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Episode 40 · 1 month ago

2022 Spanish GP


The 2022 Spanish GP was possibly the best Spanish GP we have had in the recent history. With RBR gainging a massive lead over Ferrari, they overtook them in both the WDC and the WCC. With some bad luck for Charles and some great strategy calls by the Red Bull pitwall , they managed to convert a 2-3 into a 1-2! 

In this epiosode we discuss:

  1. Our Host wins the (figurative) Lottery! 🥳
  2. Mazespin’s Career’s ghost Lives in the Haas 
  3. Hamilton’s Drive to Survive
  4. Cool Car! 🏎️
  5. Charle’s Preps for Next Race
  6. Mazepin’s Career’s ghost strikes again 👻
  7. Max and GP go to couple’s counseling
  8. Laurance Stroll’s F1 StackOverflow ©️ 
  9. Papa Latifi pays off the red head. 👨🏼‍🦰

Memes in this Epiode:

1. 9 Months Later

2. Worst DFN in career...yet

3. Ham Quits to main menu

4. Perez’s First time

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Will Smith slapping someone and like the same thing happens. You imagine will smith their slapping and like science springs, and then hello and welcome to f one fan fiction. This is all the seriousness you get from this. That's the introvert it's going to be. It's going to be a band of full f one race review episode, which is what this podcast is about. If you are new here, go ahead and hit that follow button anywhere on the socials that you get your podcast from. Be sure to give us a five star rating if you like it, and if you don't, then give us a four star on your APP reviews of your podcasts. With that said, let's get into the episode. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and just thoughts about the race are on. They're like it was a drysh but a fun race for me. I had found but I was bored. How is it for you? Like thoughts, just thoughts on the race? I think the best way to capture it is that I was like really on the edge of the seat till like the three fourth of the race, I would over two third of the race, and then I just like snoozed off, like right up till where the drama was going on with things were shifting around. I think it was pretty fun. But once things settled down, one steam orders that coming into the picture and started getting but I don't know what I mean. A lot of people are talking this. Was this probably the most interesting Spanish Gep in the recent distry at least? Oh, yeah, in the reason history, for sure, for sure, because like, and especially like we're twenty and twenty two rad like with the changes that have come in and everyone's still trying to figure out what's happening. More sort of starting to come back this. This race, recent time for sure best. There were. That's question markers, like they showed pastor Maldonado somewhere in there and I'm like, he's one a GP there, which I would have never expected him to win, and stuff. So I think like that to me, for me, was an interesting race back at the two thousand and twelve or two thousand and eleven or something like that. But Yeah, recent times, for sure, this was a great race. This was great race. Yeah, yeah, no, yeah, I like, I wouldn't say that it was the best Spanish gyp days yet, but yeah, it was a pretty decent race. Compared to the ones we have had in the past, especially during the most of these dominance. So I think there's also this weird start that I think in the last I think since two thousand and eighteen, if I'm not wrong, like mark and red bullet only teams that have gotten to the podium at Spanish gp that things been that like. That puts things in perspective, true, I mean. And then then the past five years it's always been Hamilton who's been qualifying P one, right, so and both has one time Malem there somewhere, but like right. Yeah, I think this year in general, I guess, has been like a streak breaker for Hamilton through and through, like all the big long streaks that he has like gathered to the years of, you know, winning this sace for Fike and consecutive times that race for like six consecutive time, that things like that. Everything's, you know, like getting reset to zero for him now again. So let me let me just first put this out there. You heard it first on a fe fan fiction that more is going to be back and this time, like sure the Australian pthree for Russell was also somewhat of a comeback, but like I called this as as a true come back. Right, like you, let's let's dive into it, like through the whole race, as it happened. Mork, you know what I was I...

