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Episode 32 · 9 months ago

Livery Bites Pt.2


As promised here we are with our first bite where we cover all the liveries covered till the time of recording. We go over the liveries and the unique aero of each car relvealed thus far. 

In this episode we discuss the following teams:

  1. Haas
  2. Red Bull
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Mclaren
  5. Alpha Tauri

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Also the Mersadi is actually because I think they're going to re work back to the Silverado colors, which are not a fan of. I hope not. I'll just make me heed the team more. Please don't do that. I think it's slightly too late for we are your hosts, folks, if you've missed us, I am a Kash and I'm Sarah, and this is the first bite that we get into midseason, about five libaries that we bring to you. Has Red girl if a tourist, and Martin McLaren. I don't know which one you are going for, Sarah. Pick one. Let's start. Let's start with my favorite team, has, of course. So of course, has being has had very vit a launch and didn't really show their cars. Everybody was really confused. They showed some pictures which basically everybody's saying, is this nothing but just the stock car which is modified a little. So I think it seems to me like harst didn't do their homework and that's why they're just they went in first just to, you know, try to push the guilt away. Did they not do their home work or work in general? Pase, and you know what? The the part that I'm curious about is like going into two thousand and twenty one. Those guys were like, Oh, you know what, we are already working on two thousand and twenty two, so we don't care what happens this season. And what the work did they have? Like a fifteen year old kids just like painting the car and preparing themselves as digital man. I feel, I don't know, like a calling me out at what I do at work. But Hey, at least at least the kid who's just painted stencils over the concept a good job there it is, you know. Yeah, it's the looks. It looks not bad. Yeah, not bad. I mean it's a white car and with the Russian text on it. Yeah, nice to cardless. But I think there's some other changes going on right yas other than the cars. It's isn't really changing. But yeah, the technical detector. Yeah, go ahead. I don't know much about this now. It's just a it's just a line in the in the blip of news. That technical director, Simon Resta, who's an Italian Ferrari man through and through. I mean I think he's been better part of more than a decade at for wow, probably I think you were mentioning this probably the spot of some yeah, sure, right, right, right, and now now I recall what I was talking about. By right, Ferrari and has basically Ferrari's trying to groom host into their B team. So like they are, you know, providing some help to them. I think they AL wasn't high. Sorry, but like, if they just need make they can take. They don't need to convert us to a Ferrari team to take make go. Right. Yeah, but I think this is basically probably a, you know, just a part of that D to, you know, bring in some knowledge into their B team as well. So, yeah, let's see if that kind of helps host, if at all, you know, for mixed sake. And you know, I hope that they improve at least a little and Bart least in some contention this...

...year. So yeah, a Steiner saying both of their drivers are going to compete for points this season. So I have the same greasy prediction. For a second I thought you're going to say, is I going to compete for podiums, and I was going to say wow, really, yeah, they do. They do in once when Steiner is asleep. I think they do compete for podiums. Where they're eighteen dry and other eighteen drivers are not on the track. It's just those two driving. And Yeah, it happens sometimes. Moving on. Moving on, I mean, and personally I'm not to the library. We don't we don't see much. Nothing's happening there. It's the same car, Russian flag, as we've said earlier. Nothing more to talk about. They're moving on to the next one. What's coming out of the hat? Next One? That's bad. Let's see. Let's go with the last year's winner. Try, MR MES. Whats happens team? Sure, sure, I think they need they yeah, they need they need a new creative designer or whatever that, yeah is. Do play with some colors, man, play with some color. Yeah, come on, I mean, it's Nice, I do I stay. I'm still. I am a sucker for that livery, very honestly, the mad paint really looks nice and everything, but come on, change it up a little at least. You know, even even mercedies, okay, who were well known for not changing their livery at all, did something different with their black cart. You know, you won the championship last year. You know, do what's the top? A little? I don't know. I agree you know, I would have loved to see they they tweaked and they sort of like peas does with this white livery as part of the Japanese Gran Pery. That is going to happen, but dayn't sort of being right. I loved it. I end up. I was, for one, like hoping to see some sort of a flavor there with that. But yeah, the same old, same world. Yep, no, regardless. I think as soon as I think, when the launch happened, I texted you saying that you're I hate this, you know why? Why are they doing the same livery again and again? But I think it did grow on me a little later on. Like I like the way they've used yellow, and I mean it, even the previous yours card was the same, but the way the nose looks now, the Weir the nose like males into the front wing. Now I really like how it looks overall. And Yeah, still awesome. True. What's interesting coming out of these libraries, and we have another example going in in this episode, are these grills or are ducts or whatever that supported on top, like some of these pop use have these these grilled bars that you started seeing, and red bull has like the the latter half of its body grilled. It's going to be interesting to seekers, and I not all teams are playing with this grill. At least like the digitized version of Hash did have it, and then the other libraries except Aston Martin in in today's up so also don't have it. So I'd be curious to see how those grills sort of end up playing a role in air ducting and, you know, air flows and all of the engineering things that they would have thought behind. I don't know what they're talking about. Oh so, so check this out. So Hang On for folks on audio. Obviously you can't see what I'm what I'm sharing with with SAR and, but go on Google and check check out Red Bulls libry type in Red Bull Two thousand and twenty two library and and the top view right behind the cockpit on both ends sports like a grill out. I...

