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Fireside Chat w/ Sneha Sharma


Join us as we welcome our very special guest, Sneha Sharma! Sneha is an Indian racing driver who competes in F4 National Racing Championship, while kicking ass on the track she is also a Pilot with IndiGo Airlines!

Without disclosing much about our very special guest, listen to the episode to learn about Sneha's journey into racing and her unique experience of being a racing driver and a pilot!

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I also competed against an Indian lady racer there, and I happen to be faster and what I noticed in general about drivers, I wont say ladies because like I always say on the helmet, is wrong: I' m not a man or woman, I' m only a racing driver.( music ) Hello folks and welcome back to yet under the lounge session with F1 FanFiction. This is another episode of the Fire Chat Series, and today we have a very special guest. This guest needs very little to no introduction. Obviously she is a wonderful human being to begin with he' s very modest down to earth and inspiration for everyone. You know what let' s hear it from the guest. Hey guess, can You introduce yourself? Everyone, Hi am Sneha Shama and I race cars internationally, and I fly planes as well. Recently became the first Indian woman to win in the national racing championship in ladies in F4 and I also had fly the Airbus 320 Airbus 320 with indigo as captain commander and speed is my passion. That' s why I took up racing about fifteen years back. Drove the national karting, nation racing then moved to international racing and been doing well Since then and yeah, I am very excited about this podcast. Thank you for being on the show yeah thanks for Joning us, we are your host. I am Akash and I' m Sarang and let' s get into it. First of all, I would like thank you again. you know just for joining us for todays episode and so, let' s get started with. You know a little bit about your journey in racing in general and kind of the first question I wanted to ask you about, like you know, you basically kind of started your career in the Mecca of racing in Mumbai. That' s the Powai gokarting track, and so we just want to kind of wanted to get a sense of at like What Age did you You know start racing and you know what ' s sparked your interest and you know after getting into karting like how did you get into the higher series from there? That takes me back many many years and I always like sharing this journey because it was quite unconventional since I was young. I love speed and I had a sport cycle to start with the younger kids. So I had those of scooters where you are to like kick with one foot and then so I would follow all the older kids with it. it was tough, but later I have pushed my parents to you get me a sports cycle, so it like one with the gears, not quite the lady Bird with ribbons hanging by the side, how people picture women riding bicycles, and I ah stereotyping right and I would ride it on the streets and ride it really fast and of course safely, But then I was young, Quiet often in traffic motorbike guys would try to race with me and I don' t know why they do it, but I did know like I have to win so I would go and I would actually beat them even though they had engines and sometimes they diss me other times be like" Hey girl. Nice riding", like you know, you know I have something and I want to do it, so I did have barbie dolls, but the rarely had clothes on and, like I wasn' t very good at it, it was a little funny and I tried gokarting and I just got one with the kart and the adrenaline rush was like never before. I ended up clocking the fastest lap time of the day and I was like, I want to do this. so I was around 14 and and I a spent on my off days, pocket money, lunch on you on the race track, to do those four laps and one day I saw these really fast drivers and they were driving in sync it really looked professional. So I asked the mechanic who are these who are they, so they said they are national drivers. so I was like a want to learn. There was no training. Thus I was doing my 10th grade and then I said a let' s wait right over my tenth, I asked the mechanics to train me with whatever bit then knew and I learned just breaking, cornering, accelerating and just try to...