...was going to ask you. I was going to ask you, did you scratch the load a lot to this week at all? Yeah, right, like me being this thing and in work, being could in sure, yeah, let's let's tell that. Yeah, but yeah, like, I think, like your theory held up in the sense that they got those up grades, like they have been talking about like bringing it in Spain for a long time now, and I think the overall we can see he like, in fact, an FPN FP too as well. It was, yeah, evident that they are pretty first now and as well, the cars not bounce aground as much as the food. So you know a little bit. And this got called out and like a commentary somewhere like they've ris I think, like one of the qualifying sessions, where they said, like for poisoning at some level is completely resolved on mercities end. Now all they need to go back and do is focus on the engine and like the pace. Yeah, right, right, right, yeah, and I think we could clearly see that. I mean with the whole restart Hamilton had today, and of course George as well. I mean, think about it. Hamilton of course had some bad luck with Magnussen, like crashing into him, and I don't know what came I was doing, because I feel it was entirely his whole time. A little surprised he was not given a penalty, honestly speaking, because he did turn into him. I think like he gave himself the penalty, right, like you wandered off and then be pwenty and then stayed there, because that's right. That's why they probably didn't give him the penalty, because he anyways gave it to himself. Layer, seeing Hamilton's on board on there is one, there's ray start replace and everything's going fine, he's taking a good line, there's no competition, there's nothing, and then all of a sudden there is this to happen. I'm like, just happened? Like why did game I all of a sudden, do I mean this being lucky? Fear Masipin? Wait, yeah, wait, a second came. I gaze in MAZEPINS car. This does happen. Spirit still lives. Exactly? Is this the ghost of lingering? Majespian out there? Oh, okay, I have a theory. So apparently, if you go and check Mazepin's twitter bio, it still says Formula One driver. And that is why, because a spirit still lives, is there? Yes, yes, you heard it first on Patrick as everything else. Yes, exactly. But there was a launch of a start right, like I feel like Russell, for example, Dingo Russell, had a launch of a start. Sure, at the end of that first lab he maintained the position that he started off on the grid, but like, I think the start was just too brilliant. Even even if you see peress p as the you can see that like he just bounces to the right and then like launched both of those cars. Oh yeah, that was pretty awesome actually. I was quite surprised to see that. Yeah, and he just like shortened to the traffic and then like tucked himself behind, I think, was it, crssal Ik. Yeah, and they attained their positions, but it was just brilliant the way they launched in. Yep, I think like pretty much everybody at the start of the great except for signs, of us had a good start. I don't know what I think. Signs are cut seeping or something. He's just having meeting with that Hart number to to be the new man. Yeah, exactly. I think this time again we had that traffic about Charles and knacks for the restart, and I think Charles won out this time in terms of the action time right, but I guess George has a had a good one as well. I think Paris is well, not a good one. Yeah, overall, good starts, I guess. The one thing I have to point out Hamilton of Pusey had the bad luck and he almost quit, didn't he? Yeah, right, like I don't know. So now now the the non race track, Hamilton Fan...

...in me saying like he is just being a cranky baby and be like yeah, I want to quit because I'm not winning sort of thing. But I feel like there is this overall power unit issue that's floating around on that track, and I whisty will come to this as a whole segment, but I think Hamilton, knowing everything that he knows about his car and stuff, I feel like he knows he has a good car and rather than pushing the year, he'd rather retire the car to save that engine. That's true. That's true, and that's the thing, right, like I was a bit surprised when he said that because, you know, of all the drivers out there, like he is not one of those who resuly is ready to quit, right, like yeah, easy fight, very persistent. Yeah, but like I think Bono gave him some encouragement and yeah, I think then he just went hammeretime throughout the race of production that and that was a good encouragement, right, like, because they were like, oh, we actually have a point to the shot, to the points, pards what we had writing, and they do, coming p nineteen to finishing pfive. That's just yeah, that's the Hamilton. Really, that's the Amilton. Exactly. Yeah, exactly, and I mean I was a little saddened to see that. You know, he was actually trying out a different strategy. If we saw doing the start up the race, everybody else was on softs and Hamilton was only driver on mediums in just so he had gone into the race with a different strategy. He knew from the start that he has the pace and he probably has the you know, machinery to maybe even get on the podium. So on moon knows when the days because, honestly speaking, the pace at which he was driving like it was insane, like it. So the funny thing is, you know, while I was watching the race, I didn't realize that Hamilton is driving so well because they didn't show him much. Like yeah, I remember that he was like p nineteen for a while and then slowly he like wo took a few people. He reached on p seventeen, a p sixteen, and then all of a sudden, in the middle of the race, I saw the leader board and I was like he's at pie six and like wait, wait, what happened? Like how how did he get that? Yeah, yeah, he shot through the ranks pretty quick. Nobody are right. Like, while they should have showed him first of all, read like that's poor race direction to some stand because that sort got me bored to a level, because all they showed was a wrestle yesterday. Yeah, and that was a good fight, but that went on for so long that we missed out on so many other opportunities there. Yeah, but I am an overall loved how this guy's driven. You were mentioning something about this right like you were saying that if that incident with Magnus and wouldn't have happened, he would have me run podium, because there was like a time difference in in terms of like how we oh yeah, so what does that? I've forgotten. Yea. So basically, I think on the radio, I don't remember was it Buno rose a tow to either of them, came on to the radio at the end and basically told him that he started off the race like fifty, sorry, forty seconds of the lead and ended the race around like thirty seconds. So he basically at Leven crashing out. Yeah, even after crashing out he made up ten seconds, which is so good. And I think, you know, without the crash, without the extra pet stuff that he had to take at the start of the race, who knows, he could had even probably one the race at that pace while she was going on. So super impressive. So this is something like Hamilton back in Brazil, I think, last year, our last two last year, where he just launched out of somewhere. But you know, actually there's another theory about it. Sorry to interrupt you, but there's another theory about it. The dialog that he said about saving the engine right. So a lot of people are speculating that maybe they were running at a higher engine mode for Hamilton, and that is why he probably thought that it would be a good idea to skip...

