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Episode 56 · 1 month ago

2022 United States GP w/ Connor (Haas of Cards)


We return to Circuit of the Americas the 2nd race in the US on the F1 calendar. We saw another dominant performance from the Max camp where Red Bull clenched the World Constructors Championship after 8 long years! From Flying cars to messed up pit stops, made the US GP a lot more entertaining that most people had imagined.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Record Braking Crowds at COTA!!
  • Inspector Hamilton 🔍
  • Mad Mad Seb Vettel
  • Track Invasion!!
  • Alonso’s Airtime ✈️
  • Whose Faults was it anyway?
  • American Drivers joining F1
  • Meatball Magnusson 🧆
  • PR for FIA – the worse job in the world
  • Mr. Tim Apple the Zombie 🧟             

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The entire energy that was lifted with like Wettle over taking k meg on that last and it was all sucked away with like Tim Cook. It really felt to me like it was a punishment for a time or something like the board members that after Pat, you know, the last quarters profits weren't really good, so now you have to go and we have the flag at the fund raise. What are they telling to do it like that? Like put some energy into it? Hello, and welcome back to F one fan fiction. This is a race where I think we broke record last year or last last year with like four hundred thousand people, and it's it's just blown up since then as a sport too. We are talking about now than the United States groppery circuit of the America's. Before we get into the episode today again, you've got a third host for yourselves. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sudden. I thought it was taken away all yours and I am Connor, the face behind hassive Cards on TikTok Welcome Connor, head over to TikTok go follow hass of cards. That's double as has not anything else that you might think has of cards thanks gonna, thanks for being here. Man. Absolutely, we're looking forward to this. I want to toss it off to you first. I want you were at at the show, and I call it a show because at the end Shock comes with a giant trophy and answered up to the folks. So how was it, man? How was it? It was? It was wild. So I have been to NASCAR races, I have been to IndyCar races. This was my first official Formula One Grand Prix and it was it was insane. So I was there all three days and I expected Friday to be able to walk around the whole track and we ended up showing up with let's see, we had four people in our group, two of us or five people. Two had been to the race before, been a coding multiple times. Three of us have never been, and we got lost on Friday. The crowds were insane, so they said it was the craziest Friday they've ever seen. But yeah, it speaks to breaking records. It was. It was electric the whole time. Sweet. I can totally imagine, like even qualifications when they were like you know, planning onto the crowds, that was so insane, Like it felt like it was jam packed. I don't know, it looked at pretty on the screen. Oh man, it was packed. Yeah, And so we had the general mission tickets, so we were coping out different corners to say that, we had a different quarter for every different corner for every practice session and qualifying and for the race too, and uh yeah, it was hard to find space. I'll tell you that. So tell me this. Um. I mean, even though I personally follow a FUE for like yours now, I sometimes I feel a bit lost and like, you know, I don't want to watch free practice. How's how's the energy like during free practice? Is it as boring as it might seem on their TV? Or like, what's what's happening? It totally is. It's you see people get really excited for the first five ten minutes, they'll take pictures, they'll take videos, and by the second half you're like this is this? Is it just background to noise? It's the right. Free practice was a free practice too? Was the one that was ninety minutes long because they do an entire test. I mean that that drug on for sure, and I mean there wasnt a whole lot of drama, right, I don't know, she doesn't know anything. So yeah, it's something that I would consider skipping next time. Got it makes sense. Um. And then before getting into the main event, I have to watch this because because the moment Sara and said let's do the school level, like for sure white. Yeah, So I started this account. I want to say it was summer, maybe a little bit before that. So back when I mean we we saw it. Not that we are very good to begin with, but it was rough, like no points anything, not that it would be a joke that would be funny and be like, oh, you know what. I got into racing from NASCAR, and I know Stewart hosted They've got a NASCAR team, um, and I've figured right, F one is super popular now. I I'll be honest, I got back into it from Driving to Survive. That got me back into Formula one. I was already watching NASCAR. I was already watching an Indy car UM. But I felt like that piece of it was missing. You have an American team that is not leaning into all the American branding, it's not leaning into American stereotypes, is not speaking to the American crowd. So I figured, all right, let's take Formula one and if you look back at some of my first videos. I was trying to combine Formula one with like college football and really bring the American sports fan into it. And...

