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Episode 50 · 3 months ago

Fireside Chat w/ Juju Noda and Hideki Noda


First and foremost, we want to thank all our listeners for sticking with us for 50 episodes! Yes, you heard that right this is our 50th Episode and we want to gift something special to you!

We have an incredibly special guest today with us, none other than the world’s youngest contender in the W Series, Juju Noda. And joining her will be her father, coach, mentor, Hideki Noda, who has participated in various racing categories like F1, Le Mans, IndyCar! This was truly an amazing episode where Hideki took up the mantel of a translator and helped us talk to Juju.

Juju Noda is just 16 years old, and her maturity surprised us! She is one of the youngest talents out there and is trying to make her mark at W series where she is competing against competitors twice her age! Join us as Juju shares her story and shares some laughs with us.

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And also the point of farm point of view. Eighty female. We may drive US maybe one day for one. That will be fantastic. We'll be beating and rooting for Hello, folks, welcome to f one fan fiction. We we are super happy today this episode. We are our hosts. Let's get the name familiarized. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, that's starting. You know, let's a virtual shake of hands here. Coming a long way episode since the journey started, which is which is more of a passion project, which just turned into like this, this consuming second life of us. At this point, it goes without saying, folks, none of this, none of this would have been possible without your support, love, constant interaction, emails, BMS that you've done to us over over the past one, one and a half year, fifty episodes. Thank you so much for that. For those of you who are listening to us for the first time and wondering what are these guys talking about and who are these two blues bags, we are F fun Fan Fiction, a show about fun, race weekend reviews and F one community interviews. We go beyond that too, like we call ourselves that, but we go beyond that, and today is a testament to that because for the fiftie episode, we bring to you something super special, something very amazing. We have on the show a child prodigy. She is the youngest racer I want to call because, like she's, she's actually changed countries so that she can raise at the younger age. We have with US Juju Noda, who currently races in the international w series and is the youngest driver on the grid. Um, welcome, Juju, welcome to the show. With that we also have her father, Hideki Noorda, the Legendary F fun driver. Um, he's he's been in the pits with with some famous names like Joshua Stabbin, Max's Dad, Um and, and achieved quite a lot of feat during his tenure in in the sport. Today, what they're gonna hear is Hideki helping US translate Japanese from Juju, where we try to converse with Juju and get all the juicy material with respected w series women in in the sport, representation, Challenges of female in the Motor Sport and you know what, just have fun, fun, Fan fiction style. So let's get into it. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you very much. I'M gonna be looking for to talking to you guys, also Jusia too. Yeah, the pleasure is as definitely well do. I think the first question that everybody would want to know is, of course, you have been participating in the W series this year, which is a very big thing and that's really awesome seeing you there. So we wanted to first of all, like it's a two part question. One would be, could you tell our audience a little bit more about w series, what it is you know and how is your experience being this year participating in w series? So, m first of all, racing from the Formula One really exciting, and also the lacing on the Formula One really exciting. UH, can ask more of that. I was contacted by W C s...

...few years ago. Uh, we're keeping contact with them the last few years. But because that my age wasn't allowed to Lacey Inter wrass. I was too young. And now this year I just became sixteen and I just got the license good enough to complete from the cities. So I joined the academy team, being the youngest ever in the series and this year I never had experiencing this, uh, because big, big circuits. So everything is new to me and of course I have to face some difficulties. Everywhere I visit is very new and I'm only allowed to have a half an hour practice and the story to qualify. It is very difficult for me. But being part of a I have two years contract with them, so last year I have time to run and also I can enjoy the race and just get used to the atmosphere and just grow up myself, and then the second year to be trying to be nice, tough and interesting. While you mentioned about the age, what I want to ask is you are currently the youngest driver on the grid and while there are younger drivers, there are many who are almost twice your age at this point. So how is it fighting with more experienced drivers? And then what are you taking back as learning, because you said like this first year you're just getting the feel of it. So how are you taking back all the learning and how is the fight with them? So I know I'm placing competing against experience to drivers. Some of them are they joined the appreciation from past season, so they have a lot of experience and gay this year only five drivers out of weight, so most of them are as more experience than it is, of course difficult to beat them, but I'm not just thinking about beating them. Of course it's nice to beat them, but now I'm just trying to learn as much as possible from them, because they have more experience and also, as I said, that area you have only allowed to practice half an hour before qualify and you're not allowed to test on a lace track where you're supposed to relation. So during the seas, obviously you cannot visit any population track you're competing. So you know, it's a really half circumstances, but still it is very good experience for me. Even if I lose against them, I get a lot of cities to get from them and if I could beat them, then my confidence we'll grow up. So I just nothing to lose and I just tried. Yeah, it's tough that you only get so lessen and time interesting, interesting, I guess. Another question that like, prior to W C D S, Juju had participated in the four Danish championship and from what what we have seen, of course she had great results. She won the first race, she came in seventh in the championship, but at the same time she also had some like did not finish and did not starts as well. So of course that kind of ruins the mood in general. You know, of the championship, so we want to get some perspective from jujus too. How does you know these not being able to compute at all? You know, how does that affect...

