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Episode 20 · 1 month ago

Fireside Chat w/ Aditya Patel


Welcome to another addition to our miniseries called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Today we have none other than Aditya Patel who is an Indian racing driver who has had much success in Blancpain GT Series Asia and has now ventured into the other side of the sport by organizing India’s first FIA backed F4 and F3 series called as F4 India and Formula regional India respectively! 

Join us as Aditya shares his journey into racing and his passion for racing which transcends into organizing India’s first official F3 and F4 series.

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As a race driver when you're watchingit, you always put yourself in that seat and you just like a yeah, you canfeel you could feel the speed going through the corners. You feel thatlittle bit, that element of danger is what you feel on these circuits thatyou, just, I guess, don't feel on these new age tracks that, like you, see likeBuddh and Shanghai, malaysia hello and welcome back to one otherepisode with F one and Fiction folks, we've been monitoring your listeningand thank you for all the love you've been giving us on this side seriescalled if one fireside, chats and based on that, we will continue to bringthese. These amazing shows with amazing people on the PODCAST. Let's get theshow started, we are our hosts ION ARCAS and I'm Sorin and I'm a Itha, myhost, Oh yeah. I guess you are to be yes didn't we have a third host with us. Other thing I mean he needs nointroductions if you've been following the Indian motor scene recently more sothis is one name that you just cannot skip or if you take it away the floors.Yours thanks get sorry I jumped in to you no, no. No, this is thanks, is great to be here on this show, and you know there has been a lot of interest thatwe've been receiving from a lot of motorsport pans. Actually in the lastcouple of weeks since we launched from the riginal COMEFA an IRL, so it's beena busy couple of weeks, but I'm sure forward to it's just two weeks in andthere's another five months to go before we actually have the first race.So it's going to be Super Lectic, but looking forward to same her man, a suit yeah, I mean Ithink, like you'll, launched or in star page, maybe right about the time whenyou launched the whole thing, and I it's already shot up so much and I'mlike Oh this is, I learned the attraction this is getting increase. Iwasn't sure how many people are actually following the scene right, soI just a love that I mean to be to be honest, because we did the ex ponracing league in tone and nineteen, and there was this interaction, but in thislast year and a half with the pandemic, I think the number of Formula One fansand Motorsport Pans, particularly in India, has just shot up hugely and is probably a lot to do withdrive to survey. But I I wild we can thank them for that, yeah o. Why not? You know you just tell ourlisteners a little bit about yourself, so the I they know who you are all right so, but basically I am aracing driver more than a business man. I started racing when I was prettyyoung. I must have been four years old when I first rove a go ca eleven when Ifirst did a coca race- and I used to do it more like a weekend hobby, just kindof pest to my parents to take me to the book that track made Made Friends ofthe book and track who were doing the same back at the time. So every weekendit was the same bunch of guys will be there and we used to just participatein races for fun. But I guess that that the competition just kind of grows onyou and then you want to go further and then, since my dad used to race as well,he denoise to the race track. Yeah he's to a touring cars in India used toprepare her as a fasten as well so Sancius to go to the track as a kid andat some point I'm messing that Bob had to bite so yeah when it did. I guess Iwas then old enough to jump into rises, sixteen years old and is no lookingback really want to as cy you. You like the feeling of winning. You want to doit again and again it's an addictive feeling so and then it kind of just ledto international model sport after winning the National Championship. Iraced in a championship called from the BMW in two thousand and eight post at Iwas picked up by Fox Av en modes sport to race in the Polou in Germany, which was which was a big change for mebecause, as he youngster, you guys know everyone dreams to be in Camlan. Butafter one year of single set racing, I knew it's going to be very expensive.We can't afford to do it yea I took that chance and I jumped intoTorins. It was fully sponsored, so I said He. Why not? I mean one really hasdone it yet, probably yeah. So let me give it a shot so yeah that kind of ledto a good relationship with Fox wagin and then with Ouli and still still withAube. In many ways doing many events for them. Monocot is kind of taking aback seat on the driving side of things. We've been busy now, organizing racesand obviously the next big thing. Being from the original form of for an a Ye right yeah I mean that's really awesome.You know just to her used to be into...