...get good lap times. with this knowledge, as you said Powai track used Have a lot of races, by companies, colleges, so I used to participate in them. And would do reasonably well in quite a few races, and there was one huge race for Times of India where I did well I was on the podium, So. I got picked up by a national team. By now I was in my 11th Science. I have already started pursuing my flying study the ground studies and it was a tough call as my family was against this sport, they thought it was a dangerous spot and the a dangerous sport and cause injuries and distraction to my study, but I wall at no. I would hide my helmet outside the war house, jump a wall bodies, but I U Tell in my book and I' m sure I hae fotid my commitment and show up in a pilot' s uniform there. So yeah it was a little funny, but I did the nationals I travelled to the nation. I was the only girl to ever follow five for the CCD category, a Copton in India and the then. I also won the Lady Championship, but often I wouldn' t be allowed to participate in the Lady' s championship because I was competing with the guys. So all the some drivers would revel against that. She can not compete with that. She would be Fota, have the choice to sees in the women and have a childe a compete with the guys or the open. Tactically- and maybe you have a recent finish by then for the open category always momenta. The time was good, so it o stuff. I was peeking in my career. I had to go to U S. I my Fine Studies, a California San Francisco, a believer you' re based on a West Coast, ray yeah. So I' m a cat is in California. He Oyah that ' s a going factory. Yes, exactly so yeah I went to I went there. It was tough. I just spent once for a Moarte thin. It was far enough and I came back. I was the first file to get my solo in the badge or came back. I still want to get back and racing. I had we had loan on us and I don ' t have a lot of money. So I got me in the most cheapest apporte tactical S, O the post, Ro, harting carted and the same time I started working with a team part time as a Etienne FUNA mechanic, even loading crops and ran the end of the way to support my racing. It was really tough or to stay up all night and then go race. I would I somehow needed that congression would really or make me push harder to that of stuff. It was to reach there, so It meant. Well, I only to win the championship. I finished two thousand and nineteen, and then I qualified for O for flagging photo a mating season photo coping dam and the Iala at twenty. I got to indigo a Goin. I have to take up real and I went to the forame for my ever Stony Amar Wot to the to I. It was motoric, then a pop time, the MERCURIES and survivor program. There is Groveton of Hun Seventy P at the BOT international circuit and then not so some all these times wanted to dry form La cass, but I didn' t have the fun day. My sponsors were for selling part. So I with my sale, I started mining my former racing. I was waiting with another tire and then Jacob Iles was kind enough, propose and said drive with us. So I was sponsored by J K Sin Than I was. Then then I o Yeah I' ve been driving the for national. Then I drove the Malaysia in MSF series. I won there. I will go only indin gilded and then I drew the person a championship on. I went for the w cries to Goru, I' m representing them as Resonabat. Currently, I' ve proven the F tre simulator. I had my sponsors in place, but poved happened for hoping for the borders to open once again. So this has been my game. That ' s That' s you know. Just in spiting I mean I love the passion That you have for the sport comes out. When you talk about your eeny and I really love you know just bascinet yeah. I wanted to...

...ask you this: I read somewhere about Rao racing, so when did Ra racing happen and what is re racing or for our audience here and you know how has rerang been part of your journey started carting with Ra rays, I started my carting on my over ten in the nationals. I was driving through racy and then yet when I moved to other teams such as Al Avalanche and I was supposed to have with Miko, but then I engur my knee Pitino and then I grove with the docton racing. So initially I started off agree. I see and did you approach them or like was this with a mentor? Remember I told you that I was approached by a national team when I won the time, so enarea was very sapoase, so the other thing is right. Like the Stereo types aside and again, we might be very uneducated here or please help us educate. So what I know is there is essentially obviously you in other sort of racing forms, there' s a Lisha della who' s who super bicas Bonnie other. I think she is cross country rally and then there s the the upcoming Mira Arida, but beyond this at least our knowledge is very limited. So how is women in racing as a gene in India? Yeah? I mean since I started racing when most often or when I started off. There was birds and Moyese part an international also. They were girls, a Estoy reading on Article Varus for eight of us, and I was the only one who qualified for the CD luckily and I ' ve, seen a lot of women and bought up a sport, because it' s not easy for a woman or a man and to survive, especially a woman. It' s tough and you read taking and a lot of people come a ot people in motor sport like Mirari, Alicia or in it, since the family and to the sport, for you know, mixin somebody with more background to come in and to really make a place matter, worthing, that' s what has reully help me and there are a couple of other drivers. I move a note out with the other who' s really well, and Apulia were up et CET, so yeah you have few people who I can relate to, but women are there in sport but to really like in formula racing, and he really other internation. I obviously one the International Ladies Championship, but I' m the person to even do a championship a blow. It was be tough, along with at first per captain in a indigene, were a lot of international aries racing in the championship from South Africa to understand Europe. Things like that so really competitive out. I think that' s that' s I think, especially in India. I can understand you know it must be a little tougher to for girls to get into racing and, as is racing itself, is not that popular an inded in the first place, so I can totally understand like getting funding and sponsors, and everything must be. Your very uphill battle. Just wanted to. You know ask a kind of a follow question, as You said that when you were there for the International Lady Championship, like what contrast did you probably you know notice between research like female resource and India versus female races outside globally, that you so yeah? I was raising Amon' s voice, also, for I did on a seperate point for which you know you require for Formula One and championship such as that. To this an I form O. I also competed against an Indian lady rea, so there and I happen to be faster and what I notice in general about rivals in one lading because, like I always say, Wante Helmet is wrong. I' m not a man or Oman I' m only as in ver, so to have a lot of exposure and they have better intersection of broad of posies in coin, and we have gay plans like say it Ires, a special WHO' s lost on response of supporting Portian Inteva man also, so there are people trying to do it, but things like a formula, one Tam for two seasons...