...this race, because if they're running at a higher engine would they might damage it more as well. And you know what, that also explains that radio message on like the penultimate lap, of him letting science buy because if it doesn't, then they're gonna kill the engine and they won't even finish. There is exactly m make sense. Yeah, but that's a little that's interesting then in that case, because at one point it looks like they are back, but then at the second end it looks like, yeah, there's still stuff everyone's to figure out. You know what, though, I as much as I love more coming back, I don't want them to get like overly good, because then you lose because at this point, like the brilliant part about twenty twenty two season has been the battle that's going on. Like there's a good back and forth. Yeah, and like a three way back and forth. That's just going to pump up the the entertain yeah, like if it becomes like more dominance, or for our dominance or red bull dominance, then it makes it boring again. Hey, by the way, okay, I have to point this out was was the on like the dashboard on Russell's car, complementing the car or something? What is going on there? Who Do there? You're referring to the fool car thing, right. I've never seen that ever. Like I don't know what was going on there. Yeah, I really. I know it's a cool card, but why the warning about it? Yeah, but I guess that that again ties into the same theory that they probably were running a higher engine mode, because that warning was pretty upsurd considering that there was no car ahead of him. And that's what George said as well. That yeah, like I'm driving in the cleaner. Why am I getting this fortnight? I he was thought by Seks no sense. Yeah, yeah, I don't know what the radio engineering feedback was to that, but yeah, he was surprised to like why am I being asked to cool down the car? Right, Yep, Yep, but like on the front rail like an insure Russell and Morek, or on the front rustle was I like literally leading the race for a few La Yesh without the pre point it was, but but the true leader overall over the weekend, I still feel, was Luckilaer, I mean Max on the race, or assell was leading. Sure, like I think that for ORI has has gotten itself into something where Lu clerk could have won the race if not for the issue. Overall, I feel like with with the final result and hindsight, it's like for our you was just being for our real last last night. Yeah, and Chall's being Charles, I guess, like because I could think for next weekend. Yeah, and his practice was on from the last weekend because if I don't know if you had seen this, but there was a slip floating around where he had participated in someone acco over the verage car or something like that. Yeah, he crashed out like a loud Haska. And then this race again, of course he had the engine failure. I mean not his fault, but still, you know, it just so, so funny. I don't know, it just it's like, you know, we cann't come up with these story lines, even couldn't want it to write. It rights itself. Welf right. Yeah, and the funny thing is like when he crashed right, like when cash Niki's car, you could sort of not see, but you could imagine like a gasp from everyone day, go fuck, he crashed up with the car and then the commentators come to save their day by saying, like we've seen a number of accidents in this car, but this is the first one after a number of years and like, okay, that's lowering the blow at this point for sure. Yeah, I I guess maybe it's either that he's just getting his crashes out early so that he can blebeven his whole race finally, or rather complete as whom race finally? Let's...

