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Episode 36 · 8 months ago

2022 Saudi Arabian GP w/ Shayan Roy


The 2022 Saudi Arabian GP was a bombastic race! 😉 Just the 2nd race in this season and we had another amazing race with some fantastic close wheel to wheel racing. This battle between Charles and Max is going to entertain us through this year!

Today we have a special guest Shayan Roy who is a content creator and a really chill guy to hangout with. He has gained his name while working with Buzzfeed and he is just getting back to following F1. 

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Goatifi strikes again! 🐐
  2. A Frenchman fights a Spaniard
  3. Cars decided to nope out ❌
  4. What a Bomb track! (Literally) 💣
  5. TV Directors need to get their priorities straight
  6. Thankfully Mick is safe 🙏🏽
  7. Gunther ready to foksmash the paddock
  8. Hamilton charges through the field 🚀

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Okay, since you're talking about team orders. Okay, I think we really need to address this. Pretty much all the drivers or order to trace right, order to really I'm curious on where this is ordered, ordered by the Saudi government? No, Sun Afriki. Yeah, we wink, wink. Hey, folks, are welcome back to a fun fan fiction. This season is turning out to be fun for sure. This is race to Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. And today we've got a third host for you, someone who's been following a one for quite some time but had dropped it because of mercedies dominance, as many people have. But he's back, he's back into the sport. Handing off to our third host. Take it over, man. Hello, hello, guys, my name is Cheyan Roy, contemplator based out of Mumbai. I'm just happy to be here, like Nico Hulkenberg, the last two things. So, yeah, and yeah, admittedly, I did mention this to you earlier, like the actual reason I stopped watching a fun is because of board exams and never caught back on because, first of is, you know, red bull willing or winning all the championships and then, you know, her came through and I was like as getting a little boring. So yes, last, thanks to the pandemic, I am back. I'M gonna spend the rest of my life metaphorically in the Paddy. Let's to be here, guys, and I think, happy to have you as well. Thanks for joining us. Let's get into it. Man, just just Surun and try and take us through thoughts on yesterday, thoughts on the weekend house. I was I don't know why, maybe because of the way the race went in Jedda last year, but I was expecting some really dirty stuff to go down, and I like to do three red flags. I think I was messaging you before the race. Well, like he red flags is a safe and there were nights like a pretty clean race for the most part. In it was really interesting in the second half. So yeah, great race, man, like so happy. I was just really to watch it. I was like yeah, definitely right. I mean there were no red flags, of course, but we did have latifee, so you know, he compensated for that road the good. I just want to point out that, like this is two out of three races. Now I know that, like the last like one of them was last season, but I don't care. But from Stat's point of view, that's two or three races that he's completely like wreck the order and you can't even column a Red Bull agent anymore now before he's like I'm going to exactly out the whole grid, exactly the season. I think he's just a Fi, a plant, you know, just want some more drama and they have a button person and he goes crashes. Represent true. True. I know, I know we've got like a meme section coming later, but like this is a perfect stage where, you know, there is this other meme where I forget what movie it is, but like this this actor is gonna get hanged and then it's like, Oh, first time. I think it's spines time by its other Cura. Yeah, so that you were quiet. But yeah, no, there's some, some, some mother a week. Yeah, but the thing is, like Pere says, letty if you ruins my race, and then the Hamilton's. They're saying first time. I just also, I just want to give a like big, big shout out to the FN meme community for keeping me like so invested, because I think that has played such a big part in me just, you know, making a fun a part of my daily life even, yeah, in the offseason, I think it's in the offseason as when, like it's speak meme season for the phone community. Yeah, the Mest like completely wild. Yeah, it's a beautiful it's a beautiful experience and yeah, I mean glad you guys have a meme section. The only reason I was able to watch two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and nineteen seasons world because of the means. That's it really wow. So you guys must know, like WHO's that guy? Alpha Max Nova One? Oh, yeah, I don't talk about the guy who make the been, Al Ben a last it's been out the he said. I I can actually imagine an edit alert, if edit, coming up from him soon. Go you know. Yeah, activate the Lett if he beat tip. Is the new massipen, mass been reminds us. Yeah, he seems like a solid guy. The Li I feel...

