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Episode 41 · 6 months ago

2022 Monaco GP w/ Aditya Bhat


The 2022 Monaco GP again raises the question whether Monaco really should remain on the calendar. Well as Monaco GPs go this was probably one of the most exciting Monaco GPs in recent history. Ferrari yet again pulling off a debacle of a strategy which stole Charles of a win. The Monegasque has to wait at least another year to win his home race. The strategy played into RBR's hands and gifted them a 1-3 where Checo won his first Monaco GP and became the most successful Mexican Driver in F1 History.

Today we have a special guest, Aditya Bhat, who is a F1 content creator. His content leans towards the tech side of things in F1, consider giving him a follow at @bhat.tech on Instagram.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Should Monaco be on the calendar?
  2. Ferrari is back! 🤡
  3. The half broken curse.
  4. Is Perez in the title fight?🏆
  5. Red Bull lucks out with the strategy.
  6. Sainz blue balled yet again. 🥶
  7. Alonso the Tank Engine & Friends 🚂
  8. The half (H)aas story 
  9. Engineer: “How’s the car” RIC: “Erm.. I’m ok” 🥲
  10. Zak Brown the most American man
  11. Albon’s Hair Dye fades away 👨🏼‍🦰    

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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At least let's give it to him for finishing the race. So you know he broke the course, I guess. Finally, I don't know if you did. I don't know if you've had it's still one, two, four in Monaco. Is like the curse is half broken. Yeah, baby steps, I guess. Hello, folks, welcome to f one fan fiction. This week it's Monaco we've got. We've got a special new host for you this this episode. Let's get into it. We are your host. I am a Kash and I'm silent. there. Welcome, other care. How's it going? Man, good man, are you guys? Yeah, doing awesome. Last night was some fun. Yeah, thank you for being here. First of all, thank you for joining us on this episode. No, I know, three different time zones. Yes, I think it was. Yeah, I was. I was a little worried, like how we going to manage this? You know, somehow it worked out. Some glad. It's a good time. But thoughts on the race? Other tell let's see at your raw thoughts on the weekend of the race. A different kind of Monaco over the past few years. But do you think come the weekend so qualifying? I think you come to Monaco for qualifying, especially for the q three, and you sort of robbed of that. Yeah, and second time in a row, by the way. Yeah, sorry, and the Red Bull just partner it. Yeah, so that was and then the Sunday, when it comes to Monaco's not the dullest of Monaco Sunday's. HMM. So I was like kind of made made up for it again, but not really. I mean we're trying to make a stronger case for Monaco on the calendar. It's not really happening. Yeah, right, considering how boring races are up Manacca generally, like, if you go back, think about Ricardo is between two thousand and eighteen, where he was literally like dragging his car through the field, but still one the race. But compared to that, I think what we saw a Studay was pretty awesome, like at least we had a lot of shuffling going on, a lot of drama in terms of strategy and in general, I guess, like with the N and everything, there was a lot of unpredictability overall. So I think overall it was a good race. Considering MONACCO. I guess you never see overtakes here. Yeah, play with fires, spay right, especially with the rain, which which led to some people starting off on wets. I think like two or three folk started off on inters, ghastly one of them. Yeah, and he was devouring everyone who's on bets about him until like every like he got three or four of them to some point. And that overtaking was brilliant to see because exactly if you never see over takings at Monaco and then in blowing through the fevers, something that cheek. If he overtakes when there such a tired differential in terms of case, it's like who was ghastly find nothing? Stroll or someone, and I strolled. I think it was a zoo, zoo. It was yeah, okay, and he was like not forget being in a normal place to overtake. He's just anywhere, trades right coming into the swimming pool section. He has gripped. He's just doing him when on there. Yeah, I think. I mean when I could's always that we had like the rule just took so narrow and then aren't really a lot of wood taking spots are such like. I can't I can't point to one as the this is the standard spot or anything. So I think he was just trying to overtake any possible yeah, rights before Pittney. I think that's the only case. But but I think credit to him and like I think he was the only person who was doing gover takes overall, I guess, throughout the field, and I didn't see too when you would takes otherwise. But again, that was only when he had that such a advantage, because that was the complaint I had last last night. I thought when because of the conservative start to the race with the race directors, I thought because we didn't get the full amount of laughs. I don't know how many laughs we will start at the end, but we switch to a countdown time instead of yeah, so the battle was shaping up at the end when like four cars are there in a few lay in one TV frame. But then how does it matter? Like we that's we really first, I said, if we had a lot more laughs, we see this actual ording battle happening. But was this really going to happen or things it was just going to be that possession till...

