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Episode 39 · 6 months ago

2022 Miami GP


The maiden Miami GP which is the 2nd race in the US was not the most exciting race of the season yet delivered some great racing. Verstappen came out and Charles fell short but Ferrari came out with a 2-3 from it so not too bad for them. There was a lot of controversy related to the Miami GP with the fake Marina and the fake beach but nonetheless the track is very stellar and produced some good racing.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. A more mature Verstappen? 🧓🏻
  2. Sainz Completes a Race!
  3. Perez has no power 💪🏼
  4. Lando the honorary Latifi for the day
  5. Polo Mint Tires 🍩
  6. Cringiest GP on the calendar?
  7. Merc climbing up the ladder 🪜
  8. The 3rd Merc Driver
  9. Student hits the master
  10. Charles learns from Hamilton  


1. Spider Podium

2. Not the WDCs we wanted but WDCs that we deserve

3. Albon the chad

4. Top 10 Anime Betrayals

5. Miami GP in a Meme

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

TOUTO has like a secret dog whistle or, I don't know, boot ask whistle, that we can call that. He just, you know, whistles into and then put as goes into this mind control mode where, you know, total can just control him as he wants. It's at a frequency. We are only boat asking here. They given to well, all of folks. Welcome back to fone fan fiction. I keep saying welcome back because I know you guys have been listening to us, episode after episode, and before we go anywhere. Thank you so much for listening to us. It's the it's the UNPLUG nest that we've heard from you guys that were keeps bringing you back and we'll keep the show. Yeah, just about a banter between two friends as as it was created. This is this is a fun fan fiction. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. And today, for the first time, the circus the cardinal will travels to Florida, Miami. It's more of a retirement home, if you ask me, having having lived there, and Saru still as in the US. So it's more of a retirement place than a party place as as many people know it. But yeah, the cardinal was in town, I think, just to reinstate how much of a party this is. They had to do it around hard or caffe because everywhere else they'd be like close scooter driving with all these on it. And with that, let's get into the race. Man, Sarah and Sarah take us away. Yeah, I guess like this is pretty much going to be the theme of the season. I guess which is, you know, Ferrari versus red bull, and that's what we saw yesterday as well. And Man, I mean it was I wouldn't say it was a very good race. It was somewhat duller parts, but like, we had a very exciting start and again a very exciting and so, all in all, not bad. I love how, like let clerk and Max are so neck and neck. I mean of course the standing zon't show it, but at least from the perspective of the races that you've seen till now, it's been so close with them, and this race again was really awesome. I personally enjoyed their racing. What are your thoughts? No, no, no, this race was definitely bang on, at least at least for the for the one to fight that we saw their overall I agree it was. It was so short of a dry race, but like that turn fourteen and fifteen kept things interesting. The she can is this quite bounds? Yeah, trying to launch people of their cars again, for for Ferrari versus red bull. I mean good thing for Ferrari was they'd locked out front rows before the race start, first time after, I think, like Mexico, two thousand and nineteen, and both these cars right like, are well matched because the red bulls are faster on the Straits by a good five to ten camph versus the corner speeds in this slow speeds are better on the Ferrari. So it's a good balance of competition that's coming in into the squad at this point. And and we did see that during the race where, at least during the start, luck clerk lunched ahead and then somewhere down the track Max was able to take that position back and then he was at it again. It was just a good turning. But you know what, I want to interrupt you here a bit to get back to what you have mentioned a lot of times. You know, Max being the king of stars. He had that kind of a start right like. It's time as well. Yeah, he just like launched into the field and just that first, first or overtake on science was...