...bad this, like he's having so many like race deciding crashes. Exactly. I hope you, hope you figures it out. What if that's actually the job of a paid driver? That's what he's paying for, man, it would I love know we were talking about this. I before we started recording, right. But like we'd love to see a race where there is there is Mazzepin, there's Latifie, there's grows young. You said, let's get past her into it. Yeah, all the legacy acts. Let's bring them and see what happens. Let Rason Saundy. Right, oh, that even better. Like take it up a notch. Why not? I I for one thought like Red Bull had a killer ray start, Perez and Max taking right off, you know, bringing it on with with Ferraris up there. But like ray start, thoughts on ray start there. Actually kind of forgot to rastart mine. I'm just I was taking notes. Let me see the note side. So No, let's see a very slow there. Sorry, you must have seen a really slow all. Oh yeah, I remember thinking for some reason it was wealtery but thus, but it wasn't. It was the other oneing somebody else. The commentator also thought so. Yeah, I think so. Mr Joe, Joe on Gu or whatever he pronounced it yes day, I think, like all twenty three races, were going to get different pronunciations of Joe, Mr Joe from Oh yesterday, yesterday they called him go joan you, and then they're like sorry, the other one or something like that. Yeah, I remember like seeing like the first couple laps, just in the host two to four laps, I felt like from like whatever my Layman Fon perspective is, that they seem to be following like crazy, a lot more. You know, it was really intense in the first few laps and then again, like we saw how the race ended, not just like the first like the people battling for first and second place, but like, you know, I think Norris and Okon also had like a drag. Yeah, so it's happened, man, like they's happening. Great, it happens. Yeah, I was. I was cautiously optimistic about the season, but I think they figured it out. This is the specially at the start, the battle that we between Oak on and Alon. So that was something else, man. First of all, what is wrong with OK and? He was battling his teammate, almost running. Yeah, he I don't know, man. It's I couldn't even like tell who was like a faster, the fast of the two, like it just seemed like they were pretty much equally. So what happens? Like I've had okay, listen, I'm I have like these wild theoretical opinions on fun. So I'm like, when that happens, why don't they just keep like was the thing like giving each other slipstream and drs and up? Yes, to like the guys I got, Chad, I'm sharing hy simple explanation for why they weren't doing that. But yeah, I go confort. He was fighting for his own position, only not realize who was battling. Because the funnier part for me was they went on to do that for like five laps or something. Yeah, and the pro while and then fight, yeah, right, and then out more. Finally comes or someone comes in and will terzok on old position and then ten seconds after that, boat ask comes behind event like yeah, you can go, you got and yeah, actually didn't hear the I didn't hear the radio message, but I just like, I think I've gone to take a leak and then I came back and like boat asses in the middle of like them. That did not work out an though it was really awesome. I think boot ass even said on the radio that while these two guys was battling it out, he's like, I'm just going to hold back and let them do their shit. I'm not not getting involved. And then once that settled down, he just went for it and, you know, to keep position for himself. I love that he's had like he obviously didn't finish the race, but like he's looking so strong. You know, like the first race also he had a great result and I just feel good for bought as in a post DTS era, like he's just been shit on every season and now this is kind of like a come uppence for him where he's like he's still there, you know, he's still in the conversation. It's good traditions that that. But that section also involved like Amagan and yeah, came BG I just every days prior to the whole season start. He was probably chilling somewhere and he's like yeah, this is going to be fine, only to receive a call what from good tom going to you know, before, before this last ray started, he was like it's been a very dreadful two seasons and then...

I went off to do something where I've won trophies and I've been on poms and like the previous two years were the worst years of my life. And then put her for me to join us again. Man Strained up sitting on his what's that? INDECARDE? Yeah, first two years of my life. Dude, there they're gonna have a great dts. Season Five, for sure, though, has finally finally, because they've been getting cancer to season one. Like yeah, I think the glory has were before try to survive, started shooting and then they just just been memes names. Mean, yes, good to see them finally. Yeah, it's definitely of luck, but also, like I just want to mention. I'm just really glad that Mick is okay after yeah, know, like whatever happened on Saturday. Man, that crash was terrible. Yeah, Dude, putty Teg's, I think. I mean, yeah, too bad, and like they didn't but like they didn't show mixed like him moving or any radio. Yes, their longest time. Yeah, I think it's standard pro seizure these days. I think ever since antion's crash actually sent us crash, ever since then they have kind of taken up this format that whenever they're not sure if the driver is Ouki, they don't show unless they have a confirmation on that. Yeah, good, I think that's an interesting one. I was like, as soon as he crashed, like he took his hands off this daring and he was like this. Yeah, saw, I realize night. I don't like if that's that's training or that was his reflex or that was actually not a good move. Like I have no clue on why and what that means, but I'm just guessing it's itself defense against like this. Yeah, I think it is training, because when the car is not on your control, the steering wheel is exerting a lot of torque and like your hands can literally break if you hold on to it. So it's kind of training to just you know, yeah, that's greater sense its hands getting ripped off. Yeah, right, an injury, I thought ever be within the RELMOM possibility. It's very specific. Drifted off from the risk down. Good. Yeah, good on make and like he's moving and like he was. He was up and running. He was doing good, exactly. Yeah, and it's good to take a break also, man, like sometimes if you had a don't go to school. That's why I tell my mom always, I'm like, I just recovered, Bro I'm still psychologically man, but that car was like into pieces, like actually rip like this. It left mark as well. I have a question for you guys. I've been wanting this. One thing I want to ask you is, does the Hass look to you like really brittle for like the business that it's in, I think, and if it's a practice session or anything? But like therese, there was like pub damage to our I think mix harse also, and then like this, like we saw what happened. So, yeah, is it like? Does it look scarily like? I think the serious. I think they just don't have enough money. See, they've already lost it. Tighter sponsored by give them a but that's the best deal to have. Read like you take all the money last season, make the make a winning car and then be like you're out. Yeah, things couldn't get I mean, yeah, that worked out for them, I guess, because, like now, everybody loves us. No, exactly, online is shit on them anymore, including my I think, Mars up and leaving. If one was like career ending for Latify, I think, because now he's the new magicine all of a sudden. Yeah, we need someone, we need someone. Yeah, man though, man, since we're talking about good do we're taking, we have to address Charles US Max. I think that was like the meat of the show and wow, what ten laps we had at the end. It was just something else. Yeah, they did that the first race also, and like it's happened again. Yeah, and also, like this is dude, like the strategy the new started with GE that's coming into the races now, like when Charles kind of just let Max take the lead and then kind of go over. Yeah, yeah, as in the next corner he did it again. Yeah, but would like props to Max because literally, like you could see him evolving his driving styles in the middle of the race. You know, he did isn't own. Just didn't just go for the gap, and that's that is exactly when I was taking notes and that's when I wrote was stepping God on my note back. Yeah,...