...the end? Yeah, Brundle brandle said the same thing, like he was like, if this goes to the end of the race, the usual race len we'd probably see some die from science or from Max on science, I'm with you. I doubt it is. They got into like accidental distances with each other room on them turn or even after the tunnel, but there wasn't a real opportunity. Were ether maybe, where as a style would have worn ocause him, scaring him, sending on that, you know, right after that race, start over to the casino, like going on that straight. Doesn't flat spot that he did, and I'm like that would have ruled his race and he should have had teated if this was like seventy seven laps, but other than that, I don't think they would have been. Yeah, not really. And also I think there was this point where I think there is was trying to like go slow because he was avoiding trying to reach the backmarkers, and I think the commentator is the saying the same thing, that it makes sense because, like he didn't want to get into traffic and then that comes other dangers and he was able to maintain that very easily, like as as we have seen a lot of times, for like, even if you're driving slow, you can just park your car at the right places in Monacco so that nobody can pass you, and that's about it and of course, like I will, will get there, but we the the best best case. That proves it was basically alone. So yesterday, yes Alonso was having his own fun. I feel like he was. He didn't care about who other else there on trank. He was reading his own race. That grown a formula the most times. That's right. And Yeah, anyways, we get to that Leve, I think we let's let's address the you know, the Mein topic of today, I guess, would be like, but are you being clowns? I guess like the clown meme returning overall one Ferrari. I don't know. They probably hate winning or something and like every time they start like winning, these decide that we just need to fuck shut up and let's spice this up a little. What was happening then? What are your thoughts? Was a double start really a good option? I'll tell thoughts. Double Stack is a good option when you have that buffer between like Max came in. Didn't do them much time, because I think you're six seconds behind better, but Charles like three seconds and you're bound to lose time. Yeah, but then like, like, I don't have a big problem with the strategy. It was the indecision of the entire thing. Yeah, like and the lack of confidence, letting signs do whatever and he wanted to do, and then calling like clack in saying no when he's already at Adkph. Yeah, it's just all of that. Like what happens next time when science says I want to stay out and stay say okay, like lives, like first of all, this is not their job. Were like yeah, keeping a car in a straight line in Monaco rain is hard enough. I don't let them for you can ask, like what do you think in these tires, but don't let them make make the choice. And you could see, you could see luckily at like almost parking his car waiting for science to get out of like that mechanics hand. Yeah, it was rightful to be super frustrated. Yeah, and I think it was. It almost minded me of Hamilton doing the in thing with I don't know when was it? Well, was it Germany's are two years ago something. Time it was very remscent of that because, like Charles, I heard the radio like, you know, come in like box, and then right after that, no, no, don't come in, and he's like what the fuck, what are you doing, and you know he went to this. I didn't understand. Like I feel it's somewhat like, of course, for we messed up, but I also think that Charles should know by now that Ferrari doesn't have the best strategy and he should probably call his shorts. I guess I don't know, especially after being with the team for the past three four years, after seeing weird strategy cause it wettill and everything that has happened. I do and I also place at least like five percent blame on him for listening to them. I guess I don't know. I mean it's just it, that's just a slippery slope. No, yeah, every time. I don't need first strategies. What do you think? What do you think about the overcut? Like you don't see too many overcut place. Sure, science made his own call, but what do you think about the overcut play that he ended up doing? person even with science making his own call, I don't know if that was the hundred percent right call. Like would you have won the race? Not,...

