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Episode 57 · 4 weeks ago

2022 Mexican GP


Fiesta de la Siesta, the mexican slumber party is what we like to call the 2022 Mexican GP. While this was a total snoozefest with almost no action, there was still always this hint of tension in the air with strategies. 

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Fiesta De La Siesta 🌶️💃🏽
  2. Wind Tunnel What? Wind Tunnel Who? 🤔
  3. Rob the Rich!
  4. Crank the Volume up to 11!
  5. The ghost of old Ricciardo 👻
  6. Alonso Shit Stirring again
  7. 🍆 measuring competition
  8. Hint of tension in the air
  9. Gasly close to a race ban! 🚫
  10. Antonio Weds Anthony, coming in 2024. 👰🏽       

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

You know, I saw a really awesome meme about that one, like Terres kissing his like Hamilton's dad twenty twenty to Hamilton's started kissing Ferres start, and any three where they both are kissing. This has been such a boring weekend if you ask me, like, it's been a snooze fest. It's yeah, but gosh, wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. I do agree somewhat, but let's not completely forget the really amazing Mariotti version of the fon intal that we heard, Right, we heard such an awesome new version of the intro, and then we got back the old Daniel, so you know that was not not all that bad. We saw the ghose to old Daniel possessing the new one. I guess, going full mental as submit Field battles, right, So all in all, I think it's not that bad. Yeah, I fell asleep at parts, but all no, I guess it was a as you call it, but loose Festum. Let's introduce ourselves. Welcome to F one fan Fiction, a show about race weekend reviews and community interviews. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and let's get into it. You know what, there was truth to what you said, like it was a boring race. So let's talk a little bit about something a bit more juice here that's been going around. That's the wordict for the Red Bull cost cap. Have you heard What's what's going on with that? Oh? Yeah? True man, there is one, and it's starred quite a lot of controversy even after the world it's been out. Before you get into the world, they read like, just a quick note on what a wind tunnel is. It's essentially a room with a model car sitting in the middle with a fan and an exhaust somewhere, and as as the fans sort of starts rotating, it sort of sucks this gigantic amount of air simulating how the car is going to behave on track once it's swerving through that track. And teams for those for those who are confused, just think about a pringle scan and you're blowing air from one end and the car is in between. There you go, there you go, there you go, And teams sort of get this stipulated amount of time based on their position of the constructor table, which goes in the reverse order, so the last team gets the maximum amount of time, and then the first team is the least amount of time for obvious reasons. During these testings they get to sort of like play around, you know two, we can change and do so many things to sort of like then take it to the final model along with computer simulations to see what would happen on the final car as as they build the car for the next season. Now, what's happened? And Saron, please correct me if I'm wrong here an audience, if some numbers are off, you know, just just jump in and call us out. Beyond like a seven million fine, which first of all, I find very oxymoronic that you know, you're you're exactly you're finding someone money for overspending money. I'm like, anyways, that's that's beyond the point. That's if I a being, if you know, it's like when you know, when you know the person committing the crime is rich, might as well extract some money exactly. That's that's the deep. Um. What the other thing is they've gotten reduced to internal time. What this means is the teams that finish eighth, ninth, and ten receive sort of like a five percent and extra respectively. Time. It's it's basically a progressive drop after that.