I just kind of get rolling with it and here we are. It's been a blast. And I was walking around the track, I saw people wearing shirts that I had designed and produced and that's just like it was a whole moment. Man, that's awesome. That's awesome. Oh. On that note, I have to ask this. I saw that you had You're gonna put up a flag on the track and you're asking people to sign it, and I did to find it somewhere, so one of my backpacks. But yeah, so I got it signed. Um oh, there's probably like signatures about um. First signature I got was Jamie Price. He's the photographer if you ever see him on TikTok or Instagram. We saw him under the s s at Free practice too. Yeah, so figure that. And then once I went and got him to sign it, people started come up and be like, hey, are you're the guy from TikTok And I was like, all right, we're doing it. Sound autographic. That is awesome. Into the weekend, man, are into the Sunday raw thoughts just first like raw thoughts. What do you think? How is the race? Oh? Well, I mean the race started off a bit boring honestly, Like I I didn't have a lot of hopes, like considering that Max had already won the championship, I was not too keen. And then at the start of course science fun offs, I was like, Okay, this is going to be a very typic day. You know. Of course Ferrari messed up. Max you know, is leading the charge, and this is going to be a boring one. But I think things changed later on, especially like you know, with all the messed up it stops, the crashes, flying cars and everything that happened. It was, Yeah, it was a mixed race. I enjoyed it towards I enjoyed it more towards the end. But yeah, not a bad way of spending a Sunday for sure. Whatever are you gonna And we were having fun seeing ass and Martin come around was if you like P three, P five, that was for then people were screaming their heads off. We were internal eleven and we were just having a blast. We found a whole group of people who are all excited too, and it was fun. To watch sweet I was. I remember I was thinking sorry because I watched it as as a recording and not live, and I was like, this is such a boring race and this is like lap seventeen ish, and He's like it gets interesting later. I think life. Lap twenty two, Alonso sets a flying lap like this happened, and then it was again so boring until like Whetteles engineers watched it on purpose, I want to say, for the spectators for an entertainment. Yeah, but I still found it a bit man to be honest, But Red Bull wins championship, right can be consunder championship? What is it like after is it? Let me think, well, I mean it has to be domination of the last three years or since, because it was since I think most of it has been winning. So I think last one, I guess, yeah, yeah, And then with that championship, I don't know. I couldn't help, but notice like the last few laps that Hamilton's was policing police. He's gone after nine, I think I think Brundle or someone even said like, we've got a life commentary coming out of at this point, because it was like lap nine he's gone turned nine, he's gone after and when he's gone off, blah blah blah blah blah. Like so I haven't heard the message. I haven't watched replays, so like all this stuff there, there's some message that I've probably haven't heard yet. I've seen some memes on Twitter. But I'm gonna have to go pack and actually watch the actual race because I've only seen the highlights so far. How do you all sort of get to see anything that's happening live besides the car out shooshing it on. It's hard, Um, it really is. And I was telling us because a couple of people with us had never been to a race at all before, um, and especially a road course like that. It's so big. We won't turn eleven so we could see turn tent, turn eleven in the back straight, um. But after that, I mean there's there's a couple of TV screens, but they're not that big. Um. So we had one guy in our group had binoculars and he was up there looking to see what the leaderboard was. Um. And then you do see like the F one TV direction. But I mean we're missing a ton of stuff. So there was stuff that we had no idea about until the end of the race. M h. I've heard from a friend of mine as well who attended that is that he was basically streaming on his phone while on the track because like you can't really actually know what's going on. You've got no idea and speakers or anything. It's hilarious. Yeah, I mean, at least one similarity is that you probably will...

...have the same shock when you see Alonso's car fly as Max had in the cool down room. Hey, what happened to Alonso? And then they cut like the like there's no idea. As Hamilton's was policing, there was this black and black and white flag that was waved at him with the potential five second penalty that would have come, and Max is like, sure, bring it down. I'm gonna, like, you know, take a five second lead, almost dish and not care about that penalty that might come. It was like super Max at that point. But the funny thing was both of them got the black and white flag. The funny thing is that while Hamilton's was complaining that Max is going up the track right after, like Max got the black and white flag very soon after, Hamilton's got it as well, So it was like, you know, plenty funny to see that. Yeah, well but you know, dreadful. It's been so dominant this season man, I mean even after the terrible pitch stop that Matt's hard. Honestly, at that point I thought that Hamilton might win it because you know, of course, like he had like a food like eleven second pitch stop or something. But that card is just blazing fast, man. It didn't matter to him at all, Like he just went chased him and what to him and made a full second gap after that. Yeah, it's just too good. There's no question about it. These days, it's just Yeah, even with that pit stop, it's so that's one thing you can watch. You we saw that on TV and people are going crazy. I'll say we probably there were more Red Bull fans and anyone else there at the track that day, and must of them I would say, I'd say at least half them were checkout fans for sure, but people kind of going crazier in that pit stop. You know, we were definitely taking bets on how quickly Signed would lose the lead after being pole and did not take long, did not take love at all, man. Yeah, texting like I think after quality and we were like, and Sara was like, you know, Hamilton's should really win this race. He's I'm rooting for Hamilton's what he said, and I'm like, it's it's very well possible because he's going to suck up the race and then all Hamilton's has to do is fight Max. And that's exactly what happened. Exactly what happened. That's true. But did you hear this after after race discussion where someone asked Hamilton's what happened in turn one? And I am not even paraphrasing this. He said Russell took science outwards. I'm like, wait, was this plan is a master plan right there? Yeah? Yeah, for sure, for sure. Speaking of Hamilton's, man, how good were these old easy yesterday? All of them? That's true? Right? Yeah. There was a lot of Sebastian Battle fans out there too, and I'm assuming pretty much everyone who had nasal Martin Sartan was a vettle fan. I don't I don't know how many strong fans are out there two three, but yeah, people in Canada maybe, Yeah. Yeah, I mean I think it was pretty weird, like I mean not weird like we have of course seen these veterans like doing good a lot of times, but that's usually like under you know, weird conditions like it's rainy or you know, something weird is going on. But yesterday it seemed like they were all on fire, and especially Wettle. I mean, what a day he had. Like I think in lap one he gained five positions, and because I think he started work then I think something no, yeah, whatever, he gained five positions. Uh at the point he led the race, and with that he also got some three thousand five last so he got that record, which is pretty cool. Ah. Of course his potch stop was you know, I I don't know what that was. It was pretty funny to see. But then man, that recovery drive later on. Honestly, after the pitch stop I thought that, you know, like interpret metal fashion, I think he might just you know, like fall behind and you know he won't be able to come back. But then yesterday I think it felt to me like this was the old wettal that we know of, you know, who was winning the championships. Like he was on fire. He first of all, he was stuck in a dr street which was like I think four or five cars long, which is often very difficult to get out of, especially if you don't have a you know, enough performance gaps with the car ahead of you. But he did it like he over took everybody. He over took, came back on the very last corner. That one hurt, yeah, I can, but it was a good drive because we were remember we were heard,...