Moody, want the race, but if he did his interst stop lat I think Checko Red Bull, with Checko almost like pull the trigger and went very early, so covering him off, like I obviously I'm just speaking out of this speculation right now, but it could have not been such a different outcome to is a race, and also perhaps could I'm not blaming science, but could have sort of eliminated all this confusion also, yeah, with him going in, not going, and then Charles being told to stay out because of this. Is a new idea and the heads the overall result of just ticking to following red bull is a good strategy for flurry this. I told English that's an interesting perspective. Like, yeah, we've been saying that. Okay, for I messages up its strategy at this point, but it sounds like, and I'm starting to hear this otherwise, also make science sort of messing up the weekend for Ferrari as a whole in some way, in some way. But yeah, this is this is also a similar to how Lando made his own call when he thought, when you Russia, when he was win and he thought he's got a good grip, but was a totally wrong. But this workout for science. Sure, yes, would have been a repeat of Lando situation. That situation was just will Joseph. The engineers like it took all hands of making the decision and saide. Everything's on Lando. If you whatever you want to do, will do it right. That's all. Yeah, well, regardless, I think Charles at least let's give it to him for finishing the race. So he broke the course, I guess. Finally, I haven't know, if I don't know if it really it's still one to two four in Monaco. Is like the curse is half broken. Yeah, baby steps, I guess. Why? was such a good weekend fore where I don't think he put a foot wrong, and to end up from one to two four, a few laughs, that's say one. Yeah, and when you're in the like, when you're trundling down the pit lane, to hear still out and you know in that moment that the race. Yeah, but I'm so glad that Max did not win the stays. I don't know why. Like, overall, I think per is deserved it completely, especially after last days. I guess like that was his race to win, at least I believe it. But yeah, I'm kind of glad that Max didn't win it and also for another fact that Max didn't gain a huge advantage over Charles in the championship as well. So that's great. So just I mean five points, all right, I guess. Yeah, five, fior six points. Yeah, I forget. I forget. For its. This is I think Charles, like your parents, is very close to Charles. Now. Yeah, I think. Yeah, it's like fifteen points away from Max and and he's a third and I guess, let's see, Charlotte art behind that is is a six points behind Charles. Interesting. So there's a three way title battle. Warning, that's fun. So far. This is this is classics sithing so far. But, yeah, good race. Will the rest to win because, yeah, Max is clearly the second driver this this weekend. Yeah, and change, you know. Yeah, so, no matter how red bull try to play it, he was second driver this weekend. Yeah, and it would have been tragic to see somehow Checho still fall behind after would our good. He was, even with the crashing in qualifying, HM, really the better driver and it worked out this weekend that he won. Yep, and I think, like I've heard this and like I also kind of not really, but I do believe that Perez probably was, you know, started with qualifying, where he crashed into the world to maintain the lead in the qualification just to, you know, take revenge for speed. But M exactly. Yeah, everyone nder flying shoemaker started ye at this point. Yeah, but overall, I think good race for Red Bull. I think it. I wouldn't say that they completely deserve it. It's not like they did some cluel outstanding strategy. I think it was very in line with what Ferrari was thinking as well. Of was like it...

...worked out better for them, as he said, because, like they had the right amount of Delta between their drivers. But overall, I think there was a lot of luck as well that kind of fled into their runs, which which gave them the victory. But great result. Man, like I think Paris is dad must be enjoying it. I I'm really sad we didn't get to see him. Yeah, I was looking for a teddy bear sort of somewhere after the race in never find I still remember that victy in Mexico, like the way he celebrated it was awesome, insane. Now you want ask this a come on as this like when the race started it we saw ensure. There is a techlach where they for a second showed that red bull was on ters. Where these guys? But yeah, but and I and I believed it until like they fixed it. Yeah, but yeah, during the race, the first thing I noticed was red bull was like their rears were skidding and I'm like, okay, this makes sense because these guys are inters where the track is still bed. But when? When? Both were on actual weights during the race. But I don't know why the Red Bulls were skidding. There's no theory for it that at this point, but I don't know. When I saw it. saw they were on inters. First question was, how are they still three and four? And then exactly, if you're a inters and it seems to be a correct option, why are you still behind and like close to let's go here. Yeah, I think even the commentators for Confusus do. Is that a glitch? What's going on? They're definitely not a in does like it doesn't seem that we, at least I think f one has a long way to go with their new graphics, because, I mean, seeing this, like a lot of there's still are a lot of glitches that they're trying to iron out with like their leader Wood and everything. Like a lot of times you've seen, especially in qualification. I've noticed this a lot, that like they just show the names and the like. That time charges disappears in between. I don't know what's going on. Still still trying to work things out, I guess, with that. Like what's the very on Red Bulls switching to like maybe not changing tires on red flag, but actually this switch mediums again and red flag? Why? Why? Why? You mediums are not hard? Yeah, yeah, strange one, especially at the red flag condition wasn't there as ahead anyway. He's he wasted. That's right. Yeah, I mean I don't know. They clearly thought the mediums would go to the end, which I mean they go to the end, but they will drop off. It's a chance. It's to give Max a chance to catch signs. But Yeah, program but still give both of them the mediums. That surprising act. I mean I kind of understand like splitting the strategies, playing it safe with Perez, giving him hearts, since he's leading the race anyways, and then giving Max mediums to give him a chance to, you know, maybe over takes signs. But strange strategy called it again, like kind of lucky that it worked for them, because things put that easily gone wrong and we could kind of see hints of that I, like Paris, was not having a good time towards the end of the race. You, of course, locked up as well a built. So, yeah, weird strategies overall, but somehow bad Ferrari strategy, but it wasn't very good red bulls Strad to see the exactly better with a double stacking red like on some some numbers that I saw. is both, and this happened with a good the teams. The first put stop was two, t one a half seconds and the second one went on for like three, three and a half seconds, and I wonder if it's just a factor of the bills stacking ender is happen right at that point. You've just done a pishtop and doing a second one in three and off is good. Yeah, and you know all this actually while I was watching it when Charles came in. So first of all, of because he had to wait a bit before science pit stop is complete. But right after that, like he came in and I think he breaked a little before like the line, and I think the commentator called this out as well, and you surprised, like why did you do that? And it instantly reminded me of Buddha's last year at wheppo where, yeah, like the longest stuff, like, oh my God, is this how Charles raises them to end now? But thankfully that didn't happen. While we are on stat first Mexican to win Monacca, so let's the other. HMM. Red Bulls sort of won three out of its for showings at Monaco with three different engine suppliers. That's an interesting one. Tag Work, I think. Obviously Honda, and then this is Honda Slash Red Bill Butt Ray. Sure we'll call it Redi state engineering. At...