...get like, I bet you a beer. I bet you a beer that he's not going to find our next race. All Right, sure, I'll take it up. I guess this might be the first day is that he finally finishes and I gladly lose a beer. But yeah, yeah, but regardless, I think Charles was performing so well this weekend. I mean bad luck for him. But, as we mentioned, like he got up the line beautifully, like he has, reaction time was faster, he covered max very well, held onto the race lead and of course his engine decided to come a suicide. But but you're pointing him covering off Max, right. I feel like and I've seen like it's an observation since Saudi. Right, maybe this has been going on for a while now, but I feel like he knows beautifully how to hold Max off, and I don't know if this goes back from their experience as Carlton Together, like he does this very beautifully. Yeah, in fact, that points. I think that he does it better than Hamilton as well, because that they go back so far back that they know each other's driving style so well by now that I think, yeah, he just kind of handles him very well, right, and you and I think like we saw a flavor of it, and obviously this is the first time, because Russell has not been in that contention ever. But like we saw flavor of it between Russell and Max too, because yeah, too was like really in defending from Russell right like and in again, this is probably again back from their carting lash, because all these trio quart row, whatever you want to call it, even Lando, if he gets up in the mix ring, like it's going to be the same battle when they all club together. Yep, Yep, yeah, I mean, of course, like George Rather, Max had a handicap. Wi Fi with George. So like I give back to him, he himself, as we are yeah, from yeah, I don't know what was going with that anyways. Oh, talking about handicaps, talking about handicaps. What was science doing? Yeah, I think I said this rate in this episode already, like he's trying to fight with KMAC for that ghost of my Sepin lingering around on their track somewhere. Yeah, home race. I had expected that he might, you know, really do something. He did do something. That's that is usual, I think, even on the commentary to like my science springs off. Okay, I sure, move on. Let's just let's just one. Yeah, and today's news. INCEQUENCE. Okay, the only good part was at least he had a good recovery from there. So yeah, that's that's something. Some brownie points for Ferrari. I mean, yeah, they lost one driver, but he's the second car finished. But before, I guess right, yeah, before, yes, yeah, so not, not, not a total loss for them, but regardless, I think red bull over to boot the championship leads now. So that's there. Yes, yes, and I think like that's that speaking to some consistency there with the Ferrari engine. Now, like I eat. It's how ironical that, like the role reversals have happened. Early starting of the season we saw red bull engineeral ability issues. We did see a flavor of it during q three yesterday. Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah, but Ferrari now, and that makes sense, and Charles was vocal about it. I think, like in the post race, president, of we were ears like we have to, like we're doing so well and we can't just be losing it in this way, which is fair enough, right, because they genuinely after like yours, have a good shot at that championship, right, and and do it early on before like...

...red bull and mercedies catch up. It's likely, Ye, do ask fast. Yeah, sort of thing. That's true. One Eye, and I think it's heartbreaking for any driver that, like, after you put in everything, like it all goes away because of reasons that you have absolutely no control over. Exactly. Yeah, I mean we I think overall, I think it is becoming a theme of two thousand and twenty two, I guess, because, like Red Bull, of course, we saw in the first few dayses of Frannie, as we mentioned, and I think there was not the florry power card that, yeah, johretty thing was a shoot. Right. Yeah, exactly, and also mercedies as well. I mean they didn't be nf, but still the warning we're going at. So you know, they were gonna Yep, Yep, exactly. So, yeah, coming into the weekend I was like talking to a friend of mine to about this and in my predictions were like luck cleat doesn't finish, be one, and then, and then, and then she goes like probably. Then you're saying Max is going to be PPU, and I'm like no, red bull actually does not even finish because, like I had, I had definite issues with them, like based on how Max car performed in q three and they had them engine question marks. Are Like Red Bull never finishes, like theres not be one and then I don't care, sort of thing. Yeah, honestly, and every time Max's radio comes on, I always start imagining that, okay, he's gonna say losing power, losing power. Yeah, it's the twenty and twenty one version of my tires are gone. Yeah, well, I guess we you. You set up the run way for flying into a memes. I guess. Sure, let's let's get some fresh hut meeves. Sure means sexual. One of these days, I promise I'm going to do like one of those like floating text that goes super fast, like leave section. All right, here goes nothing. What do we have as the first. No, we've got animasion this time. Fancy. That's right, it's right, all right. So let's take a look at the first one, and I love this one, and there has been so much drama about this. So this w yeah, that's right, pople who are an audio it's basically Max on top of Hamilton. Don't think dirty things, Max a star on top of Hamilton, Star at Monza, which is nine months back, right, and it actually was like yeah, it was you. And then here we have the green red bull. That's the Aston Martin, which is basically a copycat of the red bull down below. So this is I love this one. There are multiple flavors of this whole copy mean, but like, I think, like this one tops it for me. Yeah, and the timeline matches so perfectly. Right like that. That's the someone that whoever fought about this. I don't know where we got this imuch from it, like whoever spought about brilliant thinking back like nine hundred and nine, nine ish months back. That's right. All right, let's let's go into the next one. This was this has so charlotte. Let's saying like this has been the worst BNF in my career. And this is like the simpsons. Homer Simpson sort of mean that that. You might have seen Charles C Claire saying this has been the worst DNF and my career so far, and homer Sims in saying next week more I cuse GP, which is the reference we like. So far. Yeah, this is, mean the worst bnm of the career so fast. So, yeah, so so far, dude. Don't get too...