...just awesome. I love allowed watching that. Yeah, signs was totally surprised, like he positioned himself so well with that, with that shoot between the two ferraris that sides, like probably way did this guy. Yeah, yeah, it was pretty clean and get very awesome, like he was in just sneaked by. Oh Hello, bye, thank you. Fun To watch and of course, like later on the way he like chased him, he kept his space and it's really interesting to see more mature was happened at that's what I that's what I'm getting out of this. Like I don't know what it is. Maybe it's it's what, like a lot of people have said, it's basically just that the cars are now easier to follow, so drivers have to take lesser risks to overtake us such, because you can maintain your position without damaging attires. I think that is what is probably, you know, helping. was stopping a bit to keep calm, I guess, because up to until the last season, pretty much if you if you miss that shot, that's it. You know, you have to then you basically the tired damage that you took on till now to just stay behind the car kind of goes to waste and I think that that has changed here now. Yeah, true, and we did see that, right leg. So, so after as soon as Max over took the clerk, there was this time when the clerk was following Max and he was in that Darra Zone. But we could just see like because because of that that following advantage had gone away. Luck let was never able to catch up with with Max. He was not gone. Yeah, yeah, man, the overall I think this whole season is basically just going to be these two lads battling it out. You know, you know what I am gonna Yeah, I'M gonna play. I don't know, like I am not this mercedies Fan, but we did see a glimpse of, you know, mercyies trying to poke itself into the competition. Like if you remember like a race one, they are out in q three, they they they're not even in like q and q two's competing, but this race like they locked up themselves at p four and five or five and six and in they're trying to get in there. So I think like towards the end of the season was still going to see some mercdies battle by there. You're right. So far it's going to be all about mercedies. Sorry for aury versus, right bull. Well, what's happening with the second drivers here, though? I think like signs for a change. Completed a race, right, it kind of forgotten about it. That's the interesting part too, because if you see, if you see giving the qualification, he was a tad bit faster than the clerk. He knew he was pushing. Yeah, but then he just gave up on it because, like, I don't want to run into the wall again and I don't want to cause any splint damager stuff, like yeah, I'll just finish P to. I'm fine with that. I don't know reus nes settling in whatever, but I'm glad that he at least finished this race. He's on the podium. He's got a different look to himself to like with those long hair. It's feels weird seeing him without the end. Yeah, but all in all I'm glad. I'm glad he's driving good and he's bouncing back. Yeah, and I think it's quite interesting to see that both the second drivers are, you know, like very up and closed with the first drivers in the teams, in the sense that, like Perez, has become quite comfortable. He's driving pretty well. Same with signs. They are pretty, I think, equally matched up as such, in terms of both like comfort in the car and as well as the piece. And the mistakes. Probably, no, there is not any mistakes. Actually, he hasn't done any of these will now right, surprisingly, but I think signs obviously has the potential. I think he was just a...

...bit not too comfortable with the car yet, but I'm sure he's going to perform well and they both are going to be neck and neck. What's what's the points standing between them? With me see maybe a point here or two. Sixty six. Peers is at sixty six and signs at three. That's quite interesting, and that's, of course, because science did not complete with the sister. But there is also didn't complete one. So but it's still it's still naked Neggart, call like rustle sitting between them at p four, at fifteen nine, but I still call it Nickin because until and less like the merks figure themselves out, it's going to be these two fighting out, although I did expect like a better result from Perez. I think he was having some sensor issue yesterday. So he was on the radio saying he's got no power, he's got more power, but and then the engineer said, like there is power road every saying I don't see anything. But the most free man on the Great Christian honor was on radio later saying that some some sort of like sensor issue. But the cars performing great. But Perez is twenty six point eight. British horse power, as Brundle kept calling it, under under some really. Yeah, that's really sad, you say, but he said, he said so yesterday commentary was on pind because, like, who's with Brundle? I forget, but like he was saying horse power, horsepower, and then, when least corrected like British horse power. Yes, man, that's one thing I missed the right about a FN TV. They have to switch the commentary now, so I don't get brundle anymore. It's basically, yeah, I used to hate the red button shit that they used to do, but somehow they had a charm, they had a good, you know, way of conducting things and yeah, I kind of missed that. But yeah, well, what about the next team? Mclardden, I guess. Is that where we want to go next? Let's see. They were all over the place. Is what I would call clarden yesterday, because they they were they were doing it for once, but then, you know, they were more of the back end markers. Yesterday they were trying to get that bit advantage where they don't pat and then take themselves all the way to one stop its strategy and then at least try to be somewhere in that contention of points position. But overall, with Lando and Landos, accident and regard or that is an unfortunate one. Yeah, it was. It was a shit show. They were all over the place yesterday. Yeah, I don't know mine what's going on in the Claren. I think they are improving somewhat, like, definitely they have like and the first days we saw they were dead last. Like they are doing pretty well now with specially with landos podium last race. Of course. Now you know the clown are doing good, but I'm very confused, like I don't understand, like is that the engine? Is it the Arrow? What water is causing this? Say, like Jereal, everyone's still trying to figure their cars out, while red bill and for our just have figured it better. Yeah, right, but yesterday, at least from regard, or really, there were some brilliant overtakes, like that's even brundle. At some point I was like that's the old ozzy. We know that was true liking there was those. There was an amazing cottner cut on. So know the which we Hu, which you saw like...