...this point it feels like science is sort of like running on Goog Ball, since is sting to very started getting on board your because he's always been second. He's just waiting for that P one finish. And then they are Russell continuing his streak for top five finishes. Man, that's coming with very honestly, like I'm very surprised, like the consistency with which like a rustle is performing. I mean, you know whatever. Like there have been a lot of talks about like he's being given a moostable car in the sense of the settings and Hamilton is probably like trying out the limits of the car and everything, but still being a new driver in like a car and like performing at such good consistency. I think it's amazing. Like I think Mr Saturday has become Mr Sunday. Probably he's clearly leading the leader. WOT IT W Z EP for I guess point five summer. I think it's more forty. Yeah, you were took land or towards the end. So, yeah, than in the in the leader. This thing about that. Ye, Yep. Yeah, it's fourth and he's worth barely has any podium something, one or two podiums. Yeah, yeah, no experience and he's like fifteen, twenty points behind. Chukop was like five vodiums and a window. Man. I think it's going to be interesting. Let's see what he can do. It would be pretty awesome if he can beat like signs. That would be pretty embarrassing for signs. Honestly. Thankfully, science is the race as well, by the way, considering that the reaces that he has had in the recent history and and the moment he had on the US bit win is a bit start for the Strait right. Yeah, like the cars sideways, it does. Always liked the way croppy shouted. I thought I was looking for damage. I thought I was looking for parts flying. Whether it did, you notice there's no gravel and when I could that's like you didn't crash out. I guess that that sort not thought. It is. Well, I think, since, since we are just messing around, I think this is the right time to go into some fresh, hot means. Let me let me bring that up and a share your screen again. I need to keep doing this at something, but like a Japanese Manga section. You know how this whole text that goes. So for folks who are listening to this on audio, we also share these means and our show notes, so you can take a look at those while listening to it. Are you're not in our you know, we're not leaving you out or anything. All right, let's take look at the first one, and of course that's the return of the party clowns. I think very apt and classical, me right, like it can't go wrong. It's little bit of lgbt representation as well. Yeah, exactly, as one. Yep. So let's take a look at the next one. This is none other than a friend hard. So basically it's a photoshop of Ricardo's face over the old lady and Helper, who is like ricarded saying I used to run these streets and the helper we like, sure you did, Daniel, let's get you back into another credul. Do it you till I feel I feel bad for him. I like what's happened. Like once a race winner at Monaco. And anyways, let's go to the next one. Well, this is the club the God whot ass. I think, in fact, both as had shared this on this twitter, you know, the most. It's not like the memes where people make it and the driver sometimes sees it. This I was making it, the driver sharing it exactly like frame one. Yeah, he did, he did. He also did a photo of about that. I have a theory that boat has probably bought his own photo to generate that money. That of a charity. You know, I think there's nobody else who loves his own ASS AS, which is BOT asks. All right, let's take a look at the next one, which is, of course, none other than Teris, has died, celebrating...