But basically this is this is how this is how much extra time they get. In other words, when red Bull becomes they guaranteed, which is it's already is, is that twenty twenty world champion, they will finish six places above the seventh six times five percent, which is almost thirty percent, which means they would get seventy of the seven percent seventh place team coat of Now, if these numbers are getting confusing, think of it as if I give you hundred rupees or hundred I really thought that I'm setting in a math class right now, it is right, it is almost I'm not gonna lie. I had to read through these numbers like three or four times to just figure out the number of percentages that are there. Think of it in this way, Williams assuming is going to get three hundred and sixty eight winternal runs, Red Bull will only get two hundred and two, whereas Ferrarian Mercedies if they stay second and third so far as they are, they're going to get to forty and two fifty six. Now, now the question is it's only a difference of roughly thirty to fifty hours depending on p two P three, but every arc and makes significant difference. Here My question to you, Sara and to audience member here is my first thought was Christian Honner is gonna say, we've got Adrian Nui, We've got Hannah Schmidtz. Here's my middle finger, suck on it. But it's fifty rs compared to Mercedes, who probably now is an incentive to stay P three because they get way more time than Red Bull, and I think like it could be a part of their strategy to stay. But again, staying P three means significant price money deduction to from P two Constructor Championship. So it's going to be a play with total Wolf and his mind how they battled Red Bull because Lewis wants that eighth right, Yeah, it's it's quite an interesting point that you raise, and I actually hadn't considered this that you know, the fact that now, you know, being behind a team ahead of you is kind of helpful for the next season. It does make sense kind of to you know, sacrifice some money, like the award money for the sake of giving some more internal time to you know, get a better advantage for future years. That's a pretty interesting, yeah, thing to think about. It actually, but yeah, coming back to the point of Red Bull before you go there. Before you go, folks d m s on Instagram or tweet to us at the data Fun Fun fiction and tell us what do you think should should mercedies sacrifice some some dollars to stay P three and get that extra testing time so that they can create a better car or take the money make better parts or buy better parts and improve that. What do you think at fiction? Yeah, coming back to the topic of Red Bull, right, I think it will affect them at least considering the fact that most of these it does seem like the new operiaderes atmosphees has gotten they are working right, So it does seem like most of these probably is going to be the competitor for Red Bull. Ferrari not so much so considering that, I think again, and you know, if red Bull is getting just two uh you know winter runs, uh, and even if they keep their third position, they still have you know, like uh deficit of eight runs, which is still good. So yeah, I don't know, it's a I think it's a decent penalty than what I thought. I thought that it would be just a slap on the rest, uh. It's somewhat is but you know, a little strongest lap I guess to the place. Probably not the best. It is going to be significant for sure. They probably have to rely more on their computer simulations as well to...

...compensate for that lost forty five hours on average with two and P three as well. So we'll see where we go from there. Um. But out of all of this drama, something else that also popped out was these guys boycotting the clown that Cravets has become recently and sky Sports in general. I I didn't see this, but one of our one of our listeners, Nicole Bandari, he's sort of being thus saying, um that sky Sports was running an interview from some other news media outlet that that Max spoke to and the team spoke too, because these guys wouldn't speak to sky Sports. And I found it very hilarious, to be honest, Oh my god, no, but I'm loving it, Like I like this attitude that like these guys have, especially acts like he just you know, refuses to participate in bullshit, and I like it. It's it's a it's a good way of dealing with them fair enough. And I did get like we did get some things saying showing posts where you know. Max was like, I don't get bothered by media and so on and so forth at the start of one. Sorry twenty two, but he's bang on in my opinion, saying a limits are limited and now the limits crossed. Um, you can't sort of continuously keep punching someone. You need to forget the past and move on. And I agree with it. Boycott away, give us gossip. Let's joke about it. So true, But what was your highlights? So sary, you listed off a few things in the start right which stood out for you in the race. If you were to start off somewhere, what was your highlight? You know what? Listen to this. That's what you heard here right now was the best version of would I agree? That was my highlight? Starting on the weekend with that sound, was like, Wow, maybe maybe a fan should consider playing this anytime it's in It's in North America except time checkers on podium as well. Yeah, I take that. Fortunate see Florida, Austin, Brazil and Mexico. Everything Spanish slash Portuguese at this point, So let's do it. The f I guy listening to us let's do it Canada, you can play some Maple Leaf team. But yeah, man, it was it was. It was a great change from the conventional music we've heard all through the weekend as well, like with all the sort of more sort of masks and everything, masks and everything and the classic Mexican cultural fest that we've seen through the product. It's just brilliant. I love how and I don't remember seeing this too much when we've sort of gone through the race calendar as well, Like Italy, I don't remember that much anyone else, right, Like every country has got such a unique culture, we've we've not seen that much of it. Sure there's been marketing at all, but like this felt like a carnival down Yeah, totally. I think Mexico's always are like that, right, the like the volume novel was always told at livin not. I remember this because you say that, right, Like I remember this some stand up guy I don't know the name, but like he basically says the difference between Mexican Spanish versus Spain Spanish is like Spain Spanish is more calmer and...