...that I woke to a sortin political sitations in a country. So it' s stout. Having said that, they are professional, the very fit they have. Schools which are motive for considered as a spoon was riving from with them many times I, the only Indian and on the grade the was some lane from a U Plan: Russia, Australia, O they were doing. God really did well and I got to learn as our engineers were from Spain and the new the cart in and out, and you do data analysis so yeah. It was a really great experience in the Soutache Ter. That' s it. I think what we want to know is like yes, you ' ve participated in air for, and you know one title day: What is if or can we can like, educate whatever or is and then sort of what the tree going up and how do you even get to it? For so, what' s the hierarchy of motor racing there Yeso for a young person to get into models called seating, posto cutting, would be the first even to Stro, carting Nota, which is quite expensive, Gan physical to write, go to snow carting. Then you get in to say formula as salutes racing nationals, and then you do. I would do salon and then for as e oumas little like road cars, and then you go to formula racing whited will I in cast, then you go to if you international, wherever you want to start so India we have for TV, but it ' s not an for. So I also went to Austria I took or for day training I, the Wa houting at Nell. That' s also the WI election happened, but when there are the second time to get, preened of socities is irrigated and there' s a scale Paron Aki part. So I' ll get to a later for bating, the hall auto in such but person of an apple race to get into Modiford Times. pedestory are a really good way of anty point as well. You drive on the street with a navigator and You You get a bus, Moti pots O I go an. I give up everything and flag of for the time. Fidicinal the clever few ways effort is the entry level of Focatico poor for aspiring Pola rivers. There are only a few championship on a championship across the world which are F. I obligated the cars are of surf specifications. The Chase, the engines, the HP and the CCS APE is limited or specified, and then now you go there. you brither Shampoo, regain super license points. you know to f three, then you move to SCO and of course you try to drive as much as you can in other championship to get back time and then I hope to get picked a bier drivers, Polish program, for if one on that I think, like I think, force India had one written. I could be wrong here but, like I think, Jahan started off his schooling as part of the force, India, young driver academy right. He was parting before that. In fact, we were both at Veraci and I was there who came the first day. I was really young and I was helping praying him. Felise work with a dam and he was makeup first and he did get proposee, but I' m not sure what the question is now. So I think he signed up by. I Carlin, I think yeah doing quite well is another boney guy for the longest time south India, which is a great place, but has dominated the motive poterina. But Ninety se O my people doing well Tortona both of us at moment by reese. That' s right, Nice! I want to ask you. This is from a driver' s perspective right so and like as a content creators in sarin- and I were also talking about this. Sometimes what happens is you know I' m seeing a movie or listening to music and I' ll be like Oh wow? This is a good editing piece. This is you know, there' s a good settled sound playing behind which, if I' m not lost into the art, I' m noticing these things.