...coffy. The next one has to be nobody. And then the text is Hamilton, after dropping back to P nineteen, after contact with Gayla. And then the photo is of basically somebody quitting their fun game. Are you sure you want to put two meet when you dude? But is this? Is this radio message for real? Li? IS THAT DOT? He said. Yeah, I mean, yeah, he pretty much really shows. But Oh, that thing all right. I've also added a photoshop here right, yeah, I don't you forgot about that. That's it's is that a photoshop? But is there already said, like yeah, it's so okay, yeah, there's there's a radio pop up right next. So real. So, guys, fuck this shit, man. I want to go home. I can do what you imagine saying about just paraphrase his words in a better way. That was the essence of it, anyways. So, yea, right, what do we have? All right, the last one, I think. Yep, Yep. So firsts, everybody's firsts. It's the classic man waiting to get hanged with the caption first time, and that's basically both as saying to Paris. Is this your first time for team orders? Dude, I think it was his initiation into the second rule. I is today. Was it like it was a reality check for it, as it was that? Yeah, but you've said this up perfectly right, like this our last meme. And next section you want to get into is the drama at at right right, and and I don't want to I don't want to call it exactly like Malaysia as a Pang. I think like many eleven was it? Or Two thousand and ten, Quental Webber, mult twenty one. Yeah, just reminded me of that. Yeah, man, it is. Yeah, I mean I felt bad for him, like it was has race to win, like you deserved it. I mean Max fucked up right, like he made a mistake. And, Oh yeah, by the way, the same exact spot as signes. I think that was just Mazopin's spirit liquoring around at that turnt food. I think massapon spirit was the one that was blowing the wind. Yeah, right, like, Oh, technically there's a gust of wind that's throwing these cars of like a tail wing. Sure, we know, we know. Yeah, I was do funny to see as well, at speaking, like science fun at that spot. And then just after, I think it was just fuel ups after, right, I think not, not too far away. Think it is like just a lapl to behind. Yeah, and the Max pins as well as a meme. Do Do you think it's one of those memes where you know how you have something happening in looke over a different scenarios and it's like, Maxie, they're kicking the car or off it off late, like will smith slapping someone, and like the same thing happens. You imagine will smith their slapping and like science pains. And there I can see that. It's almost was like Mario Kart was somebody like dropped a banana field. It was as truetive. Someone should make these easier if it was. Yeah, right, but man Max is really living the W DC life right, like he's complaining throughout the race when there was so much drama going on between GP and him. It was so fun to watch. I think they will like quibbling like a couple. Basically at one point, I think Max is of cost frustrated with the DR's issue that he had, and it was very funny to watch as well. Like he was pressing the partner then the dres was shutting off automatically. This and I think at...