I'm just going to watch the race now. Yeah, let's see how it was. Beautiful. Yes, cool to watch, man. Yeah, they both locked up right. Yeah, yeah, that's awesome. Rate. Yeah, booth locked out. Yeah, and I think you were mentioning this occash earlier. I think KIMAC was doing that trick all yes, I so. Yeah, in the first half of the race, like camack did this with with multiple folks, and I was like maybe maybe other teams know this, because k Max doing this and Camac used it I think he over took like three or four people with that strategy, and I'm like this is so cool, this is so cool. People are understanding what this track is and figuring out actually do over takes and came back for all people. Right. So, yeah, but for him, and good for KMAG is this. Is this something that he did in the first DAS also, is that? Like is like who do I give credit for this trat? You know, this Strad who knows? And I give it okay back, because is the first one I saw doing it, at least on this track. So yeah, okay, fair enough. That's the came. I have to give credit to Ferrari for the strategy. I don't know. All of a sudden it seems like Farai realized that we have hired strategists. They need to listen to them, because that fake call for that pit was awesome. So that was was that intentional then? Like I couldn't play. I wasn't sure. It seemed that way. I shall set so as well during one. Okay, U Sater on for he did, because the but to two clues, which I also thought it was a little fishing, because they said that at the start of his lap. which is very weird. Why would you give it up so early in the lap that you've got a pit? Yeah, so, yeah, my thought. So here's my thought and here's the theory, which is both of them were so close to each other that it had to be output. Is Opposite Strategies. Like if childs would have come in, press would have stayed out and if per childhood have stayed out. Now, historically, read Wull have fallen for, you know, mercedies trying to play. Let's do a bit, and then red bull comes in and you know, like having got Cha. So maybe before I rease sort of like understood that red bull for this and then let's get the tires out. And they did fall for that's but the other side it's probably like yeah, but as yeah, he came in and Charles went out. So yeah, wow, they just beating red bull, like both the races this like which is got tease you guys, make you the mistakes, but also like it was really unlucky for peas like and yeah, definitely nationality fee. For long or like about fifteen minutes now, but we haven't spoken about the reason why. Yeah, again, for the second time in three races, have changed the equation completely. But also, yeah, like now nobody can call him a secret red bull agent anymore. Yeah, that's true exactly. Yeah, but that really so, while we are on that, let's let's let's UN travel that section. So parents just super bad luck with that pit stop, Super Bad. But they just right with the virtual safety car and then they see actual safety car, science pits and he comes out, and then you have that close out of the pit, where as literally sort of overtaking, and my opinion there is that where as had the I mean it's very close to it's a gray line. But then my opinion is that he should have kept the position because this is coming out of the pits, this guy's on that track and there was no need to swap around. And then science just complaining and then whatever happened happened right. Well, like what do you think? Like should should press have kept that position or I don't know, I didn't even know like about the rule till Carlo start complaining about it. Pull I'm learning something new today as right, which is my experience and like most races. But I okay. So, like for me that was a cool moment because I rate Carlos really highly in terms of, you know, like the progress he's made over the last few years. You know, from like an auto, McLaren too, now Ferrari and now, like this is something I I think I started seeing like a little bit more last year when he joined Ferrari. is like he's got like a little more of a you know, like a dog coming out of him, where like he will do whatever it takes to, you know, get his parents. Yeah, position, you know, fight to the steam, stree has to, and that's what he did there also, because yesterday also, because initially they were like we're going to look at it after the restart, and allows are like no, I needed right now, right now. Yeah, and that's cool to see as a Carlos Fan, because I think that's what I've read a lot that, like a lot of people, think, what sets you apart, like what makes you a champion, is to like, apart from the scales that you have, is just you are ready to get your hands dirty, fight for every single point and all. Yeah. So, yeah, good on Carlos.