I mean the grandstands wins crazy when when he had that pit stop, you know, and he just saw his name start falling down. Yeah, him coming back. It's cool to see that. I mean, it sucks when you see someone like that getting relegated to the very back of the pack, but it's cool to see actually fight for spots the end. Did you have like a four second gap to k Bag before keeping to two or two and a half laps back before like you chack a flag. I was like, okay, this he's not going to get cut to Max. They see the shot of the shows, the shot of like Max going and the fire rocks going off cut to wait, wait what how did he make it there? And they're finding through the lasts and like, wow, this is this is the last three laps. I think, you know, I was like looking at the leaderboard because I was like closely following battle because I could see that he had overtaken Sonorda uh and I don't know who the other two guys were, but uh, pore took them, and I think there was like a five second gap at a point with between him and Magnuson and I was like, yeah, this is not happening for sure. I mean, he'll end up at P eight, which is still good two points, not bad. But then every second he was gaining like a point one second on k Mack, which was insane to see, Like every second he's gaining a you know, a tenth of a second, and wow, by the last corner he was right there. And even during the last lap, if you see the footage again, it seemed like he didn't have a lot of grip on his tires because I think he lost a lot of tired life, you know, over taking everybody else. Because there was two corners where he almost lost it. He almost lost it and somehow, you know, like studied his car and went It was pretty cool towards the game recognizes game because k Mac was saying like that some of the best racing on t he's done it in the past few years. Can't even be mad ri when you're like that's exciting to watch, and there really is. And we didn't know. So we were already walking towards the track invasion, so we didn't see them battling it at the end. And how we saw was you see the leaderboard and place to switch at the very end, and like you lost. So that's the thing. Now listen like okay, some tracks do it, but okay, it's a thing, no track. Yeah, I didn't know. It's like I didn't know that there's a tone for that. Yeah, so me neither. We we were looking at it and it was actually like formal um. They were actually like banners that said here's where you enter for the track invasion, and it was like one on the end of the street and one in the beginning. So you just see people like winding up the last ten laps, five laps whatever it was, which other was having. We got Alonso Alonso man, Yeah he was having some air time. Yeah, so I don't know how the car was still in it. Yeah, I can't believe it. Like while watching the race, I saw his car like suddenly like flying up, taking off, like what the hell is going on? Repeat of Webber from whatever. Yeahnia Alreda said, we all agree that they were Strolls walk or do we think Alonso as the blame? I thought I thought you were going to say, do we think it Strolls fault or something just struck Alonso's eye if he didn't take um, that's that's a good question. That's a good question. Um. I saw that because they kept showing that as a as a repeating replay. I I have to agree with Alonso because he came out saying it was a racing incident, and very honestly I think it was. It was so if we were to read play this for folks who probably haven't seen this or whatever, right like it's it's like it was a classic you know, slip stream following from Alonso on the stroll um and how they sort of like just stick their neck hard at the last minute to take that overtake, and every driver's got that one chance to sort of like go right or left and defend their position. I think stroll was very right in his terms to sort of like wait until the last moment to see which side Alonso was gonna plunge on. Sorry lunch on um he saw left he went left. That was just too late for Alonso to get out of that position. And these things don't happen, but it happened, and unfortunately with the weteran who should have known better sort of thing. But it is what it is. I mean, it's fine. Luckily no one's hurt. Yeah, that's a fast part of the track right there. I don't know how when the hit, but it would have been it would have been a heavy hair. I have a conspiracy you here. So I think I think that...