...once, sorry, but like this two is. Is that mean where this guy's cycling and then he pokes his own front wheel with a playing and it's like, oh, these roads are so bad. It's that sort of thing. People. Yeah, exactly, pretty are exactly. I don't know what was going on. I'm pretty sure it was not all Max who was doing it. I'm pretty sure there was some mechanical issue with the DRS as well, but apparently, like basically what GP was telling him constantly was that you know you're pressing the button too many times. It's just press it after the curve so that you know, like so that it's seas on. Yeah, it was. It was pretty hilarious to like see Max losing it, saying like I'm pressing the wood fifty fucking times and I'm pretty sure white right on the opposite end of the bit of wall, where as a race engineer is going like man order to let my guy went exactly. Oh yeah, and the radio by Paris as well. Right, I think at the end when Max yeah, well, not at the end, way before when Knox just trying to wtake Russell and he was having issues with, you know, his tea is. This guy's closing in and he's getting here. I think he was like one point five seconds behind Max at that point and he's like, you know, hello, team orders. Where are they? Yeah, and and he did say, like I'm faster than both of them, like I can go by and and it's true because like, okay, both as sorry, Russell hadn't pitted then. God knows how you're still fighting macsoft, but he hadn't pitted then Max, between Max and Peress, peress has had a bit stop and it was somewhat of an undercut on his own teammate because he had better tires and he was rightful to say, like I have better face because he had warmer better retires at the point. Definitely, yeah, he saw that and he saw that like as soon as Max was off like the over take that press got on Russell, like it was like this is how it should have happened. A Cork right, yeah, man, and was I mean red bull somehow like handled it well there because they pitted Max so they kind of avoided that situation altogether of using team orders. So I mean fair play to them on doing that. But but Perez, man, he wasn't fire, like made no mistakes throughout the race, held a zoo and, I think, played the team game as well. And that, of course, I think, was a heartbreak for him, like a lot of firs fans are. So that up to right, like he's played their team game. Let's let's talk about this. So after the race they're going in that that classic four Lamon winning over for our way of like together. Sure, whatever. But there was this radio message. It's like let's not talk now, we'll talk, we will talk later. And and I'm thinking like okay, sure, this guy needs a contract renew will so he's gonna he's gonna comply at this point. But out of everyone who switched teams over last year, like Recordo, he's not doing good. Science just kidding somewhere off on skates whatever. He's the only one who sort of like made Helmet Marco prove wrong, race over race, that he's he shouldn't have gone off and like a great decision made of keeping him in their team. The challenge is now going to be like the multi twenty one side of situation, where Perez is, yeah, equally gonna get good at fighting for that championship. Yeah, and they don't have a backup driver, like if they, if they let him go, exactly makes a seat? Exactly? Who? They don't have anybody. That's true, and it's complicated, man like. At one point, of course, all of these drivers are, you know, fighting for their own benefit as such. You know, yeah, they are like teammates, but at the end of the day everybody wants to win. But I really like a perspective that one of our listeners put on twitter, like they applied. I think there was this postwar like we had a flied on twitter where we said basically like to t agree, you know, they should...

...let him raise. It's just the sixth race, yeah, season. Right, so it's too early to decide who's going to win the championship, like to which I think it was one of our listeners who's prediction. Who Basically said that? You know, at the end of the day, I know of because I'm paraphrasing here, but at the end of the day these are liking a highly paid employees at the end of the day, of constructors, and I mean think about it. If your boss tells you to do something and if you don't agree to do that, like, the have the right to fire you, right like. So you're getting paid to do a job, and his job, fortunately, unfortunately, whatever it is, is to be the second driver. HMM, and it's a different type of a desk job. Yep, the rate Prick Shit Gary. That's that's the handle. If if any of our listeners want to go out and follow him and check him out. But I like that perspective. I think like he's in a corporate sense of way, he's not wrong. Yeah, that's right. So fair play. And of course, like he played the team game. He didn't like our Humuchi basically didn't cause any issues. Just let him buy when he was ordered to. So, yeah, fair play to Paris as well. I think, like the the only good part of Max being Max was like that overtake on turn twelve or thirteen, which everyone was yelp. Like even the commentary is like Brundle was like I've never in my career scene in over take at this point where Max over took boat as in a very unconventional way. Yeah, and I think he was on a very aggressive strategy right, like it was essential to him to not get stuck behind anybody because he was basically on what a for stop of three stopper. But how many pit stops he do? But basically I think he was on such aggressive strategy that he had to like go ahead and catch up with these guys in the front. But that over take was lovely, man, and I think the only other ver take that comes near that was, I mean it wasn't overtake, but the defense that Russell Perton to Max in that turn where he kind of just let him go ahead and then took back the lead in the very next turn. Man, that was brilliant. Both of those we like because we are talking about boat as. I know we are not going to do it again everyone else. If you think about it like like let's take the top seven for example, right, if everyone out there were on a good three stops for stop strategy and boat as yesterday was on a two, I'm stop to stop strategy. And when he got over tooken by by Hamilton towards the FAG end of the race, like he was rightfully to be annoyed that, like they should have put an amount of three, because he has before at one point to like boat as Alpha Pfour like this. You couldn't do this in a more likely for a long time. He couldn't be so and yeah, man, it was so awesome. I mean, I'm enjoying watching Buddhas in Aston Martin. He's doing so well and very honestly. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but he looks happier as well in general, like swimming naked and Denver and stuffy. It was for a good curse, like I gave a print for that. He reas some money for charity where. Yeah, I read a tweet about this, which is really cool, which is it seems like both has loves US ass more than anybody else, because he's been showing that off to the world everywhere. True, speaking a boat as doing voluntary work. Let's sort of talk about some stats on that track. Local boy, longtime local boy, actually, Alonso, gaining a left in position yesterday. Man Maximum position gained brilliant work. They never showed all of his Leven overtakes, but I'm pretty sure they're going to make like Youtube's gonna at one. I saw nothing out of it. Right. I'm pretty sure, like Youtube, a fun teams going to do one of those...