...in depth, whereas Mexican Spanish is like they just want to get on a trackin somewhere and haven't lived in the US, right, Like we know what that means. Like California Spanish is as close to Mexican Spanish as it gets, and they're always in such a tonal hurry to talk about it. Yeah. No, it was really awesome. I think everything, like even the fans, like we have always heard about the Japanese fans having these, you know, really ridiculous hearts and everything that they were. I saw a lot of Mexican fans as will hard, like these fun cars on their like on their caps and things like that, and then people had like these whole costumes and stuff. It was. It was crazy. Especially man, the part which I love the most is the stadium section where like you have the second to last corner, you have the goes under the Yeah exactly. That section is so good. I'll just just love the whole whole atmosphere at the track, I think overall, Yeah, for sure, for sure. Eventually, I think like even Checho was asked to sort of like give his final thoughts in Spanish, which the crowd go all the more crazy towards that. So talking about crazy acts and people going crazy. Return of McDaniel McDaniel. I like that team right right, he went he went mad. First of all, I was a bit deja who wish because I thought that was Russell trying to run Science off again. Yeah, but what was that? He just he just like knocked up. I don't know what was he thinking. I probably was. First of all, we have always seen so not as a very good defender, like you've seen him hold written back so many times. And I'm pretty sure it got to Ricardo for shure, like he was stuck behind him for a while and he became a bit desperate, Yeah, and just dived in. Just it was it was super funny, true, true, true. At first, my first reaction or my first thought was, this is this is Similar's fault, right, Like he closed in super hard on Ricardo, and even if you see like Ricardo's POV, like you see that there is a gap, Ricardo goes for it and then he just closed like they just closed And I'm like, what the fund is this new kid doing? And then they shows POV and I'm like, Danny boy, you missed this one up. Clearly there was no room there and there was no reason for living in that aggressively. Um, they eventually locked up, locked their wheels and there was no escape for Ricardo to get out of it. So it happened what happened. But here's the funny part. So to do something like this where it's you're not t boning someone, but you're essentially then locked up and you did cause a DNF a certen sicond penalty, right, but boning someone in not turn one, lap one, that's a five second penalty. Uh yeah, But I'll give a counter to that. Like I kind of do agree with that somewhat. While I agree that it was t bone by Russell, it was still under the lap one turn one conditions, where oftentimes, like race directors do give some wiggle room in the sense that things are you know, not at optimal temperatures, like everybody's breaks are also a bit colder than what they should be and everything. So I think considering those factors, I kind of do agree to it. I kind of understand where they're coming from as to why that was given a smaller pen than this...

...one. Okay, fair enough, but overall I think like that sort of seemed to have charged him up, and especially like what they told him, you know, you've got like a ten second penalty. He sorted started gunning people down in literal sense. If if that's what awakened him, they should just give him a penalty every time at the start of the race. As soon as you start, you have the ten second penalty. Yeah, even Brundle, as someone said, like charge him with a penalty before the lights go out and you'll probably se no. But like you the way he over to coke On with like the hand gesture of like gunning him, shooting him out. Dude, I'm going to miss this guy in the next year. Yeah, man, that's sad. I think if you want to see him on the track again, you need to start treating that either check or Max getsill so that the reserve driver gets the chance. Yeah, isn't that's what I've heard, Yeah, like signing up for the reserve. Yeah yeah, yeah, that's that's the thing. Like he's going back to Christian Owner. There's a homecoming party coming at the Red Bull camp for the return of Daniel. I think I think both Max and Checko need to like have like a coup better like the Kings used to have earlier on who would like keep attention of what who's handling their food because they need to cooper eye out on Daniel. Yeah, he's getting close fair enough, fair enough, it would be a funny thing to see. There was a point where I think, like even McLaren gave team orders and like Askedlando to let Daniel pass. Yeah, that was that. I did not think that chasm the least. Yeah. Right, it's it's like that drink me, you know, like you hear like McLaren giving team orders and drinking like that, and then like it's in favor of Daniel be yep, yep ye. But there's some interesting play happening right, Like while we sort of like see the high level result, there's this whole concept that starting I want to talk with you about is hire temperatures attract temperatures, Mexico being at an altitude which starts starts affecting things. So let's let's sort of like geek out and no doubt about this, right. The strategy that some teams chose to do here, and let's focus on McLaren particularly, is they both started off with mediums um Daniel and Lando going into like thirties laps sort of fish, and then Lando changes to hards and Daniel changes to soft and every car that's done this. So Mercedes did it, Past did it it, um Lando did it. Everyone who changed to herds. In hindsight, they've suffered a lot. Like everyone's complained that hard was not the right choice for yesterday. Hards, as we know, are more difficult to get warmed up in the softs and the mediums. Brilliantly, we saw Vettle run thirty eight laps on soft mediums who are running also into late thirties and early fortuns with like Alonso, so there was clear data at least starting off that you know, these tires are running longer than usual. But I also want to ask you is how do you think, like Mexico sits almost two kilometers above sea level if I'm not wrong, or this track not the whole country, but do you think like the challenges that it brings up, and we'll talk about those in a second, do do you think like we should have more tracks or the calendar more scattered such that sea level high...