So then, as a driver, are you seeing other races and then what' s going through your mind when you' re, seeing those races are you actually seeing it for fun or sometimes you' re, seeing it or he break her or the driver? Did this sort of thing? Oh yeah, it' s all education. He pally enjoy one. So the the other day we were racing the weather with the son of a Formula One time in our championship and we wore once watching a probleme race with a combland driver. So it was really alaun. I think it' s education and it is fun and I' ve in all sports. I think a lot of study goes into it, for I have friends who, like weget and they watched Iti all the time. So we have our own board videos, the cameras so and the link to the data. They have RPM ages, all of the Act peersh. So we watch our own videos. We Watch, as is on the television and on the Internet, to study race, craft, a breaking points and a lot of moves, a sad tis. So another question kind of I ave. I have heard that you prefer wet conditions over dry conditions during races or whatever, but at least free practices so yeah. I love it' s kind of unintuitive to me to you know her that somebody prefers wet contion. So you know I just want to get some inside from you like it' s easier to breathe in the Wendut, sweat. More is so much concentration and precise movement, so one Satan Center just got out of the race past and he was on the forty, but he couldn' t live his sofa and that was after he recreate. So I love learning in the way now and but of course I, like I, like my paces, a lot: I' ve iven night wet Ras, my first in Eefen, race of a Podesta Mite a you couldn' t see anything yeah. you just break my instinct. Once we had a race in a parting race and Thou rivers refused to drive an not the like, not going to drive. You can' t see that corner, but I D riven it in the day and I was like I can break by instance when you' re driving a wet and there' s youth pray on you just have to break my instinct and create stoff yeah. I' ve always wondered o because, like whenever even like, when I watch a one or anything like, and they show some, you know driver cams and it ' s greening. I literally can' t see anything. I' ve always wondered how I mean it just feels like a miracle to me that anybody is able to drive in those conditions. So yeah, that' s just awesome yeah, it' s like how you like a land or take off. Also, we have minimum visibilities to take off and land, but the other day I was taking off and it was slight rain as we took up it was heady, but I couldn' t see the center line of the run way. So I was just maintaining a you know. The cental no Neton second law is, is emotional stay in motion hows. I let get to my notation. So that' s what we did but yeah. You can' t see anything so how much of correlation is there between lexa landing, for example, right because you' re com, let a landing into Bombay? There' s this an expensive cloud cover. You are maybe just guided by your navigations on your front panel that hey there on Waser may be doing one of those software assisted landings, but then, at the end of the day, you' re still in the COPPIT, with the controls in your hand, but you fancy the runway similar to you. you know how you can' t see the driving and you' re doing everything intoirely. So what sort of like the comparison as a flight landing when you can' t say anything and you' re driving on a very night rainy drag? As you mentioned, to start with the very few UNMILITARY, you can do an auto line so numa you cannot do it for it. Like is generally speaking in a lot of TREDICI. Was You can' t do an outer line for You there' s a certain height in come with automation, and then you de Potter on way, or sometimes you just see the lights, and then you have to land the proper death perceptionreally matter. So when I...