...the old recordo come back with like let that laid breaking and then turning in. So there's there's some some great driving from from Ricardo. But at the same point I feel like Lando was so struggling with the whole car. The we turn eighteen hair pin man, like at one point it felt like he was going to probably retire his car because he was so wide. But yeah, but da I just just too many over takes on him. I think like lap nineteen, twenty, twenty, one, same spot, nade hair pain that they just keep kept getting on. But I'm glad that he crashed because he made the race a bit interesting right to he was. He was the lucky fee for yesterday exactly for a change, like I was actually so I was watching this race at the bar with a couple of my friends and like, while watching the race, you know, had gotten a bit dull, and then we're like, so you placing bets on his left if you going to crash, but other what lap is letty if you going to crash? It right? And and then there goes Lando and we like, Oh man, something changed you. Yeah, but that crash too was very weird because it felt like as Lee was going to retire the car, and I thought even Lando said in the post race interview where he was liking if it felt like as Lee was going to retire the car. If he was, then when it was completely his fault, to sort of just come into me, and then if he wasn't, then I don't know how he got there. So something along those lines where it does like gastly scold all the way. But yesterday commentary was just too much on point, man. It is so much fun listening to them. Because he was like that tires come off like a polo. Mints like, Yeah, that's actually true, the way that rare right popped off, so it came off. Yeah, it is actually true. I agree, and that's that's a nice one. See, this is what I've missed, man. I I'm kind of missing these guys now I don't mind the red, but but yeah, that that's something that they're still blabbering about. But yeah, yesterday's commentary was Bang on point. Something interesting that that I think I noticed yesterday was, and this is again like coming off of because of the commentary, is what I learned, is the track was driven in an anti clockwise pattern, which sort of gives you more right handers in the left enders, and that's why we saw like more right tired degradation and the left. And Somehow and somehow this sort of I don't know how or if it's even true, but sort of we saw a few right tire mess ups during pitstops. We saw we saw one for science versus pere as were. Science had like a five. Yeah, for versus pet as at a three point one, which still is more ordered bull ends up getting. Alonso had like a five point seven. I think he had someone even record or had like an issue with is is rare right or something. So overall, it was a resort bit stop. Multiple people got their tires missed up. Everyone, rather than trying to manage their left or on or on a lot, to sort of manage their rights at this point. So, yeah, it isn't interesting race overall too. Yeah, that's that's quite interesting. I didn't actually consider the fact what you just mentioned about. Okay, I mean the how it affects whether you're running on the track clockwise or anti clockwise. Very well, now that we're talking a bit technical, let's go to the other spectrum of it and let's visit. Let's visit some memes. Just let's keeper heads aside and enjoy some good, fresh, hot memes, as we're going to be sharing some screen. Folks, for folkstion.

You Youtube. This is where you have an advantage over anyone listening and audio, because you could see this. Where are we? We are at sectional again. That's the best Japanese origin, Manga, whatever you want to call it, of leave section that I can do all rights the first one. So the first one basically is a panel with spider man shooting Web and the second foot is the podium where everybody is like, I don't know what that was. The streamer thing is that they were like spraying out guys, but what the fuck was going on? At least at least this is like the sfw version of the MEME. Might mean. Maybe thought even goes to like an NSFW origin of the yeah, right, I can see that. I don't want to, but I can. I'll just leave it there. A different origin of spider man. Next let's take a look at the next one. This has to be the Savorite meme of the weekend for me. So it's basically the one which you know. It says no one, and then the other subtexts the two drivers with the most W DC's on the grid. And then there are two photos. One is of a superman and the other reserve se's from three hundred, the context being I don't know if you know about the Sakas and you know why whetle was wearing is under were outside that one. I don't know. Lewis was just being bluish with all the jazz and the bling that he comes on with redaughters. What was whettle story for wearing superman? So it's it's been. It's basically related to safety, like fi is clamping down in a few rules, and I completely side with the fiaver here for both these things actually. So basically, they they say that the drivers shouldn't be wearing any garment which might stick to their skin in case of a fire and basically they are asking all drivers to wear like fireproof clothing, even for the inner ware. So a lot of drivers are protesting because it's not very comfortable. Yeah, and thus you see where till wearing is Puma where on the outside, and the same thing goes for Hamilton as well. The same thing. Like fi is trying to like clamp down on any jewelry while driving, and they're saying that basically it can burn into your skin, and not just that, it can fly as a debi, and when it's going at three hundred kilometers per hour, you know it's basically a bullet. Yeah, so you need to cut that shut out. Well, you know what, at least I agree with a FIA here, because they know that with these concrete barriers, crash, so eminent as everyone was shot for, like the whole Groci of fire things, is gonna come. So might as well, like have these guys not aware, all of these kids, who knows who order the twenty, is going to run into that defying crash again. Man. Yeah, that's true. That's true. All right, let's go to the next one, hey, and go back to the previous one. I just read this somewhere and I don't know if it's true, but did it? Did someone ask Louis that, Hey, do you have? How many pure things do you have? And then he said, like I have a couple some that I can't reveal where they are. Everyone's been guessing where they are. I don't know if you heard about this thing. This is news to me. This is quite addressing. Look it up. Will look it up, like after you stopped sharing the screen and like you know, or if you have a second screen idea end. But like...