Alonso was helping out because Stroll was ahead of him. Let me wreck his race out there. Stroll have a nice weekend exactly because he was shaved up to have a really good weekend exactly. Seriously, I think if he would have finished personally, he was the driver of the day for me because he had a brilliant qualifying. He was having a superb race. It was it was all set up to be like, you know, wait, who's this new driver on that track and just like, oh wait, it's Stroke Okay, yeah. Yeah, he did have a really good qualifying that they got a lot of people get on that day. But Stroll has always been very inconsistent. I mean, in the sense that we also see some brilliant performances like yesterday's, but at the same time we have also seen him like crash on his own during the Monaco I think, right, so it's I don't know, it's it's a very difficult thing to decide. I I can't form an opinion on Stroll no matter what, Like he seems like a decent guy, like you know, just thought Lawrence that his wife, he's got a kid. I can't form an opinion on him. Yeah, but man, that crash was horrific, Like first of all, like Alonso is what, he's forty something now, right, Like that car did have some air time it landed again, and of course those cars are not known for the suspension at all. Like I'm pretty sure he felt like all the gs while coming back down and then it hit the wall. His like half his car was missing because when he came into the pits, like it was super weird. And then I thought, like he's going to just in a park his car of course, like he's not going to continue that is, but man, like he just kept driving. You mentioned that you were talking about you mentioned any car before, because that was what was that Marcus ericson last year where he ran into someone flipped his car kind of like that came back down on the right, so even he won the race. Really I don't recall there's air time thing and Webber has done it at Valencia, and one of one of our followers on Instagram pointed this out to because I had completely forgotten. Nickel Um shouter to you man, he said, he pointed at Webber Invalencia and then the Indeca incident. Dude, like Webber one, like he completely flipped. But this, this IndyCar one is an amazing one. It's it's exactly like this because he flew and a lons of flying time. Nah, flying time is like taking taking a charter flight from from San Jose, Torino. Maybe sure, but but the end car one was like going from east coast to west coast. That's he flew. Yeah, that's a that's an interesting airtime that he had. But yeah, it was for a long so it was like nothing as if nothing happened. He went in there fixed this car, came out Mr mrs right right mirror right, Yeah, he lost his right mirror and was like sure, I don't need mirrors at this point, driving on pure fields. That's it, seriously, but I want to I want to take this. Did we did we miss any other? At this point? Oh, harton, I'll come back to my sort later. Let's talk about Yeah, man, like I was, you know, as we just talked about, I was totally looting for him. I didn't know why. It just felt like he was super confident, you know, in his interviews and everything. Generally, like at least in this season, he never seemed confident with his car, but this time it did seem that way because even on qualification was doing pretty good. And uh and no, overall, I think he has a pretty big fan following here as well in the us SO and I've seen that especially like UK or wherever he has a very strong fan following. He generally does good. I don't know what is it about it, but yeah, yeah, the confidence of first probably, But and even at that point, especially like when Max has pitched up went bad, I think at that point Hamilton's will be able to you know, keep his position and you know, just different Max. But I guess towards the end, like he was too close and I think there were five l apstermaining and I think, yeah, that was the tired differential between the mediums and the hearts, Uhlan, plus Max having newer tires. I think that didn't play off in his favor. But overall, tremendous a phamlans to like because...

...his car is, I mean the most of these. I don't know, what do you call it, the second fastest car yesterday? Was it? What do you think? Yeah, Charles wasn't able to, you know, like keep Max behind. It seemed like Max had a lot more peace than him, So I guess second fast car to me, So, yeah, pretty awesome. Yeah, you're right. They had a ton of support out there, lots of Hamilton paints in the crowd. Yeah, I mean he held on. He made it very exciting. That was a fun part about it, because probably was not. Yeah, of course. Yeah. I feel a bit sad though, for Hamilton's and Mercedies at this point. And I'll tell you why. This is cause they came into the weekend with this amazing upgrades, right, and then the whole the whole discussion was these are twenty twenty three upgrades, a whole new revamped front doing and a few thinking parts and whatnot. Like a few folks even made some good content not of it, and I was like, okay that you know they're going to get like a futuristic car quote unquote futuristic because it's all testing at this point. But three upgrade in two days, and I'm like, this is going to be a good fight because it's not a Mercedes friendly track to be honest. It's it's more a Ferrari and a red Bull friendly track at this point. But with twenty three upgrades, Max still sort of dominated the shad out of this guy. I felt happy to see that Hamilton's doing so well now, but at the same point, I was like, oh man, there's still such a long way to go for that Mercedies Red Bull fight to happen because we haven't yet seen what Red Bull is going to bring to the table and start twenty twenty three, right, So all in all, it's it's only getting exciting. But if this is what it is, man, I feel a bit sad for for Hamilton's universities. Yeah, so do you think, I mean, this is it? Do you think this is red Bull domination moving forward? I am afraid of that very honestly. I kind of see it. I kind of see it, and that's that's a good point you raise, corner because when what was dominating, he only had a three year contract sort of thing, and he called it quits after when when he left for Ferrari. This guy, they've they've roped Max in until so we've got at least five years of Max with Red Bull as long as Christian Adrian NUIs Hanna Schmidt and like maybe old Di Marco sticks around. I feel like there's there's some good show that we're going to get from the Red Bull camp for sure, for sure. Yeah, I think you're right, yeah, man, And I really hope that doesn't happen, like I hope, okay, not not Ferrari, but I hope most of these, like you know, fix their car and come some team, right, some team, because I want to see that that fight for championship or whatever until like the last race, as we've seen like yours back, yours back, you've seen that happen. Well, it doesn't need a car fix even this season. Actually, like even if you if you go back to the first few reasons, we did see a very close competition, very honestly, So yeah, I know, but yeah, man, great job bet Red Bull, Like have to say it because especially also like given that I'm sure I'm going to mess up his name. And also one day after the rich who's like the founder and CEO of Red Bull, and you know, he passed away, of course, which was a pretty sad news. But yeah, the pull did it. Like the very next day he went, They went out and wanted for him. And I think even on the radio if you recall, like ghastly also like was like and at the start of the race, you know, for their rich, let's let's go and you know, do good here, which is pretty cool. The him coming together winning you know everything this season pretty much, I think it was a super dominant performance, I guess, but let's see. I hope next season we get some good competition again, competition again. And I had something opened up on my screen because we're talking about old folks here, I think over we can I'm starting to realize Connor sort of like has this question now every time I say something like this, no because alone, right alone, Saren Hugh said he's forty, but he did this, see the dad. But mentally he's like any forty year old uncle or an aren't because because because what he's done is what he's done. Is he's going on to unfollow everyone on Instagram except like five Drivers, Car Lost, Max As the Band, lands Lander and Ki. He's all unfol...