...' m sitting in the coppit of a race param like two inches off the I' m quite high and it changes when I Ocamahowan, I have to really adjust myself to like play it like by landing or things like that. that' s one and similarities yea and the wet we grow. There ' s Robert Pauses on the runs a upper depose on the race tracks on the race fact yere to get off the racing line and playing to break on the racing line that there' s not a rubber reposin slip off on the under. You can' t get off the centerline but day Okar. They keep removing the proper deposits from the Neto airport apoligy. So these are and then again I always say in racing a pushing the machine to and blow on his sinit, sometimes but implying a machine is extremely powerful, so have to keep it within a Su for give are too contesting to, but we be TEX' s decision making in and being sent with a machine and become one with it is common in both I and Nice. It' s good to know. You know I was just going to ask You about it. You know kind of what do You think it helps You better does does being a pilot, make your better research or being a recent, make better pilot. The racing did come first and they definitely helped me because me not to back but as like I said, I was a first porter to get a foine actual cans you' re allowed to by the aircar alone. As a student pilot, then I do reasonably well in my Eva Vario, but even frying help me a lot fegato because of flying to study a lot before we attach to machine and Allis really is power, and even in raising a study, the injuring the study, the car and see with the engineers for long hours and if you' ve seen the movie rush, Abour, Nukla and Jane an in Nicode, Cosein Aplin, and he says the discipline of this will help me in so. I think it' s quite similar with me. That' s great at Nice. So one from what I know most races, don' t really get a lot of track time in gentle like you, don' t actually get to drive on those tracks a lot. It ' s mostly just the field tactics ions that you get and you know if any other areas you know, if you' re a participating in any other reason category you probably metres there, but over all the free practice sessions are pretty much what you get to drive on this track. So one question I had for you was sposed to, for you know with such limited it practice time that you get on a track. How do you you know, tune yourself to a new track or what' s the preparation? That' s kind of required to you know even go into a race right. That is true. Go many drivers, get testing the toe person testing and who have the budget who have the time, but because of racing and flying, I have alse had to Somarsh up just on ways day, even and you know miss the a lot of practice and just go directly into a pet practice qualifying and it is stuff for, but I think you just rise to vocation. I had to do it and I was completely thankful. I was comparative or most times so we make I make notes books. we are and not all of breaking poems. So I try to do that for the car that that conditions change, often so yeah, you need to be need. Budget knowledge for racing for Practin for tires, most of the races on the airport conversation I was driving on all time in the Eros, so you' re obviously losing two seconds with that, but I just learn from the big nine. You know if You can drive a car with a which doesn' t hang well when you given a card with his while you be really flying, I so that' s my endeavor most of the time they like fitness and things like that is hey. This is notion of Simran as well real, like it' s huge. So how much is it prevalent to the level that you' ve got into, and then you know how much have you used it yourself up until liar for level? Yes, I did but purchase a simulator which, in a home so elate with some pop back on the wheels and the pedals where I could never get the time to install it, because I fly so much a Po sector the day and then then I prefer spending...

...time in the gym, they' re doing the simulator, but an I inda. We don' t have a lot of fool motions in the. I is starting to install some in Quinion O, but I did write a Primula Tor when I went to Pisa Pan, because I was planning to brother actually winter series last year and they quite fast. You can feel the a tired tiredness in our simulator as well. the helpful girls really prevalent in Aurore and I think all drivers should have the same. Mee O O feedback is not not at all like a car, but it gives you racing line is interesting, makes sense. And how have you seen like in general, I think similates at least you know have grown in popularity more in the recent years so probably like. When you started your recent career. They were not. You know as devile, but I think these days they have right. So I tral ization helps we used to visualize it the sport psychology we this whole. I could afford much later in life intially. It was all just swinging it, and so I visualize a a yeah, I think, even in rush. I think I had seen there this Guy James Hande mentions the same thing: Official Ization Yeah. I like, I think they do the track works at least what they show pre race, that track works are also them having this muscle. Memory of you know where they' re going to break where they' re going to renown shift of shift and on the rackets just seeing the next corner. While they are on this first one. So I think it' s all muscle memory and then obviously the vision of the track that you already have in their in and some racing magic. True to like, when carting we used to do a lot of back work, but as a GE bug gets bigger, it becomes difficult to Rothar and you got track a polities for the so many Shanto running Siesta at iges more but yeah. It' s always a good thing to walk attack now the Eliven and sometimes in the car. You think there' s only so much place to break, but when you walk you see there is a long, interesting. Okay, that' s a good perspective. I did not know that that walking also had so much that you can learn before the practice session. that' s nice switching gears. I think you' ve recently been our ambassador to the w cries, which is, which is, I think, are two thousand and nineteen formulated consultum. So can you tell what the W series is? know: What' s the experience being like yeah, it was a great experience o they were looking for rivers, a port, the world. So they approached us me on twitter yeah. It was really a tough time. I just recovered from a Nanleon, just lost my mother and she just become captain and yeah. It was really stressful, but I had to really I want to go so it was in Austria, the selections and they it o t a championship of Forman of fricases election were on force and fords on the track which have skied that pe pad. In the first time I had violin ice and smoke conditions, which is a you know, disadvantage for Indian because we don' t have those conditions at each that, but whatever was fun. We have fitness sessions. We were trained by Formula One driver, fifty schochet psychology theres its or to a lot of our stuff print tests. It was stuff, but I enjoyed it and then this elected as a Asomatos for promoting a congregation, the woe to go for one of the races or thanks hopeful right ear, looking forward, but then there were only about is in so yes that, along with the are riding along for Formula One this year, for is it an old woman' s championship of a tree which is a Intelligi woman and Moti for his polly sponsor, which is great and they are drivers. So many countries- that' s nice, that' s that' s really, nice and- and you said it was all more...