...level, sea level, high level, that dynamic interesting point of days. Yeah, I think I had never thought about it this day. I mean, that's that's an interesting take that this should probably be into consideration, but I think it's it's a bit more difficult, I guess, to like have a calendar, which would you know, like cater to this, because like then, I mean, if I don't think there are many tracks in the world, especially like if I grade one tracks where one can actually raise which have such a variability of altitude. So while I really like the idea, I'm not pretty sure how logistically possible that would be. But but but yeah, honestly I like it. I wish it should be more variable because that way, you know, like teams can like you know, gear their cards towards certain kind of tracks more than yeah, really seeing more variability in that in those cases systems there's more room forever, there's more chances to fail. And that's that's exactly what happened with Ferrari, because they're the only thing that I mean, they weren't. They were non existent, to be very honest, even when they were like P five, P four, P six ish. But in hindsight, and this is what I'm hearing is they had their set up wrong, and by the time they realized it, it was it was a bit late. Um just to listen to what I had already said this before, what I'll say it again. I'm happy that they did it. They messed up the setup to start with, and instead of giving us hoops and then sucking up, they just made me for most of these like and you know, we just said set up, go ahead, have fun. It's like that radio message to Lando last year. Sometime we are not fighting them, let them through. Remember this, I think Land I was fighting or cities are something at that point where they aren't in a race with them, Let them through. Talking about high altitude, right, like, so let's let's list out a few things higher altitude. Obviously, thinner air lack of oxygen poses challenges on engines where um cooling the engine and is a bit trickier, and then obviously preventing over it heating issues is a challenge. Thinner air causes drag reduction problems as well, and teams have to run a higher downforced package. Um The rule of thumb that we sort of know is every hundred meters gain and altitude, the engine output drops by one percent. And do the math. Mexico city setting two point two kilometers above sea level um F and cars are air cooled and the engines are turbo charged, which means pressured air has passed through these engines, and simpler terms, which means the engines have to do harder and much much harder work in than a air to to get the performance that they want and to keep the car schooled there there have to be like wider ducks to take that air in. All in all, there's a list of like almost all teams telling I F I A the type of changes they've brought in, like McLaren with their BREAKDA Credible with like a top body central spine change, Alpha Tauri with like three cooling related upgrades. Williams also did something even if even if they were the last team. UM yeah, and Mercedies obviously we've seen they did some floor changes, but that was only fund debris will come to that um. But all in all, all teams have had to make the change except what we know of as Alpine and painfully allowance was suffered the high alt it you know issue.

