the only people on the commentary box defending him and even the rest of the comment that it was my hope that we see him. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I like having Brundled there too, But sometimes, um, what's his name, Crafty? Yeah, craft he said things I do. I love Croft boys in the mood, but even sometimes Brundle was just like shut up craft it was smart, let me go. He's just in his little sweatboxing this ground eating twisted very good. Yeah. Before transitioning on, we've got...

...we've got one Australian going out and another coming in. We have to ask you, we have to opinions. Are not your opinions on the on the situation that's that's coming about it? Oh, so much depression, so much sadness. Now it's it's a probably the right thing to happen. I'm very excited for come in. Um it's going to be sick the same and like obviously after champion and he looks like insanely quick. Yeah, I think you should get the seat at McLaren. But I also think I should get the seat of McLaren. So anyway, I think Ricardo does is a seat even in one of the lower teams, because he's just like you can see, you can see it's there, and I think he just like, I don't know, I hope if he has a year off he can come back. I think that would be the best, know, but I'd be worried that he would leave. And it's so hard to get back in, Like I think it was so lucky that Agnes and got back in. So yeah, I don't know. I hope he comes back because he will definitely be miss and just like his whole demeanor even outside of the race, something enjoyable, like even just like leading up to the racing, clips of Daniel Riccardo marking around with his teammates and stuff, it's just feeling so yeah, it's sad and is that sort of like because you're on ground dead. Is that sort of like the mood in Australia extrapolate that, Yeah, in terms of him leaving, I think like nearly everyone in Australia doesn't want Daniel Ricardo to leave. They love it. Yeah. I think he represents what we're like in general quite well. I think a lot of us are like him, pretty laid back and just trying to get the best out of life and be happy as much as you can. But it's good to see you at that level, like showing that. But not everyone Eustralia is like Janiary Cards especially. He'll definitely if he doesn't come back, but I'm sure he'll write or else, which is it's good. Yeah. I already heard that he got an invitation from the NASCAR team, the one that's putting the third card. No, no, the I forget what their name is right now, but basically Kimmy, the team in which Kimmy had participated in just a couple of months ago. They are kind of doing okay, Yeah, they're trying to put in a third card which kind of gets drivers from other recent categories. He's gonna have to try white on to be a NASCAR driver. Have you seen have you seen the names with like all the F one drivers, Like what they look like is NASCAR drivers and they're all I haven't seen that really, Like is it like after be like yes, exactly, they all look like truck drivers kind of that's funny. That's funny. Although would I mean, he's got a good sort of fault career doing this BMX bike thing and go pro started things to I'd love to see him do that do Yeah, I don't want to see anything. I don't think his career is anywhere. You're over like his own clothing line and you know someone like that, it's just you can't want you that like big in social media even if you're out of it. Like people, that's what he's done. He's built up and it's it's pretty smart. He's like built up people that love him, even not for racing. So like even his career is over technically, like he's got so many avenues because people just love him as a personality. So I think he's start a very good job where some drivers Jimmy Racking and I won't name them, um don't to. I mean no, he's given himself a lot personality by not giving personality. But in a sense I can't really go anywhere from it in terms of social media. But I don't think I need to do that. The paychecks are quite so I think you'll be finding that joke in coming. Trigger warning. You've been warned. It almost took a World War three to get magnus In back. I hope it doesn't get that dramatic to get Daniel back. I'll be starting World War body. I to get ricarded, don't some some voice said that, I don't know. Let's see what else was awesome? Oh befour before? Are we? Are we there yet? Have we? Have we moved past the controversies? Because I want to bring up that that's done. Let's let's get to the main reason and yeah, let's I want to start this discussion with like the before the battle...