...sure, I just, I think, elerate it on. I read it and read it and I was like, I don't know if this is to be pieved or is someone just pulling his legs with like all the weird perrecings? This guy's guard, I think. I think it also could be loi was just rolling the videos. Who knows? Someone predicted. He's probably got wondering on his because something. But anyways, that's the next one. All right, leave a comment about where do you think? Okay, anyways, the next one. It's has to beat this trying to figure out where album is driving out, driving the car or Williams is a midfield car and let the fears shit. That's true. That's actually true. Now that he's got his painted hair theory, he's been, I think, like that's the only way he knows how to drive, like either start eighteen, nineteen or twenty and then the points, like that's the only way he know. Yeah, and I think Williams is going to sit dip him in red paint because they if they think that red hair brings one point. So, you know, yeah, all his body hair being read my guil in the more points ten anime bit is, Oh my God, it's basically a photo shoe me hitting Tel and with a you know the subtext of top ten anime betrayals. Yeah, right, like there's definitely some mentoring parental relationship damage happening here. I know. I mean they laughed it off after that, but it's quite easy for mettle to like slip in a few bad advices, right, like yeah, this is just that's true. Just to take revenge. That's true. You cost me a point. I think it's the last one which completely captures the Miami GP in one photo. So it's basically this is brain okay, with a normal GP. A sense, this is really and on drugs, where you have like a collage of wetel his underwear. I don't know what is he doing? And then the sky sports commentator time to swear, the falls and does these macleary tank top thingies. What are they trying to do there? Then there was a policy, a squad. What the Hell is going on with the police as cat? You know what, I have a theory here. I know why. I think Hamilton could had won the race, but he purposefully didn't because he was afraid what might happen to him with this squared Ouch, ouch. Sure black lives matter. Sure, Oh my God, he's like, this is America, so you know he has to yeah, yeah, we have it kept. Who knows, someone could be choking down his throat shouts. Yeah, now, man, I think like nobody told these corps that this is a racing track and these speeds are allowed. They probably came there for a ticket. We see a few cars driving over speed limit. Man, I don't know, I think. You know, I think we should talk about the MIAMTP in general right after this, Jeff, and I think this is a very good segue for it. So I think let's let's go there. Sure, sure, sure, what? What are your thoughts? A crash about the whole the whole thing. I don't know, I can't even like, you know, as fans, we sort of we shout, of make the statement that every weekend the carnival travels every week in the surfaces in new town. This weekend it felt like they...