That's that's why opinion's like no, I to do agree kind of because, you know, like it was very close on you know, so at the end of the day. You need some tie breaker and the rulers that we're reaches the line first gets the positions. I think it's fair. I mean it's racing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time it was in Paris his day. I'm sure he's going to do better because, very honestly, he is performing pretty well. This is feelings and that I think. Yeah, he's yeah, only what happened in Kalie, I think, like Max was down in Paight, like I think right start of q three, was down at pate and I'm looking at the chat and I see right. So the way I saw it was just two red bulls, okay, and I saw wonderd bull up in Pthree, because the farriding were reading at that point. And I saw one red bull at P eight or B nine, and I'm like okay, where as a similar season start? And and then they put the names up and I'm like wait, what, what's happening? Yeah, here and a goose people one and I'm like, yeah, it's happening here. I think they were like they were showing only the lookler clap, like, which was also a crazy lap. It was like it will maketure perfect to me. Yeah, and I remember like watching the Quali. In my head I was king like damn, that's what Max has tried to do last red bull, and it is. It is just like allow me to interrupt. Yeah, man, yeah, could ast him, I think. He He. He became the first Mexican driver to get a pole position. So that's that's it, but I'm Yep, that's right. Also, I it was almost eleven years to the day of his fun debut. I saw that. Oh, really ready the next day and he's number eleven also, so that was like sweet. Yeah, so that was the nice shout out. Reddit always coming through on that. On that note, do you want to get into like some stats and means? At this point? It's nothing would make so happier. I've got to not so fun starts, but starts which is, I think, like the most positions gained. Yesterday was Hamilton, and I think like this can become a good segue after this section. So let's talk about Hamilton after this. But maximum positions gay, and yesterday was Hamilton. Maximum position is lost. Yesterday was Prez. Obviously this doesn't count the cars, cars that knocked out, which, oh, yeah, about but at these two were the the leader gainers and losers, or so do. I think there was one more really interesting start yesterday just for Hamilton itself, which was competing one hundred and eighty grown prix with a single team, and that's he basically just beat Michael Schumaker's record with that, which is pretty awesome. Let's you. That's such interntal coun numbers right there. It's true. That's off to memes and a start off like a Simpson meme. I don't know you've seen this where homer standing with like all wrinkles skin and he's got like a very good start or something good on the front, but it's all wrinkles skin crumpled together on the back. Yeah, and that mean was like Hamilton standing like homer be ten and then the back crimple says twenty thirteen cars finished. There is yes, I just thought that yes when I didn't realize that that's true. That's beautiful, beautiful thirteen. What what have you got or what's happening in your mean world? I I didn't I'm here for the MEMES. I'm yeah, I think the best one, one of the best ones I saw, is there's this meme of Andre you know, he used to have that show where like he's trying to, you know, push on the gates and it's basically summond in and the pet lane going like let me and let me in, and that is just as just as he passed the pet lane, it at closed that of because he missed his opportunity either. Good one was how this Pablo Escobar One's butt and famous were like, Oh, yes, he's just loitering around with his cubby out and just waiting. And that said lessentially was I think like corstill yesterday right, like he was here plus twenty two, one parts and then minus twenty four on. Whoever was, I think, ok on, I think, well, yeah, and he's just like absolute deserted island. I don't know what he was doing. They didn't even show him even once. I think Dick that is, yeah, because I think there was absolutely no action going around to them at all. Yeah, Oh, there's this this one that you guys showed me before, the before we started with with wide verstappen being the back drop, and that is that is all paper worthy. Yeah,...

...that's pretty good. I just love that wide was stopping. Yeah, it's every time I see it. Time I love just as much idea. Yeah, why, I need that on a cup. I Cay saw. I saw someone with a wide verstappen cup last season and was like I need that really bad. Dude. Probably going to print it down. What is like? What's just just curious? What's your like number one? F One mean from any reason? What's just sticks out? Because, like, I think Bein Allah is like it's allow it up there, I guess right out. So so, do you guys have any personal favorites? I think mine has to be Bono, my tires. Oh No, that's a good one. Something that's got an interesting for me recently is is you know how this car's trying to cross a track and then the train rams the whole car high like something's happening and then the train rams. Yeah, I guess that it was maybe Hamilton trying to enter the pit lane and then it lays closed. But it's Hamilton on the way for the World Championship, and then people Oh man, still too soon somehow. Yeah, actual pts. These are. I was mentioning this last recording. He still gets PTSD from I. Yeah, I don't know, wake up shouting. No, Michael, know that's my favorite. By just, by the way, just all the iteations of no, Mike, know, that was so not right. It's timeless. G Yeah, yeah, beautiful, beautiful. So where were we? Where were we? Oh, yeah, sing what Hamilton Right, and props to him, like forget Peten, bad race whatever, whatever. I mean, promps to him. For me, what stood out was forty one laps on the same tire. I mean I for one felt like he just like finish the remaining nine the same, and without any quit stops too. If only they, like the rule didn't exist that they have to use to compounds, he probably might had as well. I guess, probably. Yeah, I saw him in like six at some point and I didn't realize that he hadn't pitted. So, yeah, when he did, paid at like wold lap forty, forty one or something. Well, yeah, like, yeah, oh no, because now, like I have this feeling like course, like you know, anybody who's not a MERC or Hamilton Fan, for the last few seasons has been like we want to see someone else at least challenging. But this season I am like already found myself like rooting for Hamilton, like I at least. Yeah, exactly, on the top and like you, I have no shame in at bretting that. Like you know, good for him, you know, like I wanted to. I want to see him do well now. It would have been a good weekend for him. If, if he if the team wouldn't have done him over. Actually, Oh yeah, I mean he just crossed the line by the time they told him. And I think it it reminds me, reremnded me of that inn and in in thing. Do you remember? I think it's will out, stay years ago, stay out. There was that? Yeah, it was. It was Hamilton. It was Hamilton. I think it was Germany. I think so, Germany, I don't recall so well, but but regardless, Hamilton. I mean he drew brilliantly. Man. Yeah, he had a terrible Quali, of course, out in q three, I think this was. WHO IF I don't even even remember when. was he out in QC the last time, like without any mechanical FEA? If I think I read something like one was Brazil two thousand and twelve or something. I might be wrong, but like something without like a like a weather interruption or like a yeah, think that that's a long time, a really long time. I might be getting that fully wrong, though. I really think half a decade to a decade away is what it's be. Yeah, many years. We just leave it a party years. Yeah, I think he has. Did you notice that he has adopted his helmet from his early time? So he's probably like he wants to go through his career again. He's definitely had some peace. I think he was actually even past a Wain. They they told him come in to the prison. He was right midway through like the exit and the end of the bridge and yeah, yeah, the actual part. I thought he would have taken the call at that point because he was on that track and he saw that there is a pret entry open. He could have, fom his experience, gaged that you know, hey, this is gonna create a chaos because there are a two car stop there, so might as well just go in. Yeah, yeah, I do. I thought that he would do that and in fact I thought earlier that it was his cul to not go in. But like because some he often does write his team. But yeah, turns out his team fucked him over. But yeah, true, sad for him, but he still grove brilliantly. Of course,...