...between Hamilton and oh my god, that was like a chefski is driving. Yeah, it is just like consistently when he gets in those situations. It was like him in Hungary the year before. It's just like he's just so good at defending. And it's like even when because you know how when they're so close behind, they're like dummy, a dive bomb or like they'll change the person to try and even just like kind of like mentally throw off the driver in front. He's just so like like I don't give a funk and just turns in. He's just like so on when he needs to defend, he's really good. And I was thinking about that. I was thinking, like Eve Okon was in a Red Bull, I think he would be a world champion, you know. I think he's like I really think he is one of the top drivers in terms of his defense. And like I think if he was like it's hard to know what he's like as a race starter because like he's he's not at the front, so and you're always saying Max and he's an unbelievable right starter and once he gets a head, he's gone. And I think, like if OCOM was there to see what he'd be like as a race starter, he was good. I don't think many people would be getting past him because its defense is just unbelievable. I think one thing what I feel about o'conn is he's people don't know much about him, Like he's not much on the camera most of the times, like even in interviews in like TV coverage, they don't show him a lot. Generally, I don't know why, probably like he's not as marketable or whatever. I don't know what it does about. I think for me, it's like the submissive nature that Max sort of had on him, like Brazil three years when he shoved him, like he's this guy black listen, here's a pretty decent time, like if you recall he was not enough one for a year and then he did come back because that's clear that the team didn't believe it in him and they wanted to get him back. So uh yeah, but yeah, yeah, I was just gonna say, like, I think that's what did spark the thought of like what would he be like in a thread bull because I have thought of like the other drivers like Amy world champ, but I've never thought of it as for Ocon because he's for some reason to think about. But he's very underrated or underrated rip. Yeah he is. So folks, if if Ocon becomes the World Driving Champion, you heard it first, and you heard it your host Gideon right neck got it out. He caught it out before anyone did. He cut it out. He's like climbing his World Championship trophy and Max comes up and oh yes it. So that's a good point. It could very well happen to see f i A has this this prack record of like making it controversial for whenever Max gets the champion, imagine there's a one point separation between Max and o Con it's the last phase where that would that be and that happens the us between God and the podium thing JB commentarating and Max showing or gone out. Man, I would take good money to watch that. Who do you think would be the best part in the gay let's see um our question? I want to say, I want to Perez's dad. He looks like that Mario. It looks like the Mexican put him into that suit. He would have oy. He would even get a fart yeah from I think Alonso can pack a punch. I don't know, he has that old guy's strength. Yeah, definitely. And who's the part you've got I reckon mangus. Well, so he's got a lot of cook He can just stand back and he can yeah, he can jump. He would just be. He can just hold his head and you tube just be. That's a nice one, just as oh god, yeah, that would be really fun. Who else is up there? Who else is up I feel like my mind's clouded with like this angry version of Max. He's become calmer now, but like Max has so much pent a banger from like even from his childhood. Like it's like it's all in there. Did you hear that thing about him like not winning a carding race and his dad left at the petrol So yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's...

...been beaten and like I had all alter a lot of so I don't know, I don't know what all so, so yeah, all of that's coming out on whoever's showing here. For that one point, I don't think that's a problem. Instead of doing like sprint races, they just do like yeah they like us fair enough. What else? What were the other good battles up there? Oh man, there were many. I think first of all, one awesome thing what I liked about the sprint was, you know everybody went out of course we're calling this a sprint and not a main race, right, yeah, I mean it was a sprint, right four points, but it's a sprint, yeah, right. So, Like, first of all, everybody hates the wets and everybody has like mentioned this a lot of time. So as soon as anybody is on wets, they're always talking to their engineers to you know, when can I get out of this? You know, that's that's the first thing that they did, Doush. So of course, like wettell started the whole train, and of course Latifia as well. So I can't forget that Latifi and Wettel went onto the enters first because they had nothing to lose since they were you know, quite literally the dead last. But then right after that, like six slaps into the race again this whole key I started with everybody pittying, and it was again so confusing as you know who's going to come out ahead. And I feel like even I was surprised that we got to put stuff in this like short race first of all, and that to some people be put twice as well, so you know that's there as well. So so much action going on of course, and we got started. I can't saw battles in the pit point. I was insane. Yeah, come out like school using each other in the end exactly. Yeah, It's actually very interesting how weakly the inters lose their like lose their performance, because yeah, I said, like the race is not long, but you can see like after like ten laps the inters like if you get fresh into it's they're already is so much fast. You could see from like Alonso, how much time just making up on everyone just from like a ten month old inter Like you wouldn't think that from like a wheel, Like if you think about it and you have like a wheel that's good for wet being on water, how does it degrade so much? I know it's going so fast, but it just doesn't make sense that. Yeah, that's how quickly. It's great, It's pretty cool. Yeah yeah. And as as there was this again, I think they got someone from really onto the commentary right before they were gonna get off the red flag. And I'm just gonna read it from my northsire, which is so they were having this basically discussion of going like full red verses inters and uh. And the discussion was like a full wet would allow like perfect grip given these conditions, but it usually sprays three times as much as water and like impairs visibility to like the super low when it was already worse. Um. And then the interns, on the other hand, wouldn't spray too much, but it would raise the issue of actua planing way too much, especially like Suzuka not being flat and like there're being some downhills where like puddles will be formed. And by the way, they named those puddles too, I think, yeah, Shimo and Naka. Yeah, the two names that the points that were formed, Simo and Naka ding, that's what they were cold whatever. I don't know how true this is, how true this is, but I think I heard them saying like if they were to get onto the interns in these situations or sorry, the full wets in these situations which spray three times as much as the it disperses eighty five liters per second at top speed. Wow, that's a mental number. If that's true. Yeah, that's possible. I always just think about myself, like when I hear measurements like that, I'm like, could I drink that how much? Then I really think like, okay, that's a lot. Yeah, But then what's the point. You know, It's like, if you've got a wheel that's good for that condition, but it sprays that much, like what is the exactly? Like it just doesn't mean And Ted was like, if you think about designing your tires different and the guy kind of looked at him. Guys, it's like that every other I thought of two things. One was like, as as an engineer, it was like, can we get this in pink? Like it's the same thing. How do you go to a shop? Do you have any...