...the heck out at Mexico. And then we have you get at least a photo of him celebrating today after checkers win at his home. So yeah, and the very last one, and I think my personal favorite, this is basically a over bank Clark playing solitaire and there's a huge line of people eating. That's basically the entire field and the club being colored. So I love I love the way he like bunched everybody up. In fact, I had also seen this one image where that was like the live map of positioning of everybody on the track and you have all the leaders, like the first six cars ahead together, and then you have a long sand everybody else bunched up together and that was so funny to look at. That's Hamilton's spoke a face on that lady there right so after I can, but speaking on speaking a little, I even Ted on Martin said this like that race and felt like a race start. We were so close, bunched up together, and and Alonso managing is tire in that stop race. For I think, like so many people, Hamilton gas men. who was it both as or someone on there as? Ye, very people. And most importantly, he mussed up his own teammates race. That's OK on because he of course had a penalty with the crash with Hamilton and the team. I don't know why they did a very weird decision of informing him about the penalty in the last ten minutes and they basically told him to try and make up the gap and then he's like wait, how do I do that alone? Is Not going ahead. You know, I can't. I can't do anything until he starts going faster. So then isn't his like okay, understood, I'll give him the message. And then Alonso kind of started when it was probably too late for him and he couldn't do anything after that. I was OK on out of the points. Yeah, yeah, he got. I think metal got to point because of that. But thoughts on thoughts on the penalty on Hamilton. Was Is Ol Con, do you think it was justified? As a few camera footage things I'm seeing and I don't know what to make of it, because that's one where it's it looks like Hamilton's just in his blind spot and it might be called called a racing event and racing incident get away with it. But then like the one you see, I don't know when the two incidents were, the only one right, like one where on TV you see ocorn on the outside sort of cutting in to Hamilton. Return One. Yeah, but then I saw I saw this, the shot of Oh con's car like from the back and it's just a thing of Hamilton's in his blind spot and he sort of just hits himwhere a corn doesn't sort of even realize what's going on. And Yeah, I'm like, is that the penalty? Is that what is for, or is that for what I saw on TV? Yeah, I'm not sure either because from what I saw, at least like it earlier, it seemed like it was just a really, really crash, like not even a crash, like just them touching each other. But I guess how it to also received sometimes right, I think it's front wings, frontally. It was like the Bros and thing like that. Yeah, but I don't know, I'm not sure because the penalty even very lately it came in liken't know, maybe it could be another incident which probably couched the penalty and not the first one. I think that would make more sense. But they certainly didn't show it like properly. The one I sold TV maybe look more accounts fault the way I saw it, okay, but the other one I thought it was just Hamilton was moving around, trying to get a move done and possibly was in open's blind spot just made contact. Yeah, yeah, or breaks didn't hit as hard as would have hope in yeah, well, regardless, I think Alpine they were having their own fun of Fuzzy. Missed out of on a point, however, in fact a couple of points actually, but because of a gun. But I guess we're all I don't know when what is Alkin do very honestly, if you think about them rightly, not just this season, last seasonal and even before that at like I've rarely...

...seen Alpine like doing really good, like all other teams like in the midfield of seen having like really good moments, like even McLaren have half had their own good moments and everything, but somehow Alpine is always just mediocre, like they're just there, like the just in points somehow, but never ahead of that. Last race is probably the only time that I've seen them being so much on the camera, being so much discussed. Otherwise they not be her own much. Yeah, it's odd, as I said, you know, like I don't really understand them, like over all, like they have been trying to build a successful team for a while now, like before under runnaut and even now, like it's weird they don't have a single customer for their engine. It's just kind of embarassing on the sea. And Yeah, I mean, and I think that was a place in a way in their development. Probably like they also received less of feedback as well, I guess, since they just shuttle cars on the field which are running their engines. So I think in some I mean, I'm not an expert, but I guess that definitely plays some factor maybe. And terms of the in terms of the season, is just been that like they haven't had moments. They've been there and like last year was it? They just saw how con get a victory and Alonzo's fighting people off to get him that. We yeah, that's a moment. Is just like it's been a thing for the way Alonso has been driving this season. I think there was a pthree in qualifying that was on on for him and then he had some hydraulic issue and all that. So the points that Alonso has had this year, I think single digit so far is just not where the car is like that are is capable and of course Alonzo's capable of a lot more and it's just that lack of moments and yeah, it's just weird. This is on on that same on that same part where's Aston Martin? Is it mean something similar is happening for them? They try to copy it. These areas trying to copy mercedies. But Yeah, Austin, I think, yeah, we don't know how much they copied. I mean you copy the side part. That has implications as we're on the car. Yeah, so obviously they thought of this. They just didn't copy the site part and hope their suspension works with the side board. Yeah, giving it, I think, of giving them too much credit. Then again, it's just like all these cars this year. It's been a bit of set up play such a big role. I one race you got to set up right and my insin isn't peace gigs here, and the next race he's like a your house regularly as well. By the way, by the way, speaking of game, okay, let's get into the nick run. He crashed. Will Get it, get to them. I saw KMAC standing outside the STAG and I'm like, he's blowing his mind and make way. First of how did you get there? Like, why was he the road? Why was he out? It is so bizarre, man. I was very confused. Like, first of all, I saw on the leader. Would like suddenly it was like came O grayed out at the end, and then I see like mick crashing. So I thought, first of all, I thought that that's CAMAC crashed. Yeah, and that's why they but I was also surprised so instantly they also like breed out his name, like wow, that's like super fast, a great great bring out his name. He's just crashed and he's already in. And I see this, for some reason, not on hot star but on Sky Sports. Okay, and Sky Sports, Being Sky Sports, decided to go on a break, right, so when they came back. When they came back, it was the half split into do with the rare facing and the right face suns, like, Oh shit, both the houses crack like they ran into each other in the until I saw like goes to gradual mechanics, the Parson's safety, Poli marshalls, thank you, lifting that car does their ear and go it's late. That makes I so many memes about that. Like I saw. I saw them photoshop and like a farm where they're like pulling the pulling. What is it with these harsh cars bringing into two daven supposed to be standardized to right it all,...