...only thirteen cars finished, and that's how you got a pet ten, but regardless, he did gain that one point. So yeah, not too I just want to like take a moment to talk about like cars crashing out, which I know we'll get to, but yeah, I remember there was one moment. When was it? I think lap thirty six, I think when it the real like should show started, like car just started just conking off, you know, like a yeah, yeah, Alonso went out. And then I remember, for the first time, I think, Norris and Ricardo in nine and ten ran. Yevery as a McLaren Fan, I was like finally cool, I don't care how it's happened. And then five seconds later, like Ricardo's car died, like great cool man, and then votil and bold as yeah, like like I'm missing a word, like what what went through his mind? I mean sure, the carnoped out, but I'm like it's like cards are going or Tim maybe this is an option that you can actually say to one out even made way through. There is and I'm like I'm out. This wasn't an option at work, but maybe they do things different. I think exactly. Must Be Nice not ay mark, second driver. Yeah, talk to the second driver more. George Man, he's doing good, like he's doing so good and like, I think the first race, I haven't again seen like the posts chatter too much this time, but I think after qually in the first race, like there's a lot of anti George sentiment because I think most of these were like just people standing bought as. But yeah, he's I I really do expect him to have a good season, you know, like I feel like he's going to be right up there with Hamilton. I mean I didn't expect Hamilton to have such a bad race yesterday. Oh yeah, but he's he's gonna probably going to be consistently there, at least in the five to six position, unlesson until like marks figure out, you know, like their car woes and stuff. Yeah, yeah, Yep, I guess. I guess he'll. He'll do just fine. He's shown he is good at Williams, even in that dog shot of a car. He you know, he will be getting to go. Fire Man is literally like music, while that is also becoming a new meme, by the way, like yeah, the you're talking about the one where worst happening signs when the back yes, right, yeah, how did I never noticed that? How did none of us ever see them. Like, yes, Loma in the back. How even know if they were laughing at George? But just, yeah, like the camera angle is just perfect. Still in real too, funny. Yeah, beautiful, but yeah, like real really, he had to see some shit. Right now, he's he's in a DS car. I so yesterday I think there was this moment where it was five and six was russell and Hamilton and as like please, no team orders, please, no team order, because they would have done that, I guess. Yeah, thanks, even though like Hamilton was on like forty lapold tires. Yeah, but he's the he's the minter there, right, so they got damn like I didn't really like I haven't really thought about that because it's just been Ferrari at the front. But yeah, like if Mercedes figure the car out, team dels come into play really soon because like, yeah, we're gonna try and push Hamilton for his eighth title and then it's gonna get really interesting. Okay, since you're talking about team orders, okay, I think we really need to address this. Pretty much, all the drivers or ordered to trease right order to really us where. This is ordered, ordered by the Saudi government. No, s a Freeki. Yeah, we wink wink man, what was happening? I'm like, there is it's not even someone playing a sound of a bomb or like, you know, maybe a short circuit caught fire and arm, because going on fire, it was literally a missile blast. I think first happen. Said we will comment on this later. Even hamilters like I just want to go home. And Yeah, that like makes me think about, I would a precarious position the in like they can't put a foot wrong while they are in the country because, yeah, you know, like I read comment saying like it is entirely within the Relbo of possibility that if they refused to race, they won't be allowed to leave. Boy, yeah, yeah, yeah, like, yeah, right, like, wow, Yep, there was a baby support on the own this as well, I think. I mean, it was not a direct threat, but I mean, of course it was not a direct...