Oh man, that guy, I don't know what's going on with him his I mean, I'm glad he is leaving Alpine too, but I'm not I'm not sure what's going to happen because Aston Martin clearly is not great. I think he's going to see similar results what he's been seeing here over there as well. Like I think this is a list going on around on social media with which lists on all the like breakdowns that Alonso as hard and like, so we've had like great, let's see looking at this list. From what I say, I think that like eleven times where he has had like engine issues or something is broken with his and then other times it has been like either somebody hitting him, like Hamilton hit him and I think what it was some lace I remember, and then schumach Rose hit him once and something or the other or the strategy was messed up with the pittstop was messed up something or the other. Right, So he's lost a lot of points. But at the same time he's been ship stirring a lot, right, Yeah, Instagram, sitting on the pot and typing things on Instagram. Dude, I'm loving it. I'm loving it. He's been very vocal. Hear right, like he said two things. He said he said three things. Actually he said one that and I obviously paraphrase, but he says it is what it is with Alpine, but there are there are better time starting next year. So that's the second he said was if not for whatever damages and and you know DNFs we got, we would have probably at least gained seventy more points in the championship. And the third, obviously is he should snapped. Yeah shot Sun. Hamilton's saying Max Is championship is well deserved because he didn't have to just fight a steam but was a very weird take, very honestly, like I don't know whatever. Yeah, I mean, we've sent this time and again. Last year the championship was Max's to Wayne, but the race was Hamilton's. Do it this is this is an established fact. But I agree to Alonso for the fact that Red bull second driver was non existent until the second half of one when Checker started to get the field for his car. So yeah, I agree with Alonso. No, man, I I really wouldn't like I while while I do agree that, so it's it's not like stopping has hard to fight anybody this season, honestly, like Ferrari did it by themselves. He didn't really have to fight. Like even if so like this competent, like this year was pretty much a very similar year to what you would say was against maybe Vettel in Ferrari with like fighting him, so it's like it's a weird take honestly, Like I wouldn't say that his two championships are greater than anyone's. Honestly, I don't even agree that you should be comparing different championships because each championship happens in a very specific set of rule, like very specific set of conditions rather and which changes the whole formula, you know. So I know it's rather not get into comparing whose championships are bigger, Like then you're just getting into a dick measuring competition. But yeah, it's the cacious King and I'm bigger, exactly. I want to take a look at some stats from from the weekend, right, some of...

...it very instead of obvious, but Prayers is now P two in the w d C M and Science a quick interjection over it. I think at that point I had like, even these commentators are talking about this, that should Charles, like should Ferrari swap positions between Carlos and Charles just so that he doesn't lose the p to position? And it was a very interesting thing as too. They should have done that. I feel like, while it doesn't change anything in terms of like monetary compensation or anything. But still I think they should have probably done that. I agree, try and at least keep that battle going on in the last place, and at least and keep a clerk couple there. Interesting. Lewis Hamilton is also four points ahead of Carlos Science at this point, so both both the Ferrari sort of struggling there, LP and extends its lead over Claren WCC fourteen race wins in the season for Max, which is a new record, which is fourteen out of twenty as compared to thirteen out of nineteen for Wettal and then thirteen out of eighteen for Schoemaker. There's two more races to go. Yeah, we'll see, We'll see where this goes. Um max position gained stroll An Albon. You know what, let's hold this thought for a second because I want to come to these these items. Leclaire was at his hundred race start this weekend, unfortunately cried himself to sleep and then max positions lost was Alonso ten, but e d n after that point, but both as four and coming back to this max position gained and lost five and four for stroll Alborn and Boat as this is interesting race section that was going this weekend at least Sar and you and I were talking about this, which is about like all the midfielders, right, like we weren't more keen on what is happening in front of the race for the weekend, but like the midfield pack was just fun to watch. Yeah, I agree, Like there was first of all, like this race at least while there was not a lot of track like on track action. I mean there was some, of course, but not a lot, not many long interesting battles, but there was this constant tension of strategy going on right in between like midfields especially like if you saw at the start of the race, like it was like almost every alternate driver had a different tire. It was either mediums, soft mediums of soft medium mediums or something like that, and everybody was like, you know, just rolling their dice, trying to think, like what strategy works best. So like this race, you know, it was weird that Like I wouldn't exactly like it was a snooze first, I do agree, but I wouldn't exactly call it a boring race because there was always this hint of tension in the air. But it never converted into a battles. That's that's the sad part about it. But there was it wasn't exactly set in stone as to what the leaderboard is going to be there. There was this constant uncertainty about who strategy would work out better. Um So while we didn't see a lot of action, I think there was still a lot of like strategy battles going on in the midfield. Some of the good actions I think that we saw was I think it was what Joe versus Wettle, right, I think that was a pretty good one. Of course Wetter wasn't a very weird strategy again, but yeah, that was one of the good battles that we saw all Weeked Man, I think, like earlier in the race too, he was I forget who he was fighting. I think, like Ricardo, that was a lovely battle as well, because Ricardo was on his two thirtieth race versus Shaw was on his twentieth race. And still, you know, sure Ricardo had the better of that battle at that point, but being able to sort of hold back someone who's got...