...wore a circus and a carnival with all with all the jazz that that they really put right. So, yeah, that's that's how the weekend fail. To me, it's like, you know, have very mixed feelings about it. Like, on one hand, I'm I'm kind of happy that it's the sport is getting popular in the US. It's a big market and like, if we like, if it becomes popular here, we, you know, with that comes, you know, more like original programming related to fun and everything, and we'll see, you know, more great programming about F one. But at the same time it seems like they are really trying to get into the whole influencer, you know, culture as such in us at least, which which I mean, I don't know, a gatekeep. I'm happy if people, you know, even new fans, are discovering it and they're liking the sport, is great, but at the same time it feels weird with, you know, the whole like the fake board thing, the fake beach, everything that they did. I mean, okay, they wanted to sell tickets, but it's kind of cheapens the sport somewhat trade like it. It felt very gimmicky, the celebs and everything. And you know what we saw with Martin Rundle's great work as well. It was completely interarious. Like at least you didn't get shoved away this time. That's that's the that's the good one of the people were not interested to talking to him. The was this this interview with Venus Williams, I think, where he martinus time to get her attention. She like he asks her, like are you here to Support Hamilton? And then I think Dj Kelliott comes there, so she starts talking to him and I carry Martin the she like looks at Martin again and then she sees the mic and he's like, oh, he's still here again to answer this, and then she starts talking and then she just says, yeah, I'm here to support Louis and the other drivers to Lub I think that was on purpose. Let me interject there. I think that was a purpose. Curls last year Serena was on Monecco and she was asked to give tips to Max about driving. So she would have probably told Weena's history away from these guys, because these guys know Jack Shot and they ask you to give driving tips to drivers when we were tennis players. So that makes sense. That makes sense. And right after that he started talking to Dj Colin, who seemed like an NPC because like he was just talking random shit man, so so bizarre. He was seeing like this is my army, this is my home and he's retired. I don't know, it was just I was so like, I was so confused watching us, to what is going on here. Exactly my but regardless, the track is pretty good though. I like it. Yes, I personally like the yeah, I know the the Internet stone over written and even on our track sort of explanation video, we got like different opinions, but I'm with you on that. I like that track. It's got a good straight, it's got the good chicane. The only thing I probably I don't like is the the concrete barriers. We I know we can talk about it in a in a separate video, not part of this recording, but beyond that, yeah, I'm with you. I like that track. Yeah, right, it's like a mix between a lot of tracks, I think. Like you've got the kind of benty straits that we saw in Saudi, and then you have got dose, the Chickene, you know, which is very technical to drive us such a fourteen and not really easy. Yeah, exactly, and then the hairpin at turned seventeen, which is a pretty interesting like overtaking point, and I like it.

Dr Zones and yeah, pretty good track and I think a lot of drivers themselves also liked it. So overall, I think it's a good thing Miami GP. I just hope that they somehow contain the, you know, the fakeness of things that they try to introduce. So we all even, even for the race directors, right like it was. They kept cutting two shots with those two pools and hard rock cafe and kept showing people in those and I'm like, I don't, I don't. They don't care about the race there in the pool and enjoying I don't care about the exact why am I seeing four fat dudes in swimming costumes sipping on ansons? I mean, I still understand they're showing fans. Well, actually, in the grandstands and watching the race because they're at least like interested in the race, even for them, even for them. So there were these moments where the Hamilton's overtaking or you know, being overtaken or whatever, and then they'll cut to some fan cheering and be and and the commentators are like, I even he's excited. So back to the race now, exactly exactly said. It was weird. It was weird. But talking about talking about Hamilton. I don't know why I mentioned him, but like talking about Hamilton. Want to spend some time talking about mercedies yesterday because it you know, it did feel like our theory from from last time is sort of sort of holding true. We did see Hamilton struggle during q one, where he was probably going to get out, rustle during q two, where he was again probably going to get out. But all in all, mercedies did have a good weekend compared to the previous weekends that they've had. Your thoughts on mercedies overall? I think they are are slowly climbing up the rat ladder. Like yeah, I think they had also mentioned this to fur the race, that they're going to bring in an upgrade this time right, which would kind of break or make their season, and I think they are in the right trajectory because at least this time would we saw they ended up with four and five, right, yeah, which is the third best on the field, which pretty awesome for where they started. So I think our theory does hold up. End of like they have been experimenting with a lot of different things. I think even we had seen this somewhere right, like they were using these light senses to try and understand or poising effect and overall, like the performance of the car and like they were okay with the added weight because they were so desperate for it to try and improve things. So yeah, for sure, I think most might end up the third first steam by the end of the season through. Yeah, I could buy into that, and I think, like I forget who'd mentioned about this too, but but you're right, because what ended up technically this this this particular race, is more was eating into Ferrari's slow powner speed. So they have started to come into that competition again. I think, like all they need to do now is figure out how to balance that poor poisoning a pace eating issue that they have. So yeah, so one thing I wanted to point out with you know, the Merstudies is races, that the third driver at Mercedies, who basically just stepped out of the wave to let the first two drivers go by, whose boat ass. I know what I believe. I have this theory. I have this theory that toto has like...