...threat, but basically what they were threatening was they are not gonna allow them to leave with all their equipment, which is of course just as important to them, or other more probably. But yeah, I feel like there's going to be a lot of outpour. Now, once everybody leaves the country safely, we'll see what, like everybody actually thinks. But yeah, about yeah, using exactly? There was a possibility that there could have been fireworks yesterday on both sides. Yesterday it was only on the water side with the actual fireworks, but who knows what's going on in the background. It like a lot of fireworks, like it just went on for like ten minutes, you know, like the stream out over. Wait, whore, are they going to play anything else? I just kept watching. It's like when you're in, I know, marvel movie or something. You're like and credits is yeah, right, like you looking out for Indians, like Oh, this is a lot of can fire me, I think. I think they had tacked in a fireworks suggest in key. Any missiles come by, I'll just shoot them off to confuse them. Aside lays. That's what it was. I see keep pointing up guys. Yeah, and I feel like the other actual Saudi folks are probably on that cruise ship that was there's a random cruise ship, part make ship. It's an MSC. To make sure I get that's what he's coming on. Contact overnight they got a fucking cruise ship to replace his car. But DYAH, I just so want this track to not be there. I think, I think we steppens probably also commented on this, that this track should not exist. I mean not for anyone, not even for bicycle racing. This track just should not exist. Yeah, now, man, like that's so to just think about mix crash, how bad it was, and think about if that happened during a race when they were battling it out the way they most people were, like anybody who was like half a second behind him would just ta bone into him, and I can't even imagine what we might like have a body count at the end of the reasons would have done like an and to underpeak. Actually, yeah, exactly. It was very bad and it we already got glimpses of this last year, you know, like it didn't seem like it was a very safe track to begin with, like a super fast, yeah, circuit, and I think they made they'd made some minor changes to the layout this, you're right. So, like, Yep, I think they push the barrier or Max hit and hit in the qualifications of this just nudged it a little bit. Yeah, but yeah, I still see counted dangerous years. Yeah, Concrete Baddy. There's not even like a spring padding or something. It's just wall, like whatever war. anyways. anyways, yeah, but it's kind of sad though, like you know, I I feel bad that the sport is, on one hand, really improving. The racing is improving the actions, like the inclusiveness and everything that efne is trying to bring into the sport. I mean I'm happy to see that. I'm happy to see that they're bringing in cost caps and everything, thus, you know, kind of reducing the influence of money that's required in the spot. And at the same time you see this where you know they are racing at such tracks where which are not, you know, safe at all, and you know, as Hamilton said, Cassius game has become pretty much like the motto for Fen, I guess, at this point, suddenly, Yep, I don't know how many people sort of know this, are remember this Orrod, but like the only fight, I think, effone's put up against the Saudi GP is not having to wear uniform, so to say. Right this last year they were going to do that. There was a chance they were going to be forced to wear I don't know what the fishial name for that dresses, but yeah, they are earlier, I think posted some use, but in this crap those and they I think they were not. People weren't allowed to wear shots and things like that. They had like trust couldn't start. Would have been a strange, strange site when. Yeah, now, imagine that. Imagine that, HMM, and take your mind back to yesterday's TV directors cutting to this guy. Oh, that's what they were showing. Yes, rebellion at play. Yeah, I think you guys are talking about the moment where it was Max overtaking Charles, right, yes, and there was a dude trying to eat a lady. Yes, I don't know what he was doing, but he was taking up like I picked my knees up sometimes when she's in tears. It...

...reminded me that start blind king. Well, that, Oh man, oh, that's a meme for sure. I hope it was. But like, what I thought that was was that this guy was a diehard red bull fan, because even the lady was in a Red Bull Tshirt. I was getting ready to chuck in the Charles's way if Max didn't make the overtake stick. And Yeah, like he made it, he made it land, and then he just us just putting her down. Yeah, okay, yes, exactly, but not so he's not going to chuck. Then he went back to the action, which is good for you. Yeah, yeah, did it. They did do something similar, though. Rights An, you, you were saying this. They do. They did something similar in the quality to or whichine. You were saying this. Yeah, I know they did. They did. When Hamilton failed to make you two. There's like this random lady. He was just standing up and she was like, but everybody around who is celebrating realize the shot. And then she also kind of stuffed after a yeah, enough to look at the data on that one, but yeah, it right that TV directors, I don't know what what were you smoking up one because they were literally cutting to some replace. That happened like thirty seconds ago, while there is action going on the back. Like I'm like, wait, let me at lease watch what is going on right now. You'RE gonna show that in replay another time? To it again in the evening was but one of the commentators actually call them out on that. They were like, okay, we'll have to go back to the live feed now, guys, because that's what we need to see, or something of that sort. Yeah, like Cam, they really like the really lacking here. It's that was an issue last year also. I think, yeah, they have to fix that. First the graphics, and now this is becoming an issue. But like they did, they did make a lot of tweaks to the graph fix this time. So so, Shann there's there is a running theory, okay, there's a running theory that someone at Fone is listening to us. And we say that because, like right now, I mean right now, someone know, because we've made some formats and we say we've seen those come through, and I'm really there is, there is something happening. Okay, so so let's let's just this theory. Do like we got to make some let's third prediction and if it happens in the next two or three races, yeah, shout out the most absurd prediction we can have all suggestion. So one we've got going for us, as we said, like don't show US race race start replays on lap two, because that's just started. Yeah, pret these have like a picture and picture and we've sort of seen some picture and picture sort of live versus replay. So that's that's happening. MOREAC obviously is just infamous for strolling us. Yeah, but that's also changed over time. So let's let's send out one one feedback to F one other. Make a fan TV pro available in India. Nice. So I'm okay, I'm a wait till the Australian TP. Yeah, yeah, it guess. So, the fun guy. You heard. You heard, chance and get to it, please, ste follow. That's nice. It feels good to know that I'm being heard exactly. Like. Well, we talked about everything, but one thing we need to talk about. Man, Gunta Steiner. He's ready to do what? For Two points? Oh Yeah, man, that that post match or whenever. He said that right, like and I caught him. He's like, I would fuck the whole paddock just to get two points last season, and believe you said that, like I think you know. Okay, again, I have one amazing suggestion. Just put a hot mic on gun, this time at twenty seven. We could show out of Oh fun, you will earn a lot. That's the that's the feed we need. Like, yes, I gized, went to like for the whole race. Yeah, yeah, I don't care. For sure. That's great. Yeah, Gun, tie for commentary. Dude. Eventually, eventually, like you know, like once you stopped being the team principle, I feel like that's a role you would really thrive in. Hm. Like, yeah, one race overall is run and try. And I know you guys are talking about this Jao's helmet, right, like jaws helmet is, yeah,...