...more designs in this particular T shirt? Liked this idea. I've got to make like at least five videos on this, right, I've got video. Holy Living just started off. Yeah ah, but you know, we can't forget the very awesome battle to the finish line between Wetland and the line, so that we saw that was super. Of course, nobody saw it, like vo directors inshore it, so no fans saw it. It's only a few like really went back and looked at footages find it out. But it's such an awkward moment at the end because like I remember that was showing the battle between I think it was in Hamilton's or something like that, and then Max was crossing the line, so they had to bring that on the TV. But then brought up Hamilton's battle and then battle in Alonso. But there's not enough space in the TV so much. I don't know what you do in that situation, but I think like it's I don't know because you have to show Max on the TV is winning, but I don't know when he's held by twenty seven seconds do you have to show exactly. But the worst part is that didn't even show him the replace after the NS that that's sort of like pressed a lot of people off, like the drag race to the finish line. Like I get that they have to show Max, but at least in the replace that they showed right after, like the podiums and everything, but you know before that actually as well, they they didn't even show it then. Just yeah, whatever, I think what you just saw it was from a fan and just like a fan according as I came around, and everyone was kind of like, whoa, but yeah, rescue again addicted the rescue. Yeah, yeah, very good. But yeah I should have hit it a lap lay and he would have got in. As gents, but I'm glad, honestly, very honestly, as a metal fan, I'm glad that Alonso went over taken. Just happy that he he started like after the first lap of course, like you know, he had Alonso and the spun off in the typic metal fashion, and but yeah he ended up piece six, So I'm happy. Yeah, but I think like two teams that messed up. I mean Alonso, sure, maybe not so much because he eventually did catch mettle again. He did fall down to three positions, But I feel like it could have been a great day for make and he got dropped off like a good point position just because of like them hoping for a safety card again and him sooner. Yeah, I think it's tough for attaining my cask because every time is availability for a risk team like that's going to take it. But it really stuffs off their drivers because like, yeah, as you just said, like then they get out of the points and they miss out on like one or two points, but there is that little chance for like getting a lot of points, which is big for that team. So I guess they sort of way up. Or it's probably more worth getting zero points than possibly getting eight points, you know, so they you may as well. Yeah it's yeah, it didn't pay off unfortunately. But yeah, it's hard for me because he doesn't have a seat here, so you know, that's that's kind of the bad part for him. So I think really honestly, I've actually been impressed by this year, and there's been moment he's been so good, Like I think about Austria against Hamilton's and Hamilton's exactly like stuff like that. You see really how good he is. Um, So I think it would be a shame. See what happens. Yeah, let's see if went to has like an exiting influence on some team. I guess he would. I guess he would. But we're talking about points. Um. First of her subtle mention is because Alpine was so good this weekend. Um, the x Renal x GP two engine team is now above I think I think McLaren Sorry, I might be wrong there, um by a good good amount of points in the Constructor Championship. And I saved the other one for later, which is Latifi is back in p twenty. He's back on the table. Yes, he's back. Honestly, I felt bad before and I was like, I think he can do well. Let's just see if we can get some points. And then he did that crash against her, and I was like, yeah, exactly, You've got a nice reel...