...really everyone interesting interesting. It sounds like he's super piste with everyone else because they probably said he's the one at called interesting now like yeah people now yes, and the last one for us I didn't know about. Yeah that is great. Why is nobody reddit for the win? I'm scrolling through Reddit like, wait, yeah, that's things you learn on Reddit, is you know? I don't think you can learn any bunch of people with a lot of time on my hands. And then then the thing like he even posted out a story again, I don't want to paraphrase. I'm just going to read it. He says, thanks for all the messages I received yesterday and today. It's one of those rare times in sport that I feel we are all on the same page and share the same opinion towards rules regulations. Therefore, Thursday is an important day for the sport that we love so much, as this decision will dictate if we are going to in the right direction for the future. He's so hurt. I hope, I hope my Thursday he's not talking about the whole red Bull situation, because I think that's also going to come up on Thursdays. Um, I hope he's talking about his situation, and like he's probably raised this as a question to I to be honest, he's probably talking about the red Bull situation. But hey, we've got to use this content. We'll just say that he's talking about himself. So exactly, exactly interesting. What are some other nice fun stats? Right? So you mentioned one which is Vettal has now led over thirty five laps. That's that's a good way to retire. That's a good way to retire. I think like his retirement is probably going to be like Federal crying, um with you know, with like Nadal also crying on the side. And I'm pretty sure this is probably going to be one of those where alongs Alongs and Hamilton's are crying, Shoemaker is also crying, but for different reasons. Uh, so that's probably gonna happen. Um, pretty three wins for Max so far. That's that's some brilliant stuff. Um, and I heard it. Und will say this, that's a combined total of all American driver wins so far and that's that's commendable. He's won thirteen races this season, so that ties with Michael Schimacker and Whettle. With Max wins in a season. I for one, that's one start that I don't want to pay much attention to because back when Schumacher and Little one thirteen races, there are only eighteen or nineteen races in the season. We've got more races so on and so forth. So but but it's still commendable, and I don't want to take the light away from the achievement. So that's that's still commendableness. When you're talking about how that's combined total for American drivers, I mean, that's that surprises me. Doesn't mean I know there's not a whole lot of American one drivers in the past, but I mean there's been a decent amount, and I know there's been some good ones, but I don't know now that we've got an American on the grid, hopefully potentially next year. Yeah, we'll see maybe there resurgence over the next few years. Hopefully. That's a that's a good topic you raise, man, because I don't remember a time when someone said that person next is going to be a driver for us as long as he meets the scooter. And this is I personally feel is a good thing because the sport is maturing where they are seeing so many young talent and they're sort of putting that confidence publicly. They would have made these sentences like behind closed doors, but this time around like they've made something publicly. You know, sure call it pr to market day to roll more American fans and stuff. I am fine with it. I am fine with it. Um. Yeah, it'd be fun to see Logan sergeant next year for Williams man. Yeah, And I mean you talk about the marketing pr angle that was huge. So at the track, right, Williams had come out with their American themes Smurts collection. They were selling like Bolo tie it's really leaning into it um. And then the track they were they had American flag Williams shirts um, and they were trying to recruit people hard. So at the pop up shop there were a lot of like old school Williams fans in which the friends go to the pop up shop and it was just in downtown. They were after I guess for people who were buying merch. They were starting to hand out these extra tickets to a party that had them later that night. And so the people at the Williams party mean they had I mean, they were some v i P tables for over a thousand looks this thing like they were trying...