...see what it also daring, and Aston Martin goes the same. So let's let's pick Aston Martin next after we are done. Are pouring our thoughts on this one. But but the interesting part with red bull is it's only on the latter half of that. So curious on you know how that plays a role and every tream's trying to engineer this for themselves. I'm as I said, like let's Pick Aston Martin and let me start off with the same air duct, the same top of you that you end up seeing, for for Aston Martin, it's not this this air duct flow going end to end almost all the way through the pit, cockpit as well, but stopping right at the driver's position. Yeah, it's quite interesting, right, like compare, even comparing both the red bull and National Martin, right, they both have a different kind of a grill, as you were putting it earlier, and I think it's probably like different philosophies in general, because I've seen two different kind of you know, the cockpits as well, like towards like some puppits. Some of them have a pretty fat behind, really take so deputed, but yeah, some some have a much narrow back end, and I think this basically the grill kind of possibly is a way of just, you know, compensating for, you know, a narrow behind and letting the heat escape and also the air escape that's entering through, you know, the front inlets. So true, yeah, yeah, it's going to be interesting how that engineering works out. But picking on this topic and moving to the next team, Aston Martin. They supported in a very interesting way where they've got it all the way coming to the cockpit seat where the driver is going to be there, so they've got like a longer wind and at least on their top. You right, like the difference doesn't show up. The only the only thing that could be affected and why they've got this design is while folks, I'm calling it front flaps, but whatever the whatever it's called, which are to you know, you're sort of being pointing towards your friend, to wheels. When you see it from the top of you, those are a bit more elongated for both Red Bull and Aston Martin, and maybe that's got something to do with the amount of air that they take in and they need other side about you're actually right, I think. I think that's that seems like it, because you're right, as you say, those are and takes. Basically are and take flaps, let's call it? I don't know. Yeah, they in fact in all both the Red Bulls. In fact, if you see the Alpha Tower, you, as well as the Red Bull and Aston Martin have much longer ones as compared to the McLaren and and has interesting point. And though Alpha doesn't have the grill, rates and the Alpha towel, it is exactly all, exactly will come to Alpha to every but they don't have the grill. Yes, yeah, but if you see, they have a fat bottom as well as compared to the red bull. Interesting. Yeah, so that's that's the that's the engineering part that I'm really curious about, because it's like Red Bull and Aston Martin are playing similar games with the Betam on. Red Bull is is going for a different engineering for outlets. Yep, I think it makes perfect sense right, just hitching your beds through true. On Aston Martin, I love how they've done their front, doing very clear branding without, you know, site s called missing information or misplaced brand name. Yeah, Adam, Adam, co and cognizant. Very well...

...placed them. You know, one thing which I really wanted to appreciate about the astronaut and was that they got rid of bwt. I mean, don't get me wrong, I used to love the pink as. I used to really like the racing point pink as when they were there, but I hated the weird watermelon she did that they had. That was completely ruining the Ashton Martin look and I I'm loving the fact that it's back to its former glory. True, true, that is very true. True, I like I like this green. I mean some people are we missing this, this sort of whatever shade of green, slush metal tone. It is where? Yeah, I I am digging this for sure. So I kind of know where that heat comes from. So I do kind of agree to some pieces of it. So basically, a lot of people are saying, and I do agree, that the color that it looks right now is under, you know, ideal lighting conditions and it looks great in these photographs, but when on track, when the race is going on, often times a light is not really the best always and it's all the car looks a lot like a Black Morse did. He's a lot of factness, but the track maybe. Yes, so I think that that's what people don't really like about this color and maybe they should had changed it a little bit just so that it looks a little better on the track. But yeah, still I love the card regardless, and I think even last time, I think it was on the top of our list right for the best levelies. So it's yeah, still the same pretty much in fact improved. So I still love it. Not Complaining. Oh, by the way, what's what's quote my Rup to he's gone home. Is he as he found a new job or yeah, he has such up to he has. Yeah, I think he's going to help me in right, okay, I thought, if he's probably unemployed, we bring him on as the third host here. Right again. Yeah, I think he recently got replaced right by who was that? My crack? Wow, man, I think strolls. True, he needs some crack. I think my crack. He has a lot of experience under his belt, like he was the you know, team principle work post OUTBLC team, which everyone knows what great things they have been achieving at Lemon. So yeah, I think good prospect for Austin Martin, I guess, because out smart. Yeah, I don't. I'm not sure how good he was, because after Martin seemed like they have a lot of resources and still not making it right. So I guess it was the right time to change, especially with the new regulation than everything. For folks who probably don't know much about us and maybe sor under this point, don't ask our answer question for your love of tires. Talk to us about the slits on the sideboards here. Man, I don't know it. It's very weird. Those slits somehow like invoke my triophomia. I guess I know something about the slits. It just sits very uncomfortable with me, especially on the top of you, especially on the top few, especially on the top of you you were codling. I know why. I think I know why. Every time I see this I imagine screeping my hand on the you know, well greeting cheese or something like that. Yeah, yeah, I think it's probably that. When but if you also see their top of you, right, like the side body on their rear is so...