...you in the championship and like, what lessons have you learned from that effort in the championship? The experience from a day shape. It was a cross bood side and past side, which I had a speed and also I want the race and I had many poor questions. So I showed my speed. But having said that, last year I had to face so many issues as a car, so many programs. So even I had so much of a speed in qualifying, I was most of the time fastest against all other cars, but still I wasn't able to wait. So I learned a lot from problems I have to face. Sometimes you cannot win the laces even if you're fastest in the field. You have to be tough mentory and physically, and also you had to learn a lot of engineer inside Um. Sometimes it's nothing to do with me. The mechanical issues always just side of you. Sometimes when you don't want to happen things like that, it just happens and I learned that part of racing, part of light. So now I think I mentorly a lot stronger than one years ago. So from this experience I think I didn't lose anything, I just blown up what I had to experience from it. So anything I had to face last year, of course it was difficult, but I think I feel sank to the or experience. Sometimes I had some contact, some issues with as a driver, but that's also the part of racing. So these all this experience now I can use from for my future. Yeah, that's very insightful. That's great that you know very honestly, like it's great to see how mature is, with how she deals with you know, everything. I'm quite impressed and like really, that's super well, let's switch to us a bit. You wanted to ask you a little bit more about NDA racing, and you know, like what's what's the goal of Noda racing in general, and you know, how can people reach out to you? You know what's like. How do younger drivers make it to you noda racing? Well, like now I'm only managing Jus for ink. So obviously as as a half parents, as her father, I'm just supporting her and this nother Lacey is actually just in yourlope right now. It's just in the future, very near future, she will be giving my team and she will be joining probably much better teams. So after that I can probably support maybe as drivers, as a young talented drivers. I also O my academy in Japan, Things River. So I do like supporting young drivers, as were at us. So or not the racing it's get nothing decided, but I like to support many drivers. I guess our audience, you can stay tuned for news coming out of the not a racing camp and then whenever Mr Hideki sons are available, you can, you know, try her luck with the mentoring getting mentored by him. My next question is a bit more of a relation between between you too. You are Juju's father and her...

...mentor and everything at this point. So, Juju, I mean we know that your equation with your father is amazing. He lets you explore the car, the dynamics by yourself so that you are comfortable with the car and from the outside it does not look like there is any pressure from your father about the career. But is there? Is there a lot of mental pressure building, maybe from the media or from the people that surround you or just because of the achievements that you've had at such a young age? Do you feel external pressure while there is no internal pressure? So I don't feel anything like under pressure. Things right. That Nice. Well, I have some fun media's following me ownselves backing up things like this. If you become a professional driver, coop your driver, you get more and more and that's how you grow up. That's you can see how good you are. If you're good, then do you have lots of high lots of pressures. But it was the funds and media in a good way, bad way, but that's part of professional ast just you have to cope with. I really enjoy communicating with media fun and also I really have to stand to my sponsors backing up. Without all these people, I will not be able to raise and I will not be able to competitive. So anything I feel is just I appreciate them for for Llowing me and bucking up me and I never feel the under pressure. So I like to be Porti more and I like to have a lot more funds and a lot more media following me up. So I will be more competitive nice and I'm trying to be more popular. Nice, Nice, Nice. That's that's an awesome attitude to have. Uh, that's great. So a little bit we wanted to get into. You know, what motivates and inspires do to and you know who probably are her idols from like the active recent community, or even formal drivers, like who does she look up to? And Yeah, she said, I don't really follow any drivers, and I don't know. You know things like this, but both or Formula One drivers, even not just Formula One, and you have a category being competi even fast drivers. I really feel proud of them what they achieved, and you know, I have to be just like them or even better. But like now, of course, uh, or Formula One driver, but they achieved really good results. That's why they are Formula One. So I like to be like them, I like to be even better. and to me the reasons why I don't have any heroes like that, because I'm just me and I cannot be like as a driver. So I just try to be one best female driver in the past, and I know more than forty years there is no Formula One female drivers and never had the Asian female Formula One drivers in the past. So I try to be Formula One driver and not just being homul. Don't want drive. I just been a big competitive...