...to get the elites who were there to come to this. And really you could tell when you were there there there's a section for the people who had the v i P. Stuff, and there's a section at the top for like the people who had the handout tickets, So you can tell there's a difference. But I mean, in parts, it seemed like they were doing their best to try to get as many fans interested in them the day before the announcement. Interesting. Nice, that's pretty cool. Yeah, I think I'm not that awful weatern watching the sport because I don't remember the last American driver on the grid, will Pass. He had participated in some piece that was like thousands or nineties, ninety starts nineties, somebody unstofter that Scott Speed. Oh many, like fifteen fourteen, right, yeah, Scot Speed, I think. Okay, Okay, so that recent right, yeah, man, especially with like a sport getting so much popularity in the US over the past few years, and how Liberty media sort of like doing a great job and making the sports so global and bringing so many new fans in. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm honestly what the talent is. I don't think i've seen him. He's done a few free practice ones to get those one points, a single point to bump himself up. But it's gonna be a it's gonna be a nice thing to see an American and the in that after a long time. And I do have to add a correction there. It was Scott Speed needed formulaly so would have been um. Alexander Rossi was twenty fifteen. Last one ever, I see. I completely forgot about Rossi and he correctly, but he went not that long ago. I mean, let's talk about the elephant in the room. F I A god. God. I took a poll on our Instagram page before the weekend because that was when there were these news that Boris Johnson could probably make a comeback as as UK's Prime Minister, and I was like, if Boris can make a comeback, how much do we think Martin should come back? Sorry, MASSI should come back, and I do it. I feel proud and sort of scared at the same time. Because our followers are like evil sarcastic folks like us, because most of them mooted, yes, let's get back, bring the KOs, let's do it. But as well, man might as well because this weekend was they gotta, they gotta, they gotta iron things out because there's so much inconsistency. I'm going to start this conversation off with the fact that during qualifying there is this ever so same difference between Jao and Max going off track, Um whereat his lap time and then Max didn't. And to be honest, sure there's this way forer thin difference between the two, but still here to be consistent, man, because now there's everyone's picking these things up. Yeah, there's a lot of controversies surrounding that because even on Brennette, I saw like people who are like sharing photos of Max going out, you know, of the track and his his uh lap not getting deleted. I think there's yeah, man, like f I A overall, I think, first of all, they were doing this rotating tunnel of race directors. I think right up to this reason this race they stopped doing that. I think we just I think kind of good because that was just insane. I never understand why why they were doing that, because of course you want to get more inconsistency with that with you know exactly. So I'm at least glad that they are now sticking with one, but still we saw so many inconsistencies. That was one that you mentioned. I think even with like the meat ball flag, right, the black and orange flag thing. There's a lot of controvers here on that as well, because Paris wasn't given one even when his then plate was broken. I think who else, Uh, there's one more guy other than Alonso who also I think it was Russell. Yeah, Russell's damage ten plate and he even he wasn't given a black and orange flag, and so which clearly shows by the way that f I hates Kmat because they have given him the flag at least twice ably seriously, seriously, and then Checko had a fall off, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, this is also all right, this might be a dumb question. I haven't always...

...called it the meat pot flag or is that new? No, I didn't know that, Sara educated me. I've been hearing that. I also never knew it. I only I always knew that it's the black and northern flag. But recently, I've been hearing everywhere as it being referred as the meat ball flags. I'm like, okay, why not um meat pose a TST. So I was getting comments about me boy Magnusen. I was like, what does this mean? I had to get a look at myselff like, sure, that's a T shirt that credit that, but if ever you can visit, I'll get you a T shirt. In my head as like, you t bone, first of all, you lock up, you t bone someone that someone ends up d nfing even before turn to right, and you get a five seconds stopping penalty, which was not just a seconds five seconds he served it as a stopping which is which is, by the way, same as not intentionally making a ten car length gap between the car ahead of you and yourself right and then again being scrutinized because they were slightly off between the five seconds that were sorta and before the mechanics started doing their thing. And I'm like, come on, no, what I mean this is? This one is so crazy, right, Like Formula one is such a innovative sport, right, you have so much technology going into this, and then yet we're still arguing over like grainy pictures of whether the car stop line under the line, Like, why are we someone hasn't developed something for this yet? Exactly? Yeah, it is, it is. I mean this, this problem can easily be solved by just having some sensors on the car or something late if your sensor crosses that boundary, like that's it, Like you know you can't do that right now. They have to come up with these super complex rules, you know, because that's what brings the controversy. And you know that, and we're talking about it, and you know that's smoking for them. I guess. Actually it's a good point. The other side of that coin is just no track limits. If you've never seen a chance to racea Cota, go watch it. You'll see so far out of Oh yeah, find the screenshot of like turn one or any turn on that track. There's no such thing as track limits. Strive street. That's one thing I probably miss having not done while I was in the US policy cnaskar. Yeah mm hmmm. It's something and I know a lot of a lot of fans probably don't. I don't know. I know, watching cars go around in a Noble on TV might not sound the most exciting, but it did. It gets the people going, like you go to a race and you've experienced that people who are like camping out there for days. NASCAR fans are a totally different breed. Yeah, I'm sure. And I think also in a NASCAR oval at least, like I mean, of course I've not been to one, but I'm guessing that since it's an oval, you probably can see a lot more of the track as compared to what you see on a fundraise. But so I guess you're also seeing a lot more live racing as compared to what you would see and like yah a fundaise or something, So even that might add to the excitement of things make sense at that point. Probably everything is that racing incidents. So yeah, um um, yeah, man, I was. I was furious with that five seconds and for once I liked it because uh Tad or Bundle again, I can never differentiate their voices. One of those guys they came on and said, like, it's it's not the same as you know, crushing someone out as going ten Carlin difference. Um, And they showed a replay where I don't know who was in front of ghastly, but it was like the front of the pack suddenly accelerated exactly. You have no control over ass so and that's it's like it's too when he was at a corner, like he was open, then he had to really slow down and the guy ahead of him just like you know, bulletends. So it's like when when we were kids, if we were like studying for eight straight hours, but we for a split second, you know, kept our books on the side and watched something, And that's the exact point when your parents walk in. What I've been studying for eight rs. This is this is what I'm gonna just meon exactly that. That's what...