...overtaking shots that they do, they've done at least over the past year or two. That's where I hope to see it. But yeah, maximum positions gained. Eleven super superb maximum positions lost. Ghost of magic pen occupied KAMAG. I don't have many laws, like what ten, nine, seven, too many? Too many to yeah, yeah, who knows? I mean, yeah, self punishment? Well deserved? Fine, I guess. Well, talking about some self deserve punishment. The other red bull not. Not all for Tauri, the other other other red bull, that's Jastin Martin. I think they got what they deserved between red bill like make copied the red bull, but I guess. Yeah, but nothing worked out for them right, like it was all a total loss. Yeah, it's like a control see Control v Gone wrong, like the control seat somewhere, and then they change the content on the clipboard before pastings. We at a different copy out there. It seems like the Aston Martin is like a deformed baby where they got the worst genes from both the parents, you know, like wrong eggs, a wrong mine. Yeah, yeah, and stroll being stroll. Of course he was doing some weird shed. I think he always crashed into gastly or somebody in the pit lane and then, I guess, also spun around it. Some weird things. was where didn't the end up? Eighteen, nineteen, something like that. Little, very terrible. At this point. Even the commentators don't call that because, like when as soon as he spun right, like as soon as he's fun, you're like our strolls off that track. So on to Russell and Max. I don't like, okay, they look nobody and in my head in anyways exactly. And in my head I'm like, okay, green cars, spe green carspone and a green car just went from behind. I'm like this could be a Sebinella or stroll being stolen. And I'm like, at this point, like both spend so much that I'm like confused, like who's how's doing this? Yeah, but regardless, wettl did not too bad. He Fish P eleven. I'm surprised I'd actually not noticed that till now. Almost there and not too bad for him, I guess. Yeah, all was there into points, but Ashton Martin, man, it's weird this team. Like they, I mean is it? Is it Lawrence troll who does this, like just straight up copying shit, like, come on one, like they did the same with the mercedies. They try to do the same with red full this time. It's weird, like how do they expect that a car that was designed for a completely different engine with different Arrow would just work on a completely other manufacturers engine? Like it feels like it's you know, it's exactly what we said, like the stories right themselves. Yeah, we couldn't had, you know, made up meet this up at all. Anyhow. For All the Geeky folks out there, right, I feel I feel lauren stroll is running a stack overflow for a phone cars. That's quite possible. Just patching things, yeah, man, just copying cold and pasting it into production, straight into production. Speaking of dramas, right lap sixty four, two laps before Finnish latty fee over takes magazinous in, and I have my heart in my mouth. I'm like, this guy is I don't know what's going on his head, but like, if this guy crashes in, I mean anyways, Magnuson's been crushing into people today's playing bumper, as this luty fee is known to spin and...