...this sumulgation thing. I I regulated. What if this is hars is way of ejection, like any time a crash happened, it splits und, the driver ejects from the river. They're far they're far ahead of us. But I mean honestly, like I don't know why I came I was. Does anyone know? Like I came? I was. Nobody showed, nobody cared. I don't know why, like it was not even discussed at all by any commentators. I don't know, like what happened? Yeah, okay, we gotta ask you this. Maybe I didn't pay much attention. Did didn't make lock up. Why do you think he's fun out and Oh yeah, it is very odd. Right. I was very confused looking at it, like he was going straight in then suddenly, like wasn't think it was a lock up, but just losing the rears in, like I wouldn't watch the on board enough. But he was just coming into that corner. He was already sort of gone. It wasn't a moment that happened. It just the entry into the corner. Was Weird. Yeah, and it was lost, but was it another this draft win thing? Oh, by the way, we have a par that. So basically last time okay, we're talking about this in the last episode in the Spanish ship where we saw like science spinning and at the exact same spot Max Spinning as well. So our theory is that it's this one thing that if you go and check the come as a pins twitter. It still shows as Formula One driver. So our theory is that it's basically his careers ghost which was reading there to blue win. I think it just returns back today haunting hars. But that, but that would be me leaving that bio still has formula on driver. Take it. Can't take. You still in denial, I guess if you well, the war's over. I get to go by that's what he's the money things. Why not? Yeah, sure, talking about that corner, though. We're the same place where horse ran into his work, sorry, make rind his car into. This is whole Internet tone or Ricardo and his engineers asking for the car. Oh, my personal take. My personal take is I playing the devil's advocate here, I think, and I think like Wat at one shared this where it's like the engineers hadn't seen an accident show up on their screen, so they just saw like a spike or something with the car and that's when they ask regard is the car okay? And then is when they saw the race accidents. Of then is when they knew. So that's that's the backend. Head. Don't know what's true. It makes that that makes a lot of possens because, yeah, I was very confused when I heard the radio is. They're like straight up asking a house the car and you like, I'm okay. That makes sense, and also Ricardo's reaction in that movement makes sense. I ask about but Ricardo, man, let's talk about Ricardo it. I think a lot of people have talked about this overall. Do you think Ricardo has brought this upon himself, like in the sense that he's clearly not having a good time, and I mean at least I feel, this is my personal belief, that he probably changed teams too many times in the last like five years. He changed in dream threat, I guess, and I guess that is what kind of his coming back to bite him. I do know. What are your thoughts? Yeah, that was that was mine as well. Just not staying to build a build a car and chasing the faster car, which is acceptable with the science, because you're on say not to Ferrari? Yeah, of course. Yeah, but then why leaving at bull? First of all, like you were it was becoming West happens team, but it wasn't that evident. Yeah, like it wasn't going to be like Checko. I mean you could argue Checho is clearly the second driver. Any sort of dose his role as well, like I'll pick up the pieces, I'll get the odd race when they maybe, yes, I've...