...there to like eventually closing their door and your own closet. It's just you know that that was the last or it's just so bad. Yeah, man, Like nothing against him, but there are a lot of good people waiting in line. So you know, it's like after that crash, I was I was whiting up all night for a phone called Brilliants, Like I was whiting. If he does that, I should be there. So who have they got that second William C. Yeah, they don't have that one yet. No, No, they just clarified with them that we're not taking you. That's I'll be whiting until Yeah maybe are you gonna like maybe yeah, okay, okay, okay, Yeah I think so, but I think it would be like going a step back for him, probably, but I don't know, like because but who knows. Man like horse is also very unreliable, unfortunately, Like they started off pretty well this season, but clearly they and in fact, I think they had mentioned this early on as well, that they're not going to be countaining any development for this year. They started for next year quite early on, so who knows. Like they can improve again next year if what they're saying is true. But at least what we saw this year, their trajectory was downwards and very excited. After their first rise, I was just like so happy for going to but box smash. I just think like they should bring like Drewgovic straight for fight they should bring. I think there should always be a seat open for the winner of the previous camp. I think that should be And I think that because like, what's the point of a guy a winning and then not bringing him through. That doesn't make tense. And I think the worst performing driver just they just should go. And it's been promising, like Leclair Lando, all of these who have come through like winning or at least be two too, they've been promising. Yeah, I guess, yeah, No, I don't mind that. Like if someone like past you're on the sideline for a year and you're just observing and stuff, maybe that is good because you would learn a lot from it. And it's yeah, I guess going straight into it might be a bit big ah, But I don't know. I think there should be more um push for that. But like, if the drivers performed so well, why would you not bring him through to someone like the TV. It just doesn't make sense. But then what if you want two things? But what if you want money, Hey, then someone who's racing in other formats, you save your money and you get performance exactly so. But but then hass defense, um, this is something that I did find out recently is they're quite a small team. From what I learned is they're they're just roughly around one fifty folks spread across all three of their development areas, which is like the US, the UK, and Italy. Interesting, So it's it's quite a small team, and they're sort of like working through their resources to get as much as they can sort of pump out of them and stuff. So I guess they're trying, but it's obviously not enough. Yeah, tough. It's good that they're doing as good as they are amount of people. Imagine if they had as many societies had something that's fresh off the open. But it kept the discussions that's been all over the news man how much did they spend on food? How much did they spend on food? So that was this is last year, right, last one? How do you how do you deal with that? You find out the next year. Honestly, it makes me think that they knew earlier and they just waited long enough at till it's like too hard to deal with it, and then you're like, oh, we'll just we'll just say it and not do anything. Yeah, because you can't, like how do you punish your team for that something exactly. It's very difficult, like removing points would be too harsh, and you know that might start up even you know, a larger controversy, So it doesn't make sense. Yeah, it's it's very difficult. Like they say they're going to put a monetary fine, but putting a monetary fine for breaking a cost cap kind of negates it, right, Like it doesn't make sense.

We've had so many other scandals in the sport and drivers and teams have gotten away. Do we think this is gonna Like I genuinely don't think this is going to go anywhere. Yeah, it's they've just wided too long because you can't you can't announce the world champion, and then it's just it's, yeah, that's awkward. But there's a whole list of things that can be done as part of the reprimand which is one of them is also taking points off of like the Constructor Championship, and I think like at worst, at worst R might be okay with that because that would still put them above who has three. McLaren was third last year, so whoever was third basically would still put them above them even after taking some points off. So at words, they would do that taking Max off the championship. I highly highly doubt that's gonna happen. Yeah, that would be I don't think that's an option. You can't really you can't announce him as yeah, because then that would I think that would create a instability about F one exactly. Bring Michael back at that point, like why even have controversy? Want might as well it starts like starting. Yeah, I heard some really awesome theories about the food thing, by the way, the cost cap things. Some people were basically saying that what if they basically you know, baked cookies and the sheep of front wings, yeah, who knows, and split them in like tiny tunnels so many means, like the Reddit feet is completely fit of it. Someone said Gordon Ramsey costed so much? Oh my god, alright, he wasn't. He wasn't the part of Yeah. I think he was in the lasting one and the one arm. But I think all awesome race. I really enjoyed it. Of course the weight was really boring, but I think I agree like safety first, like until unless the conditions were good enough strees. I'm happy about that. We got a really awesome race and a very awkward, cool done room. So that's awesome. Definitely one of the top races of the year, definite, and the white Yeah, the bike was definitely worth it. And Max has found a brother in Perez for sure, without the support that Perez gives him. Definitely with that off the kid in you. Hey, what was your experience on the show? Um? Yeah, look, not a chance in the world I'll be coming down joking. This is awesome experience. It's sort good to poke about um the sport with people that also love it and just sunk around joke about it. Also taking a bit seriously here and there. But yeah, I'm looking forward to coming ductor. Sure, it's a really good fun. Thank you for being your kidding. As I said in the start, you heard him right, like, let's let's get him back to that hundred k mark. Let's let's support a fellow f one. Uh with that, we are your host, signing off.

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