...racing in general, like it's prettyawesome that you got the exposure at the right age to this awesome, sportand yeah, you were able to pursue it andyou know make a cur or out of it, so yeah, that's pretty awesome. I've heard this thing from from fromone of your interviews where, for folks, Mr complate other this, I'm saying thatright right, like that's your father, a yeah and and he's he's, he started offhis career by sort of working as a mechanic. Please car! Stop me correctme if I'm saying anything is correct and and that got him into the wholeweel where he eventually became a legend, that he is right now. Having heard those stories, do youthink you've also had a sort of contradiction that do you want to gotowards the engineering side? Or do you was talk, but always always the love? Iwas always copied, I'm not an engineer and ever want to be an engineer I meanI am fascinated by how R car works and the physics of driving more thananything else. So you know I like how I like to study the suspension, how thesuspension won, because that, at the end of the day, relates to how youdrive the car and how you need to drink is from that side of it. Yes, butengineering is just not my time so completely I mean my death or my dad isstarted with the engineering, the mechanics of the car, and then hestarted to drive the car after that. But for me it was just I driving I andthen he made me work on the car because, if I don't know what goes through, whatgoes into a race car- and I shouldn't be racing- so very that's kind of what he taught me- Fer,fair enough, nice talking about poring cars- I guess, as you mentioned, likeyou kind of realized early on that you want to switch to touring cars andthat's where you decide it to kind of go see. You carringten, so let's talk alittle bit about the twenty four hours of no booting. You know that is obviously like one ofthe July. Great events in the you knowmotor sport calendar and you just tell us a little bit about your experiencethere and that track man that and that's I obviously a yeah. I remember Iso clearly remember the first time I actually drove around the track, and itwas in that old tts race car that actually raised in I'd, never drivenaround the Nobori in road car before that. Even so, I wasshit scared. I was honestly, I've never been scared on a race back before andthis time it was what it was already like six years into a proper racingcareer and suddenly I'm like this is scary. What is this I? But there's something about that fearthat kind of really that you start to enjoy. Like everyone says you havemotor sport, it's scary! You know drivers enjoying fear. I I think I justdid no fear to actually got on to the Nobori and then you're scared, becauseyou're going so fast around that circuit and the barriers are right nextto you on and I'm sure you guys may have seen, accidents and no bogging andthey have the big there's. No such thing as a small accident, yeah yeahexactly and I like any other race track. You just go into the gravel trap andyeah. I know you get the tire barrier and not much happens, but no boring. Itgives you a fright so yeah it was. I I mean the first time I drove around isscary and it is still continus to be scared. You- and I I on the fact, butwhat what's interesting is that any other race track that I was going totake like maybe seven eight laps to learn the track, and then you just getout of the car close your eyes and you can drive round the circuit. But Nobeldring took me about thirty laps, I'm not much of a game or a imbraces. So Ididn't do much of that. Before going there, so it took me thirty laps on theNobo ring which, if you can lit thirty it laps on a Nogo,no boring the three hours of driving it was. I was just going to say likedid that just consumer twenty four hours, because that track is so huge yeah I mean honestly, I hadn't evendone thirty laps by the time the race started. I had only done, I think,about twenty four twenty five laps in total, Aram and Oberringingen. Iactually got to the race, so only at the end of my first in of the actualtwenty four Ras was when I could sit back close my eyes, and I knew thetrack from corner to corner, but o that it is just so hard to learn but yeah.It's an amazing experiences. Anybody I meet a lot of people who say they wantto drive around that track. I mean, if you haven't, you should the good thingabout it. Is it's not just like any other race take where you have to makea booking you can. If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in Germany, youcan just drive to it, buy a ticket and it's like a toll road and you just geton the surface and go that is on the bucket list. Now I guess exactly so talking about ord. Let's talk about a little aboutthe records that you have sent it to...

...recently. I guess, if you hold torecords one is for for the fastest lap in a SUV and the wouldn't pass theCIRCI as well as gaining the top speed with the Aud Aditwe ten. So you know why? Don't you tell us a little bit about your experienceby taking those lakes? How do you in prepare for those events and yeah justMocatte? First of the two was the top speed one which Holda the Ale and Atopa bothactually had spoken to me when we went an event- and they said you know we'rethinking of this, this cool idea- and we want you to drive so I said yeahsure, but I can't think of a single road in this country, where I git, it's probably no a strip long enough orsafe enough to do it as well. So it's a doors were scouting for something rightnow we have a new things in mind, a few places and and then they got back to me.They said we found this route, it's not open yet to public, and it's long,there's they've completed more than fifteen kilometers of it, and we don'tneed that much so I said that sounds good. Then that's, let's give it a goso yeah we went there one morning and to the CO on the road, and I thought:okay, it's not going to be easy because I hadn't at that point. I hadn't hiteven three hundred kilometers for our year while driving a car, because therace cars would do about Hoddan even ten, two eighty, but that's a race carright. So it's got its Saroda and suspension everything depend of handlethe speed but yeah just the first run itself. Ithink we hit the speed- and this is during the trial- is not not thatdifficult between two hundred and fifty to three hundred kilometers per a thecows moving around a little bit and then, when you get three hundred, Ithink the car just gets sucked into the ground and the eended and is actuallythe a bit it's just that in between moment, whereyou're, like Oh, what's happening now, and then it s so yeah it was was nicewas was not as scary as the nobbing or howdo you want to hit that speed? It never bring this. I don't know no way, that's interesting to hear like adescription for down fore. I I've never heard anyone say like that's how youfeel that down for sitting after a particular speed, that's interestingyeah, because basically it's both sides of the car right in the flat and thebody of the car, as well as the aerodynamic. If you SAR the outside ofthe car, that kind of work together to suck the time to to push the car andset the time to the days at the same time, and then you feel itat a certain point and then suddenly it feels like the cars just not normallyyou're, moving with the wind you're moving, because the cars light etc, butsuddenly it's sucked into the ground and then it's not moving around anyway,just staying where you wanted. It's like it's one day, interesting,interesting yeah. So that was the top speed and I think yeah then we're getting tothe restaurant. That was more recently in an SUV. But, to be honest, I meanSuis these days. Yes, they're still big. They still will a lot that particularcar, the Edo, the RS two thousand and four hundred killow, or something likethat. Still a heavy heavy car, but behind the relijus felt like anormal during time. It's so pointy handles really well because of theCORPRO system. As all WEL drives teend, it puts out some six hundred andsomething bache. So it's really really quick to make you yeah. So I was surprised even thebrakes, considering it so heavy. I could stop the car yeah so slowly andget it slow down and turned into the prone and get back on the power, and Ijust felt like I was driving a normal size during the it's awesome, because Ican't imagine like driving sv around attacking just thinking about like thesensitive cavity of the cart being a little fire up and yeah. It's prettyawesome to ofo that yeah, it's the Castill de fun, a well yeah, especially her the only yourfavorite track. That's what you yeah! The only thing that I foundinteresting again came down to aerodynamics. I hadn't really driven abig car or a non sports car around that circuit at a speed, and that's when Irealized when I went through the twisty bit, ten five six on is a there's just this cars. Just so likethis, it's I have to really hold on to it for your life and then I realizedthere's no real wing on this car fronterior yeah. I mean it's not that easy whenyou had to do that, but I think when I think, when Holmes, whose editor of acar he drove the car in one lap- and he...