...than wits- obviously like icy conditions. So can you tell us how does the pre race of the plea drive briefing and actually driving experience compared to let ' s say you riding in Sapan supping rains a lot too or it gets very hot, but it was ice and snow. No, never they didn ' t brief. As much goto selection program. We had basically avoid the COBS. We do not go on the exit cub you and this do not Flash Kopee who CLAT and there are a lot of driving in high gear. Do they want to see how smooth you are? It drive in a fourth yard to old the PAT, and there are really slope on us without strolling the car. Then they put your car on a. What do you say : Shopping, waall shopping cats, you' ll only have franklier fire wo be lifted on these E and they' ll be for POLARIA. So I did that resole well at a slow pace. I didn' t want to cash, it was a slow exposes, but a lot of is interesting things and we had to do a country at o. One Er was it a fesit. Skid past lie those of water, fountains and you' re, really heavy rear view riven cars, AC overstale. You have to make sure You keep a company kering four sections come out driving a very narrow, fection past vivid first part. I got side and is now an ice. I be Wi it more at that must be a seen. You know an experience in a challenge. At the same time, I guess yeah. So I think one other thing I if I wanted to ask about, was I think recently in during Monaca. There was this incident, which had become quite popular like where you know Nicotas Apin has engineered was asking him for. You know, really complicated things on the staring wheel to seen change some sit things, and he was you know basically seeing that I can' t do it at all. You know give in that. This is Monacle, so kind of I wanted to get your perspective Est. You know what all other things that You kind of need to manage, while you' re racing you know, obviously trying to just go as fast as you can as one part of the thing, but I' m pretty sure you' re doing a million things. Well, actually you know racing so just wanted to get some insight from you about it, yeah. So, basically, a lot of people think racing as an individual sport, but no doubt there' s not a football team, and you know it' s one against one, but it' s actually a very heavy team sport. There are pleas like fifteen people behind one card, a PAT prowting on the lower side, so having a good driver, a ginerous think is really important. It really decides how how well you perform when you come and you feed back to the driver has to be to understand what is in the car that he has to change and things we d got what either one cannot be very pushy. Some engineers can get very stiff noticing how I want her drive and some drivers may not give properly. That can not be ride so so it is like that. But I' m sure that is a tough track to very few overtaking opportunities and a think again Hamilton had a huge issue with his teniers and he kind of spoke about it. For I ear so yeah, it' s tough, but yeah. You need to have a good sing with in one follow up. There I want to know is, like you know, they call the fen at least the racing car as a cockpit when the driver is in there and similar to you know the the million things that go on in the in the driver ' s mind. I' m pretty sure there are millions of things going on your mind as a pilot as well with so many buttons you' re continially talking to the air traffic controller. you are trying to keep everyone safe behind you and all of those things. So how does? How does that cockpit? Compare to the other corporate in terms of you know the millions of things that you have to navigate so raising things inclined a cot to be a head of the on the Altos running head on me to pitial, sits where Cape of landing and certain manuels you are quilty right. We quickly Cotai your...