...a secret dog whistle or, I don't know, boot as whistle, that we can call that. He just, you know, whistles into and then put as goes into this mind control mode where you know, total can just control him as he wants. It's at a frequency. Were only boat asking here. They given probably, but I know what you're saying about late talking like it was this point where there was a boat as honestly like a boat as Hamilton Russell but could be both as a Lamilton train. And then those two guys were fighting off turn eighteen hair pain boat has just moves away. It genuinely felt. It genuinely felt like there were probably some models, only for both as to realize, oh, should I'm not part of the steam. Yeah, I think he just like messed himself up, like I think he he had locked up. I think that thought the issue was which slid it the way like the cut to the camera, right, it felt that we like he just a very is that my way to show how he moved away? Yeah, yeah, it is a lot. You know what, sort of Kudos to him. He started above Hamilton and there were some good memes coming out of that situation. Ever, well, well, well, look how the team was a firm sort of situation. Yeah, and honestly, if not for that mistake, he could have probably ended up forth as well, like some fifth right. Yeah, it didn't feel like he was getting into too much pressure from those mercedies at that point. Exactly. Yeah, I could have salvage disposition. Well, I think, like you know, when you when you say that this two drivers boat, hasn't Perez had a film like consistently sort of struggle getting their position back, because I for one sort of felt like he's gonna make that dive on science at some point and get that position back. But that never happened and both has also like start started falling back. There is still dive once, but yeah, but that was as feel like then. Yeah, you never exactly like. Yeah, that's true, that's true. Yep, yeah, you're I think, yeah, I think somewhere right, like I think we saw the same thing with Perez. And what rays was it? I think last Stasie, where he was leading. Now one of the times when where he like basically got fucked at the pit stop and then later he just couldn't overtake signs under all them of war. Yeah, right, like we we see that often happening. I don't know why, though, like it's clear that the red bull is fast, like Max is definitely showing that. And anyways, I think there's some something here. It's probably related to their driving styles or something either. But yeah, same thing with both ask he couldn't get back the busy. Yeah, but still Kudos to him and he's doing a brilliant job. I yeah, Alpha. I mean, who would have thought? Like I had honestly expected, there is. There is a there is an interesting meme about this to so, because you say, who would have done this, this thing where both as leaves Williams, Williams gets fought, but as leaves ready go. Would as using mercaries, mercies gets oh yeah, he's at Alfair inves I like whenever he leaves there, that's going to get fold interesting. I think we are onto something. Yeah, something what was what was the shenanigans between Russell and Hamilton. Man, I I I heard about this but I didn't actually see it. Like I was just going to ask you about that because, like at times it felt like there were team orders coming into play where they wanted to have Hamilton ahead of Russell. But then I feel like Russell was beor on pace yesterday, like I think there were some clean passes from him to overtake Hamilton. There were some good lunges into into Hamilton for an overtake. Overall, it just felt like while they're still figuring...

...that car out, and even if they had like the same cars, yesterday Russell was more of an inn element zone for himself then Hamilton. Yeah, what what I enjoyed the most about yes days race Hamilton's radio about complaining about the strategy. Did he sell liars are shot? I don't know. I don't what did he say? I don't recall what exactly he said, but basically essence saws that. You know, you did me dirty with the strategy, because was he was he in like the p five positions by that time. Okay, so that's when you that's when his mind starts tuning in to complain. More. Okay, all right, that makes sense exactly. I truly truly enjoyed with thinking that the old Americans back. Yeah, Uh Huh, there's there's some good replace. That showed Russell Passing Hamilton off track. It was sort of like good switcher US happening, essentially. But overall, overall, some some good battling. They they also did not, at least not on the radio, but they didn't show them not fighting like like to allowed them to battle it out. Yeah, there's what it looked like. I don't know behind the scenes of things were going on, but at least on the front it was that. Now, I think, I think most of these would let them fight for now because I think it makes sense that. I mean that nowhere near in the you know, running for the championship anyways. Yeah, so doesn't make sense to you steam orde as much right now. I mean, and they are keeping it clean. They're not like, you know, pushing each other off the track or doing anything nasty to each other. So I think, I mean they push both as of that right. But what I just moved mood of the track on his mane. But well, pushing, since you're talking about pushing, what the Hell was mick doing? Man, yeah, I think like he's he's getting mixed advice from his Godfather and father. I don't know about the father, but but, like what I mean to say is wet was going to evaluate how he wants to sort of got parent make at this point because, yeah, it was that was a good lunge and we was trying to do but we will turning in on him. I still have to probably see it from like a helicopter Cam version of who turned more or was there another breaking sort of scenario? From mixed point of you did initially look like there was some gap that he could have taken into that turn, but at the same time it felt like mick under break and went a bit more wider than yeah, yeah, I think it was a little too eager from mix side, like that corner doesn't have a lot of space. It does it all and there the three cars that I think there was a Lotso as well there and they just wasn't enough. My think it. I don't know. Mike sured hard, like kept being patient. Probably, I don't know, and especially if diffreshally, since he was fighting for his first points. Right exactly. That that's that's the difference. Right. Like I think like the excitement of the whole week and got better of him because he started the race of to on a good note where he for the first time in his career, sort of I mean this season, to be honest. Not Has it. My Spain doesn't. He has. So here's a lot of practice out qualifying his teammate last year. Right. So this season, for the first time, he out qualified MAC might guess, been driving like a stellar of a season this year, better than his entire house career, to be honest. But but I think like that and at that, combined with the excitement of him truly getting right...