...came back in using it, looked so easywhen we start for the outside, but how the hell do you drive that car aroundthis fact, because this did not mean to go around corners that quickly yeah yeah, I mean you had the famous people like you've? Had some peopletell you right like no, I'm not going to sit next to you very a yeah, yeah yeah. You know, I remember saying any of this publicly. I want to go back in time a bit to toNK resaying like how did how did that come about, and you know how was that as a journey start to youknow the whole career being like if you can walk our audience through the wholeencreasing and then everything else n k a thing started. Basically, I thinkI in form this team in two thousand and six so early, two thousand and six hedid a shoot out to select for drivers for the team at back of the time wassponsored by Bar Petroleum and tea and Amaron batteries. So he had a Ho Kastwo cars running with speed to Cazan Amaron, so he was looking for folddrivers. So I took part in the shootout. I was selected among the four driversin two thousand and six and it was a it was a big learning year for the teamitself with regard to the car. It was the first year for the former role on,so no one really knew what to do with it. So we took that year to learn andtwo thousand and seven Narin worked over the winter with us,an Wallowin, Sandre Balu and I was in school. So I couldn't really go thereand work on the car. I was just kind of I landed up on the first race of twothousand and seven and drove it, but they made massive changes over thewinter and into force race. We were just on Pol and by a huge margin, so itsuddenly it that, like between that between the last race in two thousandand six and the first race in two thousand and seven in my mind I waslike and in they do not a driving and I go there for practice and and I'm justwhat just happened. I didn't do anything between that PAT on this andsuddenly I'm on poll by huge margin and it and the cars doing everything that Iwanted to do so as when I realized that he a the car, plays such a big rolevery well apart from the driving side of it. But it's a game as a great experienceto be with Marin and we've had a close relationship eversince then as well. He had got in some sponsors and andcontes okay. Okay, when I want to come to the whole, the whole event thatIndia's hosting again like the floor is all yours, but for folks India isfinally having after a long break and fiacre event the formula each not isone yeah, not like M M, originally exactly so other thing. Can you justwalk our audience through? What's happening? What are you doing and likewhat should they look out for, I think for a lot of people. I'venoticed who are saying who are excited about, come regional and coming toIndia, etc, etc. I don't think a lot of people actually know what condeetion iswere very realistically, former regional is a homlets, so you have aladder in motor sport. You have good patting. You have then from Lafoolethree, which is your regional former three, that's where they call averagin,which will be from the treen America foreplane, the original former three ineach of these parts of the world. If treat has been given the title ofEretian, because it's more it's more for the continent and of course, then,after that, your next step is fi. A tree is a faster version of the formularegional fricase F to a on. So in the last I think five six years, I think,is when the SI is actually just made. It a lot easier to go up this ladder,because before that it was quite confusing, I mean there was first, youdidnt have super license points so to get to formula. One was a completelydifferent story. Then, when you got out of Vocati, youhad ten different junior formula options to choose from you had tofigure out which one was the right one or you may be, do three different tonew formulas. Over the years then you'd go to formula three. You had Britishfrom the three you had. I think it was European on the tree from a une series,different types of form, let three or in cause different manufacturers, etc,etc. diffent engine suppliers, all that Blah Blah Blah. Then you had a it at atime. P. PDP to you had the world series by re. Now you had all thesedifferent championships going on, so it was great, but what was happening wasbecause there was so many so many championships coming aboutt. There wassmall grades everywhere here in the so...