...been fight now if it happens for a few more races, but generally he knows his role. That wouldn't have been the case when if Ricardo or stayed with ax. And honestly, I think one could even argue that Max probably couldn't hard won last year's championship if it was Ricardo as his second time, because a lot of times where parents like fell in line just to help Max. I'm not yet very sure Ricardo would do this same like. HMM. Yeah, just the lack of pretence in the car as well, and like you know, the classic thing of when it rains it poort. Yeah, it is just continuously pouring on this guy. Yeah, yeah, that's when I'm now. Now he is at a point in his career where, like this McLaren thing falls off. I don't see anyone else like picking him up AGALPA. Yeah, thats qtother this thing I keep hearing, and he's never raised in Formula One. Why is his name in it? Like, I know McLaren. I think it's mainly only to try and so somehow, very weirdly, I don't understand why mcclaren has become the d fact to American team, which is very weird when there is an active American team which is horse. But for some reason Hass has never bought into that identity of an American team and McLaren somehow have. And I think from the rumors that I've heard at least, it's basically that McLaren is like trying to cash in on this, you know, this image. And of course, since her ties an American drive, they had like dropping him up by, you know, saying that there's a chance of him communic is that's what happened? I mean McLaren has that Indie team. Yeah, and Zack Brown is the most American man. Yeah, in the boy yeah, that's true. That's true enough. Yeah, I think what's left for him is now just wearing those cowboys should when he comes to Austin. Yeah, but I think is there a way to get car bias settings anywhere, because I want to some sort of now start comparing. What are these car settings that these drivers come on with? And like we've seen maybe two races, three races at nights where Daniels done good with his McLaren, and like what's being different in terms of like setting across these races? So that why is he still not able to like get along with this car? Yeah, I mean the cars are sort of built to be if it if it's if you're like the Michael Shomaka or Ferrari, then the car is buil for you, but otherwise it's sort of built to your preference. But then you have to adjust a lot. And this is a default, de facto excuse that you hold on too, that the car was only not built for me. How have I going to the season? Is I'm just trying to catch up this entire season sort of thing. Yeah, but still you've been in formula on since two thousand and eleven or twelve. Yeah, do. That's true. That's true. A out of the everyone who switched around like a long Zo Daniel Science and then Buddhas as well, by the butts as well. Yes, he's the only one still struggling after a year and a half. Yeah, that's somewhat sad, man. I mean I was a Ricardo Fan back when he was in red bull. I really enjoyed watching him race and he had some really good races, some really good battles through through the years. But ever since run on and after that mcclarence just sat to see that he's kind of kind of become a non factor in races most of the Times. Yeah, just sad. Well, okay, talking about sad, latifee man opening statements by themselves. I'm like, where is this growing? Both latifee and stroll crashed under safety car. Like what the fuck are they doing right at the start of the race? But if he was in the barriers and signs, stroll had to punch us on what from? I had the bad he hit the value as well. Yeah, and that what the slowest corner this guy, Lettie feel at the hairpin. Man Worth playing a Formula One, three point, three point. It's like a parallel dimension. Yeah, I felt like they're probably gonna get us rolled again at some point, but oh yeah, strolled. Yes, I remember the whole mean that it was last rate. Yeah, and never...

...say yeah. Still, he got strolled me, even during like pres and these four trying to lap lucky feel and I'll want to like yeah, please, just just pay out. Let these four pass and then you didn't do whatever you want. Yeah, Alban is like because of wife and I sort of had that proble. I don't know, I don't know. It's weird, like he wasn't last two days, in fact this one as well as the last one. He's nowhere. Suddenly, I don't know what what happened, and suddenly the thief he is out performing him. Like, what's going on there? It's pretty weird. It is. Had I come off that and I want no, yeah, I want to know. I want to come back to but your statement of like alborn being probably the reason behind for his problem doing behind, okay, that, while you start being nothing, losing multiple seconds behind them. That, yeah, that's true. Cligy did something else happened with respect to album, and but I think like dying everyone here the team is not the solution. That's probably just him dying. His are what's gonna yeah, there's an interesting notice by someone, some reporter, which said he's he saw, he was seeing left, he was seen leaving monacco with Chris in Honnor. I'm like, what discussion they're going on? Interesting, HMM, in fact time. But as one the race, Christian telling him so, any hopes that you still shove it. And but what I love it that this guy, Helmet Marko, is proven completely wrong. But that as isn't he and like that old fart. I personally like, really dislike him, but I'm kind of glad that he's kind of shut up about there is entirely now, isn't he the One? Why check who was actually there? I thought, like the one who after? I thought, I mean after Sucky, we in from two thousand and two one is is there even why? Marco was like let's get this guy on is. That's what I thought interesting because I've seen him criticize. There is a lot last year, at least till the first half of the season, like in the media. So I don't know. And overall I think that that guy is I don't know. He like he's like what me safe? Christian horner on drugs or something like piasically, yeah, just did a shit starring all along like but do you notice this view? Notice this, that any time we see the off track situation, it's always marco, Christian and Max like forming over Huh, and then like Perez, is like just wandering along, even yesterday after very but as it was drinking water all by himself, and these three were forming our stritalizing what we do next, like, come on right, it came into that hot else when Walter Els to doubt for you decide. That already spoken about. We having discussed, but onto you, like what else about ring at the start of the race as well the race directors? It's like, I feel like it's a bit of I mean, we know we're all for safety, but it's like almost showing the day, like we are not Michael Mass, like I'm better, like I'm I have no problems with you. Know, you think it is too wet, so you're at Flaggett but then after you, when it's trying out and as a four to five minute gap where you're not doing anything and you're not even sending the safety car out, I will look like how safe. I think Martin Brundle was saying. We are all for safety, but this is formular one. Like at least right, do something right. Yeah, you have a few three to four laps. Yeah, yeah, you know, this is one of those times when I really appreciate watching the race like after the fact. I generally watch it because, of course you're generally it as at like six am or whatever on a Sunday. So I generally like don't visit social media when I wake up and just state up start watching the RAS recording and I'm glad that I could just fast forward through the whole weeting feed did and directly get to the race. Okay. Also, this same yesterday showed me the...