...taken back that even those, those rare tires feel like they're just going to scrape through the body and there's going to be like a slice of your rubber cheese on on the pit every time this car moves. Yeah, right, now that I look at it, I actually notice it quite well earlier, because all other cars have a lot of distance and Aston Martin for some reason has a lot of confidence in their tolerances. Are Right. I think I'm I'm worried, like even if, even if they make or even if they break or accel rate to o the GIE's are going to take the body in such a way like the tires just fly off the back. Oh, I think that's the new technology, man, I get it. Look at this. So basically, as soon as the race starts and they like accelerate, some part of that body work will basically fly out. So they lose some weight. So they get some weight advantage as soon as the race starts. But I love just that's a that's a nice way to poke holes into the regulations because while you started the race you're still within regulation. Bombs. But then, Oh, you can't control what's happening after the Racett. So sure that's smart, especially with wetal spinning around. I really want to see how well it holds up. WHO's next? Oh yeah, let's let's talk about McLaren. I love what they're doing with their library. The colors are popping out really well. There's just too much, too much money. I feel that way loose given there. It's like everywhere I see from the top there's real I see from the side there's willow. Probably they've written willow under bay on their underbelly to why don't know. There's wallow everywhere. Yeah, Yep, Yep, Yep, you know, but regardless of what the brands are written, I can't get my eyes of that blue, man, like I don't see anything else other than the blue for some reason. Yeah, I know you're right. And they I loved how they teased us with sort of like a glimpse of a different tone and shade of blue. But like, I forget what GP it was in two thousand and when you I think Manaco did I think it was Manacca. Yeah, and then that is was really well done. Yeah, I mean, I would loved if they had that exactly every throughout this season, the Gulf livery. But still I like this. It's like a good close second. Yes, yes, especially with the black. You know, I think what what really awesome that they have done is, if you remember some years ago when Alonso was there, McLaren, they had this orange black livery, which was also very good. I remember back there. And then there was this one time and they had this entirely Papaya orange livery and then they introduced a little blue, you know, in the last two years, which was I wasn't a fan of that blue. It I don't know, I didn't like it much, but this blue and that black and this papay orange, I think it's just some thing, like I think it's the best of all their liveries come to that come together to form this. Yeah, I also a fan of how they used that black belt right just below the head of the car where the halo merges, and then that becomes sort of like they're branding had spot and then the rest of the car is more cleaner. MM. Yeah, I think. And there's a whole flu through the whole livery. I think you know that a lot of other teams kind of have missed, I feel, in a lot of ways. Like think about Hoss. It's just white. You can't really you know, like you can't see the curves of the car as such, which are really accentuated in the McLaren because, a, they have used these three...