...an you never really had like a good,proper, proper racing grade. So then, I think the FIA, along with the Super,license point system, they've, also kind of streamline this entire processgoing upward. Yes, while there are a few otherchampionships there more, there are less serious drivers. I can imagine inthese championships, which are as again say, of the Po Pomare, O the three andso on, and what these championships enable youngsters to do is receivethese points which help them on their way up to Formula One and also it's astandardized kind of platform, the car of standardize around the world, sowhether you re form a co, Yo public or there you're driving in more or lessthe same cow wherever you are in the world and then the same goes perform.The regional. Your raving in moralist from the three fir tree is slightlydifferent. It's different engine, different manifactur, but either wayit's been standardized, there's a proper adder of proper structure. Even now, if you race in India now youcan get a suplice points which means that us, if you win yeah, if you win,you need forty to get to follow one. If you win for in your one and if youinform the original in your to e, you have the opportunity to receive thirtySuper Lis wons, which means now. You just need the more to receive a formerOlin Super Lison. Of course, more what's more important. Is You need theexperience before getting you yeah yeah? I need to perform. We fi three and twoo. At least this enables youngsters to receive that opportunity and what itwill do is, I think, l there are so many more yongster around the countrywho want to get in the scoot. We've never done it before. Who now have likea clear picture, clear part in their mind and their parents and themselvesthey can say: Hey, look, okay, good! Now, if I want to get in the sport, Iknow this is my ladder. That's it. Reet was like: Where do I go next cool? Doesthat exist? So there's this championship? Oh there's that, oh Ididn't know about this. You know so yeah, that's out of everybody's mind.Now you know your budget, you know the championship and you know where you'regoing to go yeah I mean I completely ale, like, even even after being like afan of the sport in general for a long while it has been a huge misty for meas to a U FIFF NFL like I know how that goes on, but it's always been a miseryto me. How do people even teach there like if somebody like you know how dideven now an Cantin beach a fan like yeah? It has always been a big Mussy tome, so I mean I'm glad you kind of first you expeded too well for everyone,and I'm glad that. Finally, somebody from India who wants to get into a fonthas a very clear and defined path that they can follow and yeah. That's justawesome. You're also doing it in an exciting way, right, like you, there'sthis this street circuit coming up, so that sort of adds to the wholefascination factor. So what is that thought behind? Having like a Hadra atthe street sortit to the addition of the mix, I think when we started with the ex oneracing Le Concept itself, we were very ambitious post to call to start, butstreet circuits were part of what we wanted to do, because there's there area few circuits in India right now and they're all so far off from the peoplewho you actually want at the circus to be watching them. So it just kind of it loses you a lot of audience. Sothat's why we wanted to do that for the experation and that kind of that idea,kind of stuck in a few people's head when we went back then and met them,and then when we started planning for formless and Com lefore, that's when wereceived the support from them and a few other people saying you know whatthis was an idea, then why don't we implement it now? Because if we do iton the streets of S, metropolites people will know about this. Spotpeople will want to come and watch it, and then it will suddenly become Indias.Next, big sport right. You don't have to only have cricket stadium. Aryans.Have your race track on your day on year. It you know it shows everyone sothat ye yeah I mean the kind of eyeballs streetcircuit will get. You is huge and it's a challenge that all drivers love you.You have to be on the top of a game to be able to drive well on a steak or sothere's a lot of there's a lot of pros that come with streets. I get so thebonds is that if you do hit a wall, you can damage it power heavily, but theteas will be safe because you have to build a street circuit to a certainspecification given by the FIA. So your barricades have to be me in a certain way. You have to havefences, you have to have all the safety parameters a place and the cars areextremely safe. The son, so we're going with all that- and you just hope nowthat it's a Hu subset in terms of these tracks, then right like if I a greede tracks, is this sort oflike what you need to have these cars...