...spellar as well. That kid has so much drip. Like, yeah, what he was wearing to like, I think the I think it's a previous conference, but had like, I don't know, I think he had a cool animal on his teeth on a shirt. Yeah, that white shirt. Yeah, I founder I was going. It's pretty dope, like doing animal prints. Enough, honestly, is just Hamilton. But now like he's got he's got a fashion counterparm. But is a very cool to see and I really hope like some of these younger drivers just start expressing themselves more in terms of, you know, like whatever they can. You know, like, I know, like the you have to be a team colors most of the times, but yeah, come in with some swag, Dude. Look what that strange one you go, one usual for shoutout MS to do. will get it by leapt white, by race ready, guess. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. But contrary to the foot of of Joo, there was the sport of stopping coming in in his standard uniform that he comes in. That's red bill shirt, that the CAP and he had like a backpack at literally look some college s kid who was getting yeah for his next leg always looks like that. By the way, do you guys know about this, like the hat shaped theory that? Oh, yeah, it's a black wood top and like every around. Yeah, I think it was something theory. So basically, like we're stopping in press. Both have like the red bull hats, but worst happen has a flat brim one. Okay, and like phrases, is like curve, because I haven't really like like yours. I swear to God I've not been paying attention to the hats this much, but I just read something that like every time worst happen, where's that hat? He loses the race. Oh, but appinally, and like I'm ninety nine percent sure this is satire, but someone commented on that saying just fi he had the flat top hat at Aboudhabi last year also, but through the course of the race, Christian honnor bent it out of stress, like you want. That is the reason worst happen. WDC Tw any twenty one, but he bucked the trend last night is wearing a flat top and he still won the race. Yeah, good on him. Yeah, that's true. That's one tradition that is not gonna come blue. You guys. I have to ask you this. Okay, I call this the Rossberger's because ever since Ross p quit, whoever's one the first race of the season, I think, has come second every every season. Right, isn't? Isn't it is? Am I right? Am I wrong? So you can you repeat that? Whatever one wins the first race of the season in the second in DC. Is that right? There is something like that? There is. I don't think it. There is some meat to it, because I remember like folks. So vote as right. Like who, I think he won Australian GP? Two Thousand and nineteen or twenty s twenty twenty wasn't there, but and he went to whomsoever this May concern for you. And then force that I think you never want. Yeahs he number one after yeah, who won the first season? Two Thousand and twenty twenty was like it started half. Maybe, yeah, it was body. I was bought has actually know that was vote has two point. Okay, I have a tried here, but what has three point? Because, yeah, it was both out. Support has five point Oh at this this season is what. I don't know. I forgot at least four point five. I don't know if it's like a pull exactly. Some features are different. I think a bit of a down grade and in the bread. So yeah, maybe there is some meat to it. So maybe think Claire's not gonna go ahead and win the yeah, Science for double DC twenty two confirmed. You heard it here. For you, dude, go tiefels manifest. Oh my God, so they are going to do reverse it or what? Yep, where the when's the first sprint race this season? Do you guys know which ones are? No, it's not. The ones not on the last year, is what I know. Yeah, for in said, so different three set this time. I'm just Kinda like excited for sprint races because this seems like Danny Rick does better there for some reason. Does I think this time it's going to be Temula, Austria and Brazil? Okay, then they haven't. Every time they've had sprint. Every time they've had sprint, Max has crash. So really, is that like every race? Huh? Silverston? Silverston, yeah, Emola, Onza, Mansa, yes, sorry, Manza, yeah, and what is will even crash and Brazil. But like some shit went down last year. Yeah, so damn last year this guy went insane, Hamilton Wentzin and Brazil,...