...and hopebrey. I like to win the UH one races. I might not be Formula One when I grow up a few years time maybe Formula One it's like now. It's UH probably best racing in the world, but maybe other category also glowing up like such as like Formula One indica, and many chances are there. So I just tried to be one of the best ever female driver in the past. All Right, the next question we have for you is is about the support from Japanese people in general. I think in recent times, like the presence of Japan has started to increase again. Enough Fun, you know, with the Honda like of course Honta kind of exited right now, but Honda was recently in f one and UK is not a WHO's, you know, rising status such from Japan, and also, I think Miki Koyama, who was also so you know, has been quite popular. So in general wanted to get a sense of how has support been from Japanese people and how is the recent scene in Japan in general growing these days. First of all, I'm not sure I'm replying what you're asking, hope, but yes, him past, there's AH, like you said, there's something a good driver from Japan manufacturers such as like Conda. Things like this is being part of amount of Japanese. You know what's the next star I'm aiming for? To be honest, I'm not sure in furious time what I'm going to be, but even you think about like two years times, three years time. If you are not good at today, you don't have any future. Though, I try just my best every day and try to achieve the best result just to right in front of me, and then it achieving good the result out right front of you. Then these things. Well, things were changed and you have a bright future. So I just try this. You can't right front of you, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, I mean where are your biggest fans from? Are they? Are they from home, or are your biggest fans globally, or where where do your biggest friends come from? BIGGEST FANS? Yeah, she said, uh, it's a good question and difficult to say. Of course I have a many funds in Japan. But, having said that, immortalizing in Japan it's not as popular as in Europe. And Uh, let's say, talking about motorsports with young generation in Japan, not many people who knows much about it. So I have a fans in Japan, but they don't know much about so if you look at in Europe also, I have few fans in Europe and they know a lot about mother sports. They know about my background, probably more than Japanese fans. So you know, in a way, of course, being Japanese, I have a many Japanese fans, but it's in a way it's difficult to say to be successful in the motor sports. If I become more successful in the motor sporots, maybe I can make things more how do you say? Uh, I can change a little bit more in Japan and maybe I can make motor sports more popular in Japan. I'm not aiming for this, but I'm just trying to do what I'm driving but if I achieve...

...with without, maybe things change and maybe more sports will be more popular in Japan. And if things happens right there and the if younger generations starts to talk about more spot in Japan, I feel that'll be right nice nice, nice, Nice, Nice. Okay, okay, an the serious question. F one is primarily a male dominated, men dominated sport. Um, we as viewers want a good inclusion of women maybe in the sport and have a good equality of men and women in the sport. But what we want to know is, because Juju is racing with the w series, what are some real challenges that women face as part of like driving with men? You know it is male dominated because there's UH, there are no enough female drivers. It's getting more and more popular and you will see more female drivers nowadays and there's such still many females, many, many, still many males are placing against male drivers and being competive is of course it's pay difficulty, mainly physical problem. Of course, there's nothing impossible, and if you work out a lot more than male and work out as hard as possible, if you look at like or in different things like that, they mean female or they are a lot the bodies. It's just like a male and I guess female drivers as to work at a lot more than what you expected. But having said that, there's UH, okay, W C just a female drivers and competing against each other. Just missing the female but I hope that you always have to face compete against male and if you look at physical site, just just for example, if you don't work out at all in Jim thinks like that. Just see the natural body between the male and the female. Just the male, they just have more muscle and the female it's difficult to get more like muscle like male and uh the body way is lighter usually compared to male. So that's a very difficult part. You know, usually if you go to racing, we don't have muscle like a male and for his lighter. So you go to racing, usually they ask you to Eq all the weight. So they usually female has to carry the ballast in a car. Do much okay, the mail, they don't have to. They don't have to carry the balast, is carrying balance. They can carry the muscle. So I don't think the way they make the regilation. It may not be like but it is what it is. So I have to face it and I have to be strong and I have to work out much hard as a male and I think I can achieve what I may need for so. So then in that case, out of the two options, which one would you want? Would you want a mixed racing format where both men and women race together, or do you think that there should be separate verticals? There should be a one for men and a one for women? It's it's a difficult to say. Like, as I say, Daria, for physical strengths, it...