...raced on them and then for if onethere's, obviously boot- and I think like carry in Coimbatoor- is thisFfrere, but do we have more tracts that we don't know about which are if Igraded and you can have you know those certified races well in India right now, we've gotthree tracks that people know of and can go and drive the cars around,whether it's racing or not racing. We have heard of more tracks coming up.Obviously I'm sure you guys have been reading about it as well. For those who are listening yeah thereare there. There is news of Mortram up in different parts of the country, sowe adaly looking forward to that. A street circuit, on the other hand, isas it can be, FIA grade three two or one, but it's assembled during anactual race weekend leading up to his weekend and then is dismantled afterthat, for the Dicabo, like curry, for example, is an fi agreed three circuit where you can raise your regional frometre past from the focus etc. Then the Cheni circuit, the arts fi agreed toyou- can raise pretty much anything except for lo on Corsand, then the budinternational circuit is FI grade one. So you can raise every race car around.That's, okay as arid alright in general, you you gotinto the sport major as a research. That's what youknow got into the sport, that's what you have been pursuing for the pastmany years and recently everything that we have heard and learned about you isthat you've been on the other side of the whole enterprise, where you areorganizing things now. So why don't you just give us some insight into? How didthis shift happen of you know going from racing to organizing eassie events, so, basically in two thousand and eighteen, when westarted planning for the racing leg, I was still racing full time in the block.Pandit series in Asia was kind of like doing the two together simultaneouslyand the idea came about basically because our man and I we used to traveltogether quite racist abroad, right from a two thousand, a D fifteen.Sixteen Seventeen, and on these travels we talked about how we could dodifferent things to make more disporting in the bigger, better, moreaccessible and things like that, and obviously all these were justconversations over those few years and we'd always like talk about it laughabout it, but we knew at some point. We wanted to implement some something atleast and then at some point in twenty eighteen, we ad, you know, we've spokenabout it for so long. Let's try something: Let's, let's try and dosomething about it and and make things work. So we met another friend of ours,a be non, an who has Benn in sports leagues before and together Yeah. Wejust kind of put something to paper, figured something out and then startedgoing out to investors and said you know. This is our plan. Obviously wewant to make. We want to grow this port in the country. There's huge potentialto grow up motorsport in India and if we work together sure we can come upwith something that can change the way people look at this port and then yeah thatkind of consumed most of our time in Twendanineteen. So both of us didn't do any racing in two thousand and nineteen wejust focused full time on setting up the recent Lyue and then in twentytwenty the pandemic it after we did one season, and then that meant we wereeven more full time into planning and and bringing people in vote to makethis even bigger and and the somewhere in the middle of twenty twenty two asthe end o o tousand and twenty things clicked and yeah one three from the fourth regionfrom the four or some and IRL l into place a to to it. So you couldn't havegiven us a better transition on to the next topic, and we before before, having somediscussions and everyone like we want to talk about this blant cries and B, aacity masters that that that you went. For I mean the whole story has at leastwe've looked into. Is this no short of a Bollywood movie towards the whole endwith your with the whole drama of the tire boasting and everything so, but before you go there do? Can you canyou walk us through like what is this series this for me like as a lay man,it's more like you see red, Faris and F one, and you know that side. But whatyou've done is more like a need for speed. Gaming sort of you know visits,then what is what is this GTC RS and then what is workers through the wholething? All right so I mean when I startedracing I used to love watching motorsport programs on TV and back thenwe used to get something on staff, cots...

...called international motor pork newsand and a few other more sport programs, a Traain, our programs and they used toshow foma three Puchero, the Gt one series or something likethat. They were different. You know, and then you had these saline sevensgoing around the Tan yeah, the in one. You know Ferraria. Now you talking Yehoi, but I never. I never dreamedthat I would be in old where we'd be racing, those cast, because in India wehad as teams and we had. You had no aim who went to boivent. Youhad the current who went abroad and did a m in the way of world series, BlahBlah Blah and then Armand did that he did on P and from the two and he wasgoing up that same ladder and then, when I did that Pollok up for one year,just to see how things would turn out. Obviously, I still at the time I wanting to get back into singleseaters at one point, but this was on d TM weekends and we were watching thegeneration of Dtho, which was game last year. The war in that generation an hecan fire over the years and and then it just suddenly opened my eyes to acompletely different world, because I'm now watching these super cars goingaround to and in two thousand and nine and ten super cars went that I mean, ifyou saw a super CI in India, you your eyes would pop eaten. Now, if you see afed every other day now so exactly in so much since then, but that's when Ikind of said you know what this will be cool now and I get to drive these cars.I can work my way up this Ma the I'll get to drive potestatis how theseMaseres, whatever you know that this world has to offer to yeah continued up that ladder the firstyear without we did the number being pretty for us. So there's not a pewergoing up to worste twenty four as and then post the twenty four, as I did a raceon the norborne again, but in a t three cap that one was tough and scary, butit was a super experience and then the year after that I did the Adad Mastersnow, just to put it in perspective for thosewho are listening and they don't really know what this is. I gt Mas ldd masters was just a bunch ofsuper cars racing against each other. It was it's Germany's biggest GTchampionship where you've got manufacturers like Lamborghini ow, theMercedes Poshay, Mleen Bentley, you name them they're all there with theirsuper cause. So you got the Bogni Hurricane. The Lea the Mercedes at thetime was tess. Mg Ferrari was the four five eight Italia,so they were all these Parson on the bed and you're going bumper to bumperwith cars like that, which you would never dream of even her in your wildestdreams on the road. So those are the kind of championships atthen began to participate in over the years. I then went into a single makechampionship up to two years racing in Europe and Tcu, because again I waswithout these, so they wanted me to race. The audral, the mscus single, makes all the carswere odes and then two years after two years through that, then the blank andTa Shar was introduced and blocked. Series was a very well known seriesworld. Well for being one of the best tt championships. There is this used tobe the GP one world championship. Then gt one got pased out. That became theblank t three championship in Europe alone, then the expandit ation. Nowit's called the GP World Challenge actually and the other must year was great. Wehad a few wins lost a championship by one point, for my two reasons: thatracing: Isn't it has it's a part of it? I mean you lookback at it and we still had some great races. We slanted the year on a high is Super Fun. You know what I think,like eight out of twelve or like some Cretin number of podiums, and that'sthat's just that's a yeah. We got lots of Poms, we had three wins. We shouldhave had more win. I think another, two men at least, but one was the timelower. The other one was just all on me and a leading race on slick tires. Itwas wet and I spun by myself with in a second a so we as a gas part of racing,so I guess, submits Gilbert. Was Your Team Mate? Why don't you tell us alittle bit about you know having ten, because I think in general,anybody who thinks about motor sports knows about everyone, and you know thethe that they are in two separate cars. But here you are sharing a car, so youknow how different is it when two different drivers probably obviouslyhave different times times and how de Prand you know match of the e Buti mean it's always about findingcompromises right, o people who are married and in relation...