...yeah, just tore through the field. I guess pretty much twenty five overtakes. Do you guys feel like they'll be like a moment? Like for Hamilton last season? That came like super late, like with just like four and five races left. But yeah, he's clearly like on the back foot this season and there is I just feel like there's gonna be a point at which Mercedes figure it out, Hamilton makes charge. I don't know if like is going to be enough to you know, get him back to the top, but I feel like it's going to be there. But deep. So yeah, happening anytime soon, you feel like will be like really late into the season. I I don't because, and here's my theory. Help, but Marko actually yesterday said that while Ferrari's while the fight is with Ferrari, they don't see it hanging for a long time because they do expect our plates on the Red Bull and while most he is gonna make their upgrades, I think for our maybe not, but like maybe these guys are also going to keep making upgrades. The only Incentim, be fer our, he has is maybe this is the last season Hamilton races, because he's also again thirty seven, turning thirty eight, and they want to get that eighth driver championship for him. So maybe they go all out. But then again, budget restrictions this season also prevent major upgrades for for these teams. So it is going to be interesting, though. I think you know even I I don't have a lot of faith in mercedies and everything, but I have, I do have faith in Hamilton, very honest. I mean he's nothing if not persistent. And you know, I'm sure that there are going to be races where, of course, Max is behaving right now, but I'm sure they are going to crash sometime in the future and Hamilton will be there to pick up the pieces. So yeah, I'm sure he's going to capitalize on that. Yeah, it's started off like being very friendly with yea Hamilton, sorry, not Hamilton the clerk and will steppen. Even last night was like nice and like sportsman like. Or they've had incidence for a long years. You know what? Yes, yes, yes, it is girl let a few people on that track that get PTSD. Every time eat. They overtake each other. Is Like I think alborn and Hamilton, cleric and bags, like any time those two cars are next to each other they are like wait, wait, wait, wait, so father kept to clean. Let's see. Yeah, I don't know. I've never had a has ever been like you guys, I'm sure I have watched a lot more seasons than I have, but has there ever been a season where like two drivers of fighting for the championship started off friendly and they ended friendly? Also, we probably have to go back to like s or something, you know, like maybe the emails, maybe even Sir Romance, teammates, maybe person science, but like putators. No, I don't like a play. I didn't think the championship. I. Yeah, the Championship. Yeah, I didn't think for the champion. Has Been a while. I happen it was one season when Schumacher and who was his second guy like hello, my so no, I think there was some season when they were at some point like competing for the champion, but still not not through the season. So it's not valid. But basically it's just we know how this is going to end. Yeah, certainly. I mean we have we have the proof of Austria. Two Thousand and nineteen, I guess right. Yeah, that's a right fare. Two Thousand and nineteen. Forgot, I wasn't watching that. Or Was it Tu and twenty? I don't recall. anyways, but basically Max and Charles crashed. Okay, was that grace? insidence? They were having insidence for many, many years now. Nothing, you just mean she didn't was that way too many times when? Well, I think like this was a good weekend. I for one, at fun. Thank you, Cheyenne, for joining us. This is a thanks for having me, man, I'm so glad to be here. Nicko style. Yeah, Sara and Cheyenne, first off to U saw and last thoughts before he closes out. Yeah, I mean I think we are your two thousand and twenty two is achieved what they were hoping to achieve. We have closed racing. We have fewers competition at this not just at the front, everywhere, very honestly, and I think we are in for an amazing season. I mean very honestly. In the last like why we were watching the last season. I thought that, okay, this is where a fun peaks and it's probably going to be downhill from here. But Man, I'm proven wrong and I'm happy to be been wrong. Yeah, honestly surprised and I totally agree with what you say. And I think also like this is just the beginning, because they win teams which are made like drastic improvements from race one to race to and I think that's only going to keep...

...happening. Mark's going to keep getting better, all the midfield cars hopefully going to come closer to the front. So maybe it's just going to get more and more, you know, like interesting and exciting, and what I want to see is just like a lot of different race winners this year, first time race winners, and yeah, okay, at least one Carlos Win, Dude. That's all. It's called Carlos Win, where it is celebrated. Yeah, that where, that is the focus of the day. We're not talking about anything else. True, that's got a bit too much to ask for, but it's covered. You are touch well, I think it's going to be interesting in the close racing part. What I find very fascinating is there's so much happening on that track. The top ten racers are like mix of so almost all teams except like Aston Martin and Williams, who're still figuring it out. But there's everyone in that makes on that top ten, which is fun to watch, and it's great where the camera man needs to figure like what battle do I show? Is that so happy? That's a good problem to have. Yes, yes, it's gonna be fun, folks, until the next episode. This was fun. GO CHECK OUT SHY and Roy. That's Schn an and no, sorry, Shan, why don't you take it over, plug whatever it is, do you, and close it all of me on Instagram, guys, as such, a Ya and Roy, mad mad easy name, and also follow a fun fanticing. Wait, why? But you guys are already following. Yes, those two follow up funsime fiction. Yeah, yeah, because, yeah, it's been awesome, fun, you guys. Thanks so much for having me and, yeah, looking forward, looking forward to many more races and many more conversations with you guys. As a man, looking forward here as well. But Bye. Well then,.

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