...how fickle fans can be. Like I'm seeing so many people saying bring back Michael Myson. You guys like a few months ago, here's the arch devil. Other people are literally asking for his head, quite literally the point, and then these guys says, let's wait five minutes at Michael Muzzy's back through that. But it is interesting really these guys, till the last minute, weren't disclosing if it's going to be a rolling star or a standstill or what we are going to do here, which in some sense maybe is good. Yeah, there's some strategy to follow. There for these guys because Christian owner at one points at like we were hoping that there is interestanding. So I don't know why that makes a difference, but that is also interesting to me. We can have a history. I'd up to look into the second don't know these reds directors that the currents have a history of doing something with Formula One. Is it seems like you're coming into a blind slate and it's all new rules on their wing. Is that? I don't know, but I think can you just come in out of nowhere and become a one? I mean they're probably somewhere else, like some other racing format, but not like I was hoping, like they were Informula and just in the FI in the lower rounds or something exactly. I don't know. Yeah, I never thought about this and like what is actually happening? Let's see. Sorry, anything else that's good out before were yeah, I think one thing probably. I think there was this moment where there is almost killed, a word or something like that I saw, and then, yeah, and I think that was when he locked up. Right. I think this quite interesting to see that, like, apart the sacrifice all ritual that our bare needs to do. Right before it was ghastly, there it was Albun and now the word is it okay? Starting to go? Yeah, today I learned to situation, for at least me yesterday was they use dry ice to cool these vents. And like its pockets or dry ice, I don't know. I mean I felt like it's just like super strong blowers that they just attached to these winds. But the some camera and sure like all they do is all the quote unquote, smoke coming out. Is what I thought, and I'm like, Oh wait, what's going wrong? And I saw like a whole tray of dries. Makes Sense and interesting. They used dry as to this, which makes sense. Yeah, of course, yeah, I guess. All in all, good weekend or Monaco particularly. One thing I started thinking of is, and this is what we close out on, is the trickiness that Monaco brings, right, and especially we praying. This is what they were discussing and Ted ten for this up is how tunnel place a very crucial role in a bad monacco, because you have like a whole track which is wet but the tunnel is dry, and then you enter the tunnel, making the tunnel red, while the the rest of the track starting to get dry and I'm like this is so fascinating, because then like your whole driving dynamics needs to change while you're going through that whole section. I'm not sure. I wonder how much they think about this because anyway the tunnel is flat. Yeah, and all the thinking out after they've done forty a thing turn it going through the tunnel, is they're just looking at the next game pin. So it. I think if it's a full wet race and you making the tunnel wetter than it's sort of makes it even. But I generally I don't see how much they think about it and be mad if someone just loses it in the tunnel like that. Yeah, that. Yeah, with that I think this was a brilliant Monaco. The debate still continues if Monaco should be on the calendar or not, but I think like there's prayers going on to rain God's to keep making this this crack interesting every single year. So fingers cross and we'll see where this goes. Thank you, other there for being on with this. I hope you had fun. I thank you for having me. Definitely for sure folks go follow at the rate of that their dot, but that's right noun, but dot don't mess up. Let him plug it. Sorry if you know me, but take it over, but do take on...

...instagram. Just doing formula one stuff slightly technical, but not only technical. COULD CHECK ABOUT PEACE? Oh Man. Hope, hope, this friendship continues. We can get you again on a future race. Folks, until the next race, I think you're a cons your by John Two weeks from now. This is a fun fan fiction side the bike.

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