...you have good days, you have bad navedays that make it all worth it, but so yeah I mean with Mich. He actuallyapproached me in twenty. Sixteen when I was raising the Elms Cup, he was thereone of the race weekends. He said you know I'm working together with someoneto put something together in an Houri next year, so speak to our H, India,and see if they would be of interest to them. I Howlin, I said yeah, so youknow go for it. It sounds interesting. It's it's a mixer formulation, anIndian pairing driver he's also half he's also Australian, with living in alation, but we got along well all the time. So we said no ll be fun to beTamate. He has a very different driving style as a personality he's great fun,but super aggressive. So you know we always had to balance each other out. Ihad to be the calm one year. He had to be the aggressive one and but we madeit work. I mean it was a little difficult in the beginning trying tofind a balance between the two of US and are driving sales, because it's almost like endurance racing, butin a sprint format, so you've got to drive flat out all the time. You can'tdrive two three seconds off the pace, so we had to find that balance. It took usa little while, but we straight away. We won the first race on the in the second race. I thinkwe've been a second of thin, so it was a great weekend to start. We started ona high and I can I think we just kept that going through the years and we'restill great friends till today I mean we have a Hokotan if they they had todocument that would be more fun than lands. A romance hasn't been covered by D ps,yet yeah yeah. So now, if you talk about Land Olets, let's switch gearsand talk about what we usually talk about. You know, let's talk a littlebit about. If that, that's what people also do like to listen so yeah, so I think I kind of wanted toget your sense of you know. From a Leman's perspective, I have my favoritetracts, but I have my favorite tracks for different reasons. You know because for me it's what abouthow fancy the car looks in the track, but from perspective of resort. Why don't you tell about you know whatis probably your fevor track on the calendar? And why and what like? Whatabout is? Naturally, you know attractive, I think, tracks like spars and gotnobori all these historic circuits really, then I came about that. Webuilt back then, which would just built for speed for that rush racing. You know like Xandrot to such a shortcircuit, Ilya Minute and then yeah something yeah, but if you just look atthe circuit, the kind of corners it has when as a race driver when you'rewatching it, you always put yourself in that seat and you just lit wow yeah,you can feel cufee the speed going through the corners. You feel thatlittle bit, that element of danger is what you feel on these circuits thatyou, just, I guess, don't feel on these new age. He that, like you, see likewooden change and Halesia all these Jalaly, it there's a lot of elevationchange and everything, but your banes are just so far away yeah. I guess, asthey put it all close by, have like corners, which are nicely band, andthings like that, which you don't see so much right now. That would probablybring out an element of excitement in a driver because drivers love step bythat there's. So much talk about Orus andradial yeah. Oh my man, it's a date, but I I but no driver would ever everwant you to take it away, because every time you go they dies. You want toconquer that mountain yeah. I mean totally anything like withZandarood to the whole bank turn that they've got it. I think, like two, anthree O Osomi. I was a right and I mean you go a bit late intothat corner and your car is not a line to the bank and you've lost the wholecorner to begin with, so you there's so much planning going on in that splitsecond to get into that Garner and- and you were right, like with drivers,loving these old tracks like portamour last year when it was introduced, itfelt such a ruler, coster undulating cry, but everyone came back with likeHe. We love this strike. Why don't we make this a main stream track? Yeah now,there's a lot to it. With these circuits, it's it's just the everyother circuit. You know there's more or less one line to a corner, but trackslike Potamos and war en porn many corners, there's, no one line throughsome corners. You've got to find. There are a hundred good lines to that. ConRice, you just going to find what suits you around that common e...