...crash. So sixty four, sirsty sakes, Max's there, but like, things can change and I' and at this point, this is this is when Hamilton's like p Pfour, like he's not let science pass some like yeah, righty, one P, two, more series. Yeah, no, but I know, I know why. Probably he didn't crash into T MAC and I'll leave the reason why. Did you notice that Latti feel also finished ahead of Albun as well? And my theory is that Papalatifi paid off album to let his kid by, and since he knew that there was a payment made, so he was careful to try and finish the race ahead of his teammate and break that, you know, very, very long running streak of him always finishing behind his teammate. As you may item. Yeah, you can put it on this asume now they didn't always finish behind my teammate. What else was happening yesterday? Man, like, I think let's learn to man. He was suffering through the race, like wasting. He had, yeah, he had. So the commentators were constantly saying that they he had he fever. I don't know where they got that from, but pretty much a comment, at least on FETV, the commentator reminded that like at least fifty times during the race. I mean like, okay, man, I get it, move on nowsh media, but I am I not surprised. Yeah, of course, but basically he had consulate ton slitus. What is it? Consulate types? I don't know how it's pronounced, but whatever thing he is concern sils was. Yeah, basically, STANCIS was follen. Yeah, I'm not an expert, just saying so, pardon my pronunciation. While not a big deal, to be honest, I feel like it's still sort of ends up affecting your is performance when, like you're going through sometimes when anyways, you have to juggle million things on that track and driving and and on top of that, right, like he was driving brilliant like I would have if you wouldn't have caught this on the radio, like I would have never predicted like he was suffering through something, because like he was having a brilliant day in terms of like how Claren's been to any twady, to like he was having a brilliant day. Yeah, I mean I'm barely able to record this podcast to day with the minor cold, but yeah, but yeah, Kudos, Kudos to lander to be able to finish the whole race with that. Man. Two things before we wrap this up. Time and again we've proved like we are the first source of feedback to Fone, evnf one because yes, they have somehouse coincidence. Sure, you call it coincidence, I called it someone listening to us. They they've taken our feedback and done things right, like the first one. F One TV, Suren, because you get it. You get it. Where you are they you're saying they have a picture in picture. What do we spoken about? Four races together. Yeah, I think it's basically what they do now is they show a picture and picture of the libraries while they're showing the highlights of the restart. And I love this because, man, finally they have solved that issue of losing out on current action while trying to cover an older action which everybody is to be seen. So Great Kudos on that to you know, fixing that sit and even with that we haven't seen all eleven overtakes from a Lonzo, but it's a step in the right direction, so we'll take it. Step in the say so the guys. Oh, while we are praising them, I have to I have to give one. There was this one moment where Max was like chasing Russell and during that time, I think this was just before the lab where he actually overtook, at one point they started showing the crowd...

...a while they were on the main stead. I'm like, wait, what the fuck are you guys doing? But you know what, this was at least better than qualifying. Use qualifying. I feel like the the crowd and the qualifying sessions got a good fifty share. I'm like they've shown enough crowd during like the qualifying so I like take like this lessened amount of but yeah, this season there's just been too much of crowd. So, Hey, you guys. Yes, we'll see crowd reactions, but not at the cost of like actually overtakes. After I'd seeing two cars only for like twenty laps. The other thing, I mean, there's no it's an open discussion at this point, because I think this is the first time they had like live drown fb we footage sort of thing. Pots on. Yeah, pots on that. I mean it's not bad, I guess. If they don't like overuse it, I think it has its place, if not always for the life feed, definitely for like highlights and stuff. I think it's not bad. Like they're testing things out. I think it was a good idea to try it out, but I personally didn't enjoy it much because, like the fish islands, kind of warps things and it's not very pleasant to watch. But okay, I mean I'm not angry about let us yeah, I'm with you on that and and for me I'm like yeah, sure, let's try it on experiment with FBVS. I want to see, like what value ad does it bring in over like a Coptar camp, like they've had coctors for. I think this is I probably vote for an FBV over copter camp, just from like an environmental point of few, like you don't have to fly a chopper for two hours. So you say that much fuel and sure, whatever it but it should be a good replacement to the copter camp that's out there. Yeah, man, overall, I think a good weekend, a good race. Some some question marks coming into the engine will see how that progresses over over the few races. Marque is definitely back, so it's going to be fun, I hope, like Silverston's probably what for races out now, so it should be a fun one. You probably see more dominance there out again, but yeah, back to back races next week and we be back with Monaco, so we'll see you folks there. This is a fun fan fiction signing off a bike.

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