Flo undead of the crop and ray seeing the also you have to do that, but things are much faster. you know about the Mare, it is over God, and you have to be able to handle that you can' t snap or blank out it in the mind and in other the POPEAN another person of first office. It you a O happed, you Er in other coit, pretty much alone. You have radios, but sometimes the radios are not disapintin e. So that also matters. So it' s similar. But there are a lot of battles you led to, especially in Foma an you have the r all these other things so yeah so is taxing on the mind of the drive and more than that usual Conari for the apple driver. The wheel, The grip and all of that, and then you have all these controllers and people telling you what to do so. As s we' d seen that you mentioned that you are not afraid of losing or even dying to that matter, but what you' re afraid of is a dn did not finish now. What I want to know is from a very glamour point of view and someone who' s, not you know known to the sport, and it' s more so glamor that, if you' re on the podium or if you' re in the top five and then no one sort of cares, what' s happening behind, but for a driver who ' s even getting lapped Tis, there is just that potion, eternal intrustion. You know that energy that they want to finish. As you also said, so I want to sort of get this comparison between. You know how a layman thinks what glamorous is and then versus what goes in your mind, even if you' re getting lack to ice, for example, yeah. That is true, thankfully, have not been loved vice. I I act, but it is because, like my mechanics told me, the one where I had just got an out of being out of the hospital and I got into the race star, so I was struggling a bit, but I had good racing in the mid pack. So I was like the is wasn' t great. He said you know what you think. The racing is only The top be drivers, but for US facing as wherever we see too, as fighting with each other and trying to tear head that for real racing is all about and and it really matters to the driver and to the spectators also to early see some real, basing otherwise it is qualifying. Mascolo writing, which you lose Hamilton, was doing until last year exactly and is really A. I want to finish A rase because you want to get at the points on to a the experience. It is the satisfaction that you receive and, like someone wise told me that you winner, raise akies finishes. So that ' s my goal: Alserat, that' s very wise advice and on on that, as a follower to write like what would be your sort of two word sentence to a new, be who' s listening and trying to get into this port, but is Stilll in that mindset that Hal. You know as a kid, because I say this because I remember as a kid Marian Cartiane used to run with juty or someone who was a back marker and people are on me, used to be like me, yeah, like Marian Karthias, to drive for a back marker and people used to say that Hey, look at an India and he' s never winning, podiums and- and my thought would be like he' s got in there exactly. No, I love my country, but knowledge goes into the sport exactly yeah, that' s where the awareness comes in right, like I think it' s just that awareness that needs to rise, so that people realize that every position and every level not just if one is equally important. comme racing is like a job. So for me to have a job is like have a feed in the office a table and office. So we do have a sea purvide, that' s my car, so that' s how I think Ooman also is and that' s your career and and as you go higher,...

...it' s so much more about the team. the car, the money age go through the PO. No is not a one Ma Pero Mistri and even in a one wait series where all the cars are equal. They have one pen a T. still there are some differences in the car. the country and he is I' m hoping to drive within soon we' re in O. Oh, Oh, we look forward to at Delitiae Nice, Nice, Nice. That' s that' s pretty awesome! It ' s an achievement. Nonetheless. Yes, switching gives a little bit from here. One thing I wanted to kind of ask you about was injuries in general and Lake Motor Sports. I mean Motor Sports, probably is the most or one of the most dangerous sports out there, and you know, like certain sports, have certain you know typical injuries that happened, but I wanted to get some perspective about how much injuries to affect you overall, and you know what kind of injuries are more common among Mot Sports Yeah, the modest sport is a dangerous sport. We all know that it' s a long contact cot no contact cord, but there is contact of cars flap when a lot of things happen. So the thing about it is, you have a lot of safety gave the cars are designed in a very safe manner, but the different paters we' ve seen a lot of that. We' ve seen people We develop desolates and a lot of Pons is a o o. I myself, I had a share of them. Foamy PAP that to her line, also coeoperate or I to were in part I so I' ve had that of her ecoles, where the petor was leaking on other times. I was in a twenty four in the Orin son and then I just got born because I broke the maximum. In my team mile and a half O t, I was a poietics, so that happened that I' ve had the headline factual in a spine or really bad crashes of an other drivers just coming in the way. If you dot control, you wait till people past you, but some people just come in to quit. That' s one o then, at both my knees enjoyed. It happen off back, but it was a work out injury. My health flashed into embracing and blind, because in flying also we have pressurization changes. Our lungs are all our organs go through about four pressurization cycle and then you work out. You want recover as another athlete word, but if ye NA doesn' t know that you can' t go over an ucation of I' ve enjoyed my knees and the next pagels and a lot of I get like the bowls in my hand, because I got blisters yeah, it was real hard, so yeah so of those things it happens, the Parcet, if you' re lucky you olive and if not, will be doing what you love so yeah, Oh yeah, that' s that' s the good Pitrelli. The positive part is you. Hopefully, this never happens to anyone in this port, but, like you, went doing what you were loving on a lighter note, I' ve heard that the the brakes are way too tight and it takes real practice to hit those breaks even at like fifty percent capacity or seventy percent capacity to in a real racing. Is that True Yeah? It' s really hard, you do have strong blue and the travel of the date is really Ni. For you, a jump on a e fact. I have the record break pressure in the to thousand Nineteen Championship. I was taking the hardest, so they were like what what how heavy is your foot for whatever that o sound to me and but then again you to break hard but break also in a Modiri man, or else you just stop doing your tire as very fast to depend this trail break and there' s that so yeah you to great very hard and you need to have a lot of Fort Net. Sometimes you like is just shaking an Sometimes carting. My leg would hang on the side. I can see the corner and drive so it was a real funny and embarrassing o. But now I feel I' m much stronger because...