...in terms of like street circuit, whichones your favorite street circuit Mo, but it's not an yeah. That's interesting on! Actually that'san interesting one. What us again? It's a historic track andit's flowing the the insectis past you're, going up and down through thathill. I just know like I mean yeah there'stracks like Monte Calo, which people have, but I think drivers also loveMonticola, the Anos Phere, but you ask ARY Foma one driver and I'm pretty surethey otso same cow e e, because it's got a mix of high speed. It's got a mixof twisty corners. It seems wide in some places. It's real mean. I don'tknow what I take hers m. You can overtake yes and it's and you just haveto be on the ball all the time through that jam, you jus concentration for asecond. So it's in many ways. If my ca was built today, the race, the streetcoca. If it was proposed today, I'm guessing the. If I would even let it so yeah. So it's one of those reat iser interesting. What you want to get you get from a driver's perspective islike the whole rules. Change that's going to come about. I, like so manyteams, have already committed that they're going to now start looking intotwo thousand and twenty two with budget caps in the whole new regulations thatare coming in so and this year it sells the mid packs, but in so tighter solike what are your thoughts? And what are you are expectations going into twothousand and twenty two with everything that's about to come, I mean, like I said I have not so mucha technical kind of guy but from the driving aspect. I really do hope itnext racing a lot. Those you can see right now that they can't really followeach other close enough. Yes, they can't really line up line up a properover taking move. You know in formula on tracks, sometimes you got one in afollow on race. You have only two or three corners where you see themovertake Ye T. I remember when I raised, I resent sing a point, two thousand andeight on the same weekend in a single see the car, which is obviously a lotslower, and you were from La One. There was only one or two pones overtaking,but I found six corners where I could okay, so if Formula One can become thatwhere every thing that has that you go to a Hungary- and you say: okay, theycan only pass down the street, but if you suddenly start to see four placesor five places when, as are overtaking that'll, make it so much more excitingand then the new rules, at least it seems like you- can follow that muchcloser, and if you can, then you can pile on and overtake very easilybetween one conomine. So I'm hoping that happens, and even I think thesemodern cars are so long like. If you take a look at you know older guys,they would do much much shorter than these, so it was, I think, a lot easierto overtake with these shortages and with you know, the increasing lines ondown force with an dynamics in general enough, and I think you're a followingis such a issue right now that weeds to infection.I guess it's when you think I was complain about it as Le Follows A it's horrible whenyou're trying to follow a CA, and you have just no doubt force yeah, I ah, I think we've heard that your favoritedriver currently on track is alone, so correct me from problem, but other thanalone. So I wanted to know like from all these rookies and youngsterswho are county on the great and there. Many currently you know whom do you seethe most potential in overall and you think might become a future championsometime, no, the like, but there's, obviously a bunch of them I couldimagine, would become future champions nor, as tussle would probably be myfavorite among them. Okay, I guess also because I was watching a lot of juniorfume racing when leptopus in junior formula just watching him go through. I think it was, I think, GP three whenhe raised it and then F to and he just a sheer dominance. He was just like atthe time weirdly enough. He reminded me of Bankei because I am a race on thesame weekend. At Banke was doing junior fame and he would run he was doing thefond of three euro series, which was an extremely tough championship,interesting interest, nine or ten. This was yeah and, and he would the secondrace was always a rivers bred and he'd always pass everybody and go up thefront, and you had like top drivers on that. Did so and then watching theclerk do the same as life is. Se I mean else. I agree with you like in thesense that I remember this. This move that look. Let make it made an Alpha onSochi on that that huge parabolic that they have read like the whole turn yeah.You went on the outside and over to a oover to now like wow, no and just say he would just and I'mjust going back to his junior formula, even in fom La one he's done someamazing stuff, but yeah. I think he's...