...first career point, combined with like a httle being in front of him, getting the chance to sort of show his mentor how he's involved. I don't know so much happening. It just like two meter of a distance. Yeah, sure, you learned thing. That was the played out picture. Like that also played part in the picture that you know, since it was wettal, he probably kind of wanted to show off to his mentor kind of like, you know, look, Ma, no hands and think through. That's true. That's but I guess, like that's that's where you learn from these these things, right, and and because this happened again. The first time it happened was like when Alonzo Nick Ghastly off into that turn one and then Alonso was prompt on the radio saying hey, I think he closed the door on me and the last minute, and then brindle again, being brandal brilliant last night. is also known as turning into the corner, and he and that. There is a lot of got a penalty as well. Right, yeah, at the end my seconified statement. Yeah, and and and as soon as, as soon as mick ran into wettle, that's for he didn't even have to brindle. Did Indian have to say it, and it played in my head. That's called turning into the corner. It could had been, like it's kind of could had beens for both. Like pettal has missed a lot of like, Hey, has mister rass previous as I forget now, but he has some catching up to do. This was an awesome Portunity for make to gain his first points and well, he squandered it as such. So better luck next time, I guess. The other interesting way to is where La Clare does a fastest lap and then he comes into the radio and says it's so difficult to drive the car and as soon as he says that, rundle again like a brilliant redd. Yesterday the Duos is like, what's the difficult you've just done the fastest lap was it? Was it like Charles hinting at how he is kind of going to turn into Hamilton? To Point, I think it comes with the position. Like we saw Max starting to complaine. We seeing Le Clerk. I think it's the nerse that get to you when you're in that. Yeah, in that, in that position, as it's anything, soon we'll be all to start seeing like you know, my tires are gone, and then fastest lab. Yeah, yeah, we could difficult to drive in the fastest lab. Yeah. I think it's like podium one hundred and one that everyone gets through as a coaching lession. Lesson that. Okay, how do you complain? That's where you start. We saw. We saw some good dr strains for being again as part of the twenty twenty two theme yesterday. I think yesterday is one that I did capture as a screen shot. Was Game Action macer Le and Norris right before Norris died out. But overall good race. Do we have stats on who gained the maximum position lost, maximum Max over takes, I think. I think let's share that with the audience. Let's get to the stats that you're talking about. You're right, ok on. I think O'K on is the winner, who gained ten positions. MMM, of course like that. I mean it affects that a few people dnft, so of course that kind of plays into the picture. But yeah, I think he ten positions. Pretty Awesome. And where did you start? You don't have a very good qualifying right. I think I'll pine. We're having a very weird day. They...

...started like right behind and yeah, I don't know. anyways. And I think the most positions lost has to be a tie here between make and both ask because they both lost two positions. So well, will overall a good weekend. As many complaints I had, I think like I've wented them all out. Yeah, the circus now travels to the traditional Barcelona Catalunia. Right. Yeah, so, if you're still listening to us, if you're still here, you are the two champion Fan. You know what, if you're still listening, we'll give you a T shirt away right into us at contact us at the rate at fun Fan Fictioncom and we've got a fun fan fiction t shirt for you. So, if you're here, if you write in first person, the first person is in that tsue. It's and it's not out as much to it's something that just we were. So yeah, yeah, until then, these are your horse signing off. Bye, bye,.

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