I went to the special gem and chenaic still mois provides. So they puts you to the point where you feel sometimes we so yeah video metabolism move that he so interesting because you say next Pasaman that that made me think about geese. So, technically you are experiencing algies right, like both longitude and a land lighted UNAGI, because as a racer you' re experiencing latitude negyes, but it has a pile at your experiences vertical jes right, yeah, thankfully a lot of in fire of flying, but we operis later Emil turning also in the Eno. But you have you have ready Laden gear more difficult. What I tell geese have more like you are Ben Post into your seat. Rely Fine, but here you are, is like a fan, had a very interesting past left and right. So you await canses, really big in the hardening of So yeah. If you need to be able to handle that, and do it quick to understand the way you can' t do this, because now the car is us, it has to squat, and then you go back so like that. I that' s great as a parting. a few questions I think one one thing that we wanted to bring up is: What advice would you want to give to adults who you know looking to back young talent but have no knowledge about what' s happening in this area of sport? Eh I was just care to understand. to is wot the Internet. Doesn' t effs website is the national sporting authority and, along with that, to also keep your study going on the side because Regal Expenses, sport, it' s very difficult to get paid and move the a o, the seed. Of course. I respect that and the love. What were they doing, but you need to keep your education on the side. you need to work on sponsors on branding and fullness is not glamor and Lo, just because you' re rising fast on the race fact doesn ' t mean you can do the same on the road. I do now. He Oct campaigns for Thee, so many eurodance and things like that because that' s for an environment, I Isini fast in ether, a aisily, okay, l, all fair good advice. I think one more thing there is then also for the other side to right, like if I am say ten years old today and I' m just too fascinated seeing snash er my driving on the track, and I want to be like her. What What' s advice to me on how I should you know, approach my career so that when I am twenty five, you know I' m driving internationally and I I would say that keep your head down and die like whatever far you get make sure like I on the right to call on my passion, because I could fill my responsibilities. That' s how I was a rod. You know, so That' s what I would tell them or to work hard or you know success will happen. I find you in to keep a it o. it is hardened or exteras through all the work for you. Well, I' ve seen a lot of talent, a lot of people who are with, and you know they would have the parents beating in the race track and things like that, and now I don' t see them on the restrains. You have to be self made. I think that' s a way to really go work in life and also go all available resources right right, yeah, that' s that' s yeah great advice. Well, I mean I' m glad that you, you know, spend some time with us just chatting with us today we have we enjoyed talking to you. I mean the insight that you provided about. You know things, however, research things. You know that that was really good to hear from you, so yeah, I' m quite glad. Now that we had to shut. I quit I win o forward to many more a thank you and OBI by that' s a flock for your future career,...

...all right folks. That was a very spectacular episode, at least for me talking to snash. If you still haven' t sent with my first sentence that she' s a gem of a person down to earth and very modest well, I don' t know what I can do to change your mind, because she' s convinced me double than what I was with. That said, we' ll see you in the next episode on our Loun session with different fan fiction, fireside chats. Until then these are your host signing off by bye and.

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