...got immense potential, then, obviouslythat season with Russell Jars and album form. The two was a superb season toyeah. I heard a lot of yeah yeah I mean yeah. Young drivers coming fromchampionship say that they all I they have a completely different approachnow towards more sport than they did when say, Hanneton got into it. No, Ithink I think that needs us to. You know the right topic, as you said, thatall these new drivers are argue now green differently in a way that esports has become a lot important part these days than it cos before, andobviously like having track. Time is not always easy for people to gain. Itrequires a lot of money, and not just that, even in like these fon cars andeverything you are not actually allowed to drive that car a lot in terms ofpractice, so yeah definitely assume racing has become a very important part.You know why don't just talk about a little. You know how important someusing is correctly and how much skills can you actually prons lot from simbing?Actually racing yeah, I mean if you go back as far asgaming goes, for anyone who's, not really in Tisias, even say, for example,if you play he for try play is playing free for two thousand and seven uses hefirwen ee, anyone giving as kind a long long way. Iremember playing ome on an Nennen tousand, yes is playstation and even onthe computer. I remember and yeah you can't imagine. That would be asimulation right. It was just an arcade game, a yeah yeah and but now the gamedevelopers have come so far. You've got professional games like I racing orfactor and there's a lot of other sim specific simulation specific. Iwouldn't call them games but simulators rea, the or formula on drivers andthey're able to replicate so much on to it right from your steering input toyour breaking to your suspension, to the movements and with technology. So much has changed inthe last seven eight years that they able to replicate that all into asimulator which, which is why it's called a simulators almost like youraircraft simulator right, pile on in a simulator drivers are now having to dothe same because of, like you said, costs it's ridiculously expensive totake. A car now to restricket from La for from the tree is very, veryexpensive, so you, rather than just spend that time on the simulator,because it's so at once and you get data you prostate data to the team, andthen you can also actually translate it for your car, but it's not always ahundred percent, but at least it's still something the we like James Baldwin. He movedfrom eastport champion to now racing for British GT. Doing you Sol in is in journalist. Ithink I know what you're talking about, though, probably a ISM and I'm pronouncing is James. Let's call him James Again, esme from into actual cars. Do you doyou see this sort of also boosting the interest in Indian racing ers? Youbriefly touched upon it like in two thousand and twenty: that's where yousort of also channeled you and Er mine channel or your planning, and you know promoting e ports. So how do you thinkit's going to help not just like cities like China or Mon by our daily, butlike even someone with a computer in knockbourn example? Yeah I mean ifyou're dedicated enough Simiti at the end of the rays. Still in are ininvestment. We have drivers who come from Jim racing like Yan Marden Bro. Hewas one of the early examples we came through. The Nissan Academy did a lotof racing in GPS, PP and it and was extremely successful, dilema still veryactive. Then there's James There's a few Indian drivers actuallywho are coming out of Semerang right now. I know a few of them personally aswell, who are doing extremely well in an Simran and when we put them in therace car which we've done already, they are just ridiculously fast. It's crazyhow they able to translate that into an actual race car, whether it's a boat ora single seater. They just straight away on the ball right and they knowthey know so much. They have so much feel because, when you're in a sin,you're relying a lot on artificial feedback, but then an artificialfeedback. But then, when you actually get into a real car, you have real seatback and he able to translate that so...

...much better into their driving, whichis crazy. These days, I can't imagine I never imagined you'd be able to do that,but that's what these kids are doing and they are sometimes able to feel abit more than what someone who's just to ealred larcarting right Ye, interesting in test. It's pretty cool because at some pointyou've got this guy who's now off sim racing and then just starting hisparting, but he's already driven a form a tree. I think, is it because I thinkis it because in some racing, probably so in actually racing when you're,actually using your bull body like senses, what's going on and Bostion Simbracing is pretty much your hands or your PA. You hand what you know. Youbasically concentrate all your attention to words. That kind of thingis that's just my theory, but I guessthat's for something I find very tough as well when I drive a SIM whichdoesn't have like, which is not a fully built purpose, built same as you haveonly your sensation in your hand, and it's just like it's a vibration right.It's not a hundred percent accurate and a lot of these kids are actually doingit with that. So when they actually get the real feedback from your actualtires, you I usenge for steering then they're able to do so much more with it.But you put me in a sin, and I just don't know, what's going on with it,the air point yeah, you can feel the fig on a speringthink we will see a few next year itself. I can tell you I spoke to oneguy yesterday and I know he's really really quick and you'll see him nextyear. Our Championship, awesome and you'll be amazed at how quick he is ane and his story will be big, very excited for that yeah. Looking forwardto that, in terms of the ladder that we spoke about like in actual car, isthere, is there a rough structure to someone in our audience who wants toget into liking or e sports? Well, I mean the ports apart from theprograms that we do. Obviously you can just do it from your home, which makesit quite easy. All you have to do is purchase a bit of ex equipment. It'snot very cheap, but I mean, if you can afford it, go ahead. Do it there's a lot of games out there thatare very, very good when it comes to replicating your life racing, okay and it at the end of the day. It is a lotof money save compared to your actual parting. In Your anses wore actuallyracing. You can sit at home and race on any race track in the world really inJedging, though your near as Woka, you can almost raise in any car in theworld instead of just raising a book up, you know, so it gives you all that fromthe comfort of your home, it teaches you all the basics. It's then you don'thave to go to Raclan race, track and waste time understanding. What a racingline is understanding. The mechanics of a car can do so much of that justsitting at home now so yeah. I think for anyone, who's evenremotely thinking about some racing just jump into it. Do it and you'llstay to no strait away. You know whether you want to ray so you want tobe a rastriven or not, or you just want to sit at home and do it. I know a lotof guys who are like I don't race. I just want to sit at Ome and drive mysin and be world same racing champion for point of reminded, I think that's an we had folks. Thiswas an amazing conversation with a that. The I m sure he's shared way too manyinsights. You know what we'll have our new hostclose out for e all with his fiting torts on Fri or anything he wants toshare with you also a ther. They take it away and then we'll close afterafter your parts. Thanks, I mean we, it's been great tobe on the show, and I hope everybody listening has actually managed to takesomething away from this something to learn, and we want to see all at at ourseries next year, a march from the original from the four and the irs youwant to get in touch with US easy to get in touch with us. Well, happily,run you through the process and on Moderor, but now you know there's aclear ladder. You know your steps, you know what to do and we'll find our nextcamlan driver. So awesome forks find all these details in our show notes anduntil the next episode this is a fun fan fiction signing off, but by a t.

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