...happened with Ghastly. That's the exact time the directors decided to see what else was I drama about? How is this? Yeah? Yeah, we we we've written this thirty second for a long zo um. Oh yeah, of course we kind of forgot to talk about that. Yeah, be huge, and I guess it's too on gooin, Yeah, it is huge. I mean I I totally agree to one point that And even while watching the race, I was like, this is you know, this shouldn't be allowed. Like his his mirror is just flapping around and you know, and it's pretty heavy. The mirror is pretty heavy. If it would have you know, gone and hit somebody, it would have been a pretty terrible accident. So I understand why has protested, and of course, like with how many times Cama has gotten that flag, it makes sense that they protested, But a thirty second penalty after the race doesn't make sense to me because I feel this is a fis fault and not hot like Alpine's fault, because I mean, you are the governing body, right like you had the right opportunity to give him the flag and force him to come into the pitch toop and you know, fix that. But they are basically pushing the responsibility onto Alpine, saying that it is the team's responsibility to ensure that the car is you know, compliant throughout the race and that's why, you know, he got a thirty second paralty. But I don't know, what do you think? So let me ask you all this and maybe this might have been in the report. Had the mirror been off, like let's say they took it into the pit hammer that mirror, would they been allowed to let that thing back on track? Which is one mirror? Yeah, that's that's interesting as well. Again, one of the commentators said that it is possible to replace a mirror as well, so they could have very well like brought him in and sort of done something, or at at best they do. Yeah, the wing right us, why not do Um? Yeah, I'm with you saying I don't. I don't see this as Alpine's fault. This is again one of those inconsistencies. And again this thing f I A is saying in their words, right like, this is six times as more severe as p bonding someone and almost your ruinning. Yeah. So sure, that's that's one way to look at it. So let me ask you all this, right, if you're watching the broadcast, did they mention the mirror while it was still on the car? Like, did we know during the race that the mirror was damaged or had fallen off? No? I saw, I saw Alonso. He was in the wake of I forget who, and he overtook him. Um, and something fly off on that track. And then there was a replay where oh, this was Alonso's right mirror and and we're guessing this is as an aftermath of like that incident with Stroll and stuff. So there wasn't any mention of the mirror that I can remember before it flew off. Yeah, I mean only if you saw his on boards. It was kind of obvious that something was wrong with his mirror for sure, because it was just no shaking violently, which was not common at all. But I didn't think anybody like, yeah, I called it out as such. But yeah, man, that's sad for him, Like even after his you know, tremendous drive, he didn't get a single point, which is really sad. Yeah, again, thirty seconds is too too, too harsh according to me, I think I understand if they gave him like a five or ten second penalty. Um, but yeah, dropped from P seven to P fifteen, I think, right, Yeah, But again, the good thing is that Battle got a promotion because of that, and he got an extra point. So yeah, it was seven kg, was it? Is it? Ye're happy? On that same note before we go to the next point, is I gotta give it to the folks who were driving right behind these two as well, because my brains instantly switched to a repeat of Spa and Hubert because Stroll was was right there sitting ninety degrees. If anyone would have keyboard him, it would have been nasty. Shastly. Did you see that he like credited the needle because he was right behind him they crashed and he was like just going through in between their cause it was super scary if you go and watch his on board, even Lando's Lando helped smoke from like that screeching stuff, and he picked the right and there was the right choice. Yeah, so that was there was something scary. Um. But I guess like, even if I is, how much would you shut on them? I guess like if...