...colors and also the you know, the flow that you kind of mentioned. Yeah, I I love it. And Oh, of course I can't forget. I don't know if you saw during the launch when they had stuck just you know, bought the lights up, those glow in the dark paints. Man, I love that. Mr You didn't see that. Okay. So, basically, they added some glue in the dark colors on the car, on the tires. So if you look like a look at a side ice, right right view of the car, the man, that looks stupid. HMM, interesting. I really wonder if it's going to stay for night races. That would be sub spectacle man for some who. Wow, oh yeah, yeah, right, that would. Yeah, you see like a bioluminescence, say, of floating around the track. Yeah, it's a good point. Is this going to be the best car from like that? The five that are still not shown themselves? I think, maybe. I think it's possible, because Ferrari's I'm I have some good hopes from frady this time. I don't know. Let's see. They've also teached us with like a red and black combination. Yes, you're right, I am so I hope. I hope mercedies doesn't end up doing like MNGMT again. All their library inches throughout. Just a MG. Who Do we have left? Oh Yeah, for sure, one item that's left. Alpha try. Out of these five, I think it's good we picked like McLaren and Alpha towery next to each other, because I feel like personally, it's going from one extreme to the other what the hell are you thinking? Like this monochrome sort of look? I think Alpha towery just blew themselves because, ear by ear the ratio between the white and the blue has changed, like they started off with the almost white car with a little blue in it, and then last year that it was about fifty and now it's like seventy thirty. So we know what next to your they want to have. Pretty much. Yes, yes, it's a well predicted move going into next day, for sure. Yeah, but it's still man like they're branding, it feels. Sure Alpha toury going off of that side, belly up, when seeing from that side, you looks good, but I guess, like for me, that's the only good part about this. Yeah, yeah, I would agree the top few as well. I think the front wing looks great the way they have you know, they have no gaps at all between the lettering that all other teams are not able to achieve. So great about that. But again, like, these are very minor things in the sense that the car still doesn't look good. It's weird. I don't know that color combination. I'm not really a fan of true true. Also for their sponsors, flexbox, I think they got played totally on. I was if I was flexbox, I will be asking for a refund right and I didn't. I didn't notice this and a folks pretty sure you're gonna not see the same way, the same way. I didn't see it after Saren mentioned this to me. Because of the side, side wing on the front, doing flexbox actually looks like it looks like Xbox expost Rad. I think Microsoft got some free sponsorship. And one thing I want to ask you, Sarten, and like. We've got this image in front of our screens which has a top view of all these five cars sitting...

...in front of us. The only two. One difference I see noticeable for Alpha Taurey is that they support a wider rear weighing then the others. Maybe it's the white color that's making it look a bit more wider, but it's sort of slightly goes deeper into their rare tires than, at least for sure, with Aston Martin, which which you know, starts and stops at the outer inner limits of the of the rear tire. Interesting. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I'm not sure. Actually, I think there are regulations on the depth of the wind so I probably thinks just the white, but I do agree, like just looking at it, just eyeballing it, it does really feel right like it is a lot larger, but I think it's probably just the shape and the color that's kind of tricking our eyes, probably. But yeah, the the other curious thing again, I like while looking at this top you, is Alpha toury as compared to like mclare and Aston Martin, sure, the digitized has and red bull, his fee feels like has this sort of two cylinder system, and this could again be like a top view color play sort of thing and leaning towards what it looks like from the top of you, at least on a library standpoint, it's like it's got this double barrel jet engine exhaust of looking fee mm. Yeah, I think that again goes back to our previous discussion about the you know, inlet wings or whatever that is, because I think they knee have to dissipate the air somehow, right. So I think since they don't have the grills like what the red bull and Nastional Martin, so I guess they. Yeah, that's why I think they have a much thicker exhaust per se. Quite interesting. Well, I mean this is this is what I really love about these car reveals, like, you know, just speculating about. Yeah, you know what's going to happen. Looking at the cars and stuff. It's pretty interesting. So it's so beautiful to write. Like, man, I folks, I just get like, while you're listening to this, get a top of your image which compares all the all of these five cars together. But again, like there's a real I'm just a linked in the show notes. You can just take that perfect, perfect, perfect, like the other the other thing that now I'm doing and I'm playing this game of spot the six difference is sort of thing at this point. But when you even see like the the supports, the pusher out pull rods that go into the front tire. Now, check the difference between Alpha Tower, he's knows to to the front wheels, versus how McLaren has a wider and a double beam support into into their front tires. Right. Yeah, in fact, the McLaren's support beams almost looked like their wings where you also speak. Yes, then it feels like it's playing an Arrow rule there and they're not just there for the support. Yes, yeah, the the Alpha Tower he is is similar to cognizant as Martin, and then the red pulls are going slightly different from what their B team has, but it's interesting, man like. Yeah, having having these top few side by side puts things quite a lot into perspective and how they're playing around. Yep, YEP, HMM. What else? Yeah, any parting cards before we close this out for the second by that release in a few days with the remaining five? Well, I don't know.

I'm just excited with the rest of the liveries, I guess, especially for the Ferrari I think, as I just mentioned earlier, quite also the mersadies actually, because I think they're going to re work back to the Silverado colors, which are not a fan of. I hope not. That will just make me heed the team. He's don't do that. I think it's slightly too late. So you never to see if if Aston Martin can change their neon green strip to the pink strip. But I'm not giving them any money. Unfortunate work. Hey, mercedies, Il stop missing you if you keep it black. I sorry. That's all, Sarten. Please remember I I'm not going to know Saran's gonna stop. On behalf of we fun fan fiction to do that. I make no such promises for someone who's listening. For that that one person or a group that listens to us at I fia. It's been a fun week seeing all these libraries come out. I know you'll have less part to play than the teams who organized and done this, but sure take the credit until until the next so called bite that we will release for the next five libraries. These are your host signing off by.

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