...should be sepulated, but I know they are not enough female drivers to make a very, very competitive lazing so like now, just within a female mortalizing B to realistically, Uhl be difficent. My point of view and what motivates me it lazing against competitive drivers and right now it has to be mixed to motivate fals. Beating as a drivers, doesn't matter, female, Male, as competible as possible, placing those kind of field. I'm that's what I'm motivated. Maybe in the future it should be separated, but I'm not right now. And also the point of from point of view, every female mazed rights. Maybe one day in form one that will be fantastic. Yes, definitely, yes, more fun to see. Yes, yes, yes, we'll be waiting and routing for when it all right. Let's switch topics a bit. Uh. One thing that we have seen as a theme in general, like to all the drivers that we've spoken to till now, everybody has said that like sponsorships and money has been played a big role in their career, and a lot of times they have said that. A lot of times it feels like they are marketing first and racing drivers second. Trying to get sponsors becomes their primary job and racing becomes kind of secondary part of it. So you know, what do you think? You know has been you use experience in general with this, with getting sponsors, and you know, how how does one, you know, deal with this and how does one like balance both the thing as lass friending, spontan you know, it's uh financial side and also the driving a freities. You know, it's a many factors to be UH competitive, to be a top drivers. But like financial side, of course you have maybe some drivers, some drivers a thick backup from sponsors, some driver, it's just very, very, very fast. But it's to be uh top driver, you need everything. And managing financial side and, you know, managing yourself and being fast. It's all included to be a top directed. So you cannot just ask one thing and you cannot excuse because I don't have sponsors, I don't have money. That's not right. So okay, sometimes I feel like Lash D. Yeah, as I explained, I was very, very fast, uh, but still I couldn't win the US. Sometimes I at least with sometimes program with management, but everything included is the you know, being top driver you need to manage everything. So of course you have to work on the sponsors. Fortunately I hadn't backed up such as me house. They're supporting me, seeing I was nine and they probably supported me for my lacing life. So you know, the thing is very fortunate, but if you're not good at it, you don't get sponsors. I'm just curious. Have you met will buxton from F one like? Has Ju Ju met Will Buxton? No, we never met. Okay, okay, because because back in two thousand nineteen he said one name that he really looks forward to his Ju June. Not as I was curious if you have met him and you know how that meeting went. Yeah,...

I saw his comment and that that was really nice, but personally we don't know him. Fair. Yeah, I think overall, I mean it was great having you to do on the show. You know, before we wrap things up, wanted to get some final thoughts from you. Any advice that you have for you know young any young drivers, girls, boys, booth, you know, who are getting into sport and looking for some motivation. So, you know, some final thoughts this. First of all, I'm doing this, uh it for myself, for not know, for my parents, for my friends. It's just this is my part of dream and what I'm so this is just for me. But of course I will. Since today, I never gave up and I try all the time best until today, luckily, I achieve any good results. And if this is my d know my mother is helping as a young kids and people. How I how I try now be something. I'm encouraging people to be probably, uh, very good, and I didn't realize things why things happened like this. With this. I sorry, I can explain very well what she said, but she said anything I can do my own thing and doing my best I can and these things encouraging people. That will be fantastic, she said. And also I want to use and also I'm lucky. Being professional driver is what I wanted to be and of course I have a almost things to achieve in front of me and also the near future. So I'm just keep pushing and keep trying and we'll never keep up, if I can send any message. If you don't give up, you will probably find any kind of way to to crime up what you are aiming for. So I like to say you will never give up and try. Yes, you can. There you have it, folks, that was an inspiring, a fun, an amazing episode for you from Juju Noora Jujunorda and to thank you so much for doing this for us. Thank you so much for your audience, for our audience here. Thank you and, folks, until the next episode. This is a fun fan fiction. Signing off.

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