...almost more than ts on you, better car than you all, and also being able to do a clean racing without eating anyone off that was brilliant and then the same thing with with with metal as well. Right, So for me, it was supposed to watch someone take advantage of their warmer, softer tires over someone who is trying to get their mediums warmed up and struggling and have that presence of mind just in your twentieth race or veterans like Vetal and Ricardo superb driving from Yeah, man Jaw has been very impressive. I think overall this season he has been out qualifying botas. He has been fighting really well. He has had a lot of bad luck. Of course, he's had like two very weird crashes is both of the times when his family was there, which was very weird. Like, overall, he's doing great. I think he also has a contract forward two years is so yeah, I think like it's it's an awesome opportunity for him, and especially with the awesome news of all the joining the grid with a sober which is basically Alfa Romeo, I think it's the perfect opposity for him to stick with this team and you know, perform will so that he has a chance of getting into the Audi Factory team, which would be pretty awesome to see actually fair enough, fair enough, fair enough. Um. A few things also happening in the midfield is Ghastly is very close to just getting a race back at this point. Yeah, it's weird the man because like some of his penalties have been very odd, like the last penalty that he got in the last days, which was for the ten take the ten Carlin thing? Do you know didn't do you know this? Do you know this? So what happened to was like you know, he had this five seconds which which they were serving as a stopping goal. Oh yeah, and they ended up doing like a four point ate something this time again when he got that five second penalty, they and this some commentator said this, like they did it for six point four or something. They were being likely cautious in terms of like the type. Well, no ship makes sense, Like I'd rather leave two seconds on the table in a ten second man. That's funny, Ghastly. I think he better behave otherwise he would not be these things. Yeah, yeah, that's a funny thing. Like Ghastly doesn't come off like a hot headed guy who's very aggressive at all. To take it very weird that he's closed to right, but that battle with Stroll and him being pushed out. I think like this is a new racing rule or a racing incident rule that if I has come up with, which is, if a driver happens to for whatever reason, you know, push another driver out of the track and then gains an advantage for a position or anything, then they have to give the position back or get some part. In this case, I think like the question remained was the team should have asked Ghastly to give the position back in Stroll, but they chose not to. I think it's okay because Ghastly overtook it just sucked off. It's like I'll probably gain five seconds Overstrow rather than give the position back. But it's it's still a weird thing to do because he gained two penalty points, which like five seconds is fine. He can overcome that,...

...but of course he's so close to uh the race pan now that it probably you know, just even like something that might happen which is out of his control, can give him more penalty points. So tell me this, when when does when do these points reset? I think each point has a validity of I think twelve months or something like that. Don't quote me on that. But yeah, it has some validity and basically it goes up just like you know the points that you get on your license, so it's very similar to that. Another thing is I'm going to call out anyone who calls any driver Mr Sunday, Mr Saturday or whatever names in terms of consistency. For me, the most consistent driver is Nicholas of course, to finish with P twenty every race. It's not a smaller che man. This time it really felt like he was on a nice Sunday drive, you know, like like he's going to some nice hill station and he's taking the scenic crowd right. I think eventually ended up being like one minute almost open it off the front of him. Oh man, it was very funny. Well, like it's his last few years is let him enjoy it as he wants, you know, So I'm happy for him. I'm sort of starting to fall in love with Mexican Grand Prix only and only because Papa Perez is there. Sure joy of energy that that guy there is a mean or there is an image of some strategists explaining something to press on the Internet, and then Papa Perez is sort of like standing behind the grilled fans just trying to make sure everything being explained is accurate. But beyond all of this, right, like the Two Fathers exactly, it's just and I get to that, the Anthony and then the Spanish version of Anthony Antonio like long lost lover as it feels, you know, I saw really awesome meme about that, like Terris kissing his like Hamilton's start twenty twenty to Hamilton's started kissing Paris start and the most hilarious saw. All in all, I hope at least yes wasn't what this episode was for you. We have two more races to go. Nothing in terms of championship points or any exciting stats or news is left for the fields. This is just yeah, because money is being paid everywhere and everyone needs to raise But here's hoping for some accidents, some crashes and some drama, gossip and everything that we can to stir up new controversies and bringing new new gossip and be these aunties standing in building until until the next episode. Rate us anywhere you listen to podcasts like us, subscribe to us, still to your friends, do whatever you want to stay happy. Um, We'll see you in the next one.

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