I is learning too, because there was a similar situation where they did get a recovery vehicle on track, and this time around they notified all garages that you know, hey, there's a recovery vehicle on track, where now the garages are supposed to tell each and every driver that there's a recovery vehicle on track. The thought I'm having, and this is a question for you all, is that the sport under Bernie eccleston before Liberty Media was somewhere along the lines where, you know, I want to keep it very niche very reserved only to fans sort of thing. And then Liberty Media comes in and blows this off the roof right with the viewership and stuff, And with that there's been this exponential explosion of things coming into the sport where even if I is sort of like trying to scramble and manage all of these changes coming in all at once, and I think like this is somewhere a flavor of that, and I'm only playing Devil's advocate to not shown them too much. What do you think? What? What are your thoughts calling? That's so? I guess when you talk about new stuff coming in and are you talking new tech or are we talking just like the entertainment value and how that they're trying to I guess the cognizant of the pr scandals that come with it. But the Latin, for sure, the Latin is the cars have been similar. I mean there have been just minor adjustments and improvements that tracks have been the same. But the number of eyes that have come on and the number of questions that are being raison, like the maximumsal thing, I'm pretty sure like back in their day, no one would have cared about it so much as now people see it and sport it and talk about it. It's all those with you there, right, because I mean, for better or worse right social media, it's it's not the only driver, but it's a huge rep right, because all of a sudden you have farm chair team principles, all of us who think we're all experts, right and yeah, yeah, every little minute detail gets criticized, um and rightfully. So I mean there's definitely parts we should be critical up, but you're right, Like, being working on the PR team for the f I sounds like the worst job in the world. Do you have to manage all this stuff and it's never gonna go right, Yeah, And I think there's another factor playing over her, which if you really think about, like think about watching these races, uh, you know, like ten years ago, when you only saw what the TV director is showing you guys, Now almost every person has access to y I F on TV at least has access to like every single driver's camera footage, and like, you know, you can really scrutinize every aspect of every decision sitting at home, which nobody could do earlier. Very few people had actually, like you know, good access of all these footages. So I think even that kind of plays a factor a bit that now with the amount of data that is available for two everybody, things come under the scanner a lot more as compared to you know a few years back. Well yeah, and again social media as well, you know, plays a big factor because now anybody who finds it, you know, can just post it, and then now the world knows that's it, and then the snowballs from people like starting you and me want to use sentences to start up new controversy and make jokes exactly Um, some other items that were happening, um le cleric saying, let's consider Plan E and Connor and and for folks listening who sort of like seen us decipher these twenty six alphabets, um plan for us met explosion worried science has exploded in the past, So maybe was going for and I don't know if you could take out both rebels at the same time exactly one more, that's a strategy. So how what's the furthest we've gotten Plan G? Is that the furthest and the alphabet they've been yes yes is probably the only they have these so many different scenarios ready with them always, and then it's so funny that no matter how much they prepare, things still go wrong. That makes me wonder, like what science more angry about the fact that Russell took him out, or was he more angry about the fact that he had to learn ten different plans for a Sunday weekend not even not even work too. That's true. Honestly, would be so pissed an exam only to realize you...

...can't even take that. That's that's exactly. Oh god, oh bit stops, dude, every pit stop yesterday was batch to be honestly, every puble three points. What is the theory? The theory is that Austin has such good food that everybody was you know what, basically when a food coma that performer talk, it's true. One is that Texas barbecue exactly after that um. And lastly, lastly, we dude, the the entire energy that was lifted with like wettle over taking k mag on that last turn and giving us another photo finish the way he did with like Alonso a few racist back. It was all sucked away with like Tim Cook moving and he was moving his shoulders, not even his wrist or is oh man that guy. It really felt to me like it was a punishment for him or something like the board of members that apples you know, the last quarters profets weren't really good. So now you have to go and weave the flag at the f fund raise. And he was there out there just because you know he's being forced to. He's just weaving there. Man. It was so weird. I don't know why, why do they get people like that to weave the flag? It makes no sense to me. What do they tell to do it like that, like put some energy into Did he not know that he was gonna be waving or like I'm curious, like was he told at the last minute? What? What was it? I can't come up with. I think the only thing that I can think of, and I think I'd mentioned to you guys, but earlier was that he got snubbed by the cameraman. So he was pretty piste off these earlier earlier when he was standing. Besides that the cameraman leg didn't show him and pant the camera away from him. I think that that's all. He was just passed and he was like, yeah, I'm going to ruin your show now. Man. I saw someone sweet that he'll never close his rings on this Apple watch nice. Well, I guess all in all, it was it wasn't that bad of a weekend. There's there's too much content that we got to take out of it. A car that fits one shack can fit an entire Red Bull team, is what we saw. I don't really want to know what the suspension is made out of because it's the same starring. It's the same one that Alonso's car had. Yeah, exactly on that note, we'll see you in Mexico. Folks. These out of your host signing off off to corner to hass off guards take it away. Oh yeah, thanks for having me. I mean, being at the race was awesome. I'm glad I got to share it with y'all, um, But yeah, this was This is quite the experience. I mean, it's cool to see the community out here and getting more engaged, and I mean what you guys are doing is a lot of fun. So I'm glad you'll reached out and thanks for having me.

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